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  1. sana says:

    great video ! thank you !

  2. Ashley Sandoval says:

    Thank you for all of the goodness you put out into this world. It hit strings inside of me. We always hear to be kind to ourselves but we never listen till we start looking closely atourselves. Thank you.

  3. Josefina says:

    Hey Matt, thanks for the refresher on core confidence. I go through my notes from my 2014 Florida retreat every now and then but there’s nothing like watching you live. You’re always so inspiring!! And totally agree, you do have a great voice! Gracias Matt!

  4. Alexa says:

    I feel so much appreciation for your existence. You have made me tearful and full of hope. I know from within that I am moving in the right direction & you have helped me to confirm that. Due to finance I couldn’t come onto your retreat at this time but I am very greatful to be exposed to & to be able to hear and feel what it is you are saying. Thank you!

  5. Jeanne says:

    This was very great! Thanks for sharing this with everyone who follows you. I got a new insight on how to not only handle my relationship but how to take care of myself in the first place and take things more lightly. I wished you would come to Europe some time, it would be great to get to see you life on stage!!! Thanks again for being such a great eyeopener and sharing tips and advice that help in any situation of life, not only love life <3

  6. Elisha Bench says:

    Going through an incredible hard time in my laugh at the moment, I laughed and cried at this video. it helped alot thank you

  7. Valerie Lyman says:

    I am so sorry I wasn’t able to attend this falls reteat, but I am happy to report that I have left my comfort zone. I am challenging myself in ways I would’ve never dreamed a year ago. Your retreat was life changing! Not only did I lose 40 pounds, and am keeping them off with a healthier lifestyle, but I am pursuing multiple business ventures that would’ve blown my mind before. Oh and I have been on several high value dates, keeping my standards high, and allowing them to do some work. I have every hope that I will meet the right man, if I haven’t met him yet.
    Love and hugs to the Hussey team!
    Valerie (the one who was on stage with you last fall – Emotional buttons)

  8. jennifer says:

    F***ing amazing!!! Loved it!!!

  9. Mei Leung-McCann says:

    That was awesome Mathew, my three daughters should see it…life lessons.Especially in no offense our male dominated society. Loved it.

  10. Meera says:

    Hi Metthew!! Loved your teaching. Thanks for this free video

  11. Sara says:

    I almost cried. This is the most beneficial knowledge about confidence I have found so far. I wish you do training to build confindence. Love you from Saudi Arabia.

  12. Anita Gill says:

    thanku …this video does help …but i have a u tell me who is going to want to love me ..this is why my confidence is down ..but u cant tell i have a disability so i get scared to get into a reationship..guys do tell me i am beautiful but…they dont know i have a disability…i pray alot…but i cant see any man who will live me unconditionally…only God can love us unconditionally

  13. Dolly says:

    I have been following you for months now and every time you post something new it gives value and provides a good insight into life. Keep up the good work!

  14. حسناء says:

    Thank you Matthew for these explanations, Greetings from Morocco

  15. Hala says:

    Thank you so much for such an amazing video. I still have goosebumps from it.

  16. Huzeimath says:

    Awesome video! Thank you so much for this
    I was feeling a bit disconnected when I came across your video on FB, and on to this page….and just realized how much energy I am giving to my career. No wonder I feel this way!
    I wasn’t aware I was doing it, but this video gave me a kick in my butt, I guess. Lol. It certainly snapped me out of this bubble I am in. It’s time for me to go invest in other areas of my life and leave work aside for a bit…. and yeah, I totally get the Ironman bit. It’s so true!
    Thank you Matthew

  17. Anu says:

    Thank you so much this video is fucking amazing this video give me powerful information please send more

  18. Mayen says:

    I’ve watched this video four times. And Matt, to be honest, when you said take your pen and paper, I was like, uhhhh, let’s see. The video ended up being a dictation exercise, at one point I didn’t want to lose a single word. I’m blown away. And I’m so grateful Matt. I have no words. Just… thank you.

  19. Lei Cao says:

    I really like the butterfly story, which gave me a beautiful moment when you said Core Confidence. that is unconditional love I feel.
    Love your language and the stories behind the language, I will keep on working on that, Thank you so much Matthew, you bring beautiful things to the world.

  20. Novella-Jane says:

    Thank you, I see so many things about myself in this video. It’s helped me put some things straight in my head. Xxx

  21. Saloua says:

    Is the one to one consultation/ program still available, I need your help very urgently Mathew

  22. Andrea says:

    This is so true in my life at the moment. I realise that I hold on just because I dont want to deal with the pain of letting go. Time for change, Thank you

  23. Laurie says:

    LOVE this video! Everything about it: the intensity, the message, the straightforwardness. You are wise beyond your years, Matt. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  24. lulu says:

    amazing video! really enjoyed it!

  25. Nickolena turcotte says:

    I appreciate you, your honestly, your help,your real, thank y for all your help

  26. Joanna says:

    Confidence is only ticket for everything and competent to do everything.. You know how to do it in your life and ourself… Core level is cultivating yourself what is in my mine Myself… What Will I do for… The innermost desires the core of cure of your heart to free yourself to freely in your free zone… Squished yourself what is your want…. To become successful in everything… I lose my confidence if the expectations not materialized and if you know the truth that all of your trust respects love put in one place and still the life is unfair and no matter what people doing bad on you.. We have only one pieces in ourselves core our core confidence makes alive and fire again.. Just like the all things and non living things we saw… There is a purpose that’s why your heart your core confident is came from your heart… See the Bird in the trees… They’re sing without thinking what around fly and smells the beauty of life… I accept my shortcomings but… Just like a butterfly in my shoulder saying.. Relax and be calm I’m not afraid of you.. I’m not flying fast.. I’m flying gracefully and in sway my wings because I’m vulnerable too… That’s true core of our heart the inner confident we can getting on and on… That’s true confident with competency you know how vulnerable you are you know what’s is yours you know what’s you can touch and seen… See myself… Ignite the core of my confident like you all of us because we know what’s the competence is… Thank you for opportunity to share my views and goals I know what I’m going to do and following the positives advice of the well experience people… Its not too late for me and forget everything.. Ruins or closes our core to just open and it justify everything

  27. Manali says:

    loved your video… esp the last example of the butterfly… i was almost on the verge of devaluing my self… your talk has given a boost to my confidence… thanks so much

  28. joann says:

    Like to hear more about the confidence issue..

    very interesting.

