Everything You Need To Know About Men & Lasting Commitment…

Clearly there’s a big difference between meeting and attracting someone, and sustaining that attraction to progress into a relationship.

Now that you’ve begun your journey with me, one thing I see as a must for you is getting a copy of my commitment programme, Keep The Guy, as this is the programme that’s going to see you through getting into a relationship, sustaining passion and romance for the long-term (yes it can be done!), and laying out a roadmap for marriage and kids.

In this programme you’re going to learn how to:

–Avoid scaring him off in the early stages
–Turn casual dating into something serious (and navigate the exclusivity conversation)
–Get out of mindless “dating” and into real life (one of the most overlooked yet crucial elements)
–Make his family and friends (the makers or breakers of any big relationship) RAVING fans
–Move in together and lay down the law in a way that’ll have him living up to (and surpassing) your standards
–Deal with ex’s (and stand out from anyone else he’s ever been with!)
–Manage arguments in a way that can actually fuel the love and passion you have for each other
–Manage long-distance relationships and create a long-term vision for the two of you to work towards
–AND, figure out if he’s ready for marriage and kids (and win him around to the idea if he’s not quite there yet…)

This is the perfect next step, and it will serve as a comprehensive compass for a lasting, satisfying, and life-long relationship.

The programme is the same high quality video that you see above, and it packs in over 10 hours of material that you’ll have with you forever.

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Module 1

–The difference in mindset between people who get commitment and those who don’t (minute 5)
–How most women are scaring men off from a relationship without even knowing it (minute 9)
–How to prevent your imagination from running wild in the early stages (minute 36)
–How to know if a guy is truly the man you want long-term (minute 51)
–An instant technique for getting over someone you’ve lost (minute 56)

Module 2

–How to tell if he’s ready to commit (minute 2)
–Dealing with an ex (minute 14)
–Understanding the sexiest thing you can do for a man (minute 40)

Module 3

–Everything you need to know about first dates (minute 5)
–The worst mistake women make as soon as they start liking a guy (minute 27)
–How to demonstrate you are the woman he wants long term (minute 46)
–How to make sure he never feels trapped and freaks out (minute 51)
–Who should pay? Solving the money argument once and for all (minute 63)

Module 4

–How to have the conversation about “what the two of you are” (minute 1)
–How to get to a relationship without even talking about it (minute 3)
–What to do if he says he doesn’t want a relationship (minute 5)
–Why couples lost the spark (and how to not fall into the same trap) (minute 22)
–Nipping problems in the bud before they become too big (minute 34)
–How to express changes you’d like to see in the relationship without making him feel pressured (minute 45)

Module 5

–How to get him to start wanting to spend ALOT more time with you (minute 2)
–How to make it feel like you’ve been together far longer than you really have (minute 27)
–How to be the woman he wants to tell everything to (minute 35)
–How to get to the point of meeting his friends and family (minute 46)
–How to avoid just being ‘another girl’ that he brings home (minute 50)
–Making the key characters in his life fall in love with you (minute 54)

Module 6

–How to deal with ‘guy time’ (minute 4)
–How to progress to the point of moving in together without scaring him (minute 22)
–How to keep things exciting once you’ve moved in together (minute 25)
–A 3 part method to working through differences in the early stages (minute 45)
–How to make sure he never stops seeing you as sexy (minute 50)
–Getting him to say “I love you” (minute 63)

Module 7

–The one thing you should NEVER do in an argument (minute 3)
–What never to do when talking about your exes (minute 7)
–How to deal with those recurring arguments that threaten the relationship (minute 13)
–How to go from angry at each other to in love within 2 seconds (minute 31)
–What to do when a guy comes to give you the breakup speech (minute 37)
–How to break the pattern of a monotonous sex life (minute 53)

Module 8

–Getting to marriage and kids – enough said!

Just as a thank you for coming to the event, I’m going to be giving you the chance to sign up for Keep The Guy at a discounted rate of just $250.

If having a long-term relationship is a priority for you, you MUST try out this programme…

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