You Keep Me Going [Love the Journey: Part 4]

It’s 5am on a cold, wet Toronto morning…

My alarm buzzes in my hotel room and wakes me from my fitful sleep. My throat is sore and my body aches, and it doesn’t feel like the antibiotics are helping at all. I want to just pull the covers over my head and shut out the world until I feel better. But I can’t… I’m in Toronto for my Matthew Hussey Live tour, and I have four media appearances – 2 radio shows, co-hosting a TV show, and a magazine interview – followed by the sold-out 6-hour live event.

“Just getting through it” is not an option. I have to deliver my best no matter what. So what inspires me to push through and give all I’ve got (and more)?

That’s what this episode of “Love the Journey” is all about, so I’m dedicating this one to you…

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  1. Deloris says:

    This is my first time go to see at here and i am really happy to read all at
    single place.

  2. Jaizen says:

    Dayum that was perfectly you.
    I enjoyed this. Especially the tweets you read to keep you on point. To honour those ladies that have made plans to see you. Love it. Love your style, your focus, your attitude.

  3. Donna Kirkpatrick says:

    I bought your product but can’t get it! HELP! I need my money back if I can’t get the product. No phone to call!!!!
    Donna Kirkpatrick

  4. Bibi says:

    Get Well Soon Matthew!

  5. Parisa says:

    Fabulous! We loooooooove you! Keep well!

  6. Saara S says:

    This does not have anything in common with this video’s tema but i would like you to tell… (if you know how) after having many many years of downhills and bad tough times. How can you start to enjoy life again? And how can you get yourself up from sitting in front of the sofa? Where do you get motivation for life? Even you may have tried millions and millions of times by yourself to start doing anything but everything you start just falls apart and you find yourself again sitting in front of the sofa. Plus you don’t find things interesting or fun anymore even how badly you’d like to. If you could answer or make a video or anything would be totally lifesaving!

    I just hope i’d have that same power for living that you have and when you like adventures and so on!

    // i did post that to one of your really old youtube videos but i think you dont watch old videos comments

  7. Jen says:

    Absolutely loved hearing that despite feeling like crap, you draw your motivation to perform from the people. The fact that they arranged their lives to see you, and you never fail to deliver. I hope someday to witness this live myself. Keep up the great and inspiring work!! =)

  8. Ana says:

    Fantastic…great job Matt & Jameson, thanks for making me feel so close. Much love for you and hopefully that will make for more immunity for future flu attempts :)

  9. Camila says:

    My “Get the Guy” account was closed for no reason, in the middle of the program, and I have no response from your team. Since I paid for the program, and since I have the right to receive the product I paid for, can I get a feedback of what happened?

  10. Natalie says:

    Hey Matt,

    Come bring Jamieson and make a video of my bad days…I have a varied life but rarely boring!

    Thanks to many aspects of my character and those who have helped in shaping it…you feature in my influence.

    Natalie from the North of England x

  11. Bella says:

    Dear Matt,
    I am just wondering how long it will take that you will be an actor in a massive Hollywood production…maybe playing yourself.
    You have hit the right thing, this what we need today- something real and honest, even if planed it comes across as totally natural. Thank you for the inspiring ♡♡♡

  12. Kimberly Anderson says:

    Great video Matt!:) Thanks for sharing. Hope your cold is better. Take care:)

  13. Bethany says:

    I love that Jameson has a voice more in this one. :)
    Go, Matt Go! Your cheerleaders are cheering you on!!

  14. Natthika says:

    Love what you do in this clip though! This is a first comment after have been watching you for almost 4 years. This clip resonates with me when I had been workaholic with travelling. My working and teaveling at that period torn me down sometimes actually. It was also the reason I started watching you on Youtube as well, finding self motivation. I remember the first clip for me was about how to be confidence in 3 layers ^.^ Keep going Matt… You are a KING of inspiring. I wish I can do 10% of you.

  15. JCee says:

    Sore throat..
    Use apple cider vinegar, mix 1 to 2 tablespoons of ACV into a small glass of warm water and then slowly sip the mixture. Drink at least once a day until the sore throat is gone. You can also add some honey for added benefit.
    This can either work immediately or over a short
    period but it Often works! Be well :)

  16. Holly says:

    Don’t overdo it Matt – you’ll make yourself worse! Trust me my Dad’s a Dr. There’s always Skype, human cloning or cyborgs.
    P.S. Who’s the bird in bed with you – did you pull?!

  17. Maya Morgan says:

    Love the raw stuff! We really get to see the behind the scene and how you manage challenges. I really admire your consistency and how you value delivering your best and working around the unpredictable the best way you can, staying focused on your goal of helping others! It seems like you were really tested to see if you live up to your message, and I think you really do. This whole situation of being sick, not feeling your best but still choosing to show up is remarkable. YOu have shown how our reality can be shifted with our thoughts. You could have freaked out, got in total fear mode, and given up, but you didn’t! Inspiring journey of not pushing through the comfort zone and adapting to life circumstances.

