What Will YOU Do With Your Final 10 Seconds?

If, like me, you’re someone who is planning to really squeeze the most possible juice out of 2019, and make it the year when you take a mega leap forward in your career, finances, dating, or health, I need you to hear this message while there’s still time.

Let’s not wait a second longer to find love and happiness…

How Can You Make the Rest of this Round Count? Leave Your Comment Below…

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  1. Isatu Bah says:

    I will hug and kiss the man i love the most and tell him that even in after life i will always love him

  2. Mukisa juliet says:

    Woow its great to hear all of your experiences coz you can some time think its only you going who is going through tuff situation but for me i think its better to move on coz time waits for noboby .

  3. tatiana says:

    hey Matthew! Always on point! Looking good but a bit pale) Have you ever thought of coming to Bali to get some tan and maybe give a seminar or something?) Would be great!)

  4. Fatima ali says:

    Wow… Its great to hear from ur side and its really helped a lot. I am looking forward to hearing from you more and experience the new era of life…

    Thank you

  5. Amanda says:

    Continue to have a blast while on holiday — hiking, yoga, climbing, pups, friends, dates!

  6. Farah dahir says:

    i will find the right guy who will make me happy and also connect with my family

  7. Cec I'll lia says:

    Getting in contact with someone I haven’t spoken too in a few years and giving my family a joyous Christmas even though I’m tired. Joy at Christmas is awesome so in giving I am seeing the joy if their happiness and that’s everything

  8. Susan says:

    Respond to my ex attempts to reconnect in a dignified loving manner that will bring me closure and make me feel good about myself Thanks to you !!

  9. Gilda says:

    Im going to make a commitment for next year to focus on star loving and putting mysef

  10. Teddy Meeusen says:

    I’m going to remove this crush from my mind. I realised that I’ve fallen inlove with an idea and that she won’t invest in me to the extend that I need her too. Still I appreceate the crush.. It’s the first since a long time.

  11. Winny says:

    Thx for the motivation :)))
    It motivates me to keep a proactive attitude.

  12. Janel Akinyi says:

    i will find the right guy who will make me happy and also connect with my family

  13. Jenny says:

    Never too much joy and playfulness so I will make sure I get and give some more ;) thank you

  14. Priscilla says:

    I will cut ties with the guy who is not invested in me. I will set a schedule so I can balance my time between my career, family, and friends.

  15. Debbie says:

    Be more open and spontaneous to what comes up. I think I have a tendency to believe all men are the same as far as how they treat women. I automatically wait for the ball to drop. I am going to try and believe the best in people unless they give me valid reasons to believe otherwise. I have been in a couple very bad relationships with men who were closed off emotionally, took advantage of my trust, and were controlling and temperamental. I’ve really had a hard time getting past those issues. So this year I want to start with a clean slate and believe the best, remain open minded, and allow myself to be vulnerable again. I have been pretty closed off for fear of being hurt again.

  16. Kim Ratzel says:

    By talking with others how much they mean to me and how I value them as friends, family or co workers. They count and matter to me

  17. chaimae halhoul says:

    i’ll make an important step on my career, i’ll do my best to achieve that. there will be much focus on me my life that’s it

  18. Maua biangwa malenso says:

    Well i need to apply for a job in Target before the year ands and start my Wark out route again

  19. emma campos barabar says:

    i would like the men older than me or my age level i like long life relationship but am 64 years old right now

  20. soumaya says:

    I will studyy welll ..leave my sadness ..forget whts hurts me
    .and move one with a great powerr insiide and outsidee ..ill forgive evryone ..focus jst on Me ..devlop Me

  21. Maria says:

    i want to study further and also want to reconnect with him my cousin.

  22. Stephanie says:

    I am going to have a conversation with a friend that I have been putting off and scared to have.

    Thanks for this Matt. Really looking forward to your retreat in May. I can’t wait!

  23. Selene says:

    *Eye of Tiger in my head*

  24. Farai T Shumba says:

    I will settle some dispute with my mom over my boyfriend

  25. Farai T Shumba says:

    I will settle some misunderstandings I had with my mom over my boyfriend by having an intense mother daughter talk.

  26. Sherri says:

    Be brave and accepting that “I am enough, I am deserving, I am loveable and loving!!! Now to manifest all in abundance and seek out the one I let slip away by fearing rejection and not asking…. “
    how do you feel if we exchange numbers and catch up another time? “

  27. Lisa Memea says:

    I give my all in everything I do.i am alone because I choose to be, but am open to love. 2018 isn’t over yet. I’ve just moved to a new city and I am excited at all the opportunities of unexplored territory. I’m don’t want to do the bar scene and choose to work, study to go back to school, and be content to work on me right now. Is online dating the ticket now?

  28. Nureliza says:

    I will forgive myself unconditionally for all the mistakes I have made as part of my healing process. Also, I would like to create more creative and meaningful options for my own self-care :)

  29. Revathi says:

    I must make up spending quality time with my parents after having bothered them with too much of my emotional baggage throughout this year 2018. I will make a resolution and will strictly adhere to it next year. I want to forget everything that troubled me from few years, and be more kind and helpful. I am keen on exploring all chances that will make me financially independent in 2019. I want to work on improving lot of things for myself and kids.

