Why You Can Overcome Anything

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Jameson: “Well, what do you want me to do with that?”

Matthew: “I don’t know. Let’s see what it looks like. Because I wasn’t even looking directly at the camera, but it could be a fun thing where we say, ‘We weren’t supposed to be shooting this tonight, but Matthew started ranting.’”

Matthew: “When we’re talking about the meaning we give to things, right, I was thinking about nature, nurture… and how the bamboos on this side of the garden grow much higher than the bamboos on this side of the garden. And how there couldn’t be more evidence of the fact that the right conditions produce healthier trees, healthier plants, healthier people.

“But the tree analogy doesn’t hold up as a perfect analogy for people. Because on the one hand, if people have the right conditions, they’re likely to be stronger, more confident, more secure, more loved, more everything, and therefore lead better lives.

“But the difference between trees and people is that people create meaning. Trees don’t. Trees need light. Human beings can create light. It’s in the ability to create light that we have this ability over and above what plants and trees do, that are solely dependent on the right conditions.

“We as human beings aren’t solely dependent on the right conditions. It’s that story of the two brothers that grow up with the same alcoholic father who treats his whole family like crap. Then these two brothers grow up and one goes on to treat his family like crap and become an alcoholic and the other one treats his family incredibly well, like kings and queens, and never touches a drop of alcohol.

“Both men later in life are asked the question, ‘Why are you the way you are?’

“Both men say exactly the same thing. ‘Well, with a father like mine, how could I have been anything else?’

“What we’re describing there is not simply two trees having grown up in the same conditions, that grew up to the same height, but two trees that grew up to very different heights under the same conditions. Why? Because human beings don’t just need light. Unlike trees, they have the ability to create their own light.

“That’s what meaning does.

“When we can create meaning behind something, we decide whether it’s going to give us light or darkness. That’s what makes human beings truly incredible, Jameson. Is that we can create meaning. That is why conditions are not the only things that determine a human being’s success.

“It’s even why the worst conditions can produce the greatest success. Because the greatest darkness can give way to people giving the most intense, profound meanings to that darkness. In other words, the greatest darkness can give way to the greatest light. That’s how we’re different from trees.”

Jameson: “Did you know bamboo is a grass…?”

Matthew: “We’re going to have to do it again…”

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25 Replies to “Why You Can Overcome Anything”

  • Matthew your videos lately have given me hope in my darkest times in all my life I have become out of light the most horrible person in the world and have created darker and darker times for myself I really need help to change that around and be the light I once was please can u tell me how

  • Am failing to understand everything Matthew all guys just leave me for another woman I really don’t know what’s wrong with me

  • True , we either stand strong grow tall or wither and die ..under lifes circumstances. .. I look back and can’t believe what I have stood so strong through , death , bullying, stalking, physical injuries, I stood strong . Yet I seen to have withered when it comes to love finding my true partner(male) , finding a career not so lucky there either .. but I’m changing all of that now .. wish me luck if I can stand strong through everything else this should not stop me .

  • How is it you always have the perfect videos for whatever we are going through? Thank you for your kind words. The light you have created is blinding and has changed peoples lives.

  • Matthew,
    I’m ready to invest in myself & educate myself on how to date/attract a quality man I desire.

    What do you suggest? Your audiobook?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Lisa! Sara here with Team Matthew Hussey! :) I’m so excited you’re ready to invest in yourself on how to date and attract a quality man that you deserve and desire! I highly recommend checking out our “What Men Want” or “How to Talk to Men” programs, along with taking advantage of a free trial period with our “Fast Track to Mr. Right” membership program (this trial period is available for both of these programs at checkout). Any, or a combination of these programs, will help you get started so you can start learning and applying Matt’s advice fast. Let me know if you have any questions and please keep me updated with your results at support@matthewhussey.com!

  • Exceptionally beautiful…and as always, I really appreciate the humor. I follow your videos not necessarily for the dating counsel (though that is really interesting and uplifting), but because your messages are elevating & empowering no matter what/where you apply them to. So heartfelt thanks, and some day I would actually hope to join a retreat.

  • Oooh, it really made my day, thank you Matt!:D
    Never mind your little mistake, the message was so great that I also totally forgot that bamboo is a grass….:D
    It was sweet anyway. :)

  • Great concept Matthew, but you’re being such a man about this. You put “Man” at the top of the chain and say that we humans along have the power to create light. If you’d just looked at plants a bit longer (as Jamieson clearly has) you’ll have seen they send out shoots all over the place if they find they’ve grown in a crappy place, or it becomes crappy becouse maybe someone leaves a coke can on it, or a plastic bag or cuts down the tree that was giving it shade. This is where we lose you Matty, because you are only a man, and can therefore only focus. We women can then look up from the fruits of your focaus and see the bigger picture of how we fit into Nature, where we can play our part. And, ulitmately find love AND save the planet. If we each recongise the others strengths and men stop thinking they are on top, that the buck stops with them on the top of the pile. Capeesh? That’s what got us into this mess. (As well as men who just need to be told they are clever.) Yes, you are clever Matthew Hussey, in fact you are a genius. But, so am I, and I can see more than you. Because I am a woman. And that’s the forgotten art of woman, it’s what’s kept us all down all this time: we can see further than men, but only because the men feed us their focus.

  • Dear Matt,
    thank you from the bottom of my heart for this video . It reminds me of what I‘ve been through and what made me to person I am. Even when you suffer from the hardest disease ( cancer in my case – the darkest moments indeed) there‘s always something you can give. Being reduced to nothing changed everything. To me love life is not only with one person – it is, as you said, a light ☀️plus inspiration . Thank YOU for being like this.
    XOX Elke

  • Moving. Very much so. That kind of insight, that depth is a gift or it comes from years of seeking or its both. Either way,this is truth and it is beautiful. Thank you for sharing

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