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1,685 Responses to The 5 Heartfelt Techniques That Help Men Open Up to You

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  1. Alystyre Julian says:

    all useful for all genders to hear and apply, thank you

  2. Lisa Theriault says:

    This information will most definitely help women interact with men in a positive way to then know how to respond to men. It happened to me the first communication received from my partner and I responded by telling him how much courage it took to send me a message in which he took a chance in sending!!! I love this video and will listen to it again just to keep guiding me on the right track! Thank you Matt!!!

  3. San Miano says:

    This is amazing! I needed this for my current relationship. He’s been so severely abused as a kid and it shows in his relationships. He has had times of opening up with me. This helps me know better how to be a safe person for him to be vulnerable and real with. Thank you!!!


  4. Morgan says:

    Watching this made me realize how lucky I am to have been surrounded by men in my life who were brave enough to be vulnerable. Men like my father, grandfather, and even people at church who I got to look up to as men who set a standard that I would have for my future spouse. I have always been able to get guys to open up to me for some reason, but what’s harder is then knowing what to say to reaffirm them afterwards. I’ve never really been sure how to express that I feel connected to them or that I value the fact that they just opened up, so this helped a lot.:)

  5. Claudia says:

    I live in Japan and there’s a lesson that says: if you not try, you will never know the result.
    Another lesson I’ve learned so far is: We need to express what we’re feeling. So, if you’re wondering about saying/ expressing something, always choose the path that leads you to the expression way. Being quiet, static, wondering leads you to nowhere.

  6. Sanja says:

    It was enlightening to learn that we shouldn’t react with a pitiful comments such as “poor thing, poor baby…”because I believe it’s a natural reaction of many women. That’s exactly how we react to other women telling us about their hardships. I feel that for me there’s a thin line between expressing pity and expressing care. This video helped me understand better how it should be done. Thank you, Matthew.

  7. Ivonne says:

    Thank you Matthew for this video.
    I am Argentinian living in Chile. I have lived in many other countries, US, NZ, Australia but have never lived in a country where guys are so “macho men” as here. This is a very “manly” society, kind of outdated. I am dating a guy who is Chilean and we connect so easily hen we talk. We can talk about anything, and we share many interests and beliefs. What is really hard for me is to connect emotionally with him. I have never felt this “wall” with a partner before and it is really hard to know how to help him put this wall down or let me pass through…or if he is ever going to let me, or even wants me to.
    I will try the tips you mention in the video and hope they help. I believe they might be really useful, I just hope they will also help if this is a cultural thing.

    Thank you.

  8. Sun says:

    Interesting view.
    My question would be how make a man open up more, when i see him 1-2 time a month, he got apartment for me and helps me with money (not sugar daddy, we met in strange situation and from then he started to help me out with basic stuff money and place to live) Our time together is amazing, but after we dont communicate a lot and I know him for 2 years now. I know that he was going threw divorce and he has a lot companies and responsibilities to deal with. Mean while I am studying and working part time job. And I dont date anyone, just busy with myself as i want to find a better job. I feel very strong connection when we are together and we both know that he is holding back to say things, as from the begging we agreed that we are just friends and no feelings can be involved. I think that man is amazing in all ways. So how to help him open up more?

  9. Jay Louise says:

    Super useful for ALL life’s relationships, especially parents/teenagers and worth applying to everyone to be fair. Mental health is now, rightly so, becoming more important and at the forefront of everyone’s well being. This particular training makes mind blowing sense for anyone who finds it hard to be vulnerable but also helps those who have the opportunity to respond effectively so having the conversation for that person is easier next time.
    You have a huge talent for communication and explaining things in such a clarifying way, could have a huge positive impact using your skills and knowledge to create techniques and mechanisms for mental health as well as relationship coaching? #justsaying xx

  10. Kalin says:

    love it!

  11. Isabel says:

    This is very helpful. Although I do not have a partner in my life right now, I do have two amazing sons who will benefit from me being better equipped to partner with them in their self discovery and growth.

    Thank you Matt.

