Think About THIS Next Time You Text A Guy For Hours

Stephen Hussey

As I’ve said before on this blog, I’m not a big texter (although I’ve tried to get better).

For me, too many texts back-and-forth all day, especially in dating, tends to turn things kind of bland.

I don’t know how to explain why exactly. Maybe it kills all the mystery. Maybe it’s just distracting to keep checking my phone all day. Or maybe it’s because I have a belief that texting should be fun, quick messages that “spark joy” (to use a term by Marie Kondo), instead of them being a substitute for real-life conversations you could be having in person.


I know this isn’t a popular opinion.

Most people keep in touch constantly on Facebook chat, or Instagram, or Whatsapp, tapping away and keeping multiple conversations going while they go about their day. And that’s fine. I’m not saying my “short and sweet” policy of texting should be adopted by everyone.

But in dating, I think we can lose something by having TOO MANY personal conversations over a messaging app. I often find it build the excitement more to see someone after a week and properly catch up, instead of having a constant news cycle of their text messages to keep me updated on their movements every day.

I prefer to be someone who has a few messages back and forth, and then says, “I better get back to work now, but can’t wait to see your face this weekend! x”, and carry on with my day, rather than the person checking their phone in five minute intervals for hours on end to keep picking up the thread on a conversation that has long since gone stale.

Again, this isn’t a popular opinion. And it is just an opinion.

But I think there’s a lot to be gained by saving some conversations for meeting in-person. I like it when I meet my friends who I haven’t seen in a week or two and get to catch up on their news and gossip.

Maybe you LOVE texting, and I know I won’t be able to convince you otherwise. But with the guy you’re dating, consider leaving more of your conversations when they’re on a high, rather than always allowing them to die down until you’re scraping the barrel for something to say.

A quick, adorable message to the guy you’re dating, like, “Gotta run, going out to have dinner with my housemates. But I’ll be secretly thinking about your cute dimples all evening. x”, does more to get his heart racing than yet another stale text conversation what happened at work today.

Use text messages because you have something to say, not because you have nothing to do.

What’s your view? Do you feel like you text too much with guys you’re dating? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Munp says:

    I agreeed. It would be worked if that man not flirting other girls. I am falling in love with a guy who I nv feel with someone like him for a year ago. I want to know him and learn about him. But I feel like He has not feel the same way with me. I try so hard to not text him back immediately. Give him time and not annoy him. But It is insecured if u date a guy who we meet on Tinder. Dating and falling in love with one side love, ur heart broken again and again. I am looking someone who is ready for long-term relationship, not for fun with. Someone who need loyalty and honesty.

    Thankyou for your advice, I hope it gonna work for my future.

  2. Souad says:

    I live far away from the person I love like more than 400km, and I love texting him, he is a super busy person, some he never have time to reply so what do you think do I stop texting him

  3. Candy says:

    I totally agree. It seems that some people, in dating, want only to text which makes me very suspicious of them. It’s impossible to have a real relationship without a lot of personal interaction. Thank you, Stephen.

  4. Anna Houborg says:

    Yes i Think Im texting way to much, but I do that because I think I’m in love with this guy, but with that said I’ll try harder not to text him every single hour

  5. Kirstine says:

    SMS is taking my time and is not personal! Non verbal like eyes and gestikulation and smiling and more and more.. You Dont see.. SMS is not my Way

  6. Misssoni says:

    I am the one who use too think that we should stay in touch all the time on text but your post made me think out of the box. Thank you so much.

  7. Jess says:

    I agree with your opinion… And I just realized that both the guy I was dating and I, just texted because we didn’t had anything to do, we didn’t know what to say and he would just send me emojis and I don’t wanting to let it die, would reply but you’re right… It’s better to use it just to schedule the next date or cute things like “I’m home” or “Was nice to see you” but also I have the thought that if texting too much is very similar to not that interested so I just text…

    But next time I date someone, I will keep in mind about the texting situation so things don’t get low again I guess… Thank you for your opinion and advise…!

