Bow-Tie On Or Off? Caption Contest, Cover Revealed, Homemade Video…

I came back to London a few days ago and did a big signing event (which was a little crazy!). We had over 250 women there, and queues out of the door for signings, pictures, and even a few kisses (see the video below!).

The event was a huge success, and thank you to everyone who was able to make it!

My team and I had a blast, and we put a few bits of footage together for you to get a taster of what went on…

I’m now spending my week in and out of TV, radio and newspaper interviews in and around London. Very shorly I’m going to be flying back to Los Angeles however, because United States – you are next!

Caption Contest

This contest is now over. Thank you to everyone who entered! The winning caption was from Amanda.

The Get The Guy book is going to be available for everyone in the US & Canada very soon. To coincide with the NBC show Ready For Love the date to put in your diary for the release is Tuesday April 9th.

As a teaser, I want to reveal a rough version of the cover…

As you’ll see, it’s a little bit playful, and while I never intended to be on the cover, my publishers had the last word!

In celebration, I want to have a caption contest.

This contest is now over. Thank you to everyone who entered! The winning caption was from Amanda.

I want to hear what you think is going on in this picture, for you to write your caption in the comments below, and the best (decided by my team) is going to get two free tickets to the Get The Guy Live Tour.

On that note, I’m going to be announcing locations beyond Los Angeles for the tour very shortly. These are going to be released in the next few days which will be your chance to sign up and get tickets.

That’s it for today.

Write your caption below, I hope you win, and I’ll see you later this week for more videos!

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  1. Yvonne Love says:

    “Fix My Tie, Touch My Heart”

  2. Diane says:

    Caption: “Men are tricky and curious creatures, aren’t they ? From now on, their mind will have no secret for you ! Think you’re ready to get the guy ?”

  3. Bianca Lefevere says:

    “Want a guy? Think like a guy”

    • Bianca Lefevere says:

      Ok, no that doesn’t make sense :D

      What I meant was:

      “You want to get the guy? Get the way they think and you’ll get him in no time”

  4. Bianca Lefevere says:


    “Want to get your/The guy? Then you’ll first need to know your guy”

    “Guys are easy to get…once you know the tricks”
    (or: guys are actually very easy to get… once you get to know the tricks”

    “No more questions with this guide to men”

    “Because guys are actually really easy, once you know how they think”

  5. Clair de Lune says:

    Caption: Now that i’m all dressed up in grey and white, I’m ready to show you a few things about love.

    Congrats on the big signing event in London & the release of your new book! I have April 9th circled in my calendar so I can go & get you book the first day it is released. Super excited to start reading it! I have a feeling you will have an even bigger & crazier book signing event here in the US. Once your show comes out & you’re exposed more to the public masses, you are going to be an even bigger hit! I’m so proud of you! You have gone so far Matthew! I’ll be watching out for the day the US tour dates are released. Hopefully one of the locations will be in Portland. Fingers X! Look forward to seeing you here in the US! = )

  6. Dorothy says:

    “Get your beau!”

  7. Isabella kruger says:

    Regain your confidence and become the fabulous IT girl every guy dreams about

  8. Siham says:

    Love the cover and here’s my Caption “Have it your way, Get the guy you want

  9. Martha says:

    A nother caption:

    Get ready to start a fascinating love life!

  10. SABRINA says:

    caption: “Get The Guy: It’s your turn to be happy and loved”.

    Look forward to seeing you in LA!

  11. Kathy says:

    Congratulations, Matthew! I’m so happy for all your success. I can’t wait to see your new show and get your book! Here’s my caption:

    “Stop waiting for the right guy, and go get ’em!

  12. gigi says:

    What about
    1.time to tie the man you want
    2.the alchemy’s of men mind
    3.winds of change
    4.the choose option appeared ,to be choosen disappeared

  13. Martha says:


    The guy you really want is out there… Are you ready?

  14. Martha says:

    Here´s another one :D

    Stop waiting for the right guy to find you, go out there and find him first!