  12. Hoda says:

    How could I ever thank you ❤️

  13. Anabel says:

    I am absolutely ecstatic that I finally see a public figure address this issue. Ever since I was a child I felt that as a female we have always been able to express our emotions and feel like it’s acceptable for me. I was also taught that it is important to always try to understand how another person feels by putting myself in their shoes. It has always bothered me that our westernized society has not allowed men to feel vulnerable, to have an emotionally intelligent individual, regardless of sex, we need to have the space and support to express and process our emotions, this keeps flow and doesn’t allow for trauma to remain with someone. So freakin happy you addressed this, absolutely love you for doing this. So grateful you exist Matthew!! Big hugs! :)

  14. Samantha says:

    I loved this. I am just going through a breakup though so now it’s making me worried because there were times where I met his vulnerability with fear because it was vulnerability about our relationship. I don’t know if meeting it calmly would have fixed it or not but now I’m wondering and worried….
    thank you Matthew this was good to hear and I’ll learn from it one way or another.

  15. Christine says:

    You are an amazing man. Thank you for opening up in so any areas that other relationship coaches would never do. You are so deeply appreciated ~ I can’t possibly tell you how much you have made me so much more aware of how men may really feel. I only wish I had known it sooner. I think your advice and honesty are not only brave but extremely helpful. I am very sad to be divorced – but my ex-husband had been unfaithful all through our marriage – I just never knew. Now sometimes it is difficult to talk to my sons – I’m not always certain how to speak to them – no need to talk of the divorce any longer but sometimes after being so close to me – I never know exactly what they are thinking – it is difficult to get them to respond. I am hoping from your honesty about men perhaps I will learn the correct way to approach them. I miss them very much. I also hope to learn how to recognize men who don’t understand the boundaries that I cherish in a relationship or marriage. I also pray someday I will be confident enough to believe I can be truly loved – it’s very important to me and I still have so much love left to give – sometimes I feel too many years have been wasted for no reason. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ~ I believe there is still so much that I can learn from you. Thank you for your integrity.. Most sincerely, Christine

  16. Anna says:

    Excellent explanation!!
    Important that women understand men say things that mean
    Something diff to womEn
    Dont try to fix mans situation

  17. タシャ says:

    Very true and important for everyone to understand.
    But I have a bad habit of starting to cry when he cries (adapting to his behavior). Then he hates it when I cry, so he tries to cheer up. I’m hoping that he genuinely cheers up and doesn’t just start hiding his feelings.. That worries me a little.

  18. Bianca says:

    Hey Matt! WOW!! Mind blown!!
    I really wish I had watched this when you first released it! I had no idea the things I was doing, were counterproductive and making him feel more insecure about being vulnerable around me.
    I believe these techniques would have helped to save my relationship if I had implemented them.
    I used to use the “oh honey” or “oh babe, you poor thing, I love you” and I’ve also used “It really worries me you’re feeling like this.”
    We broke up about a month ago, after being together for 2 years because he needed time to work on him and deal with his stuff. He’s confused about what he wants out of life and the direction he’s heading in.
    I’ve since had to step back and give him space.
    If given the opportunity, I will be putting what you have taught into place.

    I’m definitely sharing this with all my girlfriends!!!
    Thanks again Matt, for opening up my eyes. Great work!

  19. Shanté Evans says:

    Very informative! Would love to be an advocate as well.

  20. Sandez Barnard says:

    Heyy Matt, loved this msg!! your so right and I want to be an advocate for men to open up!! thank you for sharing
    xx Sandy

  21. Crystal Foster says:

    I think creating a space where I get to meet the person I am to be in a relationship with fully. Is what I am looking for. I don’t want a part-time partner or lover. I will try first with my male friends, if the event arises. In the future, on a date or long-term relationship, because I desire experience of full love in my next relationship.

  22. Maxine says:

    Matthew! This was amazing. Thank you so much for guiding us in how to increase meaningful communication, depth and growth in my relationship with my boyfriend. Thank you. The video was incredible my detailed and helpful. Thank you!

  23. Lee says:

    This is so pure and amazing. Loved this❤️ Truly appreciated.

  24. Marie-Eve Rivard says:

    Thank you so much for this video. I have been feeling frustrated for years against man who, I feel, ask so much in a relationship but give so little and refuse to open up. Hearing you saying that it is your job as man to fix it, and that the only thing we can do is hold that space makes a lot of sense. It brings the conversation about opening up in a whole new direction.

    Thanks for bringing more understanding into relationships, I believe we need this.

  25. Amanda says:

    Thank you! Very insightful.

  26. rasha Hussain says:

    That was amazing! so very helpful and enlightening. I always love your approach towards relationships and how you focus on togetherness love and kindness while keeping individuality, respect and boundaries intact. growing and Building loving and nurturing relationships

  27. Lou says:

    Love this! Thank you Matthew :) will be trying second one this week…. though but worried it will seem out of the blue… is it normal for a guy to go distant after opening up? I don’t think I did anything wrong when he did… though I definitely didn’t do it perfectly either…
    Thanks again. I love that what you said about being able to be kind but still firm and assertive… that is something I definitely need to work on, not just in my love life. I have a tendency to try and please someone regardless of how that affects me.

