What A Pointless Waste Of Energy…

I was going to make a normal blog video for you today.

Sitting in my apartment, I had notes prepared, but on the way back from a quick coffee with Jameson, we came across something that really pissed me off. I made him pull out his camera to shoot a video there and there on the spot.

The video we had prepared will have to wait till next week.

You might think this is a random video, but I felt I had to say it.

Sometimes you just have to rant.

9 Texts No Man Can Resist

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  1. Emilia says:

    What I like most about your videos is that you can make a terrible day become a perfect one just by hearing your voice and receiving your positive energy. :) Thank you, Matthew!
    Best regards,

  2. Kelly says:

    Love the video! Thanks for giving us your perspective.

  3. Moni says:

    I’ve done it, I’ve done it! So we can have a cup of tea ;-)

  4. Vanl says:

    Matt, you’re so random, spontaneous, smart and hilarious!!! Why ain’t there more men like you around? If there were, we’re women would be much better off!

    Love and regards,

  5. Joslyn says:

    Omg…so funny. I busted out laughing several times…have you ever seen Ghost and Matthew at the same time?LOL

    Also, I feel the same way about graffiti… And tattoos!!

  6. Sophie jarry says:

    Were you guys Having expressos or expressos martinis when you shooted the graffiti video? Haha! Good one though

  7. Jen says:

    Thank you for that hilarious video. I am flabbergasted by the over-seriousness of the responses. I think the beauty of vlogging is that YES! You CAN make a video about anything with a little creativity. YOU TUBE has leveled the playing field for the every day person with a good idea!This was clever and hilarious- made me laugh first thing in the morning.. and for that Matthew gets a hi-five from me! Matthew, love your videos and the incredibly brilliant marketing behind what you are doing. You have a great business model. I am very much looking forward to meeting you Saturday in San Diego! :)


  8. Manda says:

    Unfortunately that’s gang tagging. A couple of people in your comments mentioned that. So your point about misguided youths is valid, just probably a bit too late. More to the point, if you are concerned about misguided youth & eager for people to do something unusual, see if you can volunteer at a nearby youth center for an afternoon? Perhaps your change could be on the one day that changes the path of a potential ‘bad artist’.

  9. Katherine says:

    You think that’s bad, check out Berlin. Graffiti everywhere.

  10. Katherine says:


  11. Mavis says:

    The message is – there are a lot of people with misdirected anger/energy out there who need help with the basics of life before any relationship advice. Time for a new book on the lost patrol? I work with people on the edge, what we take for granted, they never knew. The wisdom of ages is missing and the ego seeks fulfillment in a modern way, however ultimately pointless…very ‘happy hippy’ but it happens. So it is time to help those who have no foundation for life??? There is maybe another path/opportunity for Matthew to take as well.

  12. Kristi says:

    Maybe next time consider the age of the individual you are criticizing and pick an equal adversary. It wouldn’t be fair for someone your age to step into the ring with a young person (prob 14yrs tops) and look like a winner even if ya knocked him down with one punch. Especially looking a the bars he fit between;)
    I know you were just sharing your frustration at a lack of respect for property but next time maybe pick on the ‘big guys’ (& gals) who litter!
    Sorry had to say something as I couldn’t turn a blind eye, to do that would be saying it was ok.
    Just wasn’t the best side of you. (& we all are guilty of it at times myself included [but I don’t blog] ;))

  13. amanda says:

    If a prick can do that on a street wall. May appear to him art than vandalism. The prick should have anything an artist would use and expand his mind in a creatively and artistic way where paintings it should be drawn. However, it be too late and foolish to use the same name as the one he used to sprayed on some wall’s street

  14. Angelica D says:

    my aprents always say We you draw in wall you show your education and the selfies that person is. by inrespect other in they way.

  15. M says:

    (Apart from energy)

    Ghost is definitely proclaiming his right of freedom of expression but might be very selective about his audience.

    So what if Ghost was a “dog” – marking it’s territory… Using coded language.
    You didn’t see any converse hanging around by any chance… ;)

    Nevertheless, graffitis are raffish unless it says in glittery pink “Hello Kitty.”

  16. Erin says:

    I would pay to see the follow-up video wherein you have a cuppa tea with the “artist.” In fact, I volunteer to play the “artist” in that video (I do have a degree in acting). Hilarity will ensue.

  17. Anya says:

    “He might have a job in climbing”!! So many of those about hahaha

    Nice sunglasses!