  15. Svilena says:

    Learn how to grab men by the bow-tie ;)

  16. Juliette says:

    Sod the waistcoat. Get the trousers off!
    Two women fighting over you? What fun!

  17. rakia says:

    I like the cover. It’s like in mad men series

  18. Manon says:

    Yes, we (or you) can! – Get the Guy

    Cause if you like him, you should put a bow on him

    This pink will make you think.

    Say bye to the bow tie and hi to the guy.

    Become the ‘I’ in Guy.

    M. x

  19. UsagiX says:

    First off, congrats on the book Matt! Excited for you book.

    “Come and get a piece of this pie…tie…I mean guy.”
    “Want to tie down on your next guy.”
    “Male mind tugging at you no more.”
    “Get your hands on ‘Get the Guy’.”
    “Guy-d this. Your guide to love.”

  20. Ada says:

    Bravo! on the book launch…
    So, since you wanted to poke fun at yourself, it struck me that in all the videos you’ve posted of your v-logs or events, you are never dressed this formally. I’d say your look is more relaxed, debonair, understated sexy with the way your shirts fit you and you have just the right number of buttons undone… I digress :)
    And, the colour choices are hilarious…. grey, dare I say fifty shades? Something about the strait-laced pose you take, formal wear but slight smirk made me think of fifty and the suspenders could come in handy… pink, well, just reminded me a of romcom or 80s girly movie. Yet, you look like a caged animal, sceptical as to whether the pink riot lady should be adjusting your bow-tie… Almost as though you were portraying the guy who did NOT want to be ‘got’…

    Funnily, the pix reminded me of a package – you know, like woman like a complete package to take home and unwrap…

    Since this is purely a fun exercise and keeping in spirit with my imagination that’s gone wild, two captions come to mind, first from the guy’s perspective and 2nd from the girl’s perspective…

    1) Get which guy? Not me!
    2) I got the guy, now let me make him better

    Now in all seriousness, hope 2013 is truly a blast for you and your team.


  21. Martha says:

    Keep the bow tie off:) and… the shirt too XD just kidding!!
    I have a nother caption:


  22. Susanne says:

    What’s wrong with the UK cover? Less is more, Matt, don’t you think? This hot pink cover screams shallow ‘chick lit’, but your book is actually well written! The whole set up (hands, pink nails, tie and suspenders) looks rather cartoonish than classy. On top of that you look somehow terrified – no wonder, because some needy woman is trying to ‘tie’ you down. Looks like a cliched advert from the 50’s. Where is the classy gentleman (UK cover)gone, who teaches us women the valuable lesson of how to become a high value woman?!?
    Love your work and wish you all the best x

  23. Vsa. says:

    “The Key the guide, a pocket book To get the guy.”

  24. Vsa. says:

    “The Key the guide, a pocket book To get the guy.” You can play with it ; )

  25. Arial says:

    Your love life doesn’t have to be in a not – Get the guy!

  26. Betty Toledo says:

    Matt, I dress men for a living. I make custom suits and shirts you name it. So I touch a lot if men. Lol.. On get the guy I bought your program and it has helped me very much on how to create. I like the fact that the girl in the cover had pink nail polish it shows to be gentle. Tag: Don’t be a suspender! be a bow tie!… Lol hahahaha I can’t belive I just wrote that .. Lol

  27. Randa says:

    My turn now:

    Get the Guy and “Tie the knot”.


  28. Anna S says:

    How about one of these: ‘Unwrap the gift of your dream love life’ or ‘Unwrap your dream love life’ or ‘Unwrap the love life you deserve with dating Guru Matthew Hussey’.

    Congrats on your flourishing career Matthew, it’s very inspiring and you look great on the cover!

  29. Katirina says:

    “Guys do not know what they want. Come to learn how to show them this.”

  30. Katirina says:

    It is a pretty cool picture! =)

    There is a girl behind him (the love of his life) sitting behind him, legs entwined in it, helping him to dress.

