The 7 Most Unromantic Romantic Gestures

A recent scientific study (…well Marie Claire) showed the two most romantic things you can do for your partner are…

1) Put on a candle-lit dinner. 2) Write a hand-written love note. This got me thinking…

There are many cliché romantic things we can do for our partners, but I’m a big believer in the most romantic things being unexpectedly romantic.

As such, I’ve compiled a list of 7 unromantic romantic things you can do for your partner.

By the way, ladies, I would suggest you send this video to the man in your life.

If you’re single, if nothing else, send it on to your uncle, brother, or someone you know whom this will earn huge brownie points for.

They’ll thank you later!

1) See the terrible movie your partner really wants to see

When your partner’s shown you some awful trailer that they think is great, book the tickets to go see it.

I know you don’t want to go. They know you don’t want to go, but it’s going to mean the world to them that you took the initiative instead of being dragged along kicking and screaming.

2) Surprise them with their favourite lunch

Surprise your partner at their office by taking them their favourite lunch. This will be totally unexpected, and you get extra points if it’s a spot that’s way out of reach for them during their lunch break.

3) Run them a bath

Run a nice, warm bath. Get some bubbles going, a few candles and some music…

Then get the hell out.

The whole point of this one is you’re not there. Romantic things don’t always have to involve the two of you. You can do something romantic by leaving them to it. This one involves them relaxing and you giving them space.

4) Take their mum out to lunch

Spend some quality time with the person they care about most.

This doesn’t seem romantic as it’s not with them at all, but it will go massively appreciated that you’re putting in the time and effort with someone they care about.

Treat them well, make it on you, and show them a great time.

5) Wash her car

This is a nice, manly thing to do. Totally out of the blue and she’s going to love it.

6) Make her feel like a princess at that time of the month

This might just be the least romantic sounding of all, but there are going to be times where you lady has her ‘lady pains’.

When it gets to that time of the month, you have to think of all of the little things you can do for her in the moment.

Have a ritual set up. Get her a heating pad, rub her back, put on her favourite Disney movie, and do all of the little things that will ‘ambush her with kindness’.

Make her feel like a princess at a time where she’s normally used to guys not having a clue how to take care of her.

7) Learn how to make HER cup of tea

Everyone has their own particular way of doing things.

Learn the subtle intricacies for how your partner likes things done, and it will amplify the effect of you ever doing them.

Not only are you making her a cup of tea, breakfast in bed, or cooking a fancy dinner, you’re doing it the way she’s always fantasied about.

And that’s it!

Sometimes the most romantic things you can do are seemingly the most unromantic things you could do. It’s these little moments where you really show your partner you’re there for them in ways that no one else is.

Anyone can throw together a candle-lit dinner on a first date or write a love note. Here’s a list of things that show you know your partner inside out, and that you care deeply for them.

Question of the day…

What’s the most unromantic romantic thing someone has done for you? It doesn’t have to be something that seemed romantic to everyone else, but it felt romantic to you. Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hillary says:

    hahaha “(guy’s name)” you know me so well haha I’m laughing like an idiot to this hahaha

  2. Angela says:

    This is such GOOD stuff! I have brothers and a son..and nephews…I’m sharing! Plus…I LOVE LOVE LOVE the out-takes at the end!! :)

  3. MJ says:

    Carrying his briefcase over my head, while he got soaked, the entire walk home because it was raining and neither of us had an umbrella…so sweet.

  4. Ingrid says:

    Wow! now everyone is going to want to date you!! lol Amazingly brillant!! Congrats!!

  5. Bianca says:

    I wouldn’t like to go to a movie when I know my boyfriend doesn’t want to see it. It’s like shopping :D
    When I know he doesn’t want to go, I don’t want him to go.
    It’s not fun when you are excited to see a movie and you feel your partner is’t at all.
    I’d rather go on my own or with friends and enjoy it to the fullest without holding in for someone who doesn’t like it.

  6. Cristina says:

    Singing softly “Happy Birthday” first thing on my bday, and holding me tight, right before I opened my eyes. And then, of course, bringing me breakfast in bed.

  7. Carmen says:


  8. lisa says:

    I came home from work sick and called my boyfriend, he told me he was looking at a menu for a dinner party and what would i choose out of the 3 selections of soup. An hour later he showed up at my place with the soup I said i liked and fresh orange juice for vitamin c as I had a cold, this was super super sweet!!!!