  28. Julia says:

    Thank you for these tips. I liked the first one about preframing. Valuable information.

  29. Erin says:

    Truly appreciated. Practical advice. One of the things I found most liberating is that you’ve reiterated the fact that it isn’t my responsibility as a woman to do anything to get him to open up. But that there is a subtle way to allow him to know it is ok and that it would only make me admire him more. I fully know that there is a time to move forward and stop holding that space if a relationship just isn’t going to pan out, but in my current circumstance, he’s worth it to me to keep that space open for a little longer. Thanks for the hope and the tools. Xo

  30. Holli Turley says:

    Thank you for this information Matthew! I really appreciate the example of words & phrases to help reassure his masculinity while encouraging him to talk about his feelings. I have a man my Life & he has been wonderful at listening & holding space for me as I work through some trauma. I sincerely want him to feel he is safe to do the same with me. He has a lot he said he has to work through himself. We want a future together & this training has given me the tools to hold space for him & words I needed to reassure him it’s safe. ❤️ Thanks again. I am excited to truly learn & apply these techniques.

  31. Cynthia says:

    Thank you for these 5 techniques, i have shared them with my brother so he could be a more confident man! And i will keep these techniques in mind to adopt them in my next relationship!

  32. Christa says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these loving approachable techniques…I truly just want to be an amazing alli for the right man that comes along and allows me to be his alli.

  33. Beth says:

    Hey! Usually I just listen and not comment, but I agree with what someone said – this is one of your best videos.

  34. Daisy says:

    Thank you for showing men (and women) that when a man opens up and shows us a vulnerable side, that he is not weak, but quite the opposite. It’s a sign of courage and confidence when he allows himself to be seen. It also shows us that he is an evolved human being with feelings. Having emotional intelligence is SO SEXY, and yet rare. Your 4 tips on how to create that safe space is very sound advice. Love it❣️

  35. Karla says:

    There is just no manipulation in any part of what you deliver. You are just amazing Matthew!! Words cannot describe how relevant and insightful and genuinely authentic your videos are!

  36. Emily says:

    Relationships have always been difficult for me while dealing with dyslexia, and not just romantic… in general. This past year, after turning 32, I decided that I won’t fear relationships and started dating a few months after, and then giving my all to the man I’m with, but I realised that it is twice as difficult for me to open up when someone hasn’t opened up to me first. It feels like “my all” isn’t enough. Expressing feelings is a completely foreign language for me… and for him as well. We’ve talked about communicating more but seeing your video made me realise that I was probably too upfront. He most likely froze because of how I approached the situation.
    Next time, after quarantine apparently, I won’t tell him to communicate (as if it there was a button to be pushed); I’ll be strong and will open up to him… and hope for him to do the same. I probably pushed him, and I myself wouldn’t like to be pushed. Makes me feel I’m not ready.
    Thank you so much. I would love to see more of this training.

  37. Neni says:

    Wow this was so revealing to me of my own mistakes. As a coach myself with my past relationships am so guilty of saying “baby ….” and hadn’t realized until now that you said it this way, that I was making him feel weak when my intention was to nurture. Thank you for giving the guys perspective on this. I feel like I need to apologize for my own behavior.
    You have opened my eyes to see myself clearer.
    Thank you for being vulnerable yourself in this video. Makes me respect you more.

  38. Michael says:

    Hi Matt, Thanks for such a great video. It’s good to know how to open up and save space for others. I think it’s important for men to know how to do this for women, too. Congrats on your Wim Hof retreat, too. Sounded like a cool time.

  39. Andrea says:

    My Dad is currently goining through what must be a very difficult and painful experience. I’d love to help support him the way he has always supported me. Thank you for this video, I hope I can use these ideas to help him.

  40. Christine Eaton says:

    Thank you for all of your wisdom and being a gentleman. More men need to realize and be taught that vulnerability is strength. This has been an issue in most of my long term relationships. Its because they cant open up, that we do not have real conversations and therefore, are not communicating. This overtime leads to the breakdown of the relationship.
    Your tips especially the first one, will definitely help me in the future.

