Wait or Create

I received something in the post today that I’m crazy-excited about.

It’s a bracelet that on one side says “Wait?”… and on the other says “Create”.

–Do I want to WAIT or for what I want, or do I want to go out and CREATE it?

I’ve made these up for people who are coming on my Lifestyle Retreat.

The idea for the wristbands is that they contain a mantra that people can use as a trigger for action.

So often when people say, “I don’t know what to do”, it’s really a euphemism for saying, ‘I’m scared of the thing I SHOULD do’ – as we overcomplicate things.

Remember: Life isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be complex.

It can be as simple as the choice to either ‘Wait’ or ‘Create’.

John Ruskin, an English writer once said that “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of Intelligent Effort.”

Now I’m here to tell that you don’t always start with ‘intelligent effort’. Ruskin was right – quality does always come from intelligent effort – but you don’t always know what ‘intelligent effort’ is in the beginning!

Sometimes it starts with just effort.

I want a constant reminder in place for my Retreat clients that when they’re feeling apathetic, frustrated, indecisive, lazy or scared, that there are only two real options:


It’s that simple.

–Which person do I want to be? Which path am I going to take?

I went through a period in my life recently during which I was ‘waiting’ too much, as I had lost motivation in certain ways.

I had always been driven by fear; fear of not surviving, for not having enough money to support myself or my family, but in recent times, we’ve all been okay. Everyone is taken care of and we have everything we need. And so all of a sudden in realising this, I had lost the initial motivation that drove me.

Ironically, when these wristbands came through, I got excited again. I got excited because I realised my new drivers: quality, creating new solutions, and being creative.

My whole motivation has shifted.

In creating these little wristbands, I’ve given way to a whole new set of emotions.

It doesn’t take big actions to create big emotions. A small act of creation can change your entire world.

When you create in a certain way, you respect yourself more. You stimulate new ways of thinking and you start to get momentum, creating layer upon layer of success.

I don’t have these wristbands for everyone right now, they’re just for people coming on my Retreat, but I want you to find your own way of triggering the message, and to ask yourself…

–Am I going to be a Waiter or a Creator?


Questions of the day: What one thing are you going to do TODAY that will prove to yourself you’re a Creator?

If you’ve read this far I know you’re going to do something. I’d love to hear what it is! Once you’ve set it, let me know in the comments below!

New Retreat date added! Last of the year!

The last two Retreat programmes that I had planned for the end of the year are *completely sold out* (with over 4 months to go!). I’ve had to add in one final date (November 4th–8th), for which you can now apply.

If you’d like to spend 5 days with my team and I working on yourself, getting invigorated with a new sense of drive, and gaining a full sense of clarity on your goals, this could be for you.

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    Brilliant inspiring video Matthew ! Love all your videos. They have excellent content, points and strategies. I just went to the Get the guy seminar yesturday and it was great ! I’m also booked in for the women’s weekend next week in London. I have to say your talent is not just in the tools you equip women with but it’s your ability to inspire people with their love lives !

  3. Jessica says:

    Thank you so much Matthew, simply for putting more content out there! I appreciate it deeply =)

  4. Rachael says:

    Wow!! Thank you Matthew…. You are so inspiring I enjoy listening to you speak. Your talks have always guided me in to the right direction. Keep up the good work and hope to hear more from you :)

  5. Learning says:

    I LOVED this video. I need to start creating. : )

  6. Ashley says:

    What is your opinion of Eva Longoria and Ernesto’s relationship?

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  8. Manon says:

    What a great idea – the bracelet!
    I’ve been wearing a particular beautiful old ring from my mother for at least 4 years now, that reminds me every single time to create. :)
    As per your question, I’ve been organising today a trip to Zurich over a weekend to go paragliding with a colleague !! :D I had made up my minde bfr leaving london, that my next “monent-to-creat” would be to go paragliding and guess what, the guy in my office is a fanatic lol I’ve stepped on gold :D I am so excited about the whole thing, I can barely hide it! ^^

  9. CathyA says:

    Wait or Create — I love it! So simple yet packed with meaning. I really identified when you said we wait out of fear. I often second guess myself and anticipate poor outcomes if I make the “wrong” choice. But when I actually act, it seems to open doors to great outcomes I couldn’t even imagine when I delayed taking action out of fear.

