Wait or Create

I received something in the post today that I’m crazy-excited about.

It’s a bracelet that on one side says “Wait?”… and on the other says “Create”.

–Do I want to WAIT or for what I want, or do I want to go out and CREATE it?

I’ve made these up for people who are coming on my Lifestyle Retreat.

The idea for the wristbands is that they contain a mantra that people can use as a trigger for action.

So often when people say, “I don’t know what to do”, it’s really a euphemism for saying, ‘I’m scared of the thing I SHOULD do’ – as we overcomplicate things.

Remember: Life isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be complex.

It can be as simple as the choice to either ‘Wait’ or ‘Create’.

John Ruskin, an English writer once said that “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of Intelligent Effort.”

Now I’m here to tell that you don’t always start with ‘intelligent effort’. Ruskin was right – quality does always come from intelligent effort – but you don’t always know what ‘intelligent effort’ is in the beginning!

Sometimes it starts with just effort.

I want a constant reminder in place for my Retreat clients that when they’re feeling apathetic, frustrated, indecisive, lazy or scared, that there are only two real options:


It’s that simple.

–Which person do I want to be? Which path am I going to take?

I went through a period in my life recently during which I was ‘waiting’ too much, as I had lost motivation in certain ways.

I had always been driven by fear; fear of not surviving, for not having enough money to support myself or my family, but in recent times, we’ve all been okay. Everyone is taken care of and we have everything we need. And so all of a sudden in realising this, I had lost the initial motivation that drove me.

Ironically, when these wristbands came through, I got excited again. I got excited because I realised my new drivers: quality, creating new solutions, and being creative.

My whole motivation has shifted.

In creating these little wristbands, I’ve given way to a whole new set of emotions.

It doesn’t take big actions to create big emotions. A small act of creation can change your entire world.

When you create in a certain way, you respect yourself more. You stimulate new ways of thinking and you start to get momentum, creating layer upon layer of success.

I don’t have these wristbands for everyone right now, they’re just for people coming on my Retreat, but I want you to find your own way of triggering the message, and to ask yourself…

–Am I going to be a Waiter or a Creator?


Questions of the day: What one thing are you going to do TODAY that will prove to yourself you’re a Creator?

If you’ve read this far I know you’re going to do something. I’d love to hear what it is! Once you’ve set it, let me know in the comments below!

New Retreat date added! Last of the year!

The last two Retreat programmes that I had planned for the end of the year are *completely sold out* (with over 4 months to go!). I’ve had to add in one final date (November 4th–8th), for which you can now apply.

If you’d like to spend 5 days with my team and I working on yourself, getting invigorated with a new sense of drive, and gaining a full sense of clarity on your goals, this could be for you.

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