How Being a Badass Wingwoman Gets You a Relationship

Being an awesome wingwoman can help you and your best friend meet 10x more amazing guys when you go out.

But you have to be a team and become one another’s secret weapon…

Watch the video to find out how.

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21 Replies to “How Being a Badass Wingwoman Gets You a Relationship”

  • Ha ha great video! I am a slope off kinda girl, and my friend is the terminator! Thanks Matt! Educational and funny!

  • Hi Matt,
    This is an absolute positive video. It doesn’t only point out how to be a good wingwoman/wingman, it explains again that everything you do everyday gives you a chance of putting some kindness and positive potion into your environment.

    Thank you from Germany


  • I think you’re spot on here but as someone who is in the “self help” world, I often find myself reeling from a lack of pragmatism behind words like “bliss” and “energy.” Normally you’re pragmatic and I love it but I’m wondering if you would expound on what TO do as a wing women instead of what not to do, and also what your idea of bringing good energy is? I think people get caught up in being bubbly when they think they’re bringing good energy and that can lead to being disingenuous… Can you elaborate?

  • Hi Mat,
    I really admire you and your teams ability to take new angles in the love match subject.
    You often come up with out of the ordinary or even surprising
    subjects and solutions.
    Congratulations as I often find something to enjoy and feel stimulated by.

    Also, thank you so much for staying so authentic.
    That really fills me.


  • So true, Matthew. I had a friend years ago who was NO beauty queen who had men falling all over her because she knew how to bring the good vibes and make them feel great. XO. Love what you do!!

  • I never saw you doing just OK in the video, Matt. Maybe for fun you can bring us some videos of yours that make you cringe with explanation why ;)

  • This is fantastic advice for any situation as it points out that a positive and understanding attitude always wins the day.

    1. Kat: It means the “vibe” you bring to the table…when you are around people…Some people emit a wonderful, positive energy (you want to be around them because they are fun and it is a joy being around them..they will bring out the best in you)…some may bring a Debbie Downer energy…Wha..wha..whaaaa….Think of Eyeore…Some people can be emotional vampires…and suck the life energy out of a being negative…& they are a “drag” to be around because they are always so depressing to be around..everyone has friends in each category..but, I tend to delete the Debbie Downers…(What a is to be around them..because you are always trying to lift their’s exhausting!) That’s what he’s talking about…in a nutshell…

  • Matt that is a great topic, thank you! But I think you forgot the most important and most annoying red flag-wing-thing. Friend, who starts to flirt with the guy who came to talk to me.
    How to deal with that?
    Just walk away and never see them again?
    Say something?
    Trying to be nice?
    I have tried all of them, but same time I feel this topic is so painful still.

  • That was awesome! Had me laughing out loud! :) So funny & informative! You Rock Matthew! You have such a wonderful sense of humor! Loved that so much! LOL! Hugs! Good luck on your next Retreat! “Break a leg”! Although, you don’t need luck! Have a great week with your Hi-Value Women! I’m envious! Wish I were there! ;) <3

  • Matt i enjoy your videos and advice very much but on this video I tend to disagree a little bit. I go out with my girlfriends and of course we are looking, but what about those times when you are going to meet up with a guy that someone wanted you to meet or a friend introduces you to, a guy that had asked about you and is already interested in you. One of my friends was at the same bar as I one night knowing i was going to meet someone that had been asking about me. My girlfriend sat with us the entire night and as time went by she was chatting with him about how close they lived to each other, when we got up to have a picture taken she got in there. When we decided to leave she left at the same time i never had any alone time with this man. Since this was a meet and greet i didn’t need a wing woman. to top it off she told him to follow her home she would show him the faster way home. Well i was not very happy with all that. but didn’t say anything until i thought about it. When i called her out on it in a text she completely stopped talking to me and the sad part is we never talked to each other about it she just decided to post negative comments on FB. and then she shared this video and commented I tried to be a good wingwoman and it got me in trouble and i lost a friend. There is a difference between being a wingwoman and just being near by if something goes wrong. The result was he talked to me the following day and asked for her phone number. So ok i didn’t get the chance to see if we wanted to go out. I just gave him the number and sent her a text to let her know that she violated the girl code with me and broke my trust. Now she is hurt? How do you think i feel! You need to do a part two to this you can’t have a wingwoman who flirts with the guy you are interested in.

  • And there we have the n. 1 obstacle to meeting new men. And to shopping. A good wing person is a treasure to hold on to.

  • Thank you Matthew for your tips. I really get a lot out of them. I would really like to hear more advice on, How to get your ex husbands attention back after another women stole him from you. I was married for over 25 years. I am an attractive woman. My husband was in face book an a woman who almost destroyed our marriage in the past found him and starred pursuing him again. This time it worked. How can I get his attention. Thanks, Debbie.

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