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  1. Heidi says:

    Amazing! His advice is absolutely brilliant.

  2. Stella says:

    Brave to address what some would see as a life shattering failure as a point in time where you have a personal revelation that builds you up.

  3. Soren says:


  4. Audrey Broas says:

    Loved it! Matt makes it so easy to understand Core Confidence..

  5. Sheryl Pilcher says:

    One of the BEST videos of Matthew I’ve watched! CORE CONFIDENCE!!!

  6. Rosemary says:

    Thanks for sharing this.
    It was worth the I put in to listen to it.

    This is so amazing.

  7. Dorien says:

    Will like to know more about getcoreconfidence

  8. Nicola Moore says:

    Thanks so much , you are such a inspirational man . Beautiful inside and out . You have helped so much x

  9. Pierre says:

    Absolutly awesome. Thank you for the inspiration.

  10. Lalitha Subramanian says:

    Thank you Matthew. You have presented such an interesting and valuable content on core confidence. I also liked how you explained on the difference between being confident & competent in a very clear & simplistic manner, which is crucial in every aspect of our life.

  11. Arlene says:

    Wow!! He is truly speaking from the heart! I stood up from my chair and clapped at him while I’m watching it! Thank you!

  12. Richard Takyi says:

    I appreciate you for such a gift of this confident video. Thank you very much

  13. Jen says:

    I would love to know how to get on one if your retreats. Incredible video. Thank you for a wonderful gift.

  14. Miz K says:

    You gotta be kidding me on the price.. honestly you should consider people who would live to buy this but cant because it is too far out of their price range…
    To me its bogus because it’s like putting under the title in small print.
    Available only to the wealthy

  15. Jen says:

    A brilliant watch. Very engaging and so so true. I could feel the fire in the belly!

  16. Susmita Bhowmick says:

    The video is beautiful. It does go beyond making relationships with other human beings… until you find confidence in yourself and acceptance. Thank you for making this beautiful content available to us for free. Lot of us are struggling through depression and things like these can make waking up one single day easier than the last. I cannot afford your retreat program but i do imagine you saying these things to me personally thanks to your competent and i hope someday i become the person you are aspiring us to become… someone truly independent and content with life.

  17. Jelena says:

    Dear unique human,Matthew, I am so happy you realize how special and magnificent you are. I am one of those people who don’t listen to you because they want just to learn about dating, I could listen to you talking about the weather or door knobs and know that it would be profound, valuable and unique experience. Thank you for your existence on this planet.

  18. Anne says:


    This is the BEST I’ve seen you. Not that your other videos are not good but I’ve been watching you through the years and you’ve perfected everything in this video. Delivery is SUPERB! Voice, Tone, Body Language, Flow of delivery, and time management. AMAZING!!!! As you said in your other videos, and your book, dating takes practice. You inspire me to work on a lot of things in my life, not only my love life. I want to keep ‘practicing’ until I get to where I want to be.
    Just a small suggestion, can your videos please have captions? English is not my first language so a lot of times I’ve had to repeat or go back a couple seconds on your videos when you talk fast.

    Thanks again for being amazing! Wishing you all the best in all aspects of your life


  19. Anna says:

    Hi Matthew!

    Thank you very much for this video. The topic is very good and interesting. Since I never had much self-confidence and lost that little, it is now difficult to be open and brave in any field without the right self-confidence. Thanks again!

  20. Michele says:

    Thank you so much for the words. Very encouraging and inspiring. You are awesome.

  21. Refentse says:

    Thank you for the lovely video it is amazing ❤️

  22. Kaat says:

    I love to hear you talk
    All what you say makes sence
    Now my turn to do something with it

  23. Adriana says:

    Being a career driven (crazy) person, this resonated in me like nothing else: I’m a musician and the concept of identity disappears rapidly into your achivements, performances and such. And then you realize something else is missing and that it must exist a lot of life and fun outside that little world… and that you crave it. So thank you so much for putting into words this sort of passing thoughts I normally have and that probably I would have ignored again.
    The transparence, clarity and kindness of your message makes a person change. Or makes the change you’re already doing feel appreciated and respected from the outside. Oh the relief!

    Thank you again and greetings from Barcelona!