    I will use this one regularly. Thanks, Matt!

  10. Rogenna says:

    Hi Matt!

    I’m finally getting a chance to see this video. Please keep them coming. I am immensely enjoying the messages of hope, inspiration, focus and encouragement. The bracelets are a WONDERFUL idea!! I was shocked and smiled broadly when you explained what makes us wait. In fact, it is something that I had just been thinking of about my own life direction. Thank you for sharing what I’ve been thinking. It was freeing and it was the message I needed to *hear* right at this time.

    Continued blessings and joy,

  11. Anna says:

    Hi Matt!
    Great idea the bracelet! I like it pink and it reminds me of you and your coaching stuff. Now I will look for a pink bracelet and wear it!


  12. N. H says:

    Hello Matthew,
    Thx for ur msg. Just put it on my fb Wall. I do take action but not everyday. And, I always ask people to tell me what to do Caus I am scared of the failure! the result is that I lose the control of my life and some people really start to walk over me. But, I really sometimes do not know what to do. I meant it man! I sometimes get blocked!
    Anyways, thank you.
    Ps: I am noticing some ladies are getting nuts up there. They write and answer themselves. haha. See, they are trying hard to pick you up. Cheer up.
    Be safe,

  13. Susanne Love says:

    ☆☀☆Dear Matthew Hussey☆☀☆

    Love love love your new video & blog :)
    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :)

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :)
    How wonderful You feel very excited & The ♥Wait or create bracelet♥ is very beautiful :)
    How kind-hearted of you to bring it here :)

    • Susanne Love says:

      You always bring very beautiful things here :)
      Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Matthew Hussey :)
      You are a true hero :)

      If it is possible to plant something here
      I’d plant some beautiful trees & flowers here :)

      • Susanne Love says:

        Happy you feel very excited after creating something very good :)
        100% agree Matthew Hussey :)

        Always love to create & feel very happy after creating something I love :)

        I believe creating very good things is one of the best things human beings can do on this planet :)
        You always feel very good after creating very good things :)

        & YOU are a true hero :)
        After all, you create very good things for human beings & you show them how to create in beautiful ways :)
        Wow wow wow :)

        Today I will create something I love:
        Classical Music :)

        • Susanne Love says:

          Hope you enjoy all the best on The Today Show :)
          Hope very good things happen to you again :)

          I wish you a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice day lovely Matthew Hussey :)

  14. Josephine says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’m kinda in the middle of the ‘wait or create’ situation lately, please give me some advice.

    I’ve just broken up with a guy about 3 weeks ago, and he’s the one who ended the relationship. A couple of days ago, I got a text from his mate. I wonder what is my ex’s purpose? Why would he give my number to his friend? This is confusing.

    Matt, please help! Thanks!

  15. Becca says:


    Brilliant! Just got back from holiday where I read the book ‘Supercoach’ – was inspired by the book’s chapter on being a creator and all the benefits it brings.

    Your ‘wait or create’ mantra is a brilliant way of bringing all that to mind. Very inspirational and motivational.

    Many thanks!


  16. Andy says:

    Ruskin couldn’t sleep with his wife because he found her repulsive – she had body hair while all the art of the time showed none on women. He believed the fantasy, not reality. So he’s no great shakes to rely on. His private life was a mess and his attitude to art was sickly twee and sentimental As for Wait or Create – I think it does harm when people may feel they are not ‘doing it right’ if they cannot match this over simplification. I cannot create for very good reasons and I do not choose to wait either – it implies choice and a future of change – I have to ‘wait’and that is that. Either/or has been mankind’s problem for too long. This seems to be a video of flash phrases and PR. Not much else. I may offend, but deconstruct the dialogue and there isn’t much there really.

