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  1. Jenny yen says:

    Thank you for the sharing Matthew. After some failed relationships i felt so scared to get attached to someone special that i indeed had the feeling of letting the butterfly fly…thank you for confirming that i still need to give my value, even though the experiences from the past were horrible.I am manifesting more and more competence in my career and thanks to you also in my lovelife! thank you so much for your value.

  2. Annika says:

    I love the breakdown of the three layers of confidence.

    I have struggled with confidence all my life and it has, not surprisingly, affected all areas of my life.

    At the young age of 44 I’m determined to work on this area of my life – to improve my career, future relationships and to also set an example for my kids.

    Core confidence!

    Thanks! Love your YouTube videos.

  3. Jennifer imuede says:

    I want to be a member

    • MH Team - Sara says:

      Hi Jennifer! Sara here with Team Matthew Hussey! I’m so excited to see that you’re ready to take control by becoming a VIP member! Here’s a link to help you get started, but feel free to reach out to our support team at if you have any questions or need help with anything else. Have an amazing day! :)

  4. Hazel Mae Mancha says:

    That was awesome!

  5. Joanne says:

    I’ve been watching your videos on and off for a while. I’ve just watched this one and you touched my soul!
    Just like you and the iron man – I had an “aha” moment. The tears are rolling down my face. Thank you for doing what you do.

  6. Lucy says:

    Thank you for sharing Matthew very illuminating!

  7. Jane says:

    love it

  8. Natasha says:

    I appreciate your insightful candor; thank you for sharing! I needed to hear this.

  9. Chrissy says:

    You are amazing. You’ve given me some very valuable insight into my own confidence (or lack thereof).
    It’s a wonder that we go through life projecting all of these personality traits for other people, without ever feeling them deep inside!
    I’m going to try and fight my anxieties and pessimism to work on my core confidence!

  10. Edwina-Anne says:

    Thank you Matthew. It’s OK to be me. I am the one holding the butterfly in my hand shielding it & I am the Butterfly & being both is really really cool. Love

  11. chandra says:

    After some failed relationships i felt so scared to get attached to someone special that i indeed had the feeling of letting the butterfly fly..thank you for confirming that i still need to give my value, even though the experiences from the past were horrible.I am manifesting more and more competence in my career and thanks to you also in my lovelife! thank you so much for your value. Love

  12. Paula says:

    Thank you, it gave me more clarity where iam and where I want to go.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for this video.

    Very inspiring.

  14. Damini Sharma says:

    Thank you for sharing the video. If not anything, it helped me clear my mind about what I want to be now on in life. Thank you for pointing out the basic mistakes that have been making my life bad.

  15. Koren says:

    This is all I need a realization about myself because honestly I am lack of confidence in myself. Thank you for this wonderful video you made for us.

    Thank you so much.


  16. Bobbie says:

    Thank you Matthew, for all that you do. This video was absolutely eye opening.

  17. Christina says:

    I am filled with gratitude for coming across this video and your wisdom.
    Your butterfly metaphor touched me deeply and opened my eyes for a wrong route I took, that I am in the process of correcting step by step, but was still wondered where I misstepped. Thanks to your message, though, it is cristal clear to me now.
    You had your epiphany in the cinema and thanks to you for sharing it, I have mine now. By the way, my jaw still is on the floor and I am kinda speechless, amazed, processing and wow, wow, wow…
    Matthew, thank you so much.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you,
    Christina XX

  18. Helen Sullivan says:

    Thank You Mathew well said and concise absolutely loved your video. You instill confidence in me to choose a better way of handling rejection. Your teachings are priceless. ❤️

  19. Kasia says:

    Thank You Matthew


    Iron Woman/Atomic Blonde ;)

  20. Shawnna says:

    I have been following your videos for some years now. I absolutely love your work! Thank you for what you do! ❤️⭐️

  21. Julie Kizziar says:

    Looking forward to this training video! This guy is awesome!

