Where To Meet The Best Men – The Results!

Pretty varied locations right? You can meet a guy anywhere.

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Question of the day : )

What is the the best line a guy has ever said to you?

Can’t wait to read your answers in the comments. The best will be read out in next weeks video.


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  1. Paula says:

    Guys will say anything to get into your pants. I’m sorry but some of the comments left by these women here make me shake my head. I don’t pay attention to what a man says but what he does. any idiot can talk a good game. Real men step up.

  2. Jaz says:

    I met a guy when my dads girlfriend came over. He hung out with my brother and his brother at first but then he went downstarirs and I was watching a movie downstairs. He was interested in that so we watched it together. Then we both became really good friends. Me and him were really into movies. The best thing he said to me was “I really like coming here because of you. I like you better than your brother”

  3. Caroline says:

    He told me: You´re sweet yet strong, youre a great musician, youre funny and witty and even though you dont dress like them youre still hotter than all the bitches.
    Well, that would have been amazing, but unfortunately it happened about 2 months after we broke up.

  4. Svea says:

    I met this guy at an Irish Pub, who just came over and said “I love you. I just had to tell you that. I’m here with friends and we are leaving now, but I just thought you should know.”
    Then he left :-D I thought that was really cute!

  5. nadia says:

    I don’t remember special lines, but the way in which it was said to me, even a Hi can work when it is tender, playful and sensual. It is about how it does make me feel and it makes me feel great when it is sincere and coming from the heart.

  6. Leanne says:

    The best line that a guy ever said to me was:

    “You don’t know any special karate moves, do you?”
    When I said “No, Why?”
    he said
    “Good then you won’t kick my a$$ when I try to kiss you”

  7. carla says:

    “Would”would u mind if I introduced myself,my apologies but your aura lights up the whole room”..we ended up dating for 8 months and still is the sweetest guy i ever dated

  8. Diana says:

    I was going to party with my sister when some foreign guys came to us asking for information centre. My sister always has been the flirt and actually she should be it comes so easy for her. So the cutest guy seemed already all into her but then he turned around and said to me : “Oh my God, you’re so cute”! And that was very nice.

  9. Ilze says:

    With this pick-up line that guy couldn’t possibly get my proper attention but it became a good story. So long story short: he walked to the car I was sitting in and told me :”You have so green eyes.. Their like.. Their like crocodiles”.

  10. amber says:

    mine wasn’t actually from a man but a woman, I couldn’t simply help but laugh!

    “I’ve never noticed before, but your boobs are hypnotising”

  11. Roberta says:

    Hey Matthew,
    I don’t think i have any weird or cool pick-up lines said to me, that I can remember… but the other day my brother was telling me about a pick-up line he did.
    He was at a cashier and thought she was cute I guess. He handed his phone to her and went to walk away but looked behind him and said, “I’ll call you.” The girl laughed but I don’t know if it worked. My brother still has his phone with him :)

  12. Jill says:

    Ya’ll are so gonna laugh at me but my favorite line was actually from a guy I was dating at the time he said it. Just so you know it’s from a movie called House Party.
    “Girl, you’re so soft, like my hush-puppies. You’re so warm and fluffy, like a butter-milk biscuit”
    I don’t know why but it cracked me up and I loved it.

  13. Lauren says:

    I was walking down the street and a guy in what looked similar to a top hat passed me on his bike going the same way. He turned around, smiled widely and gave his bell a little “Ring Ring!” To this day that is definitely my favorite “tip of the hat.”

  14. Marie says:

    Well no guy has ever asked me out. At this point in my life I don’t think it is about to happen either. I would never be brave enough to start talking to a total stranger. I wish everyone on here the best of luck though. It is tough out there.

  15. Katrina says:

    I can’t think of the good ones right now, but for some reason two REALLY ridiculous ones stand out, so I’ll share them for the humor (or shock value?):

    1. I had just parked my car in the parking lot of my apartment and there were four guys standing near by, chatting. One turns away from his friends, takes a few steps toward me and says “Do you like football?” (american football, that is, not proper). I was a little bewildered and said “um, yes, why?” and he said “you just look like you like football.” I just laughed and walked away. What on EARTH does that mean? I look like a line-backer (i’m 5’3 and 135lbs ??). SO WEIRD!

    2. A few weeks ago, walking through a college neighborhood at 2am on a Saturday morning (got a flat tire on the way home from a night out with friends), my friend and I walked past a few guys that were MUCH younger than us (she is 28 and i’m 32) and the guy tries to hand me a can of Pringles (potato chips). We just kept walking, so he starts yelling to me “BABY! BABY! Do you want some Pringles??” I almost stopped to talk to him just for the sheer amusement of it, but my friend was having none of it, so I said “You get points for creativity, buddy! Keep trying though!” Too mean?



  16. Milena says:

    The usual line with me is: “Ah, those eyes!”, because they are a really nice color. But the one that I enjoyed and remembered most was: “You are the most logical woman I’ve met.”

  17. Caressatran says:

    There is a guy wrote an ‘self-introduction’ essay to me via FB. I didn’t bother to reply. Two days later he just drop me this message

    ‘Tell me how to get a reply from you. I hit all the books in my local library yesterday and I still had no idea.

    P/S: I am from Germany’

    It made me brust into laughter… I think it was the cutest pick-up line I’ve ever heard.