  8. Liz says:

    I have definatly been guilty of this ‘over messaging’ in the past. To be honest it’s still hard for me now. I met a guy on a dating site and the texts were flowing everyday till we met. Then I noticed after we met the texts died down quite a lot. We are still seeing each other but I’m in that kind of ‘how does he actually feel about me stage’. The early stages of a possible relationship are the hardest where your setting your standards but also like them a lot and want to hear from them all the time. A conversation on the phone is definatly better , the problem with texting is you don’t get the feelings behind what someone is saying. Short sweet texts maybe in the morning or before bed are what I’m trying to do now , instead of the constant update during the day.

  9. Anne says:

    Agree totally with this now.. . I use to text all the time with men from dating apps. But the let down of putting in a few days solid commincation to nothing would hit me hard. Im more selctive now with who and what i text. I dont want or need loads of men knowing so much about me to not even get off the ground. . Wasted investment totally x

  10. Henda says:

    This text comes on time for me. The issue for me is, does texting or not reflects to which level is the guy into his girl?

  11. Karyn Torr says:

    So true. Over texting turns into white noise. By creating the mystery and not being so available,this will heighten mind stimulation and increase the want to spend time with you.
    Sending him a text that is genuine, timely and occasionally sexy will do wonders for your relationship and sex life!!

  12. Sandra says:

    My guy is overseas, deployed somewhere… Otherwise I’d agree.

  13. Beth says:

    I am with you on that opinion!! Couldn’t agree more I prefer to catch up in person rather then with text unless they live far from me and that’s the only real way to keep in touch til I get to travel them and visit

  14. Corinne says:

    I agree, I was dating a guy who lived an hour away a month ago we would see each other on weekends and would text everyday to keep the connection going. I think all the texting just caused it to get stale for him. He ended up telling me he couldn’t do the distance any longer and I think the next time I date I’ll definitely take this in consideration.

  15. Melissa says:


  16. Ellie says:

    I loved this article and will return to it often to remind myself that I am not alone in feeling this way – thank you!
    I have a LDR with a man who is attentive and texts a lot, but is lazy with the phone. We have spent a lot of time texting back and forth for days on end in the past and we always end up fighting or feeling bad, we NEVER argue on the phone or when we are together and I firmly believe that over-texting causes this needy anxiety dynamic between us when just a little less contact would actually be much healthier. I am realising that my standard is to just touch in once or twice a day on text – maybe say goodnight, but that I require personal contact on the phone to really remain invested. I am hoping that by being a little scarcer on text, we might actually redicover the joy of talking on the phone.

  17. Tin says:

    I had friend who bothered me and txt me a lot, then I didnt notice that I get used to it and later on I fell on Him… So I stop texting him.. Cause hes a flirt.. Maybe txting will work for others..

  18. Mouma says:

    I think this is absolutely true. I used to adopt this with my ex fiance, but when we broke up and got back together, one day I was so tired and I was so emotional that I spent hours talking to try to make him know how tired I was. It didn’t go well and we broke up again. Then I realized why in the first place I hate messages. The person on the other side can’t feel u.

  19. Maria says:

    What if you are in a long distantce relationahip ?

  20. Cathy says:

    I’m of the ‘old (very old!) school’…..I have a mobile phone that does texts and calls only…no internet, photos etc! (ok, I’m SO out of touch, but I don’t care!). I am deliberately seeing how long I can go without having to buy a smart phone! I text when needs be, and nothing more; but I have noticed that people don’t ‘speak’ anymore on the landline phone…even my family….it’s quite sad and worrying, especially for the next generation. I am currently going through a major stressful life change and it would be so nice if people actually rang you up and had a conversation with a kind, compassionate tone of voice, instead of texting, which can be read so wrongly sometimes, as it doesn’t ‘speak’ with a voice! Gone are the days when people said ‘I’ll give you a ring’!….it’s very sad. I also don’t like the fact that texts seem to mean you should be available to answer all the time! Good blog Stephen :-)