    The legs entwined cream show the sensuality of this woman.
    The fact of helping your man to dress shows the feminine side of her.
    And the fact that she is being behind him, shows the powerful woman she is.

    And most importantly … he immersed in pink, shows that men actually do not know what they want, and the woman comes into his life to show this! ;)

  31. Princess says:

    Get the Guy a book in response to Beau Select Her! Lol…
    1) Heard of James and the Giant Peach well here’s Matthew and the Giant Pink Lady!
    2)It’s not over until the fat pink lady pulls the beau.
    3)it’s not your size that matters it’s how you handle your beau
    4) buckle down, brace yourself destination Beauing 007
    5)Pull your Beau and experience the jangles in your heart.

  32. Yvonne Love says:

    “Now that you fixed my tie, do you also know how to touch my heart?” ;-)

  33. Samantha says:

    Caption: You’ll want to straighten his tie instead of strangle him ;)

  34. Jill says:

    I’ve seen a few comments about the fact there are two girls fighting for him but my first thought was there’s a girl behind him helping him fix his tie. If you look at the hands it’s a right and left so it could be one girl and that would be the girl who got the guy. Just a thought

  35. Alexandra Saieh says:

    How about the caption:

    Get to know this guy to find the love you deserve.

    Can’t wait for the book to come out!

  36. Paola Gonzalez Jareda says:

    “stop trying to read his mind! an insider’s look into men’s head and heart so you can have the love life you know you deserve!” :D

    • Paola Gonzalez Jareda says:

      Uh! Ive got another one that kinda goes on the same line…”Why settle for ordinary when you can create something extraordinary? An insider’s guide for getting the love you deserve”
      Or we could also go cheesy with”Stop daydreaming about happy endings. Get ready to uncover all of men’s secrets so you become the leading lady of your own love story!”

  37. Tina says:

    Hiya Matt, hows it going?

    Firstly….WOWza!! to the cover. Very handsome. You look strong, intelligent, sensitive, gentle, kind, playful, endearing and sexy, all at the same time….wow. Very cool.

    Matt, I couldn’t decide on these 3 captions, but it was fun thinking about them anyway…

    1) ‘Help him straighten up his act, when it comes to Loving You’…

    2) ‘Guiding You with Truth, when your’e HOT on the Heels of Love’

    3) ‘Manifest the Guy YOU want, who will Love YOU for REAL!’

    I like number 3, coz the guy could be anyone…its up to us, to bring him into our world…to love us, for who we truly are. Before any loving can happen, we have to understand the guy too.
    All the best everyone.
    And, good on you Matt, you’re a very deserving young man.

    Warm Vibes
    Best Wishes

  38. Lisa says:

    “This man can bring out your inner hussy.”

    • Jill says:

      Lisa, I seriously laughed out loud!! Are you from the U.S.

      • Lisa says:

        I am! “Hussy” has always been one of my favorite words. My mom used it when we were kids (she’s Irish) and it was always in a playful way. I think it’s one of the reasons I adore Matthew so much. We’re just a couple of hussies. ;D

  39. Caroline says:

    You don’t need a fairy godmother in order to find your prince charming.


    Stop waiting and finally snatch up the man of your dreams.


    How to hand pick the man you have been waiting for.

    I hope that you like them. Matt, I think it is quite the compliment that they think your photo would sell more books, just imagine if they thought your picture would do bad things to sales (hahaha).

  40. Tiffany says:

    Hi Matt, I just wanted to say that I love the cover and am SUPER excited for it to come out here in the US. I’m not that clever when it comes to captions, but here’s the best I can come with, it’s slightly comical: Want the guy? This man has all the answers! Don’t believe me? Just check out the bow tie and suspenders! OH YEAH!

    Like I said, I’m not that clever at captions, but I like it and I hope you do too! And I am so excited for you having a book published, and I hope your US tour will have a place in New York close to me so I can attend!