  24. Rochelle says:

    I was exploring your page regarding the retreat and it appears that the only way to proceed with the course is through at home only. Am I correct? I would rather see about information pertaining to a live retreat if that is even still a possibility due to Covid-19. I know that I will not be able to retain the most valuable lesson this retreat has to offer, by attending online. I have always thrived with social settings such as in classrooms and so forth. Please let me know if a live retreat is available or may become available again in the near future? Thank you so much.

  25. Nathalie Wright says:

    I needed this. At 40-recently single- feel like I’m failing…you’ve helped me to the right path.
    Thank you!

  26. Tugce says:

    Some great examples to remember. Very entertaining, so it’s impossible to forget the things that have been said in the video. Confidence clearly explained. I love the 3 different types of confidence example. The example lead me to get to know myself more, my strengths and weaknesses.

  27. Gail says:

    Thank you for your video, your words make so much sense, it made me want to be a better me, lovelife not that bothered, had love of my life for 27yrs before he passed a few yrs ago, people say your 47 yrs old ull meet someone else, but I say it’s about finding a new me and your videos and words are helping me so much. So thanks again. I think your amazing. TC x

  28. Maria João Costa Dionísio says:

    Matt is a beautiful person

  29. Favo says:

    I think this was just what I needed to hear –
    I have immeasurable, well-established and secure Core Confidence … somehow it got a little squashed over the years by lifestyle … but never extinguished … Thank you for reminding me of the Amazing woman that I am … great video – I would highly recommend it x

  30. Alba says:

    Will process the videos I saw and think
    about possibly doing the home programme.

  31. Sema says:

    This is the second time I watched the video and it gave me even more. Thank you

  32. Kathy says:

    Thank you so much for being you! You are so brilliant!

  33. Oksana says:

    Matthew, I watch your talks on Youtube and you always are so inspirational, outstanding and I love all of it’s authentic wisdom. This video is exceptional. This pandemic has made me reprioritize some of my priorities in ways I have never before. Thank you for helping me go through this emotional and spiritual journey. You are so awesome!!

  34. Stephanie says:

    Wonderfully authentic! Thank you for sharing this, Matthew. I also found you exactly when I needed you. My life completely fell apart recently, before the coronavirus pandemic, and I’ve been going through this major transformation. Your talk let me know I’m on the right track. I still know my worth, all that I have to offer, and how awesome I am. I’m so glad to know there are other likeminded people out there : )

  35. Martina Mercer-Hall says:

    Thank you for your wisdom and inspiration Matthew. I found you exactly when I needed you. You have helped me to change my mindset and accept certain behaviours of myself and given me the confidence to realise I am actually Wonder Woman! Something I had forgotten due to internal and external life changing events which affected me on many levels.
    Once again, much gratitude to you for lifting my spirits and life.

  36. Maryam says:

    Iam Egyptian girl and I was listening to your videos at first because I liked your british accent but after while I descovered that I want to repeat your videos again and again because they added to me great value not just great language. You are talented man Mathew thank you

  37. Christine says:

    The butterfly that’s shielded from the wind stays not because it has to but because it sees the value of staying. That’s pretty profound.

  38. Marianne Green says:

    wow Mathew transformational!! loved it.

  39. Jenny says:

    That was one of the best things I have seen in a long time. It made so much sense to me.
    Thank you.

  40. Shallu says:

    Hi MAtt,
    I am watching your videos from this May, now while we are in lock down u can say i didn’t had anything else to watch…haha..but your video’s titles were so interesting that i could not resist watching that. So, I am from India and i have not been in a relationship from last ten years n now i am 28, working in a field i love, doing what i always wanted. I always followed my heart and that’s why i wanted to have an experience with relationship. Now here’s the thing when i broke up with him after 5 months my confidence level dropped significantly. I was 17 then n now i have much more confidence in me than i had that time just becos i am competent in my work, my job (as you said in one of your videos- helped me significantly). Now i have a start-up too n for that you know u gotta do lot of stuff to build something and more than that to maintain it (this id from ur video too…thanks a lot). This lesson which u gave in above video i have kept my notes and studies it very well and i am going to apply it in my professional life and my personal life not only with the guys but with everyone around me. the persons that love me, i am surrounded by love all over and that does not come from a guy necessarily but from my parents, siblings, friends and teachers too, but most importantly from myself. I struggled 10 years to build such a confidence in me but a little glitch was there which was removed by your support and sayings. Now, i am in love with myself and with those who love me and reciprocate my love for them equally. I am complete as a whole i don’t need anyone else to complete my day. I am enjoying my life to the fullest. I am not in a relationship, but i don’t say no to one too but at the same time I am not waiting for anyone specific(thanks to you…again). You taught me somethings that changed everything in me. I have become the best version of myself and since you had so much lively gifts for me and for everyone that needed them i want to gift you my start-up’s first developed product which most probably i will be launching in October this year, I will get back to you at that time…..thanks a ton for everything bye…and take care of your good self… :)

