What’s The Matter With Him?

I’m in a relationship and have been for the past 5 months with a great guy, we used to have regular sex but now every time it comes down to it, I just end up giving him oral sex, what’s the matter with him?

Matthew’s answer

Unfortunately after a while sex can lose its spark and some men can get a little lazy, especially if they are still getting what they want without having to work for it. But if you had great sex before there is not reason why you cant have it again. Here is some tips for getting your sex life back on track;

1. Don’t give in so easy!

If your guy knows you will always give him oral sex he will take it for granted and wont make the effort to give you the great sex you were having before.

Don’t withdraw intimacy completely but try kissing him and teasing him without giving him oral sex and when he realises he isn’t going to get what he wants without working for it he is very likely to start making the effort again.

2. Remind him of the way things were

When you’re starting to get intimate try a little dirty talk reminding him of some of the times you had great sex previously, the positions you were in and how good it was for you and this will hopefully lead to a repeat performance. (Guys love doing anything if you tell them it turns you on!)

You can also try reminding him of these things over text message before you’re about to see each other so that most of the day he cant help but think about ravaging you.

3. Don’t deliver

If it seems that it’s the only thing getting your man going you could try giving him oral sex.

But! – Make it clear its just foreplay, only indulge him for a couple of minutes then stop and go back to just teasing or kissing him and the frustration will lead to sex that’s good for both of you.

Remember – Sex isn’t just for him its for both of you and men are conscious that they want to turn you on too; you just need to make it clear that only giving oral sex is not doing it for you.

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