Why You Should Be More Like Kanye West

Don’t you wish you cared a little less about what other people think?

I often say in my events and seminars that ‘99% of people live their lives determined by the thoughts of strangers’, and for this week’s video I’ve done something a bit different…

I take you behind the curtain of mine and Jameson’s strategy for these weekly videos, I share a lesson on how to stand strong behind your opinions, and we give a practical takeaway to stop caring about what other people think immediately.

Don’t be afraid to innovate. Don’t be confined to one thing. Give yourself the space to manoeuvre, and try different things within your personality.

Challenge: Next time you go out, can you go the entire time without getting into the subject of your work? (or whatever it might be you usually latch onto in conversation)

Take a risk and challenge yourself by testing the limits of your own charisma and confidence.


If you like this kind of “irrelevant sh*t” – not explicit love life advice – let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear what you made of this one, and how it helps you push the bounds of your personality.

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