    All my Love,

  41. laura says:

    Congratulations on the book and the tour Matthew!
    I really don’t want to sound disrespectful – but to be honest, I don’t like the cover very much. I like the idea of you being on it; but this photo makes it look like you’re the catch rather than the coach.
    And I don’t know if I would trust a guy who can’t tie his own bow tie to give me advice on my dating life. Especially if he’s letting two girls fight over dressing him while he ignores them and checks out the girl in front of him.

    I’ve been following you for quite a while and you have class! You have a sense of humor, and you have a lot of wise things to say to us!! This set up makes you look more like the players we are trying to avoid rather than the gentleman I think you are.

    Again, I like the idea of you on the cover, but can we see some other options maybe?!?!

    With love and care,
    (an American) :O)

    • Jill says:

      I saw the cover on Amazon and there’s actually only one hand so it doesn’t look like there are two women :)

      • laura says:

        When I was looking at the photo I considered that it might be one woman…but why would they remove her body from behind him? To make room for more pink? So I settled on thinking it was two. Either way, I don’t think it represents Matthew well – or at least my impression of him.

  42. Marie says:

    ‘Seriously? I thought the bow looked fine’

  43. Misha says:

    hows ‘your dream made accessible’

  44. Audrey says:

    I am an author and recently had a cover designed: I went for simplicity to catch the eye. This cover began right but gets too busy

    Matthew give more of the Cary Grant “melt my heart” look instead of little boy. Give it some swag!

    Yes, it’s aimed at women, but that pink is way too hot. Distracts from your image and looks a bit cheesy. It does grab attention, but if I had never heard of you, I would not buy this book – cover gives a less-than-professional image – here’s another jerk who wants our money for advise we’ve all heard before — YOU are definitely NOT in that category.

    • Theresa says:

      I guess the North American ladies will already/soon know Matthew through the NBC show, but I suspect the cover gives him a completely different image. Why not stick with the same image for both and refer to the NBC show on the cover?

  45. Martha says:

    Hi Matt!!
    I´m really excited about you coming to LA!! I have two captions:)

    ¨Solve the mystery of the male mind and get the guy you really want!¨

    ¨No more waiting for prince charming… Create the love live you always wanted!¨

  46. Maddie says:

    A straight man’s guide to relationships ;)


    “I like you all so much I’m willing to pose uncomfortably for this cover and still manage to look hot”

  47. Daisy says:

    “Taking charge has never looked finer.” :)

  48. Bindhu says:

    Hi Matt,

    Congrats on your book. Just finished reading it. You did a great job-very insightful!

    ‘Tie-d and failed? Not anymore! Brace yourselves, you’re about to learn how to hold the strings to his heart for good.’

    ‘Brace yourself, you’re about to bow-l him over like never before!’

  49. Colleen says:

    Can’t wait for the book!

    Love the cover, here’s my caption:

    Unsnap the Suspenders on Old School Techniques. Tie Together Matthew Hussey’s Tools to Become a High Value Woman in Your Love Life. Get The Guy Ladies!

  50. Niru says:

    Hi Matthew,
    Congrats! I gotta let you know, I don’t really like reading Books but I’m so thrilled to read yours. :)

    Caption- “Love is everywhere. Are you ready? Here is how it works, Just Let go to get the guy!!!”

    Good Luck & lots of love from India
    Niru :)


  51. Meg says:

    I think the cover is super cute. Love the color of the girl’s nails. The cover makes me think something like:

    “Needy girl to cheeky vixen: ladies guide to planting seeds in a guys head to get his heart”

    hope you like it!


  52. Anna says:

    The guy on the picture (you) knows he is hot and he has two sexy options (the girls next to him). He is surrounded by femininity (colour pink). The bow-tie is on, the game (as he sees it) just started.

    He is playing and enjoying the game. The girl who gets him out of the playing field (in other words: make him choose even if this means a loss for her) stops the game and gets the guy (you).

    Anna X

  53. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Matt! First off, it’s absolutely wonderful to hear all that you have accomplished! It makes me believe I can achieve my dreams! I love the cover. I think that it’s a job well done, and hey, don’t be so modest: You DESERVE to be on the front cover. You worked so hard for it, why not get rewarded for your work!!