  29. Melissa says:

    I learned confidence will change my experiences and transform my existence.
    Thank you for this gift of information, Matthew!


  30. Esgi says:

    I love this video ! The analogies and comparissons were beautiful.
    Love you Matt !!!

  31. Jae Tillinghast says:

    Thank you Matthew. Such a process. I am amazed at how relevant this is in all parts of our lives.

  32. Yana says:

    You are amazing, I keep re-watching this video! I feel almost like you are a part of my family, and every word you say is reinforcing the beliefs i already hold since childhood. Thank you for being here every step of the way, every time i need to clarify my direction.

  33. Renee caines says:

    Great video! Never thought if confidence in 3 levels before. I am thankful that i believe my confidence has developed over the years.In the past, I always appeared confident as people would comment and then i would feel a bit embarrassed knowing it was a lie. Now, after many years of struggles and subsequent personal growth i am confident at all 3 levels. I am thankful i have created a well rounded life with many skills. I am so grateful for my sucessful career and i know one day i will meet a great confident man that isn’t intimidated by my life. Thank you for your great content!

  34. Wafaa says:

    This was informative and an eye opener. Thank you

  35. Lassy says:

    I have come to like your teaching Matthew, can’t stop watching your videos

  36. Maria says:

    Thank you, Matthew! You are an amazing person! You are so great in what you do. I have learned a lot from you. Core confidence is the key. Love the analogy of the butterfly. I may not be able to join your retreat but I will continue watching your videos and learn from you, as I have been doing since I found you online. Continue to inspire people, Iron Man :)

  37. Heather Smith says:

    THANK YOU FOR THE ability to see the length of the video & to be able rewind!

    Haven’t watched it yet, but sure it’ll be amazing!


  38. Lori Hopkins says:

    Wow! What you say about Core Confidence truly hits the mark. I’m very grateful for your gift to cut through to the heart of this topic and communicate the three levels. Thank you Matthew!

  39. Katleho says:

    Good day Matthew

    My boyfriend and I made an agreement that on weekends that’s when we would spend quality time together…he says during the week he’s too busy so I agreed…ever since we made this agreement which was months ago he’s spending less time with me, he would rather see his friends, be out all afternoon and night than spend some quality time with me then when he gets back he wants to get intimate/ have sex with me… today he said he wasn’t going anywhere because he noticed how upset it made me that he did what I just explained the day before… while sitting with him this morning he decided to tell me when his friend was 10min away that his friend’s on the way, he arrived in the morning around 10am and he’s still here, he wants me out of the house by Monday morning every week, well because of the agreement but I leave his place feeling like I hadn’t even seen him. He has never been to my place either, he asked for my new address for “safe keeping”…I feel confused. Please help

  40. T. says:

    I love the video. Matthew, you’re amazing. Thank you for being the way you are. And because you care. I hope one day I could come to see you live. You are a true giver, it’s because of people like you this world is getting better. Thank you :)

  41. Deena says:

    I liked your lifestyle confidence. Making friends. I strongly believe that friends are earned. And the true friends don’t come easy.

    Your core confidence in me version is being a detached observer about everything. One can sense, feel, enjoy and live as lively and as truthfully but without losing oneself. That wat I always tell my little boy, See the world, learn the world and live the world but without losing yourself. The moment you lose yourself you won’t be living in a true sense.

  42. Diekolola says:

    Brilliant! Thank you Matthew for the elucidation…the value of competence and confidence in relationships is actually worth pursuing; it’s rewarding!

  43. Dini says:

    ‘The asset is me. I didn’t lose the tv show, the tv show lost me.’ That’s a great metaphor for relationships and life! Thank you, Matthew!

  44. Ilza says:

    Thank you for sharing this important message. I’m down under with my confidence and wish I could attend one of your retreats. I am going to try my best to lift up ky core confidence. I am all of the things you said about the relationships in the beginning. Got hurt a lot and do everything wrong.

  45. Hameeda says:

    Hey matt. Its hamida, love from pakistan, Asia. Actually i want to say thanks. I have been watching your videos since three years starting with the video how to get you ex back, following your guide Till i realise that looser doesnt deserve the fantastic me. I found every video of you helpful also with my current relationship woth my husband. Thank you for creating a difference in me with you and without you. I am 22 i am a student. But soon i will be earning and come to your retreat program. Inshalaah ❤️

  46. Sonia says:

    That was a beautiful and inspiring video. Thankyou so much for sharing !!!

  47. Yara says:

    It’s a great video and reminder to not neglect ourselves.

    I wish you would talk more to cultural differences, especially between two people struggling to be together. When you both read and measure things differently, but you still want to try to be together even though she is from a very conservative society and he is from a very liberal one.

  48. Christina K. says:

    The story with the butterfly is the answer to everything. You made me cry, thank you.

  49. Ruksar says:

    The confidence yoy exude make me wanna be confident too.
    An utterly phenomenal video with truly amazing message.
    Thanks a million
    Keep it up

  50. Jiejie Zhang says:

    This concept about confidence, this video, is one of the best thing I’ve ever got for years! Because that brings op that best me.