  30. Aritraa Banerjee says:

    By keeping up my preparations for my upcoming competitive exams and job interviews. Definitely Christmas is near ,so I will enjoy the last part of the year with my family and friends. Although I have worked hard ,luck did not seem much in my favour this year but that is not going to back me down.

  31. Romanie says:

    I will have an incredible kiss by an incredible guy

  32. Lorraine says:

    I’m going to research how to invest money. I’m also going to review my comedy aspirations, book more gigs for 2019, asses what needs to be done in preparation for putting a show on at the edinburgh fringe festival and review all the recordings I have taken and self coach.

  33. TM says:

    I’m started better eating habits to be healthier inside & out, I’m going to focus on doing what I need to do going in with a positive attitude,i started loving myself again, remembering i am worthy,& doing some exercises to relax my mind & make my body in better condition…& Im doing it for Me…not anyone else…

  34. Reedheemah says:

    I love your videos. They are really inspiring. Thank you for being.

  35. Sarada says:

    I will bring playfulness to my catering gigs.

  36. Mercy Chiti says:

    I would love to continue with the lesson about love life, how to make a man fall for me over and over,even when we are together already as a couple.

  37. Josephine says:

    Most and foremost before this year ends this 5 things i want to do most so that I wont have any regrets and also i be able to move forward and be more progressive next year, here it goes.
    1.spread the love
    2.have more self confidence
    3.think positive
    5. Msg my loved ones an inspirational msg.

  38. Doris C. Tomas Chirino says:

    I’m working with many ebooks of men relationships which includes your programs.I have much to cover still. I also have ebooks on health and nutrition and exercise plans. I am taking a leap of faith and taking songs of mine to record demos but appts were cancelled by studio so I still have December left. I am also enjoying my family relationships and studying spiritual truths with meditations. And much more!Last, I have an interest in a long distance relationship and working on it.

  39. Autumn Brown says:

    I’m doing my first intercity ‘Geographical’, and learning more about my CPTSD and my victimization from a previous relationship with a Covert Narcissistic.

  40. cordel says:

    honestly tell the man am dateing he needs to wise up an be a man am in vesting too much of my time in him and nun has returned

  41. Laura pence says:

    I would come to your home and knock on your door so I could see that smile of yours for real!

  42. Martha Rodgers says:

    Well guess this is something I never even thought of and I really have not put much thought into it that much. But I have always thought how I would like to be helpful to someone, so guess I would take my last 10 second’s and help someone in need of my help in anyway I can. Gee glad you brought this up.

  43. Crystal says:

    Wow. I’d literally just decided this morning that it’s time to finally end my relationship of the last two years. Feeling more and more confident in my decision, more certain that it’s the right thing to do. Now it’s just a matter of collecting my thoughts so that I can be prepared for the hard conversation, to ensure that I am as generous and compassionate with him as possible. And it comes to the timing. Do I wait? Perhaps until after the holiday? Wait and potentially cause him grief because he may sense the shift in my reality? Or do I follow through and do it now. Make the last 10 seconds count.

    Thanks for the push.

  44. Yelena Bogatyreva says:

    Dear Matthew.

    Who are you? I live in Kazakhstan . It’s territory of former Soviet Union. I like quotation of French King Karl 1, “If my hat knew my thoughts, I’d burn my hat.” So I tell you nothing.

  45. Elisabeth kageha says:

    Just focus on what mistakes I did not to respect improve where I did my best having in mind to get my guy and settle down with him

  46. Salinka says:

    One of THE MOST inspiring messages!!
    Thank you for giving hope and energy to keep going and not putting off the importance of Now!!

  47. O.R. says:

    I am going to change myself , my life and to care about my boyfriend who needs me a lot. And going to continue my education to be the best.
    Thank you for that video and thanks for your encouragment.

  48. JULIE Copeland says:

    I will have a conversation with an ex, to see if any mileage in getting back together tomorrow Monday, Tuesday i will connect with new guys for dating. Thanks Matt, Julie xx

  49. Lara says:

    I’m going to go see my best friends newborn baby, I’ve been putting it off because I’m not the best with kids but I know it would mean a lot to her.

  50. Emmy says:

    Am gonna make the people l meet be happy and remember me by making jokes or being fine and helping where l can

  51. Mimma Massaro says:

    Feel. Passion. And desire. Generate it in someone. Be the receiving end of passion and desire. For once in my life.
    Merry Christmas.

  52. Karen says:

    I’m going to your live seminar in NYC Booked my tickets for my flight already. I will see you there!! I’m going alone and it’s just for me! See you there! ;p

  53. Cynthia says:

    Breathe again..

  54. Megan says:

    I am miserable in my job and instead of just bitching about it, I am being proactive by researching what else is out there. I applied to two places and have interviews coming up.

    I also signed up for the “Get Him Back” series and am working on realizing my self worth and value, not accepting “kind of” relationships anymore, and standing up for what I want and deserve.