  41. Dayna says:

    I think this is one of your best videos. The advice can be taken right across the board in all relationships. At the heart of it it’s how to communicate with each other from a place of respect. Respecting our own needs and that of our partner. I have a hard time being vulnerable myself so I completely understand the fear, but have also done a lot of self work to move past it into trust and your words here also made me feel like we are all in this and it’s ok. Thank you!

  42. Sofia Siouta says:

    In the past and for many years I had a very bad relationship with my father. He was violent. Now he is trying to approach me. Sometimes I want that too but some times I don’t. I am afraid that my relationship with my father has affected my relationship with other men. I am sure of it. How I can change that and be open to men again??

  43. Nadeen says:

    sooo I love this video because you do state 5 clear techniques to get guys to open up, but I have to admit, it was kind of puzzling.
    So here’s why:
    – You mentioned that when he opens up about something, it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to treat him like a “baby” but I feel like (as a woman) that what I sometimes want to hear.. If I open up about something, it kind of evokes that feeling in my partner.. to say things like “aww..” or stuff like that. So, you did state some clear phrases that I could use, but at the same time, idk how naturally they would flow within the context of the conversation we’re having.
    – These techniques are great and I will definitely use them but can you elaborate more on the fine line between making him feel secure enough to open up while still making him feel like he’s strong?
    This is an amazing video, and I’ll try to use it but I feel like whenever a guy opens up to me about something, although its awesome and indeed sexy, I feel like I have to walk on eggshells afterwards because I dont want to make emasculate him and I dont know how he would react to anything I would say afterwards.. even if its not emasculating.
    idk if my words were articulated correctly, but thanks for this video! I loved it, I would love to join one of your retreats but I live in Qatar and no one wants to come here xD

  44. Bethany says:

    Watching this I feel like you sir are the smartest man alive, who is not only good looking, charming and has built himself a voice on a platform but uses it to actually create a booming positive impact on everyday lives of us human beings for free! God bless you Mathew Hussey! I feel so honoured and privileged to have just learned these 5 ways to help my future man to feel totally okay and confident and sexy when he opens up and expresses his vulnerabilities to me. In the past I would use these very techniques/strategies to get my ex husband to talk to me honestly… they work. They do. But the things he became honest about, I couldn’t really deal with as they were unexceptional and straight up bat shit crazy. But again thank you nonetheless.


  45. A says:

    I have faced and am presently facing this issue in this and previous relationships. I hate that men feel this way and it deprives them and us of exploring a new territory of what it could be.

  46. Vanessa says:

    I love your work and advice!

  47. Miriam says:

    I feel for men in many ways. I am fortunate to be a woman.

    We are not judged too harshly for not having our future all figured out. for not moving out of our parents house at a certain age. for not being the one to take the first step to pursue someone. for not having the money to pay for the first date or the second, or all of them! for not buying an expensive gift for her on valentines or every special occasion. for not being strong, or buff or tall enough. for not having a deep or manly voice. for not fighting back when confronted, even if it was not worth the time. for not having a cool job. for not having a nice car. for not being the providers. and I could go on forever.

    Men are under a lot of pressure all the time. they have it tough in many ways. Women can cry and share their feelings, hold each other and show affection without being judged. man can rarely do this with other man or even with woman because they could be labeled “weak” or “gay”.

    I try to be understanding as much as I can. I don’t see men as superior beings that should not only be way stronger, wealthier, smarter, and more confident than me. I try to see them for who they are, a person, with feelings and insecurities. I don’t expect more than a genuine interaction with him. I give him time to open up. I let him know I admire him for everything he’s done, big or small.

    Women let’s put ourselves in their shoes more often. would we be able to do everything we expect of them? if so, try it. Men, be kinder to one another, putting each other down doesn’t make you more of a man, it does the opposite. Thank you Matthew for a great video. I will pass on the advise whenever I can. :)

  48. Gill says:

    Love how you’re tackling toxic masculinity Matt and giving us these tools to help us support our guys. Especially like your tips on associating being vulnerable with positive masculine qualities, some great advice here xx

  49. Marty says:

    I am fascinated by what you say. We never talked in my home when I was growing up, not I had an opportunity to develop this skill over my life. Now I find myself in a situation, where I met a guy, with whom I feel we have a lot potential as a couple. We both come with quite a lot of life baggage. He is divorced and that is extremely difficult for me – I feel like I can never match his wife and he still loves her. Probably all happening in my head. Neither of us can communicate Well and when I approach the subject with him, it takes a long time to answer and it is not very reassuring. I feel like he has not moved on. I don’t want to push, but equally I want to know where am I standing with this person. I am hoping this will enable both of us communicating better, but I am afraid.