  22. Roheena Ali Shah says:

    Hello Matthew, its me Roheena from pakistan, I watched the video and listen your lecture so carefully you are a marvelous person eventhough English is not my native language and I am not good in English but I learn a lot by your video.The most beautiful lesson I have learned is the imaginary example yo gave in the lecture: the example of butterfly :) I myslef create another message here which is don’t hold people in your life by force neither give them space to go away from you but give them a reason to stay in your life besides core confidence I have learned .Thank you do much

  23. Tracey says:

    Hi Matthew.
    How can I achieve a deeper understanding with your core confidence coaching as I live to far to come on the retreat.
    Have you a online course or a book? Thank you so much for sharing. Tracey

    • MH Team - Sara says:

      Hi, Tracey! Sara here with Team Matthew Hussey – and I have some great news for you! Matt has an At-Home Retreat that can be completed online and delivers incredible results (just like his annual live retreats) because he understands that not everyone has the ability to travel and doesn’t ever want anyone to miss out on this opportunity to learn how to achieve anything they want. If you want to learn more about this life-changing program, check out this link! Thanks for reaching out to us. :)

  24. kalsey lafond says:

    no wonder we cant trust!!

  25. kalsey lafond says:

    umm this was suppose to be personal! and when I made the reply it said no content shared… very disappointed… and just violated!!

  26. kalsey lafond says:

    in all honesty mattew (hope I spelled it right) I’ve just recently started watching your videos in the past week..and I have so many questions concerning the out look of my life! ome thing that stuck out and disturbed me was “oh my sister with three kids will never understand “… well I am that sister raisins three kids 2 are twins and I always go out of my way to visit to please to accommodate everyone else. once I focused on me.. I was horrible. same with my relationship. once I wasn’t accommodating it was my fault for asking why I was a secondary. the man I’m seeing now lost both parents in one year mom to cancer dad to a drunk driver.
    this year he lost his 14 yr old son and 18 yr old step daughter to a drunk driver. I’m one of those that attract wounded but in this case dont knkw where to start. please insight!! then I will fork lift you with my problems lol xox

  27. Veronica says:

    Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your passion!

  28. Anahita Garman says:

    At 51,I’ve gone through parents divorce and a revolution in the country at age 10- unkind step mom and half sister and a dictator of a father-a mom that loved but never liked me-date rape and avoirtio
    in a middle eastern country- immigration to a vastly different country-living in with an unkind man who became a husband-two children and a rape in marriage that ended in divorce 15 years later-many failed relationships, … A lot… Just when I think I am confident I see I lack. I’m trying to find confidence (and peace that comes with it). Came to YouTube to learn and saw you. Life is about constant learning and moving…

  29. Liesl says:

    Thanks Matt really enjoyed watching it.

  30. Shazzy says:

    Thank you’s really give me more confidence after watching this video..yes agreed 100% when it’s a lose for the company who did not continue my probation and terminate me as i have so much value to add for the benefit of the company..Hope i will find new company that i can be an asset for them..Well done Matthew!Love from Malaysia.

  31. Sharon says:

    I’m 58 years old my mother lives with me and helps pay my mortgage and bills I’m anesthetician I make pretty good money at that I’ve been out of it for a while but my love is a make up artist and I’ve done that for 35 years I kind a got priced out when younger girls came in but I have no confidence at all of doing a job that I truly love to do I have things that I need to do around the house to get fixed up I’m always trying to make the needed repairs and no money to do it no confidence to do it and scared to get back into make up because I don’t think that I will get my full asking price and I end up doing things for free I need help

  32. Laura says:

    Core confidence.. who wouldn’t want to achieve that?!? It’s hard, but I guess the most important part is at least trying to do so and then, the rest will come naturally I assume.
    I have been watching your videos (the free ones for some time now, and I am so impressed with your knowledge in this field. I can’t even imagine the effort, time, passion and motivation that something like that requires. Every single video is not just done well and appealing and meaningful, it’s also so true.. like you were talking directly to me and me alone. We, women, make many common mistakes and everybody can relates to that in those videos.
    So, thank you for what you are doing for me and for many other people out there. That shit works… just when we follow your advice