  18. Charlotte says:

    ” I must be the lukiest man in the world. You’d be every mans dream ”

    Although he was saying this after saying he must be mad not wanting to date me anymore as he wasn’t ready after previous heart break!
    Still, those words will be with me forever. Made me feel really special :D

  19. gen says:

    i’ve newly befriended a guy, he called me and said if he was single he’d be interested in asking me out. he told my friend whilst talking about his grlfriend troubles that he wished he’d met me first. he has just split from his girlfriend (she was selfish and putting him down all the time) he hasn’t indicated any further interest so should i make the first move and how?

  20. Brittany says:

    Men usually make the direct approach to me — this almost always happens when I’m alone. From time to time I work at cafe’s and guys will come up and ask me what i’m working on ALL THE TIME. The key is going to the same cafe’s frequently enough that a guy can see you multiple times and get up the courage to talk to you.

    p.s. does anyone else watch the Bachelor? A friend just sent me a blog that has great commentary and dating lessons taken from the mistakes the girls makes on the episodes — love it!! http://theinvisiblecrown.com/

  21. Helen P says:

    I was laughing at a joke my friends told when a guy came up to me and said ‘you have the best smile of anyone in the room!’ I was labelled “smile girl” by his friends after that, every time I passed by they said “Hey, it’s smile girl!”. They were all really nice, and now I am in contact with all of them – not dating (at least, not right now) but I really enjoy their company!

  22. Zara Brown says:

    I’ve heard many lines over the years but here our a few of my fav’s

    “you’ll make the perfect wife”

    “Your the sort of girl that i’d be proud to take home to my mum”

    “I want to know your secret behind that smile”

    “I wish there was more women like you in the world”

    “You have such a beautiful personality, No wonder everyone fall’s in love with you, everyone wants to be your boyfriend or best friend.” (this is my fav)

    (worst) “can i take a photo of you so santa knows what i want for christmas”

  23. Adelina says:

    A really cute guy asked me when we were going to go out together.
    when i told him i didnt think my boyfriend would be ok with that he slaped his forhead and said ” Boyfiend?! Ugh, of course! …Well, if he makes one wrong move- even a tiny one ( puts his fingers together and squints for emphasis)
    I will be right here waiting for you- It was charming and I never forgot it

  24. Andrea says:

    Today a guy at work said to me “You must be married with a Dutch guy”. I was focused on work and was talking with his secretary, and I looked a bit puzzled and asked him “What makes you think that?”. He said “The color of your cardigan.” (It was orange colored.) I laughed and said “No, I am not married. That phase of my life is already over.” I grinned. Then he laughed and said “Now I know what i wanted to know. You are single.”
    I laughed, his secretary laughed. We had fun.

    He is not my type, and he works with my boss regularly, so this is not an option, but I still felt that this approach was cool and I appreciated that he had the courage. His secretary (who is single like me) and I then had several ideas of how we could use his approach and adapt it and apply it on guys.

    I have not had so much fun at the office in a long while.

  25. Tanya says:

    I went outside for fresh air at a dance party. One of the guys said to me “You look hot” (he meant sweaty, I was). His mates commented about his comment taking it the other way ( I looked good). He retracted his comment realizing he didn’t mean to say it that way, only to embarrass himself further trying to rectify what he meant. I waited for him to finish stumbling through correcting himself and just said ‘thank you’.

  26. Senaida says:

    I met a guy in the parking lot of a restaurant on my way out of a bar, I just handed him my number. We were together for a while, however, it didn’t work out, simply because we really couldn’t converse, there was never a real conversation. Well tomorrow I’m going to ask out a guy from work, thus far, we have only had idol chit-chat because he is new to our agency. Surprisingly enough we have so much in common in the little chatter that we have exchanged, I’m just so intrigued and would like to get to know him better.

  27. Sarah says:

    So I’d been talking to this guy I had a huge crush on and I told him he was cool. In return he strikes an ‘I’m a badass’ pose and says “oh yeah, I’m cooler than a freezer baby ;).” It was the worst line ever but I busted out laughing and we ended up dating.

  28. Yudelka Tavera says:

    I was out on a random weeknight in Downtown Fort Lauderdale for Ladies’ Night. I really wasn’t in the mood to be out but my girlfriend insisted. There I am standing around sipping a cocktail, not impressed, bored wanting to go home (which I’m sure was all over my face) when up walks a guy and says: “Why are you mad at me?” Then turns to my girlfriend and says: “Why is she mad at me?”
    We stare at each other confused, and next he says; “I think you have the tiniest feet I’ve ever seen.” It made me laugh so hard I gave him my number.

  29. Aylin says:

    I spent the New Year in Scotland and I was “eye-flirting” with a cute guy all evening (more for training purpuses than anything else). So after a while he walked up to me and said into my ear “You’rrrre and absolute sweetharrt, thats, what ye arr!” and then he walked on. We “eye-flrted” a little more (i.e. looking at each other, smiling a little – I was with a big group) – next time I went to the ladies, he was hanging around in the pub area that was close to the toilets and he took me around the waist and said in my ear “I dont know who ye arre, but you’rrr absolutely everything!” Which was very nice of him, but somehow I didnt know how to respond. So I just smiled and thanked him and wished him a happy new year. he left soon after that. I suppose I could have started a conversation by telling him who I am, but unfortunately I was a bit slow and he soon went away after that. It was not a line, but I thought it was a lovely compliment. If you have suggestions what I could have answered, I d be very happy to hear them…

    • Helen says:

      Aylin, only half way through the book, but you could have said… I like to get to know you more but out with friends at the moment, but heres my number, how about breakfast? or something to that description, who knows you could have had New Years Day breakfast with him, could have been a whole new beginning. Good luck x

  30. Michelle says:

    Back in the 80s I was out clubbing when an older guy came over and said that I’d won the prize for the best outfit of the evening (I was in spray on black shiny trousers and my Dad’s tuxedo jacket). The prize was a bottle of champagne with him.

