He Won’t Say ‘I Love You?’ Do This…

Let’s face it, words matter.

Especially in relationships when you want to hear your partner’s feelings. And that means you want him to say the words “I love you” every week rather than once every 6 months!

But what if your guy never says loving things to you?

In this week’s episode of LOVELife I talk with a caller who wishes her guy was more affectionate in her relationship. If you can relate to this problem, you’ll hear my BEST strategy for communicating your romantic needs and getting him to say “I love you” without needing to be asked all the time.

As we mention in the video, I go into much more depth on the topic of how to influence men in relationships in my How To Talk To Men programme. Take a look for yourself…

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5 Replies to “He Won’t Say ‘I Love You?’ Do This…”

  • That was rather excellent. :-) I never knew how to negotiate conversations like that without judgment. But making it about a standard of expressiveness changed the focus slightly. A aha! moment. I’m bookmarking this one.

  • omg…….my comment with this is run,run,It took me 20 years to figure out he will never change.You can not change him.
    Narcise…Its all about him

  • I like the way Matthew advises to express her feelings on this, but I agree with Michele.

    The caller has a certain way of expressing her love due to upbringing, values etc and finds her boyfriend’s style disagreeable to her. That is likely to apply visa versa. The question is not only who should make the compromise but will either party really be able to?

    We are talking about deeply ingrained habits of a lifetime.

    The point in a relationship is to accept people for who they are and realistically people don’t really change.

    If she’s not happy she should move on and not be TOO hopeful about him suddenly becoming comfortable with expressing that level of emotion.

    I do think if she loves him she should express her feelings and I think the way Matthew put it is perfect really.

    I note that Matthew doesn’t promise he’s gonna change by using this tactic.

  • THANKS again Matthew! You’re just great! Maybe the next guy I’m going to meet. I know how to handle things. Marla

  • Matthew gives her fantastic advice. It isn’t about right or wrong but what you need to feel loved. As someone who never heard “I love you” for 10 years, it was symptomatic of a broader inability for vulnerability and expression.
    I can say the lack of expressive love left me starved for affection. Have the conversation but be prepared to go find the person who can love you in the way you need.

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