  18. Randa says:

    “You can make a video blog out of anything” just like you can do a rebellious act out of “anything”, in this case graffiti. Does that mean it IS rebellious? No. Does that mean ranting or complaining is productive? No.
    Conclusion: don’t waste your energy on “anything” and do SOMETHING.
    This video might seem like a rant about a graffiti dude, but to me the message in the conclusion I draw from watching it goes way beyond that.

    This conclusion basically applies to EVERYTHING inncluding our love lives HA! ;)

    annnd That’s pretty much what went through my brain seconds after watching this hahah
    Whether it’s that or not, great post!

  19. Jill says:

    I just realized I never finished my comment, sorry about that. Who would’a thunk as soon as I start typing the cars would start moving especially after sitting for half an hour. Anyhoo, I think it’s sad that anyone thinks they have to do this type of stuff and more then likely it’s to feel accepted. I have to say I had an idea the other day when I was hiking. I was over in some park in Pasadena and the hike was gorgeous until you get to a bridge and it’s covered in graffiti and my next thought was how funny would it be to set something up to scare the kids away and film it. I’m giggling just thinking about it

  20. Mary Ann says:

    I don’t mind at all that it’s not the typical blog. I can completly understand the way he feels about the disruption of bland graffiti on such a lovely day.
    Thank you for the laughs Matt & Jameson. xoxo

  21. Arianne says:

    Sandra, I love what you said.

  22. R. S. Elessar says:

    First laugh of the day! Thank you! This was incredibly silly but at the same time had a good point to it.

    Ranting in my opinion has always been a good source for venting so by all means continue.

    You have yourself a wonderful week – and if you happen to be in the States at the present time I hope you find the time to enjoy some fireworks shows. :)

  23. Paula says:

    I am ‘meh’ about this video blog. It had some funny moments but mainly seemed to ramble on. Could have been edited down to 2 mins

  24. Lena says:

    Bahahahaha. What a crack up. :D

    Matthew, you are hillarious (and equally handsome ;) ).

  25. Holly says:

    It wasn’t me but I’ll have tea with you when you’re
    next in London.

  26. Sandra says:

    As an artist(graphic designer) I would always judge people who would do graffiti. I didn’t even refer to them as artists. I became involved in some social justice activism and learned about the graffiti mindset. We must at least acknowledge that some people even in a country like the U.S., for infinite number of reasons do not have opportunities for a better life. They do not have a voice to speak out for them or to represent their rights. Many times, these people do not have a space to be heard and thus they go to the streets and take their own space and leave a mark. That is what graffiti is about. If you meet any graffiti artists, most of them have had a harsh life and are quite angry… Of course there are other ways to speak out and leave a mark but this is one of them. Unfortunately, vandalizing private or public property does not benefit the vandal, it is a way to speak out. If anything, graffiti serves as a reminder that there are people out there who need our help. This guy “Ghost” obviously not artistically talented.

  27. Martina says:

    Haha… you know what, guys. I know who that GHOST is… it has to be Jameson!!!!! XD

  28. Margot says:

    I like it when you say if girls did it, it would look a lot better than that. LOL.

  29. Nikky says:

    Totally agree with that graffity thing. And by the way in this video it was for the first time I heard Jameson´s laugh. And I have to say it sounded kind of sexy, don´t you think? :-)
    P.S.: God bless you guys for what you do for us with your videos. Lots of love.:-D

  30. Christine says:

    Lol thanks for the laugh today Matt!!! You made my day better!!

  31. Rowan says:

    it was definitely a bloke, it was signed AC Bob Ghost….

  32. Sophie says:

    Wonderful! You made my day, my dear. Hilarious! I Ghost You! True, true, true. :)x

  33. Ruth McAuley says:

    You do not know peoples backgrounds or life experiences, not everyone has had such a privileged life as yours. Maybe you should go into social/Youth work if you seek to find meaning from this

    • Margot says:

      This is not about what’s happenened in one’s life. It’s about what they choose to do with their life and their time. Graffitti like that one is indeed a pointless waste of energy that proves nothing except that the perpretator isn’t handling life well. Lots of people have rough lives but not every one chooses to vandalize other people’s properties. And Matthew does make a good point in saying Ghost wouldn’t be happy if the same were done on the wall of his place. To me, vandalism goes hand in hand with the victim mentality. One gotta break from it to have a purposeful life. Maybe in time Ghost will.

      • Anon says:

        Go spend a day with at risk youth in an inner city school and go back and spend the night with them in their home environments and then say that. I agree, Matthew needs to go talk to kids about this.