    It turned out the guy was the actor Leigh Lawson. He kept phoning my home (pre-mobiles lol) to ask me to dinner and as I was just a teenager I kept turning him down.

    Of course, when he finally gave up on me, he went on to marry Twiggy – so if ever I have a wobble about whether I’m attractive I remind myself that Twiggy was Leigh’s second choice after me!!

  31. Louise says:

    So, I was out with a couple of friends, we were dancing and enjoyed life and after a while we needed some fresh air so we went out. I smiled as usual and laughed with my friends and one friend started to flirt with someone. And his friend couldn’t stop starring at me, I turned to him and he said “I really love your smile”. And that obviously made me smile even more!
    The next day we saw each other again and we have seen each other on clubs pretty often. And every time we meet, I cant stop smiling and he always compliments my smile. It’s lovely!
    Btw, This was a really great video!

  32. Louise says:

    “I love your smile” is probably the best line a guy have ever told me! I smile all of the time and that made me smile even more, loved it!!
    Btw, this was a really great video!

  33. Maddy says:

    “Hello. I’m completely lost.”
    At this point I tried to deduce where he lived and asked him all sorts of questions, all ending in him saying, “I don’t know.” After I exhausted all I could think, he turned to me with a wry smile and said, “I’m just going to sit here and watch you try to figure this out.” He ended up just hanging out with me and talking. We had a fling that only lasted a day, but it was great!

  34. Mercedes says:

    call me

  35. anika says:

    After a night of clubbing me and a friend were eating at mc donalds when this cute guy came and kneeled down in front of me, opened his mouth and told me I should feed him like a penguin baby… my first impression was this is so creepy and of course I did not do it but we started a conversation and later he bought me and my friend a mc flurry… I forgot to ask for his number though.

  36. Emi says:

    You know…one line that total stranger told me once got stuck to my head really strong.
    He was much older, but very hot…and he looked at me so intense, that I felt naked… he came to me and said “I want to have 5 children with you”. Well, it never happened, but I really liked the way he passed the message that he found me sexy ;)

  37. Regina says:

    – “You are so awesome when you send me those random messages where you write something cool and cute at the same time. Therefor I wanted to write one to you, with my last penny on my phonecard.”

    – “If you were a tv show, I would watch you all day.”

    – “It would never pay off for me to break up with you.. Because then I’d had to buy a big expensive picture to have on my wall just to take my mind away from you.”

  38. Jira says:

    My ex-boyfriend told me that I made him feels like he is the luckiest man in the world :)

  39. Siti says:

    The best line I ever received from a guy, he said he wants to marry me and he said it twice. The first time was during my elementary school, he didn’t actually said but he wrote it in his book, “I want to marry that girl next to me” with small arrows pointing towards me and my names on it. when he realize I saw it, he just smiles and said “I mean it”. the second time was during my last day of high school, he approach me and said, “I still am want to marry you!” i don’t know how to response so I just said, “I know” He smiles and walked away with his friends.

    I’m not sure whether he meant what he said or he’s simply teasing me… since he never actually gave me the signs he’s serious, other than his sister keeps on telling me, her brother gonna marry me. I think it was so sweet and i love every moment of it.
    And also, this a great blog and i love the video. Your videos are very helpful. It helps me open up more.

  40. Denise says:

    We met in a night club. He asked me to dance. He ended up inviting me back to the table to hang out with him and his friends. At the end of the evening he offered to walk me to my car.
    While standing at my car, He said, So… You’re going to take me home with you, right? I laughed and said ” yeah….right! Then thanked him for a lovely evening and for walking me to my car. He then started to walk away, turned to me he said,
    “You know…. You’re going to fall in love with me.”

    And I did! We were together for 15 years.

    The man I am intersted in now, said it me.
    Hello beautiful lil one…
    After seeing you, I felt compelled to say hello. I find you extremely lovely and would be very interested in getting to know you further.

  41. lore says:

    Lines just turn me off. I think they are cheesy.

    I appreciate more a guy who comes and talks to me and starts out with
    a joke or saying something funny about something in that moment.
    That’s more real to me then saying some stupid Line that doesn’t make any sense.

  42. agnes says:

    I hope one day you can see how beautiful you are the way I see you through my eyes.

  43. Rachel says:

    Well, let’s see if I can meet a guy while shovelling snow outside my house today! :-)

  44. Emily E says:

    heard a lot of them, but recalling it actually makes me sad, because they never lasted and always brought some kind of heartbreak. The one I love is “You’re really beautiful”, “My sunshine”. “Your love is like a water to a thirsty man”, “I love you more”, “I will never let you go”, “I love you more than anything”.