    Thanks for being an example of those traits Matt! Hope you can rest your body soon, seems like it’s asking for it ;)

    Take care

  18. Debbie says:

    Hey Matt,

    First of all I hope and pray that you are feeling better and are well. One of the many traits that I love and admire that you do is your intergrity,your dedication and your devotion to present your best to the women you coach and care so much about! It is a unique quality to possess and because of your excellence you stand out and you have more influence which brings you into more ability to help people.

    I am a Teacher and many times I have been sick but because so many kids are depending on me to be there I go and give it my best for them. Matt,you have this same quality and this makes me respect and love you more because I see the sacrifice you make when you are sick but because of your love for us you continue and are always there for us. God bless you and your team! I hope you are well by now and I will pray for your continued health.
    Lots of hugs and love,

  19. Susan says:

    Well done Lad. Really wonderful to see that a true-value professional work ethic still lives…don’t see much evidence of it, sadly..

    Though you are a handsome man – you are stunningly beautiful when vulnerable, even if brought on by illness…we all are beautiful when we are vulnerable, to be sure, but particularly compelling bearing witness to a mans beautiful vulnerability. Good doc Jameson, well done w/ you as well!

  20. Tamar says:

    You are such a great inspiration for
    me Each and every time
    – you are the best!! :)
    Big like!
    Tamar :)

  21. Dana says:

    Matt, Be as kind as you can to yourself in those moments! The world will certainly carry on while you are on an intermission. By showering yourself with love and nurture (what your body is telling you that you need more of) this will get you back on track quicker and with an extra punch. I truly appreciate you and all you do! -Dana

  22. Sasha mast says:

    I really enjoyed this video. Matt your am inspiration to us all. I really loved that you showed the good with the bad. This showed me that you really do care for your viewers.

    Thank you so much Matt.

    P.S. feel better!
    Drinks lots of green tea with lemon.

  23. Ianthe says:

    Love you! Keep up the great work! Can you please help….I’m trying to order your Secret Scripts and book How to Talk to Men but your online order page is not letting me. Is there an 800 number I can call to place an order?

  24. Shannon Hooper says:

    Dear Matthew,

    What is going on in Toronto that everyone is so freaking hot? Who was that Landon person? Serious question because, oh my goodness. And is he dating that model because she didn’t even look real, she was so beautiful. On the other hand, Landon should definitely date me instead so he can be the pretty one in the relationship. And, you looked quite dashing as well, Matthew, even with all the hacking and mucus. We still didn’t get to see Jameson which is kind of okay because then I can continue to picture a Malibu Pineapple with a cherry anytime I hear his name. Definitely with a cherry.

    Anyway, I don’t really have any comments on this video in particular. But I did watch another video that your team emailed me a link to. And, I really, desperately want to know something. Why are men so drop-the-mike cray? Seriously. I just need to know why.

    In your video, you spoke about a hypothetical situation where a guy was on a first date with a girl, and she happened to say that she likes to go out with her friends and they’re the ones laughing and having the best time at the bar. And, naturally, the guy, without asking any follow-up questions (you know, just to maybe be sure or something), then assumed that that one comment completely summed up her personality and he didn’t want to see her again.

    What IS THAT? Guys know that’s completely crazy, right? You can’t possibly get to know who someone is on a first date, let alone by one off-hand comment made by someone who is on a first date. Unless they’re a serial killer and that’s your last date ever, wouldn’t it be a bit more logical to perhaps spend a little, tiny bit more time getting to know someone before completely writing them off?

    I mean, if there’s no attraction there, then by all means move on. But to dismiss out of hand someone you find attractive based on ONE comment they made on a first date is bonkers. Totally, completely bonkety bonkers. How is this acceptable behavior on the part of a gender that, nearly to a man, considers themselves to be the more logical sex?

    I cannot tell you how many times some guy who’s basically just met me already thinks he knows who I am. And, let me tell you, he doesn’t know me. At all. Even you seemed to find the guy’s assumption in your scenario to be perfectly valid. But I have to say — no. It’s not okay. Don’t be crazy. Irrationality is my least favorite personality trait besides poor personal hygiene and being creepy. Because, don’t be creepy either.

    I will forever be indebted to you if you can answer this one question. I mean, how am I supposed to overcome sheer lunacy? There isn’t enough witty repartee on the planet to cancel that ish out.


  25. Oyu says:

    Thank you for the inspiring video! Drink lots of boiled water with fresh ginger , lemon & honey :)) Love you.