    • Sara says:

      YUM! I love soup. WHAT A COMFORT! :) Mmmm how great would it be , a man who makes soup. That would be like brownie points to the sky and all over the atmosphere! ;)

  9. Jenny says:

    Loved it. Great video!

    And why is it that we gals are usually the ones making everyone else tea (and remembering how they take it)? I would indeed feel special if a guy not only made me a cuppa unasked – but took the time to make it just right.

    P.S. Matt, when are you coming down under? We Australians can hold our own in the tea-making department. :)

  10. Yvette says:

    This is by far one of the most hilarious ones you have done. Love your sense of humor. It is awesome!!!

    So how many times exactly do you like your tea bags squeezed? ;-)

  11. Kira says:

    Oh my god, if I had a man and I walked outside and I saw him washing my car I would so pull up a chair and bring us drinks. (If he didn’t already have one) and then I’d watch him do it. I don’t know why but I find it incredibly sexy to watch a man working. One time I even walked around outside to watch all the lawn mower guys in my neighborhood. Then, a friend and I offered them all water bottles as appreciation for the show. ;)

  12. Hoa says:

    I literally would love to date him after what he has said :))

  13. Luska says:

    Here’s a nice thing a guy that I used to date did. I had been holding a beer in my hand for quite a while, and it had gotten warm. Without saying anything, he just took it out of my had and replaced it with a cold one because he didn’t want me to have to drink a warm beer.

  14. Luska says:

    That was great on so many levels :)

  15. Trisha D says:

    One time my shoes started hurting me when we r walking at a park. My ex would take his shoes and help me wear them. He helped me tie them nicely so they wouldnt fall off my feet (they are much bigger shoes compare to mine).

  16. Stacey says:

    You had me at a cup of tea.

  17. Stacey says:

    Matthew. I want to date you.

  18. Jackie says:

    LOOOVED it. Gonna save this one.

    Most romantic thing.. Though he had brought lots of
    dozens of roses and bouquets to my house.. one time
    he came to watch me and my friends play tennis.
    Before he left, he picked a wildflower and put it
    under my windshield wiper. My girlfriends swooned :)
    and so did I.

  19. Natasha says:

    I also had another ex who ALWAYS put the heated seats on 4 me in the car as the leather was always cold so he would would always push the button & make sure my seat was nice warm & toastie b4 I got in. Simple but it’s the little things that count!

  20. Sammi says:

    I was waiting for the video to buffer, thinking how adorable he is and next thing I know, he’s speaking with an accent. Yeah, I lost it.

  21. Natasha says:

    I think the best has for to be when my ex took a week of work to get to know me – that was lovely I sent him back to work after day 3 because he was too much in my space/up my arse too much! But after a year of being single I can see the romantic gesture in hind sight. And I think it’s one of the sweetest things a bf had done 4 me. I’ve had the wash the car & the ambush on my monthly & the best cuppa done 4 me b4 & the helping my mum stuff. And yes they do work!!!

  22. Emily says:

    I’m kind of short, so when the guy I have a HUGE crush on at work (who’s really tall) helped me get stuff from the shelves that are too high for me, I can’t help but look at him like he’s the best thing ever ^_^

    Side note, is it totally wrong that I gave an excited cry when Matthew said “Put on her favorite Disney movie?” I would seriously love a man forever if he let me watch as many Disney movies as I wanted and let me sing along. Did I mention I’m 25?

  23. Marina says:

    Can you please explain to me how to make the perfect cup of tea? I lack the tea skills, and have yet to make an amazing cup of tea!

    Thanks ;-)

  24. camila says:

    you are so adorable, can you just marry me already?

  25. Grace says:

    Why isn’t he married already?!? He is SO adorable!

  26. Av says:

    I remember when I bought a pair of sneakers too small. I tried them on and bought them without my shoe insoles so they didn’t fit properly when I wore my insoles with them. My ex-boyfriend was kind enough to sit with me for half an hour trying to stretch the shoes with his fists. We may not be together, but those same shoes still fit me today. =] Wish him the best.

  27. Dd says:

    I was beginning to think Jameson wasn’t real, but I’ve finally heard him! Will definitely be sending this to some male friends. Although one of my favorite things to do for people is write love notes, these suggestions are great too.

    PS: More tea, less milk all the way.

  28. Faizah says:

    It’s funny.. because you just described my boyfriend..
    He knew from my Twitter page that I’m a huge Backstreet Boys fan, so he kept using their lyrics to send me messages, which I found so romantic that got my heart melted for him.