  21. Sophia says:

    omg I’m so guilty for texting! I am currently seeing a guy – very early stages. He isn’t on his phone a lot and I found myself annoyed with the lack of communication. But we see each other as often as our schedules allow. We have great conversations and we do text once or twice a day.
    My monkey mind still tells me he’s not that interested, but I guess that’s just because I don’t know his history yet. he doesn’t know mine either to be fair. (man i hate these early stages on not knowing)

    Hmm, really got me thinking! Maybe it’s not a bad thing that we are always readily available! I know he’s not (not in a malicious way, just not online for half to full days).

    SOOOO, does that mean I should stop responding immediately? I’m quick at responding (to everyone) and I don’t want to play games. But also want him to have to earn the dates a little, like Matthew always talks about… DILEMMA! Please help :/

  22. Olivia says:

    I agree with this entirely. I’m someone who texts a lot and I know it gets too much. Sometimes I can catch myself and stop and other times I feel I’ve gone too far with it where it becomes boring. It’s a hard habit to break! I wish there was more conversing on the phone and face to face. We’ve become so dependant on our phones and when you get together with people, everyone just stares at their phones anyways.

  23. Anya says:

    “Use text messages because you have something to say, not because you have nothing to do”. Gotta say, that sentence sums it up nicely for me. I’d much rather the in-person contact than having to text someone all the time.

  24. Nadine says:

    Thank you Stephen. Spot on. This really applies with online dating. Incessant back and forth texting often builds a false connection that just isn’t there when you actually meet. I set up a rule for online dating – minimal communication between texts and phone until we actually meet. It’s then you know instantly if it’s going anywhere and you haven’t invested too much time. Possibility uneccesarrily.
    I have also found the constant texting a way of finding out if a guy is needy. If I’m not responding straightaway or there is a delay in response.. ( I’m not talking days, maybe 1/2hr to hr) and they decide to point that out in an annoyed way- I know they are not the guy for me. I chose not to sit by my phone waiting fir a guys message. I have a life.

  25. Selene says:

    Yeah, cool… what abour long distance relationships?
    Me mexican, him canadian…

  26. Veronica says:

    Once upon a time I used to think that would be a great way to communicate especially since I’m painfully shy…but I have changed my mind…I’m not big into texting, I don’t even own a cell phone…but I can send emails and I have been on Google hangouts…I’ve realized that you miss the human connection and interaction that tends to make things more real…a text can’t show that special look, smile or give your hand a caress…

  27. Sophie says:

    Love this. In fact, I could use your help…I liked a guys he eventually got round to asking me out. I used every trick in the Matthew hidden book; how to talk to men. I used the secret scripts on the dates. I did everything I thought I was supposed to do. And I even did the you tube video text Matthew did when he says how to tell a guy you’re walking away because he’s not giving enough. And NONE of it changed his mind or brought him round. He still used the same boring texts. He still didn’t make an effort, and he didn’t even bat an eyelid when I told him I was outta there. Where did I go wrong?

  28. Nichole says:

    I completely agree with you Stephen. Although my last relationship was long distance, so texting throughout the day helped us a lot. But if we lived near one another, I wouldn’t have been texting that much. I love having face to face conversation, it gives us the ability to read body language and facial expressions to gage where each other are and for conveying emotion. Texting is a way for people to not have to get emotionally close to other..well texting too much is what I mean. Great article Stephen!

  29. Laurence says:

    I agree with you completely, on all the points. But what are the rules for a (very) long distance relationship? We can only see each other every 3 months so what should our texting habits be?!

  30. Beth says:

    I much prefer a face to face conversation over text I save that for when I don’t see people as much but when I am with someone I much prefer to hear they’re voice over a text any day!!