  33. Stephanie Fowler says:

    I have been having a hard time lately. I am recently divorced, lost a job, my family and another man who I thought loved me. My confidence level was strained before all this happened and after I fell into such a depression I thought the only way out was suicide. One night I was feeling very low and decided to YouTube “How to get over a player.” I found a lot of great videos but the ones that hit home the most were done by Matthew, specifically one called ” He left? This reaction makes him fight for you” and “Which 3 woman are you like.” I started to realize that, how it may not have been directly my fault, my confidence needed some definite improving. After watching this video I realize that I am the person who traps the butterfly in but am also afraid to get attached to it to. This video has taught me how to take control of my life again and gave me the opportunity to move forward as a more educated and stronger person. Thank you for posting this.

  34. Denise Boston says:

    would love to know more

  35. Leesa says:

    Brilliant Matthew…. I’m now in my 40’s…. i know exactly who I am & exactly what I want & also what I have to offer to those in my life…. if they can’t see my value or worth, they’re not worthy of my attention or time… it’s a blessing of age & many life lessons and I’ve come to realise no matter what, life does go on…. may as make it a good one

  36. Kelly Gappmayer says:

    This was a great video. Something I needed to hear especially today. Thank you. I loved the butterfly metaphor

  37. Nenny says:

    Wawoo! That’s was fabulous
    Core confidence
    What a great teaching.

  38. Marguerita L Boyd says:

    The video confirmed alot of things I have read and learned over time.

  39. Binodini Singh says:

    Wow !! Just what I am going through .
    Thanks Matthew . It really touched me .

  40. Hadijat says:

    I don’t know am making sense right . I don’t fall in love long I easily get tired of relationship. And most of the time is not really my fault and if I want to get out of it he will start crying or begging . I don’t know maybe I have problem with myself or am not confidence to life. Thank u

  41. Shii says:

    It was a great training on core confidence..when everything is stripped away.

  42. Nafeesah says:

    Just what I needed. Thanks!

  43. Vicki says:

    Absolutely fantastic, you flicked a switch. I’ve been dating a guy for 5 months who lives in Melbourne and I live in HOBART (Australia).
    At first it appeared that it wouldn’t work out because of the distance… I was scared of losing this man because of this obstacle.
    I’ve been watching your videos for years and YOU have given me the skills to accept my inner value and to not settle.
    If it is meant to be, it will be.

    Thank you Matt

    Vicki B

  44. Regina says:

    I really need help with this pls

  45. Rensia Blignaut says:

    Wow! Love listening to you!

  46. Faith says:

    Ur so inspiring..just what I needed thanku

  47. Alexis M Quandt says:

    OMG.. Matthew, you are the greatest ever. You are right… You are iron Man and a damn good one at that. Stay positive and keep up the great work. Love you for all you do.

  48. Heather Rockwell says:

    Such a great thing you are doing for different women around the world. And of course the one thing that always get in my way is money. So on that note it looks like I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing working to pay bills and taking care of my Kids and hopefully one day I can find my true self.

  49. Sraddha S Prativadi says:

    This was brilliant on so many levels. After being found unresponsive in my call room last year, I rescued myself from suicide through work and getting in touch with myself, my old friends in a life without my career- something I devoted my life to since I was a kid, obsessing over being a surgeon and physician. I learned I have value beyond that title and white coat. Others already saw it. I had to feel it myself.

  50. Joanna says:

    This is just what I needed Matt. Thanks so much!
    I am iron woman… haha :)

  51. Camilla Nandlal says:

    Love your messages it helped me alot

  52. Juhi dave says:

    Eureka moment, absolutely blessed to have come across this video, immense Gratitude just as when I needed it the most in my crashing life phase. Thank you so much looking forward to more

  53. Miri says:

    Not that I wasn’t confident… was giving to many chances…

  54. Tiffany says:

    Dear Matthew,

    Core confidence. “I didn’t lose the TV show. The TV show lost me.” I didn’t lose my ex. He lost me.