    He cares about every single detail of my interests (which most of them, he doesn’t really care about) but he talks about them with me and asks me questions like he really cares about them, but made me feel that he really cares about me.

    Thank you Matt!

  29. Caitlyn says:

    You are absolutely adorable, Matt! I hope we can all find someone as thoughtful as you. Perfect unromantic romantic gestures!

  30. sara says:

    absolutely love this! this is such a truth! You are the best ♥

  31. Nat says:

    I do most of those things anyway, because the best way to know what to do for someone is to think of how you would want to be treated and adapt it to fit to what they would enjoy.

    p.s Have to say your quite a normal well rounded kinda guy, if more guy’s were like you I wouldn’t have given up dating.

  32. Heather says:

    Matt!!! I loved this. LOVED it! Was going to share it on my facebook wall for all my guy friends to see, but then I got embarrassed that they’d know I was watching something called “howtogettheguy”. Why or why couldn’t it be “Howtogetyourloveon”or something generic or coach-y?? I love your stuff. I’m a devoted fan. But also a little shy…. ;-)

  33. Angelica says:

    I honestly love you Matt! Your so funny and adorable. You make my days brighter and more positive. :) Best regards xo

  34. Yesenya says:

    I am so loving this video, my favorite is taking the time to take my mom or dad or even one of my brothers out to eat or just to chill, cuz family to me is super important. See guys sometimes just don’t get it, if I’m happy trust me u will be happy too;)

  35. Sara says:

    Matthew is always flirting with the camera, shamelessly :o)

    • Mary Belle says:

      Thanks for the laugh at your comment. So true! Also loved the out-takes at the end. OMG Perhaps Jamieson will compile a blooper collection, and post.

      Methinks the gal who Matt ultimately settles with will have her own career and finds his enormous fan club amusing.

  36. Ximena says:

    hahahahaha you are the cutest guy ever <3

  37. Ani says:

    He helped me while I was moving from my old appartment, carry bags, it was the 5th floor, and then I prepared him his favourite dinner :)

  38. Jerica says:

    Good heavens, finally a man who understands that sometimes women just want to be understood. For me, a relationship isn’t about the dates and the romantic setups, but about the small things that the guy can do that make me feel all tingly and butterflies inside. Impressing and being relaxed around my family is a major step in a guy even being in my life, having my guy take that extra step to encourage communication with my family is very romantic and shows just how much you like me. Other simple things are finding a random book I like for me, making hot chocolate on a cold day, renting my favorite movie after I text you I have had a horrible day, etc.
    Beautiful video, you beautiful man!

    • Sara says:

      oh my gosh! books yes.

      what an APHRODISIAC! :p

      • Jerica says:

        I don’t know if that’s sarcasm or not! I’m not saying I would immediately jump the guy for getting me a book, but if he made a move after doing something randomly nice like that then I’d be alright with that. XD

  39. Jacqueline says:

    Awww Matt!!! I love you!!! It’s been a while since I’ve watched one of your videos and I’ve made it a point to find some time this weekend to catch up. I’m one of those that you talk about that has been in a relationship and that ‘feels’ as if I don’t need to check them out anymore. Lol. However, I’m soooo incredibly happy that you’ve decided to do more videos of people who are already in relationships. I’ve definitely come across some interesting things these past 5 months. I had been single for a couple of years and loved it because it was time for myself. It was time for growth, travel, new hobbies, etc. It still is, but I had forgotten that relationships require quite a bit of work. Lots and lots of communication. I can’t wait to see what else is up your sleeve. So proud of you with the “Keep the Guy” stuff. Keep it comin’! Grande abrazo!! :)

  40. Janna says:

    Oh Matt… I have three words for you… CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA. We will make you a great cuppa. You should come do a weekend retreat here.
    The cuts and lighting are driving me crazy in this video but as always great advice and HILARIOUS.

    • Sara says:

      cary north carolina!

      you’ll get like 5 people to attend ur seminar here in suburbia, moms will be angry at dads who attend ur seminars – and vice versa

      • Holly says:

        Come to New Zealand? :3

        …yeah, right.

        #kill me now
        #Alwaysclaimtohatehashtagsbutdothemanyway. -.-‘

  41. Yaro says:

    Matt what would you do if you lost all your happiness snd hopes in your life I’m not talking about love life cuz now I’m in a stuation and I really need someone to tell me what to do

    • Sara says:

      I’ll tell u what to do, Yaro!