        • Margot says:

          You’re making the assumption that the person that did that is a youngster at risk. A kid with a rough life. You don’t know that. My point remains the same: “Lots of people have rough lives but not every one chooses to vandalize other people’s properties. And Matthew does make a good point in saying Ghost wouldn’t be happy if the same were done on the wall of his place. To me, vandalism goes hand in hand with the victim mentality.” At the end of the day, it’s all about choices. And there’s ALWAYS a choice, regardless of age, background, life history.

  34. Jaagii says:

    Wahahahahaahahahaa, this was hilarious!

  35. tigress says:

    This made my day so far!!
    Thanks for the laugh, man. You are awesome! =)

  36. Rivka says:

    It’s not even good graffiti. I’ve seen graffiti that is impressive, that must have taken some skill. This is not it.

  37. Self-proclaimed ghost says:

    Well if I get promised tea time for discussion I’m willing to admit the guilt. FYI If you have left any other option for heaving one on one consultation I would not have to take blame for others vandalism

  38. Maradoll says:

    Matthew, have you considered doing standup? I’m dead serious :)

  39. Linda says:

    Even though I typically agree with your opinions in everything, and it must have been annoying to see the damage of property for such a useless scribble; I’d prefer it if you kept on track with your insight to men, women and relationships. Just sayin’…….

    • Lady Le says:

      I had a huge laugh with this video. Why dont you go spend some energy with something interesting like trying to understand the meaning of the message instead of complaining? Get it? Spending energy on the wrong places?

    • Rivka says:

      I would say that Matt is showing by example how to be an interesting man or woman. Someone who can talk about something as mundane as this, and make it as interesting as he does, is going to be very attractive to everyone else!

  40. Sheila says:

    You are so cute. I could just sit and watch you entertain me all day.

  41. Lauren says:

    So funny! Thanks for posting this Matt! It’s a refreshing break from your normal material. It’s always good to laugh. :)

  42. Sage says:

    Looks like you really are in LA–where you’ll find there are 98% no safe facilities for poor children to express themselves, and no safe facilities for poor American born children to play. Very sad – multi-generational where there is no father and rare any kind of responsible mother. Such is ‘the hood’. It would be a miracle if you could have a cup of tea with a tagger/graffiti artist–usually they’re very angry distrusting lot for good reason.

  43. Dee Dee Rosario says:

    Love your flair and insights. I roared with laugher watching this video. Serious message, but love the drama…LOL

  44. carla says:

    Yes, unfortunately you do get female taggers and graffiti artists, though the ladies may well do a better job of it.

  45. Pam Q says:

    Splendid video! Nice camera work too Jameson!

  46. Emilie says:

    Love you Matthew Hussey you are gas! At least we know you are a normal person behind all your life coaching wisdom!

  47. Jenny abbot says:

    I have sometimes wondered about the mind set of a graffiti
    artist. If you suggested they came out in to the open
    and drew on a blank bill board in broad daylight, I wonder
    if they would oblige? Perhaps they prefer to be secretive
    (does it give them a kick perhaps?).

  48. Julia says:

    Hey Hussey, GHOST here. Yea. Let’s do that cup of tea. Your choice (but I am partial to Green Rooibos!) Looking forward to some coaching. There’s a great coffee shop in the neighborhood, Mad Men and Lovers. You know it? Meet you there, ok?

  49. Jylle says:

    going with…. Tea.


  50. caroline says:

    0h Matthew lol. At first l was annoyed with u and thought ‘Who put u in charge of the worlds conscience’then l thought..well at least uv got passion and u cant help but like a guy who has passion….and it was funny.

  51. Mo says:

    ah man, that was hilarious! Nice one matty!

  52. Bianca says:


  53. Arianne says:

    I wish you’d have more of an open understanding (anthropological, sociopolitical, historical, artistic???) of teenagers, pop culture, tag culture, poverty, graffiti art, etc. Your point of view is so…. ordinary. I wish people with a lot of influence (like you) would try to open other’s eyes to new perspectives instead of reinforcing everyone’s common prejudices.

  54. Tj says:

    Hilarious. Having said that, this ain’t no Graffitti artist. This is a tagger straight up and in Singapore they get caned for it ;)

  55. Martina says:

    Hey Matt, as I woke up today I was in a shit mood, but this video made me really laugh. Thanks for that! Keep on doing your stuff, whatever it may be, coaching people or semi-anonymously spraypainting ugly walls! XD You’re on the right track, Baby!