  45. Anette says:

    This is a bit of digression, but I’m very surprised by all the pick-up lines that these women recieve so often by strange men. I live in Norway and that is not a part of our culture at all. Men seldomly even ask women out on a date id he doesnt’t know her a little bit beforehand. And the ones who give compliments to you on the street are mostly creepy turks( no offense to the turks here). A good looking, normal man would never talk to you for no reason(sober) in norway. We barely greet our own neighbours in this country and we do not conversate with the person sitting next to you on a bus, plane etc. You would be percieved as a “weirdo” if you do. So I decided to try to meet someone from southern europe, and I did. Yes, They’ve got all the wining, dining, compliments, passion thing going on, but SOME of them got a terrible womens view (directly translated from norwegian). He wanted to control me and critisized me after he was done with complimenting me. So I broke it off and thought, yes we are a cold country but the men/woman equality is so strong here that it makes up for it. Like I said, this was a little digression, but I was just so surprised by all the pick up Lines here.

  46. Tonie says:

    • “Do you know that you are very different from the rest of the women here? For them, they look like they are something but they are nothing. You look like you are nothing but you are something.”
    • “I’m 44 years old and I have seen many women in my life and let me tell you that you are really special.”
    • “You looked quiet and reserved and now that I am having a conversation with you I’m quite surprised because I find you’re very interesting.”
    • “Do you know that you have a body of a model?”

  47. Gassia says:

    Hey Matt!

    I don’t really remember any of the lines that guys have told me, but once i used a line on a guy that worked like charm! I was in a bar with some friends and I saw this really cute guy. I went up to him and I said “nothing good comes out of you.” He answered “like what?” I said “like a kiss” and he kissed me :)

  48. Yuetching says:

    Could you touch on how or what are the positive reasons for approaching a guy first?, be it discreetly or directly.Because it seems that I have just become more scared in approaching a guy say that I might see on the street. x

  49. Ariane says:

    Amongst all of the morning cafe caos, my usual barrister slowed down and very purposefully gave me my takeaway coffee. He really looked into my eyes when I thanked him.

    As I walked out the door and about to take my first sip, I was completely gobsmacked to see his number written on the lid!

    At this time in my life, I had no idea that I was even noticeable.

  50. Katherine says:

    It was many years ago the best line a guy said to me? “Your face should be minted on a coin!” This was someone that i had just been introduced to by a guy i had gone out with that night for the second time (and new i wasn’t feeling him). The new guy was really nice and a total gentleman and proceeded to become my boyfriend over that spring and summer.

  51. Shreya says:

    Well I must say your guy can be unpredictable. There is this guy am in a relationship with but he wasn’t certain that about our relationship, that we have a future or not. (Being an Indian girl I have this problem of family approval.) He always said that if his family wont approve me he may end up with same other girl. But last week he surprisingly committed to me saying the Christian vows of marriage. That was really touching and finally we are together and will try as hard as possible to convince our families.

  52. Jenna says:

    I was chatting to a cute and interesting friend of a friend at a pub when went off topic in conversation and asked me: ‘Want to see my tattoo?’ Then he unbuttoned the top part of his shirt to show me the tattoo on his chest (which indeed was very interesting) and then buttoned it back again before anyone else noticed.

    Sometimes I think some of the best pick-up lines men can make are ones that make you laugh(not for bad reasons though) and signal that you two may have something in common. The man DOESN’T have to say anything particulary about you either, he only has to give you something to spark interest in him. Think about what sets you apart as a man and put it on display right away.

  53. ED says:

    At Trader Joe’s this guy asked me, why I was buying only seaweed for my groceries. I said that they were that good. Then he asked me if I would like to share some of his cherries. He opened the bag and gave me some.

  54. Dani says:

    the funniest is probably a pick up line. this random guy comes up to me and says “I may be tall and lanky but at least i’m not short and stanky so do you wanna come to a party with me where we can do the hanky panky” i just looked at him and walked away

  55. Alicia says:

    a guy who was flirting with me over text and i fell asleep on him and took a nap. i woke up to a text that read “are you still sleeping?” and i replied “yes” then he said “maybe i should come and wake you up” i asked how he planned to do that mainly b/c he lives on the other side of town and his reply was “with a kiss of course sleeping beauty “

  56. Greer says:

    Older guys so do use lines to older women. Said to me, just in the last few months:
    At a Tube station: You have the best smile of anyone I have ever seen.
    On the train: You look hungry. I have some chicken. I’d love to see your mouth happy.
    At a museum: I am working up the courage to ask for your phone number
    At a pub: if I asked you out for coffee, would you say yes?
    It’s not about age. It’s about attitude. I am twice divorced, 58 years old and no sweet young thing. But i love myself very much and I am looking out for something perfect. Until then, I date pretty joyously. And I suffer badly from depression and am really upfront about people needing to accept that and deal with it. The key is, for me, being myself and thinking I am worth effort. And having a lot of fun, especially when I am by myself!

  57. Alana says:

    Hey, Matt!!

    So I’m sitting in art class on the first day and a guy walks in, choosing the empty stool next to me. After a moment, he asked: “I’m in the right class, right? Art 20, drawing?”
    Me: “As far as I know, this is it.”
    He smiled and said: “I’d hope so. It’d be nice to see you again.”

    I mentioned this last time, but I’ll mention it again. The time a guy in my friend’s band stopped me as I was leaving to ask if he knew me from somewhere. Same line our mutual friend used on my friend “Jess” whom I met him through. Just a tad déjà vu.

