Where To Meet Rich Men – For All The Gold Diggers Out There

So you’re after a guy with deep pockets? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. As much as women like to deny it, and as much as men hate to hear it, having a lot of money can be a very, very attractive trait. If it wasn’t why would guys spend so much time trying to earn so much?

This is clearly going to be a controversial topic for a lot of people, and if a guy’s finances aren’t on the top of your credentials list, don’t worry about reading this article, just appreciate that for a lot of women it is.

Financial wealth can be a great indication of many other attractive traits in men; ambition, determination and creativity to name a few – especially if he’s earned it himself, as opposed to having just inherited it. Now that’s not to say all wealthy men are going to display these characteristics, and not-so-wealthy men won’t; but if you want to meet rich men, you’re increasing the likelihood of finding a guy with these traits.

If you are trying to meet rich men, before going after them, it’s important that you know how to really reflect what you’re after. You need to be the type of woman that will attract the type of guy that you’re going for. For example, if you were going after a guy who was into his heavy metal music, it wouldn’t be ideal to go around wearing Dior dresses trying to find one. However, when trying to meet rich men, it probably is…

As well as just working on your outwardly appearance, it’s vital you think about the type of characteristics you need to convey to a guy. So what would a rich man be looking for in his dream woman? Someone who would encourage him with his future ventures? Someone who was a bit adventurous, and a bit of a risk taker? Someone who was optimistic, and had a great outlook on life? It’s essential you sub-communicate these things when you’re talking to men.

So now you’re wondering where you can actually go to meet rich men, what options do you have besides the cigar bars and country clubs? Here are my top four places to try…

Expensive City Gyms

Why not combine keeping fit and meeting guys? Many successful guys are always looking to keep fit and healthy, and you’ll find a plethora of them in the gyms around lunchtime.

Exclusive Bars

If you’re able to get access to exclusive, high-end bars, then you’re going to be overwhelmed by the number of guys you meet. At our weekends, a topic that we cover in depth on Sundays is how to build an incredible social circle, and meet the right people who can get you access to this kind of VIP lifestyle.

Auction Houses

Why not take a trip down to your local auction house this weekend to find all the successful men blowing their hard-earned cash? Just from seeing whose bidding, you’ll get a great idea of the guys you want to go after.

Charity Events

Successful people are always looking to give something back; either they are incredibly selfless, altruistic and caring, or they want to seem as if they’re incredibly selfless, altruistic and caring to everyone around them. Either way, if you attend charity events, you’re bound to meet tons of wealthy, successful guys.

So there you have it. I wish you the very best of luck in your pursuit of finding your very own Mr. Deeds.

When it comes to meeting rich men, the more knowledge you have of how to attract them, the faster you’ll be with the man of your dreams.

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