  50. Viola says:

    Oh. my. goodness. This video really hit a nerve for me, in an amazing, mind-opening, but also terrifying way. I grew up in a fiercely feminist household with absolutely no space for the men to be vulnerable, and where it was strongly discouraged for us girls to “show weakness” by recognizing and affirming a man’s masculinity. Using the terms “hero, beast, the man” to complement a man would have been swears, and I can actually imagine the look of disgust and disapproval on my mother’s face if I ever used them to refer to a partner! Despite my conditioning, I totally agree that we need more vulnerable men and women in this world. However, this message is hard to hear because I realize how damaging my mentality and words have probably been to past partners and other men in my life. It’s going to be a bit of a journey for me to learn to be vulnerable enough to allow the men in my life to be vulnerable! This is a message I really needed to hear right now to recognize the hurt I was raised with and adopted, and to start to heal that. Thank you Matthew Hussey for having the courage to share and for doing so in such a kind and genuine way.

  51. Gabby says:

    I forgot to incorporate it in the comments but I actually have a question (not sure if it’s more of a rhetoric variety or could actually be answered, haha).
    What would be a good way, or a suitable context, to bring up the “preconditioning” you described with someone you’ve been with for quite a long time? The way you presented it sounded like it’s something that should ideally be said in the early stages of a relationship.
    I’m sure there are ways to bring it up naturally, but I feel like I just can’t come up with them on my own!

  52. Gabby says:

    Thank you, Matthew!

    Phew. I feel like there’s a lot of truth and value in the things you present in this video, if only because… they ARE difficult to implement!! It’s not easy to be able to do what, according to you, needs to be done to create a space for someone introverted/walled-up/conditioned a certain way to open up. And I have DEFINITELY messed up these stages of communication before.

    I’m in a relationship with a very secretive, introverted, closed-off man, and it’s often difficult. But I’ve just started trying to come up with ways to organically, truthfully and sincerely incorporate these approaches into our communication. I think they’re going to be massively useful if I succeed. Have definitely done the number (3) all wrong before, haha.

    By the way, I could relate so much to the number (5)!! I was listening to it and nodding, like, “yep. I need that. Oh how I wish my man talked to me like that and said similar things. I sooo need to hear them after I’ve been stupid or vulnerable”.

  53. monica says:

    Hi Matt! Thank you for this content this is so powerful yet not common practice. I would add that some guys do sabotage themselves once opened up they want to reverse this version of vulnerability they showed. As you said – this is men’s job to open up more, thank you, you realized that and helping us to influence the change. xoxo

  54. jo slack says:

    Hi Matthew, really helpful thank you! I’m a single mum of three teenage boys and it’s been a tough journey to navigate! I’ll start to use some of these strategies more around our home, and in my relationship with my new chap. Much appreciation! Jo :)

  55. Cristina says:

    Dear Mat,
    This video is beautiful, awesome, brave, powerful.
    I’m thankful that you are showing us a side of men which we kind of know but sometimes we are don’t know how to handle it. You put it beautifully, easy to understand. I think that all the tips you said have to be applicated, i’m gonna start focusing more on responding that way.
    I really hope that you do more videos to help guys to open up and not to feel brave all the time. I really hope you can help men understand what you mean in the video and make them learn to be able to open up with friends and to be understanding with their friends. I’m so happy that the ice experience has given you so much strength to think about giving some of your time focused on this.
    Thank you again. This video is awesome

  56. April says:

    This was a Fantastic video! So accurate, so powerful, thank you!!!! Words don’t feel good enough to express my thoughts right now- I’m almost speechless its such a powerful message. Thank you

  57. Chantal says:

    Hi Mathieu
    I am realising that man are extremely sensitive,with this video, all my life I never saw them like that, it is the way i was brought up from Lebanon, different culture…man for me are supposed to be protective, and care givers, all tough I am a very single independent women, who raised a child on my own, but this video changes everything, something clicked in me, we are basically the same, emotionally, but need to be handled differently, I get it, man are sensitive, emotional beings that almost all my life, never saw them like that, I saw them more as powerful humans with hardly any emotions sorry for my statement, that’s how i was thaught to see them! Hope i am not offensive, just expressing myself!
    Thank you for this, and changing my view on men

  58. Zimeng says:

    Thank you. This is incredible! I appreciated you did this video, I believe this would helps me to understand man better.