      Happiness is never lost, love. Happiness is always here and in the now (Check out Eckhart Tolle). Make a list of things that make you happy and go seek them out / do them !

      Happiness and all the love you have is in your mind (Lucky Man, the Verve)

      ~ S.

  42. Mary says:

    Seriously brilliant. I pictured each of these things being done for me as you said them, and could imagine the feelings-totally romantic! Like he really knew me, really cared about my well-being.
    Love your videos, and thanks for the bonus of being funny :) You always make me smile.

  43. Misia says:

    Hi Matt! With this video you really surprised me!
    what you said is completely right.
    Now i think i will surprise you with the most unromantic thing ever: computer programming. Who could find computer science romantic?
    one of the most unromantic but romantic thing a guy did for me was teaching me to create my personal website. He knew that i was dying to learn that and i was in trouble in trying to do it by my self ;) – and very few people notice that i like this kind of things of because i am an italian fashion victim girl (unexpected as an aspiring programmer)
    And, after that, he sent to me (without I needed to ask for ) in the following months by e-mail all great suggestione and links to how improve it.

    Please, let me know if i won the cup for the least unromantic but romantic thing ever!

    Thanks for your video.

  44. Alicia says:

    I loved this video, it really made me smile. Somehow I will need to make sure that any future boyfriend of mine sees this ha ha.

    I reckon I could make you a great cup of tea by the way :P x

  45. Rumors says:

    By the way, I have the presentation tomorrow of my final essay to complete University. It´s kind of like a tesis and I have to present it to a trial. Wish me luck.

    I´m SO nervious.

  46. Andy says:

    1. See me.
    2. Understand yourself.
    3.Never do any of the above, as I will know you are trying too hard and you don’t know me…I am an individual.
    4. Do anything from a Coke Ad and I’ll die laughing.
    5.For God’s sake leave me alone when I am ‘At that time of the month’…no..just go away…Really.
    6.Keep growing emotionally otherwise I’ll get bored.
    7. Don’t tell me men can’t do that – women have mortgages and careers..this is not the Stone Age.
    8. Buy me roses and I’ll roll my eyes. Buy me what I really want.
    9. Don’t show me off, I’m not here to please your mother or your mates. See No 1.
    10. Talk to me properly, without bullshit. If you can’t, buy a blow-up doll.

    • Sara says:

      Amen on number 10.

      Guys are so full of bullshit. I can sniff it from a mile away.

      I have to work on being more approachable though, but so few guys are actually worthy of true attention.

      How hard is it to find

      religious guy , nice , with a good career, ambitious , and balanced when it comes to gender roles. open minded

  47. Rumors says:

    To answer you question: walking with me around the city when he hated to walk.

    And now I have some existential questions:

    As a girl shall I wash the car of the man with who I want to be romantic?

    When do you put lemon in the tea?

    Do you like Adele? If not, why noy?

  48. Kinga says:

    Hi, Matthew!

    So the nicest thing that somebody did for me was as you said – unromantic romantic thing, and it wasn’t even my boyfriend who did it.
    I was on a trip with some friends, we were sightseeing one place and we stopped to take some photos. Some of my friends started talking in Spanish – cause they we’re from Spain and Brasil and I stood couple of feet from them, taking pictures and looking at them talking from time to time. And theeen.. one guy from that group has noticed that I was listening to that conversation and figured it out that I didn’t understand much of it, he left the group, came to me and started to explain everything they were talking about..
    I was soooo pleasantly surprised by what he did! It seems such a small thing but I will always remember it ;)

    Greetings from Poland,

  49. Viola says:

    Hope you have a lovely time back home!

  50. Kitty Purry says:

    Okay, so you’re funny, hot, and smart.
    What’s the catch? Do you like men just like me? :’)
    But yeah, great ideas, gonna let this window open on my computer so that when bf turns it on sees it and hopefully watches it… see if he does any of these things without me suggesting it

  51. Samantha West says:

    I’m really digging this information you are sharing here about us women kind! This will always reach my heart. You got this one right on the nail head.

  52. Monique says:

    Matthew has alot of sense of humor. Jameson need to be more funny as well, make us smile. Those advice of Matt are so good , but so laughable as well. That is the best way to learn !
    – So good that to mention Jameson in the video. Creative

  53. kim feliciano says:

    Loved it! I must be an english woman@ heart!!! Love the tea comments!!
    -Kim Feliciano

  54. Kamilla says:

    Lovely you! Lovely advice! Lovely bloopers! And lovely invicible Jamesson with floating tea.