  17. Magda says:

    Talking about doing something in a different way I’ve decided to write instead of just watching your videos and reading your posts.
    Matt, it seems I’ve got addicted to your advices and you’re as close to me as a really good pal. Honestly I owe you a big ‘Thank you’ because I’m following your newsletters for almoust two years now and I’d come from a total destruction heart broken woman into a woman that is aware of a fact that her needs counts too.
    I hope one day I’ll be able to thank you personally.

    PS. Please don’t do two-week breaks in your posts because a message from you (full of energy) after a hard day does wonders and makes all the sorrows not so hard to overcome.

  18. Sandra says:

    Thank you for this!
    Been having a creative block the entire month of June. Was unmotivated and was losing business. The beginning of the month, beginning of the week, beginning of the second half of the year and I open your blog and find this wonderful inspirational speech. I am pumped now!

    Thank you :)

  19. Sharon Hutchinson says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you just recently signed up to your blog. You give great advice! Im an english/kiwi female living in London town (SW London) :)

    I love the wait or create mantra, but my only concern is..well I have been doing online dating as in my job (Im a nanny) I dont get to meet guys!? so Ive recently been emailing a few guys (in California actually) as I’d love move out there and work but thats a separate thing altogether.
    I met up with one in Spain which went well, Spent a few days together after emailing/skyping then 6 mths down the lining we are still emailing. He was in the States by this time I in UK. Well basically he stopped emailing so much I emailed him to ask if could chat on skype, nothing. Recently sent him a message to say this isnt working for me. Felt very good about that. So Im not waiting im creating emailing other people Im interested in but if you dont hear back you shouldn’t keep creating (emailing) I reckon.
    Whats your view on this issue? I think that if a guy is interested in you he will find a way of contacting you..

    Also just out of interest how did you manage to get to live/work in USA? being English I know it can be tricky.

    Thank you & you are such a great motivator. I am ready to meet that special someone.

    All the best,
    Sharon x

  20. Clara says:

    hi Matt
    What a cool little idea, might make my own bracelet/wristband to keep me on track :)
    After a couple of quiet weeks of not meeting any new men, have kicked myself up the bum and ‘created’.I’ve booked a few social things, a meet up where there’s over 120 people looking to make new friends and, scarily, a silent speed date night! And then in a couple of weeks, its your dating weekend, see you there :)

  21. Wioletta says:

    Hi Matt,

    I like watching your videos they are just great and inspiring. I am not suprising…reading other ladys comments and how they fancy you:),you are just easy going and relax guy with ofcourse good advice…

    Any way Matt thanks for your video and addvice.They are very help full…

    I will be keep watching them… :)

    Thank you,


  22. Hannah Opst says:

    Realllllly great video.
    I’ve decided that today, I am going to eat. I’ve ran 13.1 miles today & I wasn’t planning on eating anything but only 1 s’more with my friends tonight
    (& I was only going to eat it so they wouldn’t bother me about not eating because they know I’m struggling but I convinced them that I’m better) but I’m going to eat. & I’m not going to throw it up or purge any time during the day. I can’t thank you enough. You’re remarkable & have truly helped me. Love, Hannah.

  23. Stephanie says:

    I went for my power walk and this pm im going to write to edward from your team regarding my book that i havent received yet ;)

  24. Kelly says:


    Really really enjoying your more recent blogs. While I am not trying to get a guy – I get enough of them chasing me, I wanted to learn and gain more skills on being the best in, in my inner man. These recent videos address the deeper core skills – so powerful.
    btw I am going to the Russell Brand show after watching your video on him being interviewed and how he brilliantly took charge!
    ~ JK

  25. anna says:

    you are great Matt and always inspired me ^__^ keep posting..
    take care

  26. catherine Murphy says:

    YEH …. You are so on it … Please please can i have a wrist band …… you are a mover and shaker and always inspire me to get off my ass and onto life … hope you have lots of fun this year … and please keep posting your links .. love and joy …..!!!!