    So, as for my caption … are you ready for it …

    “It takes two to make a thing have value” (My inspiration: the song of course ;) )

    Good luck choosing the caption, there are a lot of great ones out there! :)

  54. Claudia says:

    Hi Matt,

    “Untie his heart’s knots”

    Happy Valentine…the Maya may have been wrong for a few weeks, it seems…

    What did you make of Alain Badiou? ;)



  55. Alannah says:

    He ‘unties’ the male mind so ‘brace’ yourself for the love ride of your life!

  56. Alannah says:

    Straighten out your unruly love life with Matthew’s tools and you’ll have the guy of your dreams, bow tie and all ;)

  57. Sarah says:

    Hi Matt,

    The expression on your face looks like you’re saying “I’m giving you the skills to unlock the male mind. Now come get me!”

  58. Sandra says:

    “Life is just a thing. Love is everything. Get the guy and your life will be something.”

    “Whatever you do, love is everywhere you look. Look carefully and Get The Guy.”

  59. Sandra says:

    “Don’t be shy, smile, and you will Get The Guy.”

  60. morakot says:

    Well done with your cover! love it. too bad i left UK before i get a chance to be ther :( Anyway, here’s mine:)

    “get the guy, get Matthew!”

  61. Jioanna says:

    Hey, congrats on the new book.

    Here are a few ideas that I came up with for your book caption contest. I’m warning you in advance though that most of them are cheesy and have puns, or play on what your wearing on the cover.

    1. Be so attractive that you’ll have to suspend men

    2. “How Attract your ideal ‘bow’ and tie the knot”

    (instead of ‘beau’, get it? I warned you that these were gonna be cheesy ;)

    3. “Hold on to your suspenders because tying the knot has never been easier”

    4. “How to leave him wanting more”

    And that’s all of them. Hopefully you didn’t find them too horrible to consider.



  62. Amanda says:

    If you liked it’d then you should have put a bow tie on it! (in a Beyonce style)

  63. Misha says:

    ‘how to untie the miracle worker in you’
    ‘he wont be a mystery anymore’
    ‘the best kept secret of all time-revealed.untie and find out’

  64. Misha says:

    ‘You’re life is yours to claim’
    ‘Prepare for it like you deserve it’
    ‘It happens to those who are willing to get their hands dirty’

  65. Gabrielle says:

    Loving the cover, bright and eyecatching:)
    My caption:
    Matthew shows how it’s done.

    I think you are making miracles happen Matthew, keep up the good work!!!

  66. Arunima says:

    Being a lady myself I know what I would want from such a book/tour.
    So here is my Caption ‘Dont just make him BOW and TIE the knot for future, but also transform him into a man of your dreamz.’

  67. Shoane says:

    I have a few…
    * “You’ve got the book. Now get the guy”
    * “Get the Guy – the uncomplicated, unapologetic way”
    * “Unfailing your way into your dream man’s heart”
    * “It won’t be Matthew, but here’s how to Get the Guy”
    * “The compass to guide you out of fantasy and into his arms”
    * “Get the Guy – How to take better aim than Cupid”
    * “Matt should know. He’s a guy.”

  68. amber says:

    bahaha I totally love it!

    but I think it’s too commercial and gimmicky. I doesn’t show the real work you are capable of and will likely turn people off buying your book.

  69. Kirsty says:

    “Push Me – Pull You ”
    ” I ll Take Him”
    ” Wrap Him Up- Ill Take Him”

  70. Jennifer says:

    THis Picture works for you on so many different levels it shows that your playful, sexy, beautiful, also very intelligent and the endgame is women want a man like you. :) You are absolutely wonderful keep up the good work and i can’t wait to read your new book. Much success take care :)

  71. Kara says:

    Ladies, you have more control than you think to “GET the GUY”!

