Under the radar touch-technique to build a connection with any guy

Have you ever been in a situation with a guy where you wanted to build a connection, but you were around other people?

If you missed this clip from Ready For Love, it’s been getting more attention than almost any other scene so far. Check it out…

–I was around friends and so I couldn’t talk with him…

–I was with work colleagues and there was NO WAY I wanted to be seen flirting…

–He was in a group, and I didn’t want to face that kind of pressure…

You can have your excuses, or you can have the guy, but you can’t have both.

In the video I walk through a simple yet effective way to build a connection with a guy that flies under the radar of anyone around you.

It’s something we call ‘misdirection’ and it involves directing your energy and attention to one person, while building up a physical connection with someone else in the group with a light touch.

Everyone around you will assume you’re just talking with the person you’re facing, and so this technique should help you overcome excuses that may otherwise be holding you back.

Misdirection and non-verbal communication are topics I really explore in detail in my online home-study course The Man Myth. To get more ideas for how to do this, and how to eliminate the excuses that are holding you back, check out the programme today for just $29.95.


To catch up on all of the latest episodes of Ready For Love, head over to NBC.com

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74 Replies to “Under the radar touch-technique to build a connection with any guy”

      1. Thanks for making the video available ^^
        I didn’t know you can make a connection with someone with this technique. I usually avoid touching someone because i think it’s ackward. I will try it out thank you so much Matthew.

  1. please do something to make it possible for us to watch it!!! in germany!!!

    thanks a lot lot lot!!! xx

      1. thanks so much it works now :) awesome to see
        how guys love to help a woman in need :)

        thanks a lot!!!! xx

  2. I can confirm it’s a great way of building a connection. :)Only a soft quick touch suffices.

    For those who cannot watch the video, try using Hotspot Shield (free).

  3. Hotspot shield installed despite McAffee warning. Location states United States, Torrance, still can’t watch!

  4. Yey! I tried loading the page again and I could actually watch the video! :D Thanks for fixing that. Love the advice you give in the video. I’ll try it some time, because I’m usually the type, who doesn’t touch a person for a long time and then when I want to it’s kind of awkward for me.

  5. Phew, the lady in the red dress looked like all her Christmas had come at once when you got up to touch her…
    Do you not think rubbing someone in the small of their back is a bit full on?
    Maybe if it felt right at the time, you would clearly have to be in that particular scenario.
    It is a little bit scary when you see women as beautiful as the blonde lady looking for love, I think that rules me out : ) xx

    1. Hey Kathryn,

      When you throw someones attention away from you by not focusing on them, but you are touching them at the same time, it comes across as more subtle even if the touch is a little sexual.

      And don’t compare yourself like that, you’ll bring beauty to guys in your own way!


  6. HEY MATTHEW!! I’m kaoutar from MOROCCO.
    You’re absolutely right;that technique is very powerful i liked because it works with anyone.

  7. Wow, I can’t believe I was doing that all wrong! I was actually talking to the person I was interested in and touching the person I already had a connection with.

    This video was such a revelation!

    Thank you, Matthew and GetTheGuy Team for the highly useful content, not just for our love lives, but for our social lives altogether.


  8. Guess I have to work on my “game”‘! Just have no clue about what to say after hi!!

    Woke up to this!! You’re a pretty cool guy Hussey ;) Made my morning!

  9. OMG! I’ve done that before! And I got the guy’s attention and I didn’t even knew back then it could be used as “strategy”. I just…rubbed his back, instinctively.

    1. Hey Megan, right now the only place to watch it is nbc.com, but I know there are restrictions on watching from the UK. Sucks I know! My mum’s angry too lol.


  10. Thanks Matthew, I realize I’ve been doing this to the wrong people! More a “hope you’re feeling comfortable in this crowd” rather than “I like you, let’s talk” vibe! Seems like I’ve wasted a lot of energy…should get a chance to practice this at a weekend gathering.

  11. Wow! nice move Matt!!..
    I didn’t expect it, but what is the next move after building the attention with your touch?

    Thanks for sharing!

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