  27. Catherine says:

    Inspiring details x

  28. Rachel says:

    I’m going to do my charity volunteering today instead of procrastinating, which the material for is just sitting on my bookcase! It won’t be still sitting there later today :-)

  29. Angela Thibodeaux says:

    I gotta say..this one really inspired me! Not only in my romantic life, but in all areas! I have been doing a lot of waiting…and it’s time to be proactive and create! Thanks for sending these videos! I love what you say and the way you say it! <3

  30. Izabella says:

    I’ve always waited for guys to choose me at parties or meetings, but they never came. I’m going to ‘create’ though I must say I’m nervous. LOL A singles meet up this weekend so let’s see how that goes. YAY! ^_^

  31. Leesa says:

    Thanks Matt,
    I love that you haven’t given up trying to keep us inspired. I went to a night club on the weekend and was feeling very comfortable with the way I looked but I couldn’t go without putting on the bracelet a girlfriend gave me once, which says “Don’t settle for less.” I was thinking about your advice when I did it.

    I think the wrist band is a great idea and when I get to join you on one of your retreats, I would like it in black or peach please ;)

  32. Petra says:

    I love this line. Wait or Create. Since the Retreat last March I’ve been telling myself that, whenever I felt I couldn’t decide what to do. Just do something. Anything.

    It’s funny because at the Retreat I wanted a small reminder of the Retreat, for afterwards. I bought a bracelet ;) and now you come to us with this bracelet which is even better (since mine already broke, I wore it day and night).
    Great idea Matt, I’m sure the attendees would love that bracelet, as I have loved having a reminder aswell. I’m still searching for a new reminder but I will find one soon, I’m sure.
    And even better – even without it, I know to ask myself:
    Do I want to WAIT or CREATE??


  33. Lydia says:

    Thank you, Matt! You are truly an inspiration and I’m so grateful for your shining confidence and input in my life through this blog and your programmes. I’ve got so much creative force within me that has been itching to break free and this video has come at a time when I’m venturing out into creativity for the sheer joy of it, so today – I’m going to paint and orchestrate my future – as I’m at a crossroads of paths right now as to career choices – by following my intuition/ inner voice; believing in and listening to myself.
    Blessings ~*~

  34. selam says:

    Hey Matt, thanks so much for this video!

  35. Clair Gordon says:

    Hi Matt,
    Thankyou. Your positive energy definately makes me wait in anticipation for every next blog update :) I have made a conscious decision to run 10 intervals a day (a minute each at full speed), to get more oxygen to my brain by expanding and strengthening my lungs. I did it last night, and WHAT INCREDIBLE RESULTS!my brain found solutions to small issues immediately when they came up(after the running). solutions, as you say, are the ‘intelligent workings’.Solutions are the technology of saving 10 years of manual labor that could have been done in one. And that’s what you do all the time, for others. God Bless You, Inspiration Guru!!

  36. Sam says:

    WOW! I just got back from a meeting about a business opportunity that could potentially change my life towards what I dream to achieve, but it is a big commitment that I don’t know if I am prepared to take… I was here trying to decide when I checked my inbox and BAMMM I saw your email about this video! A sign??!! I think so!! THANK YOU MATT!! You’re fantastic in what you do, you inspire people everyday, and that is a wonderful thing! I hope I can inspire people one day like you’re doing to me right now!!