    The one I got a kick out of?: “I never get the ‘good girl’. I’m just not good enough. Probably because I’m not good with kids. Me and you, though? That would be one damn good looking kid.” No joke haha

  58. shen says:

    we were walking on a night out in town with heaps of friends, he muttered my name and added -star to the end, and said he’s been secretly calling me that for the last few months. we didn’t work out as he was leaving for good in one month…

  59. Marita says:

    A friend and I were at a gig.
    She saw this cute young man.
    As we move closer to him……
    She said with a beautiful smile.
    ” Hi !!! could you please make me a cougar ? ”
    we laugh, he introduced himself his friend came over and the four of as had a wonderful time talking. Nothing more eventuated. Point is, we are in our late forties and still can meet new people and have fun. Age; is a number…and for the records, we are not cougars.

  60. Chelsea says:

    “Wow, your one of those secretly sexy people. I had no idea” from a male aquaintance. In context, we would only run into each other at ‘jeans and tshirt’ casual days. This line came from meeting at a party. It didnt go further but made me more aware of how I was being percieved in that social circle.

  61. Francesca Marrone says:

    First off, I need to tell you I love your website and videos. You’re like a young dreamy Hugh Grant! God bless you and I wish you continued success!

    What’s remarkable is that the nicest compliment I’ve received was actually written to me in a poem- from a girl! (And I’m straight, but none the less I was so flattered) Years ago, during my acting days, I was wondering the streets of NY, lost. I asked this girl for directions to a small theatre in the East Villiage. Later on that same girl showed up at the theatre and handed me the poem in a sealed envelope. I was a bit taken aback and asked, “what’s this?” “It’s for you, I just wanted you to have this.” I took the envelope and she rushed off before I could open it. Here’s part of what she wrote: “bright eyes with skin so fair, shoulders held high with brown sugar hair..”
    She simply signed it “Christina.” Talk about romantic. This sweet girl just wanted to pay me this compliment and wanted nothing in return. Had she left a number, I certainly would have called and thanked her.
    Anyway, sadly, I have yet to meet a straight man who is romantic at all! Perhaps this girl Christina just set the bar too high!

    Anyhooooo- that’s my best compliment to date!

  62. Marita says:

    A friend and I where at a gig.
    She saw this cute young man.
    As we move closer to him……
    She said with a beautiful smile.
    ” Hi !!! could you please make me a cougar ? ”
    we laugh, he introduced himself his friend came over and the four of as had a wonderful time talking. Nothing more eventuated. Point is, we are in our late forties and still can meet new people and have fun. Age; is a number…and for the records, we are not cougars.

  63. SAK says:

    A guy I was dancing salsa with told me I danced ‘like a goddess’….in Spanish……’bailas como una diossa’. He wasn’t at all my type but I thought it was a lovely compliment.
    The last guy I went out with complimented me with all the usual compliments, but the most significant thing he said to me, on text, before we went on our first date was that when he first saw me he knew I was special before we spoke, that there was something familiar and comforting about me and he had to speak to me no matter what. I thought that was really something.

  64. gio says:

    “She’s prettier but you’ve got a lovely/better personality”. I can’t tell if this is the best line a guy has ever said to me or the worse one. I mean, I love when someone, especially a guy, appreciates me but in that case he was kind of rude. A woman loves to hear “You are beautiful”, it never gets old (unless repeated every single day!).
    Thank you Matthew for your advices! It’s such a pleasure to listen to you.

  65. Nadine says:

    ok, the hole ladies bathroom story:
    I made my mind up to date a english guy with a cute aczent like you Matthew and I thought a treeclimber would be nice, too. So I figured out that there will be the european treeclimbing championship close to my city soon and there I went. During daytime I was cruising around and chatting up random guys let me explain the rules and so on. At night there was the party going on and as I was meeting a lot of guys, all of them were German and no single English.
    Then I went to the ladies bathroom and this guy was standing in there as I entered. I yelled at him to go to the mens bathroom in German and he turned around and replied in English. Very cute he was and I kept talking to him, asking him where hes from etc. I said, that he should really keep on talking to me, because he has this lovely accent. what he did. So we chattet along, even outside the bathroom. well, later on I just droped the line out of the blue, that my lips are very sweet…and he took that as an offer….*smile*
    We dated for a while and now we are still friends.

  66. Manon says:

    Hey Matt,
    I think, mine would be the one I got earlier today at the gym :)
    He : “Easy little tiger. smile* Let us both catch our breath, …”
    Me : “Sure! But didn’t you just arrive…? big smile*”
    he : laughs* :)(I can’t really remember the rest of it)
    I, for my part, enjoy pick up lines the most when they are related to a context, makes it so much more personal.

    • Manon says:

      Hupla! It sounds horrible like this. I forgot to clarify that “Let us both catch our breaths” meant in that particular situation another way of saying “you took my breath away – while you are out of breath because you’ve been exercising” and my message was a ” yes I am interested in talking to you, as I’ve noticed you even before you came to talk to me”. Sorry if this isn’t sounding very romantic to you, but I love it, merely because it’s simple, within context (great for both to start a conversation), ‘not in your face’ and a hint of romanticism with twist of modernism.

      Of course, it makes me smile, whenever a man says things like (the one which has been mostly sited on here, so it seems) “you are beautiful”, this said, coming from a stranger compared to a man you know and most importantly knows you, there is sometimes a thought crossing the back of my head sarcastically saying ” Define “beautiful”… ” That mostly happens when a stranger says it with intentions, whereas, coming from one that just wants to let you know what he feels or sees when looking at you, that’s cute :)

  67. JJ. aka Janise says:

    Sorry Matthew your comment on its ok for the woman to make a move on a guy I disagree with…. No guy wants to be chased and if he is, he will run away or end up using you because you have made yourself so convenient to him to do so by your advances towards him….

