Choose The Guy You Want, Make Him Feel Like A Man

There are amazing guys everywhere – literally a BUFFET to choose from.

Women have been ‘making the move’ for centuries, and this is something we seem to have forgotten. In this video I want to remind you of that.

I’ve really tried to be innovative in the way we’ve done the GetTheGuy book.

I see the book as my first opportunity to get everything I have down in a way that’s accessible to everyone. My live events are where this whole thing started, but until now there have been both financial and geographical constraints holding people back from hearing the message we have.

The events are incredible, and if you come to one, results (and a great time!) are guaranteed. They’re where I’ve been able to refine my material, learn in real-time from a live audience, and bring my principles and techniques to a place where people go away and get ground-breaking results.

In finding that there were concepts I wanted to put into the book that were near-impossible to describe in writing, I decided to embed the book with what we’ve called “video alerts” – links throughout the book that you can go to to get videos that explain certain techniques in more detail, or to get a visual demonstration from me on stage.

(I’ve had to hide the code here, but it’s yours in the book!)

(I’ve had to hide the code here, but it’s all yours in the book!)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video has got to be worth a million – especially when talking about subtle nuances such as ‘the look’ (chapter 6), and for people who learn better by seeing something than reading.

The video above is one of 12 such examples I’ve included in the book, and with this post I wanted a give you a further taster of what’s included.

I’ve gone above and beyond with everything I’ve packed into this thing. I’m so proud of the finished product.

I recently heard someone say that the reason people don’t read more is because books are cheap, and they don’t believe that there could be so life-changing material for a mere $15. Having just finished putting this together, I couldn’t agree more. What you’ll be getting here is CRAZY value. I’ve spent the last seven years studying this area, and in taking on what you learn from the book, your love life be so much better off.

Grab your copy now, and I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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