  37. Viola says:

    “wait or create?” – that is a question :) It’s up to us which road we travel.
    You said, “Create,” Matthew? When I wake up in a morning, I feel the same as I water the flower of my life. When I put my desire into action, the flower grows, even though I know I’m not a gardener. Results are not instant but the flower grows. It is then when I see my godlike quality, the quality of a creator!
    It’s so true, when we create something or achieve it, we feel an immense confidence and energy, we feel power! By developing talents and sharing them with people, we also create not only what we have visioned, but what we call happiness. So yes, we ought to chose which road to travel, the road of misery or of happiness. 
    A lovely video, Matthew, thank you! You look so happy always, thank you for that too!!!

  38. Alexandra says:

    Dear Matt:

    This is the number one philosophy you teach I ADORE and love the most. It’s the one that I always remember and the one that I go every time I’m feeling scare or incapable of attracting and doing something I think I can’t . I set my personal goal of doing EVERYTHING in my power to attend any of your upcoming retreats next year. I got interviewed and was accepted and as it for right now I’m back in my home country, Venezulea doing all I can do to get the finances going. It’s great to have received this inspirational video because NOW I’m the most motivated to make this and more happen.

    I’m so excited to keep going and finally one day work and meet the whole team and amazing new people at the retreat.

    Keep creating,

  39. emi says:

    Hi Matthew,
    I think you always look great with a simple outfit like with a white T-shirt! Always love watching you on the videos :)
    I’ve been following your internet course as well which is very informative & fantastic. Thank you.

    I’ve got a serious question right now and would like to ask you in person. It might not be really relevant your video today but please please help me if you could!! ;)

    Could you tell me when and how is the best way to tell a guy about the age when a guy seems to be a lot younger than you are? -in case he doesn’t seem not to notice about it but seems to be interested in you.
    Is it better to talk about it soon before the serious relationsip for not to give him a surprise later?

    All the best to you.

  40. Amelia H says:

    Hi Matthew,

    I’ll be redrafting my manuscript, start designing a front cover and commence my search for an editor. Unfortunately, I got distracted and lost motivation for one of my writing projects. This isn’t going to happen unless I do something about it.


    Amelia xx

  41. Gracy Goldman says:

    THANK YOU!!!!

  42. Ingrid says:

    Hi Matthew,

    it’s difficult to put into words, but the relief and genuine affection I felt towards you when I first received the newsletter-email and then directly read this blogpost, was massive. From what I’ve read, seen and listened to from your blogposts, Manmyth-program, Ready For Love-Show and to your book, this blogpost just convinced me: I just quite simply love you. ^.^ Thank you for being you. And I’m so grateful that precisely you were born into this world. I’m so lucky and grateful to have found you as a mentor.

    Having found you on youtube through my own curiosity (How to attract men…) almost a year ago, and clicking on your video (How has that guy gotten like 500.000 hits?! Maybe he actually has something worth saying?), made me set forth huge changes in my life. I’m 23 years old, and feel like I’ve aged five years and not just one the last year.

    This blogpost was exactly what I needed right now. Because last summer I devoured the ManMyth-theories, and spent the last year putting them into good use. The idea of being a woman who would challenge my own and others thoughts really resonated with me. I’ve never known such rich friendships like those I’ve now build and reinforced. The idea of everyone being extraordinary, but my definition of extraordinary people being limited – so go find them! was something that I took deeply to heart. And boy did I find great people after meeting a LOT of people! It all sounds so great and easy when I write about it now, but it was such hard work. It paid off because I had a clear goal, and I just went after it.

    I could go on and on, but what I really wanted to say, was that I changed so much, that I suddenly at the end of this year (now…) lost my sense of purpose. Long story short: My paradigms shifted, and I started questioning and turning everything. I know that my light depression is the foundation I’m going to rise from later – still it’s a difficult and complex time for me, but necessary. There are many things I enjoy in this life, and I’m generally good at most things. But I don’t have anything yet that I’m passionate about. There’s nothing, of what I’m aware of yet, that truly drives me. It’s going to be a fascinating and daring journey making my own path as I walk it.

    Btw, I wondered if it would be possible to reduce some of the cutting in the clips, since sometimes it’s difficult to let your words sink in before the next sentence starts. Might have something to do with that English is not my mother tongue.