    The question is how many of these women who act like men and ask the guy out, chase or make the first move, actually marry the guy?… That is ultimate goal of most women isn’t it?….Any women can ask a few guys out and date them but it usually doesn’t end in marriage! The guy will go along with her pursuit until he gets laid but usually never marries her.

    A woman will never know how much a guy likes her unless she lets him chase her! Men fall in love during the chase! In the begining is what sets the tone of the relationship. I don’t know of any woman that would want to pursue over being pursued when asked, ” would you prefer for him to ask you out and pursue you or would you rather pursue him?” most women ask guys out because of impatience. They can’t wait for him to do it in his own time & in his own way and thats if he even wants to ask them out at all…

    A woman can never know how much a man wants her if she does the chasing. If a guy doesn’t chase you then as they say ” He’s Just Not That Into You!” Do you really want to date someone that didn’t have enough interest or attraction to you to want to walk over, meet you, talk and ask you out?!!!.. Do you want to have to convince someone you are a great catch or do you want the guy to just see and appreciate who you are on his own?….. Do you want to start a relationship with such low expectation, interest and attraction or do you want so much fireworks, lightning bolts and his passion for you that he will make a fool of himself or risk rejection in order to meet the woman that makes his heart jump!

    So I say ladies be ladies and attract and draw men in with your flirting eyes, friendly smile, open body language and you can even position yourself physically in a room or place to make it easier for him to come meet you and even if he is shy he will make a move. If not then he is not the one. NEXT! Remember whoever talks first in the first meeting is the man!…

    • Eva says:

      Sorry to say but I think that this is a comment fed by movies like “he’s just not that into you”. It’s not a black and whit world, and certainly not a fifty shades of grey world we’re living in.

      I would think a guy that liked the fact that I was the first one to make a move is a guy for me because he isn’t jaded about the fact he should be the first one to make a move. Who knows what he’s thinking? You can’t know untill you try. It’s just as much fun when it’s the other way around but it’s not a given that you can’t make the first move.

      And apart from that, making eye contact ís a first move, in my opionion :) The situations Matthew’s describing are not your typical café or bar but in various situations women take an initiative. Because they are not thát aware of the fact that there might be something going on it is easier to communicate. When you meet people, and especially when you meet men, not to date them but first to get to know them things will move more gradually.

      So then when you think back upon the first time you meet him and it’s : wow..did I really say that? Did I really start that conversation? Yes you did, because you weren’t busy hooking someone in but just having fun in life and that’s when someone sees the true you. Just my two cents ;)

      • JJ aka Janise says:

        Eva you have every right to think this way but it sounds like you are very young or inexperience with dating… One day you will completely get what I am saying here. Dating should be taken back to the basic law of nature which is “The Sperm Chases the Egg”.

        Good luck with your pursuit of men!

        • Helen P says:

          My mother was the one to make a move to date my Dad, and I know heaps of people whose parents say the same :) but I don’t like to be the one to start a date, I flirt though!!

    • sandra says:

      I would have to disagree about always letting the guy be the aggressor. I met my husband by letting his co worker know that I was interested. I was with him for 25 years of which I was married for 21 years. Sadly we are no longer together, but we got together back in the days where it was just not proper for women to take the initiative.

      • JJ aka Janise says:

        Sandra, you did not make the first move. You let someone know you were interested in being pursued but from what you wrote you did not ask him out. There is nothing masculine about telling a third party you are interested in a mutual friend. If your husband made the first move to date you then you were being chased.

        I have never called a guy, offered a number until asked, spoken first to a guy I was interested in and I have been able to date every guy including high profile A list actors that caught my eye and they all pursued me from beginning to end. I am attractive but not a super model. I have had 6 proposals but only accepted 1 until I was ready to settle down. I like being a feminine energy woman and I do not like pursuing men at all. Even when I am steady dating a guy I never call or text him first. I will text back and usually I don’t call back in time before they call me again. I put myself first and men seem to love that. Men like a woman that is in high demand and if you give him your number without him asking or if you ask him out, it tells him you are not in high demand and you devalue yourself. A woman has all the power and control when she allows a man to pursue her. It is the woman who then gets to say YES or NO not him….
        Trust me gals its always best for you to be cherished and pursued by the guy instead of doing the chasing yourself..

  68. Jessica says:

    Hey y’all !
    i missed the shareyourrejectionstory part and i just remember one, so here it is.
    I met this guy just walking on street going back home from a club with a friend at about 5 am. he was with his friends walking too, we just STARED until we couldn’t see each other anymore, he came back and we talked for a couple of minutes, gave him my number, and left. we texted, chatted on fb, almost everyday, met a couple of times. and he told me that i was FUNNY, INTELLIGENT, PRETTY, SOMEONE HE COULD HAVE A LAUGH WITH, BLAH BLAH BLAH i was perfect. and i know i scared him by saying this, but when the situation got a little sexual, i stopped him, and the next day i told him that it was because i really liked him and didnt want it to be just a fling. we texted for a couple weeks more, and eventually we lost contact. I scared him away, he didn’t want a serious relationship, i can tell that. i was just mad cause he had no need to tell me that i was perfect and that we really got along when he was pretending to have a fling.
    And that’s my story :)

    • Katja says:

      Yea, what’s up with the “you’re perfect for 2 months, let’s have sex, and if nothing happens there we’ll just let this thing go on for a few weeks and then let it fade”? I men, why not be honest about it from the start? Like, if a guy only wants sex he could tell and the woman could say yes or no, and if he wants a relationship he should just bring up the patience to let her say no once before it happens. Right? I don’t get why men are such cowards that they can’t say what they want!