  55. Madeline says:

    That was good !!!!! I’m off to handle shit right now

  56. Gale Scaramuzza says:

    I did it Matt. I started going to the gym again yesterday. My friend mentioned on Friday, I could start in the new year. I said, “No I will start tomorrow. I don’t wait for some arbitrary time to do, what I want and know, what’s best for me.”

  57. Pranjal says:

    Take care of some finances which could be taken care of when there is still time.
    Cherish my relationships and the connections I have been fortunate enough to have met.

  58. Bettie akinyi says:

    Hi dear I wish I had someone in my life today I would have done wonders but unfortunately I don’t have

  59. Kim Collins says:

    I’ve had an incredible year. I came if anti depressants after 30 years, I walked away from all the things in my life that were depressing me ie my 45 year dysfunctional relationship with my step family family, I walked away from my abusive relationship with my sister, I’m getting back into my singing after 30 years away from it, I’m walking setting new boundaries in a 40 year relationship with a very controlling friend.! have never felt freeer and more positive about my life and my future. I’m energised and positive about my future. I just turned 60 and I’m in a new chapter.

  60. Lodelyn badiang says:

    What will i do with my 10 seconds will i will do the things which i donr do for almost 11 yrs i spend my life for work and for my family maybe its time to give my self a break

  61. Machi says:

    Get outdoors and enjoy some me time and hit those house and work organization tasks and not worry if I can complete them by the end of the year or not. Just get the car moving! Been avoiding them because they feel too big. Just have to slice thinner. Thank you ❤️

  62. Olga Reutskaya says:

    I try always read and communicate with my teacher.
    Thank to him.

  63. Julie Gaudette says:

    I’ve decided to make my past time Hobby into a business venture. Work less overtime and spend more time with family and friends.

  64. Chichi says:

    Hello Mathew i make the effort but i keep on hitting the wall with the response I am not ready to have a relationship yet so I must be me! Your stuff works but something happenes and I’m exausted

  65. Judy says:

    Going to have that crucial conversation, regardless of the outcome. That’s what I need to know/do as 2018 comes to an end. Thank you.

  66. Katherine bulaclac says:

    Hi coach Mr.Mathew.Anyway for me my last 10snds,it will be my wish is to have a good health and good career .And most especially is to have a good communications for everybody.
    Thank you

  67. Margaret Wanjiku says:

    Nothing am feeling so embarrassed kindly keep me on prayers

  68. Olamijulo Gbemisola says:

    I want to fall in love and be truly loved.

  69. Sashana Fowler says:

    I would cherish every moment give in my love to the persons who always show me the best and pushing me to reach my goals supporting me all the way

  70. Sunghee says:

    By choosing to walk away from it.

  71. Philis Omon AMHIADAMHEN says:

    After watching this video am so excited. I want my 2019 to be a great and greater year for me. I want a good relationship, good job, wealth and happiness

  72. anitajaigobin says:

    I will go on my knees and give the Father Jehovah in heaven Jesus his son and the comforter all the praises and glory Amen

  73. Khadijah says:

    I will wish to hav the love of my life before 2019 God willing

  74. Tracy Woolrich says:

    By being happy being the man i love

  75. Jill Swain says:

    By being more present in my own life and not blocking people out and committing to holiday away for myself next year and not being afraid. By looking after myself more as in eating Heather and doing more physical training. And saying yes to social emgadmemts so I can get out there

  76. Amy Cronje says:

    Try spend some more time with my family and the people I love a and care about deeply and be greatful for what I have in life.

  77. Kamisher says:

    Complicated BT still fighting on it

  78. jelena berkelhammer says:

    I am in Europe, for the New Year. This Year has been difficult soul searching. I am ready to open a new chapter.
    1. I am doing some major makeover….let’s face it. I have to Step in the game back to back with 20-30 something girls. So those molecular bonds need some repair. I hope it will be worth it.
    2. I am going to have FUN !
    3. It took me some time to recover from my previous afere that crash landed. It was pittifully low and painfully brief.
    I thought I scored big with that guy, but it was just a flash.
    4. Are We 40 something women DONE? Cause guys my age date only 30s. I guess We have exparation date on our back. Does it Mean i should date 60 something duds? Rather not.
    5. I am planning to start dance class . I wanted to do that for a while but kept puting on back burner.

  79. Mehru says:

    By making myself happy and free from all tensions and stress.

  80. Valentina says:

    Very good video and very true. Still feel I don’t have energy for it but video did smthing….I can hear the counting….

  81. Bonnie says:

    I am going to complete the goals that I had set my mind to, prior to December 31. It is going to give me a feeling of accomplishment, peacefulness, organization, and happiness within myself. It will prepare me to go into 2019 with a clean slate, new energy, and a recipe for success.

  82. Jenny says:

    Wow, you got me with this vid! Thank you for waking me up. In my last 10 seconds, I’m going to do 2 things: Be less reactive to my boyfriend’s antics and eork out. I need to exercise because I’m starting to ache from the stagnation. Bye, I’m going to stretch right now!

  83. Bea says:

    I would recal a memory for my beloved who are in a heaven

  84. JANNA says:

    By being more grateful, enjoying more and living more!

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