    All my love and best wishes, Ingrid

    • Dana says:

      Ingrid, My Sweet Sister!

      Not to worry at all if you haven’t found your purpose, yet. You are just starting your journey at 23. The beauty of this season is that you are becoming you and your life at this stage is empty and meaningless for you to fill with possibilities and define it with what makes your choose to make your world beautiful with your standards. The fact that you breath, speak, and move makes you whole & complete. Consider defining one aspect of your beautiful life with each morning you are bless with. Leave your past in the past (because it happened in the past). Consider define your future by baby steps, they will turn into daily rituals and then virtues & you will be where you want to be. Every path you choose in your life has a certain destination. I, myself recently learned this an i am re-mapping my life accordingly. Being older, I encourage you to choose wisely :-) Not all paths leads to the same place.

      There is a proverb about youth. The 20s are wasted on the youth & the 30s are the hot new 20 as it is a time when you have wisdom and beauty(oh! And a little bit of money, too). Don’t wait until your 20s are over.

      Begin to create your life now with good habits. Dream out what you want your life to look like It’s what I am working on personally. I learned that having head knowledge & a heart full of good intentions doesn’t take you were you want to be. They that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. However, having courage to take the action that you know brings the result. Never let your life be idle, nor let idols rule/define your heart’s path. Discover what you love, enjoy it, be good at it, let the fun of it brighten your world and attract the right people (and that special person) to partner with you in your life’s beautiful journey. Hugs & love to you, -Dana

  43. desiree coles says:

    Hi,your enthusiasm to reach and share your wisdom with people is inspiring ! and what better platform the www !…I am strong but even strong people need a shoulder to lean on at times and say everything is ok !I am my own inspiration,and hope i have and will inspire people in my lifetime…i have periods of wait or create..

  44. Kamilla says:

    Hey there Matt!
    I love it! Am I a Waiter or a Creater? Even tho I can’t get hold of one of those wristbands I’m gonna keep that in mind and create my own reminder! hehe Thanks for the idea! =D

    xx /K

  45. Jenna says:

    Love it.

  46. Claire Vetori says:

    Loving the wristband Matt – I want one :-)
    It reminds me how far I have come in the last 3 months – I am a lot clearer about what I want in life and I have the courage to go get it! I am responsible for what I do and the choices that I make and I am loving that I feel so empowered by it all now.

  47. Freeda Singh says:

    Hi, Matt. Thank you for your continuous advice. The concept as whole is creative and amazing, and really simple to understand.

    Thanks for inspiring us! You shine like the star that you are!

  48. Maren says:

    Hey Matt, thanks so much for this video! How true that indecisiveness is actually fear of doing something you know you should do. This was a realization I had recently as well, but you put it very eloquently.

    Have you ever read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron? This seems related to “creating” as well, maybe you’d enjoy it.

    Have a great day!
    Maren xx

  49. Anya says:

    Thank you! I love how inspiring your videos are. Well done :-)

  50. Sarah Hodge says:

    I like the whole concept of wait or create. It seems like I’m always waiting for something. I have done a lot of waiting in my life, but when I transferred to a University in my late 20’s I began creating. My last quarter of college I studied abroad in Italy for 2 1/2 months and continued creating. Then I got back to the U.S, graduated, and began waiting again. When I heard about the show Ready for Love that was going to air, and you came on and mentioned Get the Guy I immediately began watching your You Tube videos. I also did watch Ready for Love when it aired. I decided at 31 nearing 32 I needed to stop waiting, and so I picked up your book. I’m beginning to create again. Thank you Matt!

  51. CM says:

    Very inspiring video Matt and so true. I used to be a waiter but now love being a creator. It’s something on work on daily in every aspect of my life.

  52. Kooky says:

    thank you hero( coz you are). you don’t know how this video made me to get to know who am i and get deep inside to my core. it made me remember that You are today because of yesterday’s decisions and you tomorrow because today’s decisions .

