Just Had To Show You This…(Amazing Retreat Story!)

 “As a byproduct I got the guy. But that’s not the end, that’s just the beginning…”

I just had to share this with you.

When I announced my At-Home Retreat Program this week on my Sunday YouTube video, the stories came flooding in women who had attended on my live retreat and wanted to share their successes with others who had never experienced the program before.

And I’ve had some responses that have left a lump in my throat. Here’s one from Marnee, who came on a retreat in August 2015.

I’ve had many milestones in my career, but nothing could ever top hearing results like these. I’ll never get tired of reading these stories…

Thank you to EVERY retreat graduate who has sent their story in over the last few days.

My team and I have read them all between us and are so unbelievably grateful that you continue to use the tools from the retreat long after the program is over.

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