  31. Lizzie says:

    I am so happy you wrote this blog, Stephen. I thought I was the only one who felt this way about texting. It seems Iike everyone I know is always on their phone texting. Honestly, it has made me feel like a loser, loner, weirdo, etc. because I don’t text like they do. I’ve been trying to force myself to text often, so people don’t think I don’t care about them and stop texting me for good. However, I still hate texting all the time. I can’t explain why. This happens every time: I get so excited to see someone’s name pop up on my phone, however, after what feels like a millions texts later, I want to shoot my phone, so I’ll have an excuse to never use it again. Haha!

    Maybe you’re not at that extreme level of not liking 24/7 texting. I’m just happy you feel somewhat like I do about it. I feel I can stop wondering about what’s wrong with me and just accept myself for who I am. :)

    Thank you for all you do, Stephen, Matthew, and crew. Much love. ❤

  32. Lisa says:

    This is so true. Actually, I’m even getting annoyed if someone wants to text all the time and asks the same shallow questions over and over again. I want to have a part of my life that I don’t have to share with everyone else, and I don’t want to constantly report back everything I do to a boyfriend – or anyone else. Let me just chill in my bed without having to text you (and tell you how unproductive I am in that moment).
    It’s so easy to feel smothered by this constant texting, and so easy to feel hurt because you always suspect something’s wrong, when nothing actually is, only bc he or she is not texting as much as he/she used to.
    There are enough ways to sabotage a relationship already. :D I’d really like to get rid of my mobilephone sometimes, seeing how much time I waste using it. But than again, i’m already relying on it for way too much

  33. Cammy Chang says:

    Hey, i just snapped somehow when i read this ! Yes it’s not a popular opinion but i think it’s true to a group of people especially men who are ambitious. Thanks for the advice! I know how to start off the next time…if i ever have anyway.

  34. Chulita says:

    I feel like the instant connection culture has set false expectations. Instead of accepting they have a life and should be engaged in other activities, I become insecure and wonder if they are starting a slow fade if the flow of conversation changes. Constant dialogue and connection is not sustainable nor really healthy, at least for me.

  35. Bri says:

    My ex and I used to get into fights and create hard feelings in text, often because of a misunderstanding. I like that I can be more thoughtful with my words and get them just right, but I’ve learned the hard way to save text for the silly and light hearted stuff. I’ve since vowed to not use text (or email) for anything difficult or serious, and instead use it to either ask quick questions, communicate logistics, or to get someone to laugh or feel flattered. I do like it as a way to keep a connection of some kind until I can see someone again…

  36. Shy says:

    Sadly I save my covos for “live talk” and it never seems like the right time or not important enough. :( I wind up not texting calling or talking. Or its really disappointing when you do talk and no one is interested in what you’re saying. Texting does save that let down …

  37. Natalia says:

    I like texting because I’m not a talker. It’s convenient. You can leave you phone and do other things and check your phone and reply… What’s so bad about that?

  38. Janell says:

    I agree! I always tell my friends I hate “cupcaking” all day via rather meet up amd enjoy the live company of the guy I am dating. It leaves more excitement and I definitely want to see them more when I haven’t spent all my time texting back and forth. Boring!. Great blog post!

  39. Camilla says:

    I absolutly agree! Having just experienced a long distance relationship where it though is essential to keep the contact by texting and skype calls flowing. But the back and forth massaging until the conversation dyes down, leaves you with kind of nothing to talk about when you actually sit down and have that skype call, and everything starts to get dull and unconfutable just staring at each other with nothing new to say… So keeping it short and exiting, is defiantly noted ;)

  40. Francine Huot says:

    I totally agree with you. Important to save some conversation for face to face and make it 3 dimensional with all senses activated. Technology can be a double-edged sword. Handle with care. Being there in the flesh takes the conversation to a high level and another opportunity to get excited about your guy and intimate.
    Although I do find this medium fantastic for sexy talk. ;)
    Francine Huot

  41. Amber says:

    I met this guy on a camping trip with some friends. He is a good friend of my best friend’s husband. He is in the military and stationed in a different state, so I had not met him previously. There was instant attraction on my part (even though he isn’t anything I pictured my future husband looking like) and I felt like he was interested too. My friend said he kept bringing me up after I left.