    • Kooky says:


    • Kooky says:

      The real hero is not what we see in the movies. the real hero who faces his self and know the disadvantages and advantages that he has. The real hero who did not hide but expresses moments of strengths and weaknesses.And always who try to become not only the best but extends his hands in order to help everyone in life

  53. Elle says:

    Hi Matt!

    As usual, great video message. I can’t wait to meet you in July. In the vein of wait or create, I’ve been creating opportunities for myself to meet guys and to find a new job. I’ve since received three great viable leads to new positions but none in Paris where I currently live. I have also met a wonderfully amazing French guy who has his life here in Paris. All this creating has created an impossible situation in my life where I may have to choose between the career I’ve always wanted or the amazing love story I’ve always wanted to tell first-hand. Argh! Any tips for helping me stay zen during this crisis of abundance?

    A tres bien tot! Bisous Bisous

  54. Dyonisia says:

    What energy, Matt!

    Your energy and passion shine-out!

    You melt away the complex
    and create simple practical steps…

    I love that and it reaches me right to the core!!

    Thank you, oh yes!!

  55. YuetChing says:

    Thank you for your video! Matt!~~x

  56. Lisawms says:

    Matt, you hit the nail on the head with this one. I just received a message which said “Stop fixating on the problem and starting focusing on the solution”. I too had felt I had to get everything and everyone else life straight and it took forever. When I got everything where I thought it should be I realized I had NO life. Love, simple pleasures, and time to myself all took a back seat. It does prove one thing though, we have what it takes to make our dreams come true. Focus with the right intention can create miracles. Thanks. Have a great week.

  57. Kathryn says:

    Hi Matt,
    You are right we do go through peaks and troughs of being creative and motivated. When I am in a trough it’s harder to be creative so I am going to be very uninspiring. I will put up that message ‘wait create’ on my bathroom mirror so I can be reminded when I get ready every morning.
    I could not possibly be in a position to come on one of your retreats. I am therefore very grateful for all this content on the blog.
    A big thank you, Kathryn x

  58. Paula says:

    I think the idea of motivation changing is based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Sounds like most people go through a period of motivation being driven by survival; which is largely a fear based motivation. Higher needs like to be creative and have a purpose occur when these basic survival needs are met. How lucky that we can contemplate being creative

  59. Iphigenia says:

    Very dear of the dearest Matt,
    I saw this video 4 times. You are really encouraging and your advice is so inspiring! Im in a period where i have to decide about my future, university and because im afraid of all these big changements and of all the effort that i have to give in order to succeed it, i just thought to my self. Wait? Or create? CREATE! Thank you matt SO MUCH!

  60. Paula says:

    On a technical note, whomever filmed that, needs to make sure there are no tree leaves in front of the camera. I was very distracted by the end of the green blob. I realized it was in front of the camera when Matt would wave his arms around and I could see the green blob blocking his wrist.


  61. Maria says:

    Lovely… very inspiring and eye opening! And not just that but lately all of your videos have been amazing and it’s so honourable and touching that you give out all this info and insight enlightments witout charge, just because you believe in an ideal of making people’s life better!

    You are a person to be admirred Matthew Hussey! Always be you! Thank you for everything! xo xo xo!


  62. Alison says:

    I am currently coming out of a “wait” stage in life. The funny thing is I didn’t even know I was “waiting” until I started creating. At that point everything became clear as to WTF have I been doing these past years of my life! I have momentum and am not stopping :)

  63. Corina says:

    Today I did my phone interview! I’ve been wanting to leave the place where I work for a while now, and I’ve been looking for management opportunities. I applied for a manager position in a city 4hrs away from where I live. If I get this position I will have to relocate, leave my family and friends and start from scratch. It’s so scary but so exciting. But I could either keep waiting or start creating. Wish me luck in getting this job! :)

