Why It’s WORTH IT to Do Hard S#!T

There’s a myth about confidence that it’s something you can just magically think yourself into

But there are also ways to boost your confidence and get started right now, without any therapy, books, or spiritual mantras.

Use this strategy, and you’ll begin to feel like you can move mountains…

You Don’t Have to Do the Hard Things Alone.
Let’s Transform Your Confidence Together.
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There isn’t one key to being confident.

There are several, but one of the keys to being confident is to do difficult things in your day.

To do challenging things, because every time we do a difficult thing that’s a proactive measure we can take, that is completely within our control.

It’s not something we have to think our way into.

It’s just the act of doing something difficult. Sends a message to our brain that we can do something that’s hard.

That we don’t have to listen to that resistance that says, don’t do this.

We don’t have to give in to that message our brain is telling us, that this is going to be too painful, we should back away from this, because every time we back away…

That sends a message to our brain too.

That when things are difficult we’re not big enough.

We’re not bigger than the discomfort that we’re facing.

In the phases of my life where I’m really on my game, I go to the gym, but doing that one difficult thing…

Going to the gym, and experiencing that pain, that discomfort…

At the end of that hour two things are true.

One. I’m proud of myself, and being proud of ourselves is massive for confidence, because now I’m not looking for external validation that I’m okay today.

That I did a good job, or that I look great, or someone thinks I’m handsome, or any of that. I’m not looking for that validation.

If I do something difficult in my day I feel proud of me.

I don’t need it from the outside in that moment, or it might be more accurate to say, I need it a lot less from the outside, and the more of those things that I do that I’m proud of the less and less I need that validation from anyone else, but it’s almost like dominos to me.

It’s like you knock down the first domino.

The first difficult thing, and even if that’s not as big as some of the more difficult things in your life you have to tackle.

That first domino knocks down the next one, and that knocks down another one, and each one makes you more proud of yourself, and feel more empowered, and more able to go and do the next thing, and that’s where momentum comes from.

Momentum isn’t something that you wake up, and you have in your day.

Momentum is something that you gain by knocking down that first domino.

When we wake up…

It’s not about suddenly having momentum or courage.

Do the thing you’re scared of first, then you get the courage, then you get the confidence, then you get the momentum.

Confidence, courage, momentum is a reward for doing shit.

Twice a year I run a live retreat, and on that retreat I spend six days getting people to do the difficult, uncomfortable things that they’ve been neglecting in their lives, because just doing those things…

Having an intensive six days of doing difficult things kick starts everything in their life, but it’s not just because of the difficult things they do on the retreat, it’s because the retreat itself is a process that they take home with them that gets them to stick to the promises they’ve made to themselves, ’cause that’s the ultimate goal.

It’s not to do one day of difficult things.

The ultimate goal is, how do I get myself everyday to be wired to do the things that I need to do for my life that are gonna take me forward?

One of my favorite phrases is, if you want an easy life, do hard things today.

If you want a hard life, do easy things today.

And what the retreat does is it shows people how to do the hard things today that create an easy life tomorrow.

If you know that your life isn’t where you want it to be right now, and that you need to start developing your relationship with discomfort, with difficult things, and taking a new path in your life that’s gonna get you there.

Come join me on the live retreat, and if you can’t do the live retreat, and for whatever logistical reason you have to be at home.

I have an at home study version where you can go through the entire process from home too.

All you need to do to apply for the retreat is go to, MatthewHusseyRetreat.com.

Check it out, and see what it can do for your life.

Let’s start doing difficult things together.

That’s why you’re here.

That’s why you watch these videos.

It can’t be to just get your fix once a week, and have five minutes of inspiration.

… Then we’re failing if we’re doing that.

It has to be more than that.

This has to be a journey we’re proactively going on together.

Not one where we just sit around, and talk, or muse on ideas.

Let’s start doing difficult things together.

Go to, MatthewHusseyRetreat.com begin the process, and I will see you there.

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