      • Jessica says:

        yeah, in my head it’s not so hard ! they just should go straight to the point and don’t loose their time or ours.

        • Thirza says:

          Hi Matthew right now i’m sitting in a diffucult situation.
          My internship Goes good but i’m tired of the childish boys Who are there -___-
          They not even think with there brains but only with there underside.
          My parents are right now in relationtherapy and my father acting like he dont know anything. I’m angst Scared what’s gonna happen.
          My Mother was Crying what my father did all i can say he just sit on websites “The not normal websites” you know what i mean.
          My question is can i talk to anybody About it on my internship??
          Or must i solve my problem on my own and talk About it with nobody. Execept my family sister and Mother and grandma??
          I have nobody to talk with execept you Matthew i reall Would like to have you as my friend in Reality ;)

          Please response otherwise everything runns out off control not to push you or something but really.

          Thanks Greetz Thirza ;)

  69. Lee says:

    Have you written your letter to Santa Claus, only I did, and I asked for you!

    This one went a bit wrong “quand je bois plus, tu deviens plus jolie!” Roughly translated, “as I drink more, you become more beautiful!” I’ll forgive you for laughing, I did, what else could I do?!

  70. Mary says:

    Hi Matthew,
    I haven` t met any interesting men yet but thanks to you, everything has changed. I was really shy and insecure, now I can talk to anyone at a party, in the lift, everywhere. I`m actually the one making the first move. Thanks for that, you are a great guy!

  71. Viola says:

    I am bored to be told “beautiful” “cute” “gorgeous” and cannot trust these words either. but , when I was told ” You are strong and talented” it made me feel good. Problem is guys telling me this doesn’t often mean he wants to be my boyfriend. Yes, I am still single.

  72. Alice says:

    just a very cute “tom and jerry” character sigh of regret that we failed to say anything to each other and probably won’t have another chance to do so..

  73. Ste says:

    I got a few that I don’t remember but one I do was after my dance class, a guy I met on the street told me: If I’d have money, I’d marry you.

    I was spechless at first, but then laughed and it made my day.

  74. Cora says:

    It was something I won’t forget… Ever, He told me to the ear : Maybe you don’t want to be my girlfriend now, but I just want you to know, that you are what I was looking for , you are such as my resuscitator breath and then he just kissed me…

  75. Natasa says:

    As cheesy as it sounds, the best pick up line I got was a simple “Hi, I think you’re beautiful”

  76. Kristal says:

    I hate when guys give me lines because it feels so fake but sometimes it feels so genuine.

    I love your laugh… If I could listen to that for the rest of my life I’d die a happy man.

    You’re eyes are so beautiful… I’d love to wake up each morning and see those eyes staring back at me. I’d know I’ll be in heaven.

  77. A says:

    This is an excellent revelation. It really is a “free yourself, think outside the box” way of thinking that has long been discouraged in women for VERY long time. Your nice accent also makes it easier to digest this information! ;-)

  78. Federica says:

    Well, it’s not exactly a pick-up line because he didn’t initiate a conversation afterwards. A guy just walked to me in a club, said to my ear “You’re really beautiful” and walked away. I didn’t even have the chance to see his face.
    Not a pick-up line but something lovely: “I really like your smile. Your eyes close. It’s sweet.”
    Definitely better than some others elaborate smile-related comments, they usually don’t sound spontaneous.

  79. veronika says:

    You’ve got an amazing smile.

  80. Tanisha says:

    He said “I love it when you allow me to see your true self. It’s rather intoxicating”.
    I’ve always had a hard time relaxing around men and my involvement with this guy really helped me see myself in a different way.

    • Matthew Hussey says:

      Hi Tanisha,

      Lines can do a lot more than flatter. I’m so glad that you took this one to heart. Thanks for commenting x

  81. EliG says:

    ‘Have I told you already how lovely you are? You are really lovely!’ – And yes he told me that before, but hearing it again was just incredibly sweet!

    Other lines I liked, but they were in a more funny context
    ‘why you’re telling me that? You know I’d have had ten kids with you!!’, this one just entering at the US border while the agent was checking my student VISA ‘nice lady, you won’t leave this country without an husband!’

    • Matthew Hussey says:

      Hi Elisa,

      I love that the border agent was flirting with you. Welcome to America indeed! Thanks for commenting. x

  82. Pacha says:

    “You are a natural beauty” – with appreciative admiration from the two guys having a conversation about women…

    Made me feel good because I do get pressured sometimes to wear make-up more from fellow female friends. Most of the time, I wear just minimal and I am happy with it.

    Anyway, the comment made my day although my first thought that came to my mind was “ Do they really mean that?”