  64. Jacqueline Paugam says:

    So I wanted to attend your get away retreat. I recieved some kind of quextionairre sorting me out to see if I QUALIFIED for the roster of ur retreat. Im quite perplexed why a woman has to be “chosen”. Is this a lab experiment where the attendee has to meet the required variables. Here is my suspicion…if your principles work they should work under any condition not be selective in which group to use it on. Anyway…

  65. Rebecca says:

    Hey love perfect timing for this sparkling creatrix am taking real passionate steps towards the life I want singing jazz and am even writing a song in your honour ill post when its done. Im done waiting blazing a trail is more my style these days xxxx

  66. sharynsmiilz says:

    Matt, your emails and videos are always uplifting, inspiring and full of useful information fo many situations in life. I have been followi.g you and have subscribed to your online programs for over a year now and you have touched my life in many ways. Thank you for loving what you do and always bringing your best game to everytthing you do.

    I needed to hear this as recently I have been feeling down and losing motivation. Today, I am going to go out on a nature walk. I need to get back in touch with my own inner peace and refocus my goals and my plans. And it will also be good exercise. Time to go back to square one and work on being true to myself and being the whole, well-rounded person I want to be.

    Keep up the messages of inspiration. They are helping so many people! Love you!

  67. Elizabeth O Donovan says:

    Matt I love the positivity and motivational messages!!completely agree with what your saying in your video above! I believe what u get back what put out .. Positive action creates positive results, Small steps are building blocks! best of luck with your retreat

  68. Julie says:

    Thank you for the timely reminder!

  69. Toi says:

    Matthew, my dear Loverface, please get the hell out of my head! I know I need to create and I’m being lazy. I also know how impatient I am waiting on others to help get me where I need to be (even if it’s to go grab ice cream with them and chat). I’m gonna keep writing and singing and being as transparent with this music as possible so maybe it reaches the right ears at the right moment. I won’t stop if you won’t =)

  70. Nicolioli says:

    Matt, you are becoming somewhat of my guru or Jedi master one can say :D I know I should be sharing your advises with every of my friends but is it okay if I’ll stay greedy and keep you to myself? Hate sharing sources that make up a part of me :) Cheers, Nicole.

  71. Eliane says:

    you are awesome :)

  72. NancyH says:

    Happy Sunday, Matthew! Keep doing what you are doing…and hope the message is resonating with your audience that you’re hoping to create. The words are awe inspiring. Definitely choose to create…life’s too short not to. My favorite quote is from Machiavelli’s, “The Prince” – “Hesitation always leads to one’s downfall…” And apropos. Cheers!

  73. Raimee says:

    Thanks Matt ! Very motivational as always. I love the slogan too.

  74. Lisa says:

    Thank you! I so needed to hear that today. It’s so simple, yet so brilliant! :-) God bless you!

  75. Angela Wells says:

    Thanks Matt, a perfectly timed piece of advice. I love the wristband idea, easy, yet powerful :) I also loved your previous email with the video from your workshop “I am the asset” – this covers so many things about life in general. Thanks for doing what you’re doing, it’s geatly appreciated.

    Have a great day!

  76. Thirza says:

    exactly you can wait or create. Sometimes you can create than rather wait i did that once a time it didnt workout what i expected but if you never try you never know. never wait to long before it’s over. Because you may regret it afterwards.
    because before my grandpa died i said i love you and one day later he died. i’m only 15 years old but i never regret that.
    say i love you before you can anymore.

    have a great day everyone.

    • Thirza says:

      hi matthew,

      Something turned out good for me by create,
      I was searching for a internship by a bakkery,
      i had also deliverded more than 10 adresses by my teacher but i was always full or they had somebody already,
      So i emailed my bakerteacher if she knows a internship for me ba a bakkery. And She called a bakkery and know after vacation i have a internship by the bakkery. Now if i didnt emailed than i should have nothing found today.

      So i create and i got something very good in the place (:

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