  56. Tasmin Williamson says:

    Brilliant! This has made my day. This reminded me of something similar I did when me and some friends made a video of ‘searching for the ghost of Pauline Fowler’ whilst on a girly weekend in Torremolinos … On a serious note though the point you made about energy and redirecting it is so true. This person could potentially achieve better things, but definitely not in an artistic capacity ;-).
    Thanks for making my day x

  57. Susan says:

    funniest,ever,Ghost. I know it’s you…don’t even try to deny it Matthew. You’re caught..britches down…gotcha!
    Such an outlaw …what is it with you boi’s anyway – that inner-outlaw thing..charming nonetheless…

  58. Jo says:

    As an artist (I paint on canvas, not walls though), I have a huge appreciation for graffiti art when done properly. Not this though, this is just mindless vandalism by someone who has nothing better to do with their time….sigh

    Funny vid though Matt. Certainly brightened up my already bright Sunday morning….the suspense music make me chortle.

    Looking like a cutie-pie as usual Mr Hussey.

    Happy Sunday one and all :) x

  59. Noemi says:

    Good one!

    I just hate the tags. I have to admit that some graffities are pieces of art, but not those..

    You were not as lucky as I was when we busted 4 teenagers tagging a wall of our property (stone wall).
    We called the police, just to let them know that their actions have consequences (of course we told the police that we don’t want to press charges, we just wanted to make them realise, that it is not “funny” or “cool” and it is not their property and what you said about “hello kitty in your own house”). At the end, two of the kids of the group and one of his parents clean the wall. As it was stone it took a hard work to clean it(not paint wall used). I have to say, good for them because they realised what his kid was doing. They did not agree with his behaviour and they teach him the right thing to do, and the consequences of his actions.

    What I want to say here is that parenthood or family basis to teach what is good or bad, is very important.

    Have a great day!

  60. Irene says:

    I laughed so hard!
    “Hello Kitty” lol
    Lol the music and slow mode.
    Maybe me and ghost are the same person ;-) Have a sunny sunday!

    Ps: Art is diverse nowadays but that truly is a try ;-)

  61. Jill says:

    I love how I’m sitting watching this while I’m waiting for a wreck to be cleared after I watched the longest movie in history oh wait I’m moving

  62. Adventurous Kate says:

    Very entertaining, Matt. You could be an actor. In Hollywood!

  63. Pat says:

    Acting skillz Matthew. Impressive.

    Message is: Don’t be a dick.


  64. Kelsey says:

    Haha! This just ended my day on a great note. So funny and made me respect you even more than I already did!

  65. Allie Davis says:

    I think the main takeaway for me is the complete lack of respect some people have for the hard workers that built, maintain and repaint that building. It’s very sad that some people don’t recognize how much effort goes into maintaining brand imaging and especially the “little guys” behind the scenes bustin’ it out of personal pride in a job well done…

    I guess it’s a been there done that scenario for me. If they put as much effort into building a business as opposed to destroying their property they’d probably be unstoppable…

  66. Laura says:

    Loved the rant! Totally agree with your sentiments.

  67. Patty Kimball says:

    Hilarious! The music is a nice added touch. Perhaps the lesson is ‘ladies, we do not want graffiti artists as boyfriends. If it ends badly, they will come and do this outside of our homes!’ LOL! And seriously, seeing a bunch of graffiti does bug me a lot.

  68. Jaclyn Halei Love says:


    I just watched this video and laughed until tears were in my eyes! I completely agree with you about what a waste of time and energy this is but sadly this is just a very large display of it. People waste time and energy on some of the most ridiculous things on a daily basis. For instance, I see people on Facebook posting drama, following celebrities they won’t ever meet, and self absorption is a huge issue. Then I ask myself… What am I doing with my time on this planet? Am I any better, I mean really? The Graffiti artist may if been wasting his time, he really was but it did bring our attention to a much larger problem now didn’t it? If we as human beings spent a fraction of the time we waste; if we could somehow harness it into a constructive nature I’m convinced that we could not only heal the planet but also ourselves. I love watching your videos because they uplift me and show me that there is actually hope for the human race. Thanks for sharing!

    • Julia says:

      Thank you for your post. I agree. It is easy to judge others’ waste of time and energy. Much harder to look in the mirror and ask myself the question, what am I doing with my time on this planet? Where is my time and energy being shared or drained away? Love the line from a Mary Oliver poem: What will you do with this one wild and precious life? Thanks for the decision to create a spontaneous video blog this week, MH!

  69. Hidz says:

    Mmmm point taken…but seriously you two…? Did you guys get bored ? mmm you guys should go and have some extra expresso…Happy Sunday!

  70. brandie herrera says:

    Its one in the morning, and I was just about to go to bed when I got this email.I laughed so hard when the background music came on, I woke up my sister in the next room. I think its time for me to sleep:|

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