  55. Jo says:

    Oh Matt, you really made me chortle tonight.

    Those are great ideas for romantic gestures, the smallest gestures are the ones that mean the most.

    My ex husband always thought that he was being romantic. He once bought me 4 bunches of flowers but followed it up with “they were in the whoops bucket in tesco, 20p each” ermmm thanks. lol

    Getting the cup of tea right is a big thing with me, even at work, even if I’m making tea for an office full of colleagues, I make sure that I ask each of them how they like it and make sure it arrives as requested.

    Enjoy being back in the UK with your family. It’s raining by the way.

    Jo x

  56. Agostinha Jacinto says:

    OMG!!! :) now i feel but, i saw yesterday the traveling pants sisterhood… O_O well..i saw it alone…! :)
    well, u are so cute and so funny…always, and we are curious about jameson! :)

    Love ur advice, and its funny because n.6 remind me that i have a wonderfull brother. we are 3 sister, and when we was living with us, it always bring chocolate or chocolat cake for us…in that time of year…. ^_^ and now his wife is always saying that he is one of a kind, and he is! :) little things, make the difference.


    • Agostinha Jacinto says:

      OMG!!! :) now i feel bad, i saw yesterday the traveling pants sisterhood… O_O but alone…! :)
      well, u are so cute and so funny…always, and we are curious about jameson! :)

      Love ur advice, and its funny because n.6 remind me that i have a wonderfull brother. we are 3 sister, and when he was living with us, he always brought chocolate or chocolat cake for us…in that time of the month…. ^_^ and now his wife is always saying that he is one of a kind, and he is! :) little things, make the difference.


  57. Olivia says:

    After that.. why are you still single?
    You always have such great advice. Thanks for doing what you do.

  58. Sandi M says:

    You made Jameson laugh! It was so real :) Thanks for all you do for us. It really helps :) When will you have a day long seminar in LA again?

  59. Viki says:

    Hey Matt,

    omg its so cute how you talk, thanks for the video i always get so much inspiration and many ideas from you ^^ xoxo Viki

  60. Viola says:

    I so love your bloopers guys! :) you are so cute Matt(hew) :))

  61. Olga says:

    I LOVE YOU AND YOUR IDEAS MATTHEW HASSEAY!! (your hair is a bit to high.. hey but you still look gorgeous ;)

  62. B. says:

    Hi :) I’m from Turkey. I’m not sure if it was the most unromatic romantic one, but I’m sure it was pretty romantic :D We were at his place, and I was hungry. He ordered two “pide”s for each of us. It’s a kind of Turkish fast food. I could only manage to eat half of the first one when he’d already finished one. He asked me if I was going to eat it and I said no. He got dissapointed and said he’d been waiting for me to finish my first to start eating the second one simultaneously. It sounds silly but was really cute.

  63. Mít Tố Nữ says:

    Top-up my phone silently when I need.

  64. Sally says:

    Jamason spoke :-O ! Great video as always :)

  65. Sara says:

    Are you secretly married ?

  66. Plamena says:

    hahahah!!!!! Matthew, you are just a MASTER! You are amazing!!! You know what exactly women like!!! I want to have a guy just like you! I wish all the guys to be like you!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  67. Sara says:

    that flippy piece of hair was so cute!!! NO NO EDITS!

  68. Stephanie says:

    Hi I just love your videos Matt. I’ve just started to exclusively date my current boyfriend just over a month ago and one of the things that drew me to him was something he did withing the first couple of weeks of going on out first date. I was moving out of my apartment and into a house and before we had even decided we were exclusive he offered to come and help me. He washed walls and windows and helped me to move my stuff. It was one of the nicest most endearing and romantic gestures anyone has ever done for me!!

  69. Elysa says:

    Hey thanks for your great advice ! It’s really helpfull !
    I’m french and I would like to know if there are some stores where I can buy your book in France.

    Thank you again for all your videos, it’s always what I need to know !

    (sorry if I did some mistakes).

  70. Matthew Hussey says:

    Haha thank you Jay!


  71. LK says:

    I don’t have anything to say about the romantic stuff (single for years and somehow still not dating).
    BUT I have to say that I like the videos that are cut together. They are sharper and easier to watch. Love your sense of humor!!!
    Hmm…maybe I have to start using the information in your videos and not only laugh about your jokes. Maybe then there is some romantic stuff for me out there somewhere. Definitely. Maybe.