  72. Anastasia says:

    “Be(/How to be) the great woman behind the great man” from the phrase behind every great man there is a great woman in charge.. :p (don’t quite remember if that exists in English or in my language XD)
    Btw i’ve been following your pieces of advice and i’ve actually seen progress!Plus, every woman i’ve suggested you to, has loved your work! keep up like that, you are amazing! :D

  73. Catherine Duncan says:

    How about………..

    ” Keep still Matthew….and just enjoy this “

  74. Tali says:

    I’m not sure if my comment worked earlier but I thought – “drop that handkerchief and hell coming running” through watching all your youtubes I know a girl has to give the guy a sign she’s interested and he will hopefully chase hahah :)

  75. Shawn says:

    I don’t have hours to read all the comments above but I just finished the
    Book on the tube this morning and I am coming to your live event tonight.

    I thought of:

    Get your future all tied up!



  76. Sandint says:

    Here goes one:
    ” He is just waiting for you to do it”

    BTW Matt I love your posts, and advices. They really help me to improve my confidence, put nerves away,, and let myself enjoy be around people. I really love your work, and definetly I will get your book! Wishing you all the success with this new adventure

    Tanya, San Juan PR

  77. Manon says:

    I am taking your advice Matt and sharing my caption on here: Cause if you like him, you should put a bow on him.

    M. x

  78. Barbara says:

    I usually like the stuff you do very much.

    However, I do not like this cover at all, Too much pink, too much chest, not the whole head, these hands coming from nowhere. Maybe if the photo of you was not that close up it might help.

  79. Suzie G says:

    I love your cover!!! I am so happy and proud of all your accomplishments and I respect you A Lot as a man. Your doing great and do not ever give up you hear!! The caption I would suggest would be ” Getting the guy is as easy as fixing a bowtie!”

  80. Bea says:

    “Brace yourself men: women are coming out to play” or
    “Brace yourself for the ultimate love-life”

    Ha! Just made a pun. Even though Americans call them suspenders…

  81. Mayah says:

    Hey Matt great cover! It’s fun, playful, striking and most of all you look absolutely gorgeous in it! Well done on all the amazing projects at the moment it’s well deserved and long overdue I look forward to picking up the book, especially with such a great cover.

    Ok so here’s my caption:

    The ultimate guide to catching your perfect catch. Forget all the dating rules you think you know and find out the dating techniques you need to know, the book every woman has been waiting for!

  82. Lyn says:

    “Listen To Me And You’ll Get The Guy”

  83. Sara says:

    Another caption…”He’s ready, Are you?”

    Because it looks like you’ll be ready after those ladies fix ur tie!

    And yet another caption “Let us fix him up for you so you don’t have to!”

  84. Amelia says:

    Ohh.., I got this all wrong.., im explaining what I think of pic…ha.
    so here I go again…, Tie off, let her hands cross to his heart while they look into each other eyes smiling.

  85. Tina says:

    My first impression? Wow. I was immediately stricken by how gorgeous you are! Take it from an American – the ladies here are really going to love you too. Your honest, open & straight-forward face, ( along with those amazing green eyes) are going to be one of your biggest assets. So I say keep the look- it’s a seller! What you present matches up with what you have to say- so without a doubt your going to be a huge success. God bless!

  86. Amelia says:

    Ok…,So he is intrigue by her, she is in control like from behind the scenes, so he feels he want to let her take control. Once she does a little adjusting with him,he cant resist her. She is the one and only n in control…..:)

  87. Maddy says:

    You don’t have to ring his neck to get your guy.

    Finding a guy that matches you!

  88. Leslie says:

    I think it is great Matt. Love you in a bow tie. I don’t think the book needs any caption to it, just leave it to the women’s imagination.

  89. Jill says:

    Someone said it’s a little cheesy but let’s face it LOVE is cheesy. Sorry I don’t have any creative captions but I love it and think it’s so stinkin cute :)

  90. Lizbeth says:

    Caption: For every man, whether he feels strong, smart, or/and powerful, there is the need of feeling love to make a balance in his life, for him not to lose perspective of the importance of existence.