    Thank you for the butterfly analogy! It’s exactly what I needed to hear today. I need someone like that third guy who adds value to the butterfly. Not someone who cages me in so I feel trapped. Not someone who ignores me and doesn’t get attached, but someone who is actually there for me and is willing to protect me and add value to my life so I feel the courage to try new things and not be afraid because they’ve got me. I can jump all in knowing that they are right there with me. That’s what I need in a guy. I need to feel safe. I need to know that he is there for me to add value to my life as I add value by being in his life. That’s what I need to look for in the future.

    I need to maintain my relationships. “You can’t make old friends.” I love that! Keep up my hobbies.

  55. Mayra says:

    Thank you Matthew, very nice.


  56. Ali says:

    I have followed you for years and so appreciated your wisdom, experience and vulnerability. I love that you got real on this intro and just want to say Thank you. Your gifts are seen and valued. I teach what you have taught me to my daughter and to any women and men who want to to learn. I too am a teacher, speaker and counselor. I’ve just begun to understand my core confidence and my true value from all my years of learning. Here’s to some great shit to come!!! Thank you!

  57. Steenland Erika says:

    Loved the analogy of the butterfly landing in the hand & the 3 responses one can have to it. I’ve been the person that closed my hand to keep it from leaving. I want to be – and I’ve been working towards being – the person that responds to it by it like the 3rd person would.

  58. Revathi says:

    This is so important for me to know. Thank you so so much for making this video.
    I really hope to attend your talks one day.

    You are doing great Matthew, by helping me to open my mind to see the situation in a practical way and renewed myself.

  59. Becky says:

    This video touched my heart so deeply.
    The thing at the end with the butterfly..?
    That was beautiful..tears were running down my face.. thank you so much for doing what you do. This video was amazing.
    Thank you Matthew Hussey.

  60. Lilly Tomanogi says:

    I wish to Meet with you in the future. Thank you so much for this video it helps me and my relationship so much. Thank you thank you Mathew.

  61. Lori says:

    Great advice!

  62. Toniet says:

    Happy always to hear the words and advice of Matthew Hussey. I am heart broken right now as we just broke up with my asshole bf and watching that video I’ve learn soo much how to value myself and being confidence . He lose me not that I lose him thank you again. God Bless Matthew!

  63. Anbarasu says:


  64. Joana says:

    Thanks to this video that you made sir it will help me so much . Hope to see more videos of yours sir.

  65. Margaret says:

    Am all of the 3 women. And at times i get lost and think that nothing whatever am going through nobody understands and i often seek clarification from men telling me of my beauty. Am lost and am messed up

  66. Irene says:

    Really great video, that resonates with many spheres of life -relationships, friendships, career, etc. Thanks Matt!

  67. Myriam says:

    Tell me about the retreat(s)

  68. Loretta says:

    Thanks Matthew

    Inspiring as usual.


  69. Deepika Sood says:

    I need more videos.
    I m going throigh a tough phase in life from past 3 years

  70. Brittany N Smith says:

    I need to work on my confidence please.

  71. Zahra says:

    Oh wow!! Just wow! This speech was GENIUS!!!! I’ve been watching your videos for years, bought all your books and continue taking your advices on my relashionship. I’m coming to understand more and more day by day and learning . There’s no one like you Matt, you are a star! I’m greatful for this vide, life changing indeed.

  72. Andrea says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful video Matt !

  73. Nalyn Balandra says:

    Very good and I find it very useful. Thank you.

  74. Weronica Svensson says:

    Like Dr Phil says :u teach people how to treat u. ❤️ So damn Tru. U are my favorite teacher, Matt. I learn soo much. Thank u for being u

  75. Marizete says:


  76. Danica Gucunja says:

    Hi Matt,

    I really liked this video because it made me realize that I have to be more brave in life and love. I can say for myself that Im not so confident person, but I think that I will make it somehow to achieve goals I had written for myself. Also I want to say is that I have never been in a relationship, cause men dont approach to me, I dont know why, maybe its because Im not attractive, or men think Im untouchable, I dont know. Im 20 years old and recently I realized that I am slightly afraid if someone approaches me, that I will make some mistake and I will regret it, or that that someone wont love me for who I am, or maybe that I wont love him back. I hope that this feeling will fade away and that I wont be so scared of love.