  72. Claire Westcott says:

    Bahahaha Matt, you are absolutely RIDICULOUS! best video yet.

  73. Amy says:

    Awesome video, such great advice plus the massive bonus of cracking us up. Good job Matt! :) x

  74. Stefanie says:

    Dear Matt,
    I love your advice and whomever holds the key to your heart is a very lucky woman indeed. I just have to admit that your arms were a wonderful distraction in this video and I must encourage you to film while wearing t-shirts more often. It’s true, ladies love a well dressed man but this casual look suits you very well.

  75. Sara says:

    Oh my gosh, this is so SWEET! Thanks, Cupid!

  76. Sara says:

    To answer your question, Hussey –

    My sister is studying for the LSAT with me. It’s not “romantic” but it’s the sweetest thing she has ever done for me. When I burst out into tears, she is there to lend me moral support

  77. Sara says:

    Are you sure it wasn’t the New England Journal of Medicine ?

  78. chandrakanthi says:

    Hey matthew,

    Chandrakanthi here, I have to tell you, it was a great video message and advice!
    Especially when the tea slowly came into the picture, hilarious good.
    And I’m a REAL tea with milk type …. with a little sugar in it.
    As you say tea with milk, it should taste good for that person!
    Very important;).
    The last piece of the music and that you sang a little, laughable to see.
    I really had to laugh at it:), so nice to see.
    Looks like you have a lot of fun and it is nice to see!

    But I have an emergency question for you.
    I’m still single and I’m happy and everything goes well with my life and job hobbies.
    I enjoy it every day :).
    But suddenly exboyfriend e-mail me every time.
    And I know from mine best friend he has a girlfriend.
    And now he e-mail me every time.
    I have not responded it back because I do not know what to do about this .
    Meantime I continued my own life and in my heart, I want no contact with him. I want to go on with my own happy life.
    I don’t Trust my ex boyfriend .
    Because in the past ,he cheat it on me !

    My question to your is: What should I do about this situation ?

    Greetings from chandrakanthi

    • Matthew Hussey says:

      Hi Chandrakanthi!

      Seems to me he’s bad news. You already don’t trust him and he’s looking to see you while he has a girlfriend… I’d say to just continue to distance yourself from the situation.


  79. Nathalie says:

    Well, the most unromantic romantic thing was when I was dating in the early step with a guy (we are soon together in a relationship I hope, it’s going really good!). It was valentines day and I was study abroad. I asked him about a good restaurant in the area (he was from this city) and he told me to go with friends to a Greek restaurant where he knew the owner. And guess what, they have me the sweetest rose at the restaurant – from him!!!! Because he wasn’t with me he took the chance to give me something anyway… It was such a surprise!

    But how to move on in a relationship now… Matt we need a video about that’!

    Nathalie :)

  80. Laura says:

    I have been dealing with knee pain since April and it was in May that I met this lovely guy in Scandinavia. Because my knee would star hurting after walking for a bit, I always had to get ice and sit down somewhere to rest. In the metro and buses I always had to prop my leg up. Anyway, what I loved most about this guy is that he already knew all of this! And so as soon as we sat somewhere he’d grab my leg and rest it on his and massage my sore knee and if we sat down in a restaurant or cafe he d ask the waitress for some ice before I did. He also remembered little details about my stories and brought them back in future conversations which I found endearing. :)

    Thank you Matt for all of you advice. Have been following for some years now and loved your book! As I tell my friends, you’re my life guru!! Would love a comment from you!! And as soon as I finish my medical degree and star earning some money I will go to one of your live events!

    Wishing you lots of success,

  81. Toi says:

    Lol all the way around! This one is really good, especially drawing a bath for someone.
    Now, as far as unromantic romantic things done for me, i’d have to say it was me being stuck in a grocery store waiting for the rain to let up when the guy I liked coincidentally came in, asked me what was wrong and took the raincoat off his back to give it to me so I could get to where I needed to be (in this case, the theatre then home). I was so overwhelmed with this wash of appreciation for him! That’s always an awesome go-to for guys if they want extra brownie points.

    Enjoy your family Matt!