  83. Barbara says:

    I guess the line he texted me would be the one I liked the most: “I’m sorry, if I had known the dance lessons were till a quarter past four I would have stayed. :(” He left earlier from them and when he found out they were finished 15 minutes after he left for his bus he wrote this to me.
    Now, two months later he asked me if he could leave earlier, but in the end he didn’t do it, eventhough he then missed the bus. I was actually very happy, because he stayed with me till the end and seemed to enjoy it. He then had to wait an hour for the next bus!
    Guys at my age usually don’t really use lines, that’s why I just wrote the thing I liked him saying. He also said many other adorable things, but I guess this was the line that made me to start to fall in love with him and it was also the first thing he ever texted me. ;)

  84. Julia says:

    “Your future husband will be the luckiest man on earth” :)

  85. Trace says:

    “You are the most beautiful woman under God’s own sun.”
    movie-worthy and makes me melt to this day !

  86. Lola says:

    “I’ve been through this whole exhibition and you’re definitely the highlight”. This was said to me whilst working at an art gallery.

  87. Tina says:

    I do really get much pick-up lines. It’s funny, most of the communication men seem to give is non-verbal. First it will start with stares, or searching for a response back – and if they’re feeling persistent then they try to set up situations where they’ll see me frequently, and try to get to know me that way- or try to find out more about me indirectly. I’m frustrated by this though because I’m a shy person toward the men I’m attracted to. I was told recently by a guy that I intimidate men because of my appearance. I guess after a long marriage & needing to get back out there – I’ll need a few lines myself!

  88. Holly says:

    Love it. I guess we have to be bold and brave when see someone we like.

  89. Diane says:

    Not really a pick-up line.. But more like a conversation starter. It avoided awkward moments and it made me feel like I really don’t have to put so much effort, I just have to have fun and be me.. Like he was. (It was actually really hot, it was 45 degrees celsius and we were in a bus where the air-conditioner wasn’t working. Everyone was absolutely drenched from sweat!)

  90. Yulia says:

    I don’t get approached too often but that one caught me completely off-guard. I was riding up the escalator and the guy was going the opposite way. I guess I just looked at him for a brief moment without thinking about it (he wasn’t my type of guy, very nerdy and all). The moment I got off the escalator someone brushed me on the back and there he was, stopping me. And he said something along the lines of ‘Your eyes are so beautiful I forgot where I was going when I saw them’. :) That was so sweet! I gave him my number but he never clled/texted anyway. Not that I wanted him to but this whole experience made my day :)

  91. Kandice says:

    A cute guy came up to me at the pool one summer afternoon while I was with my girlfriends and said, “Excuse me, my buddies and I are having a disagreement about something & I’d like to know what you think… How much does a polar bear weigh?” My response, “Um, I’m not too sure.” He then says, “Enough to break the ice. Hi, I’m __________, can I call you sometime?” I then giggled with my girlfriends, and gave him my number. Although that line was super cheesy, I thought it showed his confidence to approach me in front of my friends, AND I hadn’t heard that before, so thought him creative. It never turned into anything, but we did go out a few times.

  92. katie says:

    So, this is not one of the best pick up lines, but it’s the one I get the most. I always get guys saying you look familiar, were do I know you from. Most of the time I do not think I have ever seen the guy before, so I never know what to say. Does anyone have any good lines I could say after I get asked this?

    • S. hadi says:

      Say to him: yes we met last week in (name some place everyone can go to .. like bus stop.. train..)and you asked me to meet you today, here at(look at the clock and say the time.. like 10h46mnt and 20second..)and smil :)..say it playfully..
      He knows that he never met you before and he knows that he never asked you to meet him, but it will give you a chance to have a communication with him and may be more.. :)

  93. Chantel says:

    When I first started talking to my boyfriend ( he is my brother’s best friend) and I remember this incident vividly because it pretty much sealed the deal for me. Here’s the dialogue :
    Me: So, what are you thinking of? ( he was staring off into space)
    D: Nothing.
    Me You dont think much do you?
    He looks at me
    D; Why would I need to think if everything I think about is right in front of me?

    I was a goner after that. Thanks so much for your help Matthew!

  94. Julie says:

    Never really heard a good line myself. It seems this is geared toward younger women. After the end of a 20 year marriage, there doesn’t seem to be opportunities for me. I have tried initiating conversation but it never goes anywhere. I’m either un-date able or I always pick the wrong guy. I’m not trying for the pitiful award here. I just don’t see this working for me. Do older guys even use “lines”?

    • Lorna says:

      Hi Julie

      I am in the same position as you Julie, you are not alone if it’s any consolation.

      Matthew – any pointers for “older women” out of long marriages/relationships with this theme?


      • Laura says:

        I am turning 50 in 2 months and I said in a saddish flirty way to a guy I just met “can you believe I am turing 50?” He of course did the sweet thing and said that I didn’t look a day over 30–he was being very sweet and I SHOWERED him with appreciation. He ended up talking to me, buying me drinks, and giving me his number. Oh, and he is 41. When Mathew tells you to be interesting, confident, and playful, he is 1005 correct. Attitude is everything and it knows no age limit. I am fairly average in looks and intellegence, but my mantra has been since my husband left after 16 years that I am out of prison and I am going to have fun–I make EVERYTHING fun. Even turning 50.lol

  95. Helle says:

    “what would you do if the next time we meet I felt like kissing you?”
    From a text before a 2. date.
    Or ” your an intelligent lady I like it.”

  96. Natalie says:

    ‘Your eyes are beautiful – no they really are.’

    That line just made me melt inside.

  97. Stella says:

    Love your videos!

  98. Isabel says:

    “It’s like you’re smiling with your whole body.”

  99. Louise says:

    “I love the way your mind works”

  100. Fadia says:

    “I met you briefly but your great lovely impact will stay for lifetime”.

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