    P.S. You are doing your job great, continue with that! :D

  77. Laura says:

    Matthew..People like you were put on this Earth to make the world a better place!! Truly inspiring

  78. Cira Rivera says:

    I thank you for this video. I lack confidence in relationships because I give 100% of myself to someone I like and care for recently. I know im not alone on this. God bless you always!

  79. susan says:

    This is just a VITAL lesson for me to take away. Value my own self and that I have VALUE to give is paramount to regaining my own core competence . Sometimes life and relationships etch away at ones core competence. This video has helped me understand how to regain it and use it in developing new relationships. Love your messages Matthew, am an advocate.

  80. Maria Munox says:

    This is one if the most wonderful explanation on confidence. Yes I heard it 3 times, yes 3 times because I wanted to get every little bit of advice I could. Thank you for this! I really appreciate it Very much!

    Not to be ugly, but I eish I could take your retreat home course but it’s a bit to much! Some day I’ll be able to afford it, but Overall! You are a wonderful in sharing your talent, knowledge & skills. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


  81. Shweta Srivastava says:

    My name is Shweta and I’m from India.
    I had first seen your video on Facebook. Then I subscribed you on YouTube. You are doing an amazing job. I have been struggling with life problems like everyone out there. I believe that no one else can help me but myself. But sometimes this believe get shaken due to the circumstances. Your videos are really helpful. I would love to come to your retreat program someday but right now I can’t afford them monetarily. But that’s alright. I’m a good learner and I have been learning from your YouTube videos. I will do good with my life.
    But I want to say that you are a great human being and it shows in your eyes. Keep up with it.
    Lots of love.

  82. Karen says:

    Wow amazing…I really need to get core confidence I definitely lack it. I wish I could visit your retreat unfortunately I am in South Africa and I will not be able to afford it ever.

    You inspire me so much…

  83. Naomi says:

    Just to say thank you and thank you again. You are inspiring!

  84. Amanda says:

    Thank you for all that you and your team do! I have been in a really draining limbo relationship for the past 9 years. This video gave me what I needed to hear,and understanding of having Core confidence. Thank you for doing this!

  85. silmara says:

    Amazing!!! thanks for being who you are!

  86. The Traveling Douche says:

    Hello all you dumb b-tches who follow this. Come on, this is an obvious marketing pitch lol. Anyways, I am looking for someone like you…. I’m a guy, I’m cool, sometimes. BUT and this is a big BUT (not literally) I am ONLY looking for girls who are dumb and HOT. And I mean… Hot.

    So bring it. Email me in the comments.


  87. U are all fat gi4ls says:

    This is so obviously marketed toward dumg girls lol

  88. Frank Jones says:

    This advice can be used in so many different aspects in life. Thanks for making this free. Wish I could download.

  89. Ed Walker says:

    This was great thank you.

  90. ROSS DONEWALD says:

    This changed everything. Wish we could have a conversation in person.

  91. Pamela says:

    I actually love you , thank you so much for being who you are . You have no idea what a big impact these videos are having on my life . Wish i discovered you sooner to avoid some of the heartbreak i went through . I’m already on my third fiancee.

  92. Pheonix Jade says:

    What a powerful and inspirational speech thank you so much

  93. Mona says:

    Thanks Matt as always refreshing to see you

  94. Kelly says:

    mmmm, Ironman! ;-)

  95. Nidhi dubey says:

    The only thing I wanna say is THANK YOU SO MUCH
    For this precious video And God bless you!
    You are the one of the wonderful gifted creature on this earth !
    God bless you ❤️

  96. Miriam says:

    Love it when you use stories and metaphors to bring the message! Thanks!

  97. Sam says:

    a good video!

  98. laura says:

    thank you.