5 Qualities Guys Look For

Whenever people talk about what men want in a woman, they like to resort to the obvious:

Men only care about looks. 

Men want sex, food, and a woman who will bends to their will. 

Blah blah blah.

Most of these people are either talking from bitterness, denial, or who have no clue about what drives human behaviour at a deep level.

Yes, short-term qualities can get attention. But deep connection and lasting attraction? For a man with any kind of soul at all, it demands a lot more.Instead of going for the obvious, let’s look at 5 overlooked qualities that really make you the woman he brags to his friends about:

1. Admiration

Not admiration for what he has, but for who he is.

Men have a deep need to feel admired. It’s what they work for in their jobs, it’s why they try to impress women, it’s why they do stupid things to get attention.

When a guy is dating a potential girlfriend, he’s asking himself: “Does she really see my best qualities and truly appreciate them?” – if you’re the one who notices these aspects of his personality and compliments them, you’re much more likely to be in the camp of someone he could be with long-term.

2. Being easy to be around 

woman showing man her phone over coffee

Complaining. Being easily bored. High-maintenance behaviour and needing to be entertained.

All of these things make it less likely a guy will see a woman as anything serious. What men like in women is the quality of bringing a fun, relaxed energy to the table that doesn’t add stress to his world.

Yes, you can discuss serious things, and he’ll be there when you need him, but too much emotional burdening is destructive to a relationship in the long-term.

If he feels like it’s seriously hard work keeping you happy, he’ll soon check out and look for someone who brings more good emotions to the table.

3. A woman with multiple dimensions

Ever seen someone who was intelligent, but that’s all they were? Or someone who is sporty, but seems to have no other interests?

Men, like women, are looking for someone who they can imagine themselves doing lots of different things with: relaxed afternoons cooking and watching movies, being active, travelling, as well as being passionate and comfortable with her sexuality.

It doesn’t mean you have to be everything, it just means that variety matters. What guys like in a girl is feeling like she has many sides to explore.

4. A woman who inspires him to be better

couple running together in woods

Every man subconsciously wants some challenge to keep him interested.

No, this doesn’t mean belittling him or making him feel not good enough.

It just means he wants to feel inspired to reach higher. Maybe it’s just by showing him you believe in his ambitions. Or it’s by showing you have high standards yourself and expect other people in your life to do the same.

Inspire his best self, and he’ll see you as the woman who bring the best out of him.

5. Respect

This may be most important of all.

Without respect, your future with a guy is going nowhere. If a man starts to feel like you don’t truly value what he brings to the table, or that you see other men as superior to him, his attraction will blow out immediately like candles on a birthday cake.

Of course, it’s important a guy shows YOU the same respect, but if you want a great guy in your life, make sure you show him that you take him seriously and value who he is. He’ll love you for it more than you know.

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