  26. Paige Beutelspacher says:

    Thanks for the great reminder of how to love the journey and constantly strive to improve. Your retreat, book, and emails have taught me such great principles. Thank you!!

  27. Agnieszka says:

    I loved this video. Not only because of Mat. Jameson, you are talented film-maker! :)

  28. yvonne bowles says:

    Thank you matt love you to bits and pieces

  29. Carol says:

    Loved the Toronto video showing all the behind-the-scenes preparation and your commitment to always give your best, even when you’re not feeling it. Can’t wait for the Dallas video, as I was there! You were awesome!!! Keep showing us all the cities on your tour. Thanks Matthew and your team!

  30. CB says:

    For some reason, watching Mathew’s videos I’d think it all so much fun. And probably it is. But it is great also to see all the hard work and dedication behind it.

    Really loved this video, it’s heartwarming :)

  31. Anna Najam says:

    Love you, Matt!!!!!!! You and Jameson are the best!! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us and keeping it real!! Even the crap! I look forward to one day being there in person!! You have taught me a lot and I have gotten “the guy,” who by the way is AMAZING and am keeping him also with your wonderful insights and shares of the inner working of men!! Thank you for helping me become a woman in today’s society!! Instead of a competitor. I have realized my value and have not forgotten it to make choices that would have not resulted in what I have today!! Thank you, again!! Keep up your wonderful work! It works!!!!!!

  32. Sharon says:

    Matthew you are a Blessing’s too others Thank you! I hope to see you soon will you be in the New Jersey & New York area soon..Much love & Blessing’s

  33. Shay says:

    I love how you are so movatitated I think you should do a show In New York city for me how to treat there ladies speaking for myself I’m tired of all the cheating and lies and why so I continue been faithful and doing my part and I’m not happy anymore It time to get out and move on Its no changing this person I’m with God can’t change him he loves to cheat for me it makes him weak and with low esteem how can I move forward with a man lime this one.

  34. Georgette says:

    For some reason I feel I know you! I’m thinking it’s because I connect with your personality, sense of humor and the importance of a great cupper! Thourghly enjoyed the “You keep me going” video. For a few reasons:
    •It inspires me to keep going no matter how I’m feeling
    • To take charge of my life, making it better, how “I” want it
    • I learned how to tie my sons tie which I just did for him ( keep rolling Jameson! )
    • I totally agree, Jameson asked you a great question at the end….. No matter how you’re feeling your engaged for the people your serving, you put yourself in there shoes, empathy, great attitude! So lacking in today’s “entitled” society.

    Thank you , Georgette

  35. Paola says:

    You’re just awesome!! And actually you inspired me!!
    Hope you get well soon and get some love!

  36. Christina says:

    Loved this episode! Sorry I missed you in Toronto. Hopefully you’ll be back in 2016.

  37. Ann says:

    Matthew – you are one awesome and inspirational guy. Thank you for being you & for all you do for us. Hope you had a quick recovery. Xxxoooxx

  38. Kabira Dhole says:

    God bless you! Get well soon! Nice video!

  39. Jordan says:

    Just woken up and watched this from the duvet.
    Smiled all the way through and one lasting thought.
    Matthew Hussey you are one inspirational human being.
    Keeping it real warts an all. Awesome, cute, funny, sexy dude.

    And continually thought provoking x

  40. joya says:

    thank you xxxx

  41. Jennifer Hanson says:


    You are gifted to share and do ALL that y6u do. I love this personal video of your working even when being sick. Keep it up.

  42. Dihana says:

    Thanks for giving women like us hope and advice that we need it’s really amazing and seen a person like you working as hard as a woman with kids and I Picture you as a mother with kids that they need all the support they can get from a personal matter that sick or tired or still there to help us .

  43. A. says:

    You work so hard, Matthew. We appreciate it. On the the other hand your raspy voice is kind of sexy . . .

    Liked hearing Jameson’s voice! Though no English accent, that surprised me!

    Thanks, guys!

  44. Wendy says:

    Thank you, Matthew and Jamieson. Amazing footage with many poignant and interesting moments.

  45. Isabella says:

    Thank you for sharing “love The Journey” :Part 4 you truly have a beautiful “heart”…. Hope you recovered quickly…



  46. Kasandra says:

    Hahaha the hairdryer the best for cold sheets. Get well!

  47. Sharon Rena Tienda Salas says:


    • Sharon Rena Tienda Salas says:


  48. Jennifer Taylor says:

    You will get a lot of comments…I just want to say that I hope you feel better Matt. My publicist has prepped me this last year about what being in public life will be like ….and part of that is having to put work ahead of even health. I do sincerely hope you get good rest and that you align to your work ahead. We so appreciate your spirit and knowledge. I’ve learned so much through you …:) your fan – Jenn

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