  82. Kelly says:

    I always used to like it when my boyfriend sang and played the guitar for me. Now this is probably something that is considered romantic in its own right, but something made this time very special. It was a long distance relationship and he had to take the train to see me. He was the type of guy that would never check luggage so when he brought his guitar on the train and showed up to see me, my heart just melted:)

  83. munnie says:

    I think the tea aspect is absolutely essential so thanks for pointing that out!

  84. Paige says:

    I’d have to agree. The most romantic thing a guy can do is make me some tea exactly how I like it. Great list, it comes down to showing the person you care by doing things that matter. The whole candle-lit dinner thing is a nice grand gesture, but people need to move on from gestures.

  85. Usual Fan says:

    Can I just say that the constant sales emails for ‘Keep the Guy’ etc, are so annoying! If it’s selling so well, no need to continuously pester people about it, is there? I don’t want to unsubscribe because of all the great content but you sure make it appealing at times.

    • Matthew Hussey says:

      I know lovely, and thank you for bearing with me!! Just wanted to make sure everyone who wanted one had a chance to get in on it : )
      Back to content ; )


    • VIrginia says:

      The most romantic thing ever was when my boyfriend & I had an Autumn weekend-away in the country. I fell in love with the orange & red berries on the Bittersweet bushes that grew at the side of a country road. He pulled the car over, got clippers out of the back (who carries “clippers” in their emergency tool box?!), and proceeded to clip a beautiful bunch for me to take back to the city. We were engaged that weekend & when we married… had bits of Bittersweet included in my bouquet & in his corsage.

      Though the marriage didn’t last, Bittersweet still serves as a symbol for me to both allow the “space” for men to do small kindnesses….and to always remember the beautiful moments of past romance.

      Love is sometimes bittersweet. Keep the sweet memories, or all you’ll remember is the bitter end. And that’s not the best flavor to be serving-up at the start of the next relationship!

  86. Emma says:

    Dating an emotionally challenged man I’ve come to appreciate the very smallest of things. Once he brought me 2 cookies in a plastic bag – doesn’t sound like much probably, but I LOVE chocolate chip cookies and he knew this particular brand I had not yet tasted. It was such a surprise!

    [But since I’m hoping he’ll one day bring a whole pack of cookies instead of just 2, I’ve got my order in for the KTG dvd’s ;) ]

  87. LoverDove says:

    HaHa! The ending is the best!

  88. Raleen says:

    The first four can be for him or her. The last three are “for her”. Can we get three more for either him or her?

    The most unromantic romantic thing that was done for me was being given a pint of various types of green olives for no reason. I LOVE green olives and each time I had one, it made me feel special.

    Would love to see a whole clip along the lines of this ending. Laughing is fun.

  89. Violeta says:

    the end was….hilarious…. ;) thanks !!!! :D

  90. Shay says:

    Hi Matthew,
    I love your videos and I agree with you, but on a subject like this that involves what the guy does, how are we to express these things to our partners? If the person I’m with, lets say, doesn’t do any of these things, how should I approach him about it? Or not? I personally have a hard time communicating what I want in a relationship (a subject you’ve spoken about and helped me with) but when it come to the “romantic” things, it seems superficial to want or ask for. Any insure would be helpful.
    Regards, shay.
    P.s. the end of the video was so funny! And I think you’re lovely.

    • Matthew Hussey says:

      Hi Shay,

      Thanks for your comment! To approach your man about this, it’s important not to do it in a kind of ‘nagging’ way but rather a way where you have him think it was all his idea in the first place ; ) Ultimately your man wants to make you happy, if you start pointing out specific things (men aren’t great with abstract concepts) that make you happy, i.e. your favorite meal from a certain restaurant, your favorite candy bar when you’re feeling upset, then he’ll know what exactly will turn your day around! : ) Also let him know how much you love it when he actually does something unromantically romantic small gestures that you like. This affirmation lets him know he’s doing something right and he’ll likely do it again ; )


  91. Helen says:

    That makes me feel sad I’m afraid, from the list, my boyfriend only makes tea , – and got me a new toilet seat for Xmas – True I asked for a special one (as he can’t think of anything) but I can’t help feeling that a few chocs wouldn’t have gone amiss too. Still wondering how serious he is about me.

    • Matthew Hussey says:

      Hi Helen,

      It’s not that he doesn’t care, he may just not know. If he knows how to make your tea and got you what you wanted for Christmas, he is listening, and in his mind he’s doing what makes you happy. Unfortunately we aren’t mind readers and can be a little thick sometimes haha! But if you make it apparent that x,y & z would make you happy then you may begin to see a change. Link him this video too ; )


  92. Wave says:

    I gotta be honest i absolutely LOVED this video and I’m having a perfect cup of tea!