  41. Kim Trinh says:

    I have listened to the full version of this talk on SoundCloud over and over before, love it! Nice to have the visual, it adds another dimension. (I am digressing but the whole bit on bliss point of communication and unusual pairing that you also cover was quite an eye-opener as well, so genius!!)
    Is the full video coverage available on YouTube? Sorry if you expected more in terms of comments, but that’s all I’ve got… endless praise and respect for all your work!

  42. Lisa Costantini says:

    Thanks so much for this I did forget about some of the reasons why some things don’t work in my life. You guys do such an amazing job and I’m loving the “get the guy” book to. Thanks heaps not just to Mathew Hussey but to all who have put there time and effort into making all this possible because with out that I couldn’t have learnt what I know today. You guys are amazing. Keep up the great work and I really needed to hear this today.

  43. Carolyn Ritchie says:

    WOW. Loved this. It really spoke to me.

  44. Ramona Fingersh says:

    I really loved this. I want to go to the retreat but not sure if Oct is full. Bie finally got someone to help me. I am hoping to get the at home version if I can’t have you help me in person. I love the way you speak and your content is like no other. Your family is so genuine and awesome. I love that your dad bought enough tea during this pandemic to last years. Never over look a good cup of tea.

  45. May says:

    I’m married and I still watch your videos. There’s always something to learn and to be reminded of. Marriage is hard work but if we treat the journey and each other like we are dating and stop taking each other for granted it solves half the problem.

  46. Lexa says:

    Thank you for all that you do and all the effort in your videos and free content you willing share. I derive value from each and every one of them. This one, in particular, was transformative. I was looking deep within myself to cultivate confidence yet it always seems to only manifest at the surface or lifestyle levels. I couldn’t see my blind spot until now. I recognize the value in myself at my core. I am valuable. It not something I have to prove. It’s who I am. It was never out there where I was looking. It is within me already. I needed to realize it for myself before others could see it. Wow, just wow! Thank you for this priceless blessing.

  47. Feel says:

    The intro video is encouraging giving me hints to be more confident that comes from the inside. I hope to see more inspirational and a personal guide video from you. God bless!

  48. J says:

    I think you are fantastic. I’ve watched many of your videos and seen you on Dr Phil. The story you told about the tv show was the most powerful to me – you didn’t lose the tv show, the tv show lost you. Last year I was rejected by a guy that I thought was interested in me so therefore I can apply your story to mine, I had a lot to offer him and he lost me!! Thank you so much for the empowerment and for the lesson on core confidence and competence. Amazing!!

  49. Reslie says:

    Competence and confidence has different meaning but in the same way.The core confidence is more valuable in our life.

  50. Vladimira says:

    I loved the message, however it makes me uncomfortable how ”energetic/agressive” you’re on stage ..I am just not used to it comming from you so its … uncomfortable. What I most adore about your vids is this closeness by the warmth and respect of how you talk to us . I find this new way makes it hard for me too keep my interest and follow your message…. maybe its just you’re being a bit nervious or excited. Any of the ways, my congrats for your constant growth and deep gratitude to your help. I appreciate your work!

  51. Kingsley says:

    I was so encouraged by this video. For a long time I was confused on how to get confident. Now I understand that confidence comes only when I have enough competence to support it, only when I, being taken away all I possessed, all I loved, all I valued, still believe I got the key to take them back and I will take them back. Thanks!

  52. Sue says:

    Practical advice that just highlights what most people already know inside. I did not care for the profanity but it has some raw authentic quality I suppose.

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