    It seems you (Matthew) represent strenght, intelligence, and power; while the pink background and female hands represents the balance in that man´s life. Your life wouldn´t be complete without that feminine touch.
    Your face express surprise, in a good way, that a woman got so deeply into your heart, but at the same time your eyes and very slightly smile shows peace, wellbeing, and completeness.
    Conclusion: the cover represents 50/50 (female and male), the need of both to be emotional alive.

  91. Jessica says:

    “I’m Bringing Suspenders Back”

    I wore red suspenders when I was little and I loved them! They added a pop of color to my outfit.

    Matt you look really cute and I laughed at how playful the cover looks and you make the suspenders look hot!

    For some reason, suspenders have become part of the trademark “geek/nerd” look along with thick glasses, pocket protectors, and calculators (Family Matters TV Series anyone?). I embrace my love of anime, manga, video games, and science fiction and I know that there is a man out there that can love, appreciate, or at least accept my interest in these things. So far I’ve gotten condescension and abject dismissal, but your videos have given me hope Matt.

  92. Sailing says:

    How I feeling about the cover photo?

    It is playful!! Actually it show the woman can control and get that man very easy just play a little bit attention and care. (The woman’s hands on the bio tie ). You on the picture acts like a man made by “wood” without soul.

    It is really great picture and cover and love it !


  93. Maria Felix Alarcon says:

    Any woman is able to choose the right sort of guy, perfect for dressing up her life with the best new suit, called…true love.

  94. Ewa says:

    My first thought, when I looked at this poster was:
    Why is the pink sheet in background having hands?

    Hmmm about the caption,the picture itself is already very playful and cheeky, therefore we need something more simple to balance the equation ….hmmm…maybe something of this kind :
    1)Don’t wait for a guy to get you-get the guy
    2)Getting the guy was never easier-all you need is the right tools
    3)Everything men wish women knew
    …or guys aren’t that smart and confident (there are a lot of feminist, especially in the U.S)
    P.S- I hope I helped…at least a little:)

  95. Yvonne says:

    Comment continued
    …..As for what I see in this cover and how it speaks to me… the hot pink and the woman tying the bow is saying the woman is the controlling one (good and and with the furrow on your brow… a man who is unsure of what’s happening but he’s getting tied into something(bad). Just my opinion..

    Sorry for the typo in your name on my last message Matthew ;)

  96. Yvonne says:

    Firstly..many thanks to all your wonderful tips you offer us ladies….and from such an adorable young man….lovely :!!!

    In my opinion, the hot pink is a little over the top and produces a comedic undertone rather than one offering knowledge and power… perhaps a bright yet seductive red would be more provocative and a little sultry. And your handsome face wearing a sexy, victorious smile showing you’re happy to be getting with the girl… much more alluring.

    “How to ‘Get the Guy’ and Create Desire in Him to Tie the Knot”
    “How to ‘Get the Guy’ and Create His Desire to Tie the Knot”

    Discovering/Uncovering the secrets of the male mind to successfully create/find the love you desire.

    Best Wishes for all your future endeavours Mattew

  97. Rhonda Sellen says:

    And tie in dessert using secrets of the male mind.

  98. Emma says:

    “he’ll never know how you tied him down”
    haha. you look kind of oblivious so I thought this was appropriate.
    Love your stuff!

  99. Astrid says:

    I see fun, class and urgency.
    it’s a very powerful image, shows like you have the one and only key to success for both, women and men. you are sitting all tied up like the master of secrets just about to reveal them. makes me wanna buy it NOW!

    the clothes gives me the idea of journey inside the male mind. the woman’s hands got me feeling that, if i follow every step of the book i will have en english man on my table wanting to cherish me.
    i do believe it was a smart choise the fact that you are in the cover, it makes wanna trust you my whole love life even if i don’t know your face, it seems like you got it all figured it out (in a polite way)

  100. gettheguy says:

    I LOVE THESE COMMENTS. SO much fun. Thanks for helping me make this such a dynamic blog guys, it’s really creating something enjoyable for everyone involved.

    Really appreciated.

    Matt x

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