You Keep Me Going [Love the Journey: Part 4]

It’s 5am on a cold, wet Toronto morning…

My alarm buzzes in my hotel room and wakes me from my fitful sleep. My throat is sore and my body aches, and it doesn’t feel like the antibiotics are helping at all. I want to just pull the covers over my head and shut out the world until I feel better. But I can’t… I’m in Toronto for my Matthew Hussey Live tour, and I have four media appearances – 2 radio shows, co-hosting a TV show, and a magazine interview – followed by the sold-out 6-hour live event.

“Just getting through it” is not an option. I have to deliver my best no matter what. So what inspires me to push through and give all I’ve got (and more)?

That’s what this episode of “Love the Journey” is all about, so I’m dedicating this one to you…

9 Texts No Man Can Resist

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