    Cheers! :D

  93. carla says:

    unromantic romantic things….took me to the cinema to see new moon but knew nothing about the twilight phenomena,( the next cinema trip we took was to see one he picked), showed up at my door with various medicines and junk food when I said I had the flu, treating me like a princess on his birthday, I think a lot of things are romantic, if theyre done with the right mindset and I try to see the intention instead of the end result.

    • Matthew Hussey says:

      Mindset and intention are key ; )
      Thanks Carla!


      • carla says:

        like i said on fb, hun….i have no problems getting a guy or getting proposed to. it’s finding the right guy for me instead of settling for what comes my way that i have trouble with. looking forward to getting the boxset and the webinars! x

  94. Mola says:

    I made it for him, i used his fb profile picture and made a comic on it and resend it to him :)

  95. Kathrin says:

    Dear Matthew,

    oh my god thank you SO MUCH! I’ve LITERALLY been
    thinking about this topic the whole entire week.
    If I’ll ever find a man who actually knows how
    to make his girl happy. I don’t want to be given roses this is SO unromantic because its such a cliché. If a guy wants to buy me flowers I want him to know what my favorite flower is and give THOSE to me.

    Sooo I posted this video on facebook, twitter, and maybe I’m gonna write about it on instagram too because EVERY GUY needs to know that.

    Thank you Matt a thousand times!

    x Kathrin

  96. Isabel says:

    Well, this is really cool. Specially the third one, but I would say that if you’re going to learn how to make her cup of tea, you should learn also which is the music she prefers to relax with. I find this very important. And if you don’t know exactly what she likes, just put some quiet piano tunes, I’m sure it would work.

  97. Vilma says:

    Hahahaha, this was my favorite one yet!

  98. Tereza says:

    to me the MOST romantic thing was, that when we were crossing the street he was moving to the side where cars come! That always made me feel that he takes care of me! ^_^
    BTW the video was incredible! all of them are! :)

  99. Thirza says:

    Hi Matthew i hope everything going good with you,

    And nobody has done anything romantic for me -___-
    But i thought it was a weird question one boy in the bakkery ask me
    Do you have the Pill and i’m like no weird and than he ask me do you have a boyfriend and i’m like : no i have no boyfriend never had…
    Very weird but answer them honestly.
    I’m going trough alott right now but i’m gonna make the best from it.

    Have a Nice week Matthew i wish you the best in life.
    And i wish you all the luck in the world.

    Lovely Greetz Thirza. ;)

    • Matthew Hussey says:

      Hi Thirza : )

      That is strange if it was asked out of the blue! Be cautious lovely. Hope you’re learning lots at your internship!
      Take care


      • Thirza says:

        Exacatly it was ask out of the blue. Affcourse i’m thought the underneath from it you know what i mean.

        Thnx for your answer

    • clara66 says:

      Sorry, I had to reply. If there’s no one at the moment there to be romantic for you, then you have to treat yourself well instead! Be good to yourself, there’s nothing wrong with that; you can run your own bubble bath :) The thing abut the guy asking you weird questions, he showed you straight away he’s not a quality guy, so don’t waste your time. I hope you meet someone soon :)

      • Thirza says:

        Haha Thnx but i’m only 15 years old and right know i dont to have a relationship because all i do is focusing on school and my internship and That’s it.

        And affcourse you can always relpy ;)

        Have a Nice day/ evening ;)

  100. Martina says:

    The most unromantic romantic things are these when my boyfriend does something that I know he doesn`t enjoy to much and he does it anyway for me. I do my best to do this for him as well…
    I love the end of the video, you`re soo funny ;)
    Take care

    • Matthew Hussey says:

      Haha lovely Martina, and thank you!


      • sherry says:

        you seem like a great guy, like you know the exact thing to do to make a girl happy. i think maybe it would be fun dating a guy like you.

      • sherry says:

        You seem like a great guy Mathew, like you know exactly what to do to make a girl happy. You know even though i am a very picky lady i think id actually enjoy dating you. or at least someone like you. lol

        • Monica says:

          Oh my Lord! this video was hilarious- but so true! – I laughed so hard – you caught me right off guard I had spit tea up all over my computer screen…..Thanks Matt……ps luv the wash her car thing- I just wish I had someone to wash n wax mine! Thanks , Monica ;-)

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