  59. Vihra says:

    It is beautiful. Thank you for bringing up this topic for both men and women. Creating safe spaces for us to be, who we are in the moment….sometimes sad, unsecure, vulnerable, scared….and be witnessed in the way you described is so precious. It is a practice and we all can do it….and if we do, who knows what is possible.

  60. Gabriella says:

    Thank you for these inspiring and courageous tips and techniques on how to get men to open up and more importantly how to respond to a man when he is vulnerable. It is very much needed in order to elevate relationships and healthy connections between men and women nowadays. This brings clarity and hope for improved relationships. I love your work!

    Thank you,


  61. Amanda says:

    Thanks for taking us 100 years ahead of our society!!
    Sending you love and appreciation.


  62. Birgit Butterstein says:

    Thank you, you make me feel understand men better ❗

  63. Suzannah says:

    SPOT ON! Thank you, thank you, this is great work! You have nailed this for both men and women. I appreciate you opening up on your experience with Wim and your group of brothers. How fortunate that you were apart of it (Yay Lewis!). We DO need more spaces and places like that… Where our good men can become great men because they have a container to be their whole selves, and yes, we women can also make such a huge impact being the feminine counterpart that understands how to hold space for the whole of him. Because it IS sexy. If teaching men is your next frontier, good on you and please, please do, as it is so needed! Our men need men like you right now.

  64. Amee says:

    I loved this. It’s incredible Thankyou.
    I recently had an experience where he opened up to me and I got scared and fucked it up. So badly.
    We talked it out and I realised today it was because of my reaction that he has completely withdrawn from me. Funnily enough this video popped up at exactly the right time.
    Watching it has made cleaning it up with him and repairing our relationship so much easier because I have the language and clarity ,oving forward.
    I’m babbling.
    I loved it
    You do amazing things Matthew. amazing things!

  65. Melissa says:

    Thank you for helping me remember what I love about being in a relationship with a man. I love going under the surface and really getting to the heart of a man. There is so much power in being vulnerable and brave. I look forward to being a better woman for a the right man. I can hold space and hug it out

  66. Shellee says:

    If only I’d known this 20 years ago. Thank you for such wonderful information to aid in my current relationship.

  67. Gina says:

    Thank you for standing for men, masculinity, and vulnerability. The work you are doing around this is so needed. I honor you for standing for it and make a huge paradigm shift.
    The last technique- I would like to hear more about that. More details addressing if a behavior is repeated, how as a partner do we bring it up in a way that isn’t a label? If the behavior is a one time event I understand that, but what happens when it is repeated?

  68. Shawn says:

    As a mom of an amazing son, I want to create that space for him to be comfortable in sharing his feelings. Your video has given me loving tools to be better at this. One day he will find a lovely young lady. I want him to pick someone who will value and give him the space to be vulnerable. Perhaps as his mom, I can help show him what that looks like. Thank you for your vulnerabilities in discussing these challenging topics.

  69. Linda Barrow says:

    Awesome content Matthew- Thankyou.

    In relation to that other clip where the woman laughed at being asked if the man could kiss her after the date ? I thought that was a very relevant and respectful question … I would be flattered if a man asked my permission to kiss me – I would actually respect him very much .. but that’s just me

  70. Karolina says:

    This is so helpful on such a deep level, thank you for sharing this with us Matt! I do need to work more on not being condesending

  71. Connie says:

    Matthew this is absolutely incredible! Its been a work in progress for some time to hold space and get my man to open up and be vulnerable. He has lots of conditioning from childhood, as do many men. This video is literally perfect timing. It’s felt difficult for me to find my place in how I can be supportive to him during this process.

    Thank you for being you and having the courage to be one of the first men to set this example and to pave the way for others! The world needs more men like you. These tips are extremely helpful. You are much appreciated.
    Much love, Connie

  72. Kelly Jerde says:

    Matthew, you have so much understanding, insight and wisdom in relationships in general. I have learned so much from listening to you and I am really looking forward to meeting someone and being able to build a rewarding, awesome relationship. It has been very challenging meeting good men at my age and that can be very discouraging!! I have not lost hope but it is a struggle at times. You had helped me recognize mistakes I’ve made in the past and also helped me understand what a man really needs from a woman and how to be a valuable partner. Thank you!
    If I could just meet someone like you:)

  73. Gabriella Bos says:

    Hello Matthew,

    You give such a clear insight. There are some emotions that can disturb the conversation. If you have issues of your own at the moment t deal with.
    But I’d like to tackle them as well(maybe first). Other than that I think I can use this … so thank you very much.
    And than I have to find a dateable guy ☺

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