Use This Script Tonight: The 3 Minute Phone Call

How do you keep in touch with a new guy in between dates? If you’re relying solely on texting, you’re missing out on your chance to create a real connection. In this week’s episode of LOVELife I’ll show you the magic of the 3 Minute Phone Call and hand you the script of exactly what to say…

9 Texts No Man Can Resist

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  1. ny says:

    I’m a little bit hesitant. He no longer answers my phone calls these days. Even if I ring just once a day, he only messages some hours later. I’d love to try this, but what if I call and he doesn’t answer … And I try every day, still no answer. That’s gonna be like every day there’s a call from me, and that might be annoying to him …
    Please help me.

  2. Lydia says:

    I am a true believer in a phone call every so often rather then going back and forth with texting. Recently after sending a text about a book I had read, I missed a call from him 15 mins earlier. I returned the call, he answered and informed me he accidentally dialed my number upon receiving my text. I continued by asking how he was and we began talking. After 5 minutes I ended the call as I was meeting my sister for lunch. I have in recent months made a phone call where he text me back rather than called. I am uncertain whether this scenario is the result of my effort to make a call in the past or whether he did accidentally dial my number. Your thoughts?

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