    I told my friend I was interested and she instantly said “He would move here for you.” Which stunned me and I’m sure I looked confused. She instantly starting back pedaling that she would ask her husband what he thought and try to feel out the situation. She keeps doing this… she will say something like he is interested then say she doesn’t know. He is leaving for Korea for a 9 month deployment, so she mentioned he may be hesitant to start something.

    I waited two weeks and sent a friend request. He accepted three days later. I thought he might message me, but I found out he is at training in the desert. So he has limited internet access. I know when he is deployed there will be limited communication. I guess I want him to be thinking about me he is gone and the possibility of us when he gets back.

    Anyways, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this guy and would like to at least open communication since he is leaving soon for 9 months. Is it okay to message him? I know I’m not going to be able to see him, face to face, so should I even try?

  42. Nina says:

    99% of our communication via text, the situation I was engaged like “Pavlovs dog”. Always wanted just drop the ball, but he keeps coming back for same. I found your book very new and creative. Want more each time I listen

  43. Taco Bae says:

    Thank you for this. I think this info can apply to more than just dating relationships. Whether it’s a friend or a guy I’m interested in, there is nothing more annoying than someone who feels they MUST text me 24/7. When someone does that to me, I usually end up pulling away. It’s as if that person has no life apart from me. It’s creepy. lol! Keep it short and sweet, and do the catching up face to face. :)

  44. Laurie says:

    Absolutely agree, Stephen. Although, I have to admit I am also a loner and lean towards texting sparingly. I once dated a guy who loved texting so for me it dampened my desire because texting throughout the day, every day does get boring. I’d rather leave texting for fun, short messages and catch up properly face to face. And I appreciate real human interaction, not interfacing with my phone.

  45. Victoria says:

    I agree with all you said above.Texting and these apps nowadays makes it easy for people to hide behind them and forget that one the other side there is another person.what happened to face to face meetings.

  46. Vanessa Vallozzi says:

    After having some relationships which I later realized were heavily driven by text messages rather then by in person chemistry and bonding… I completely agree. I also think that early in a relationship to much texting creates a false sense of intimacy that doesn’t translate in person. Especially when it comes to online dating. What people convey over text sometimes isn’t as easy as in person. Or you build up this character of who they are but then in person they aren’t that character.

    I’d prefer even a 10 minute phone call then hours of texting.

  47. Kelly says:

    Totally agree about the over texting – even though I’ve been rather guilty, it does tend to kill the excitement in a relationship.

  48. Leah says:

    What about snapchat? And what if your not going to see them the whole summer because they are away????

    • Vanessa Vallozzi says:

      Snapchat is the new texting. But if you aren’t seeing each other for two or three months it makes sense that your rate of texting or phone calls would increase. But there is still no need to text for hours. You both still have a life to live and things to do. I think if you keep the texting to a minimum even while they are away. Like a check in text an I miss you text or a check in phone call it will create more anticipation to see the person. If you text 24hrs for three months then there is no anticipation to see the person because you know they are right there on your phone screen.

      My current boyfriend and I don’t text that often. Maybe once a day sometimes we may not talk for a day but it doesn’t worry me. I’m working, he’s working. I’m seeing friends, we have different schedules. Just enjoy each other while you are together and leave conversation for in person. If you say everything over text you leave nothing for in person.

  49. Lauren says:

    I 100% agree and wish more people were of the same mindset!

  50. Zilan K says:

    I am not that much of a texter (or dater for that matter), but I have observed alot of what You write about in my closest friends. They and people in general tend to get so excited about a date that they text the other just about everything about themselves that when they are finally on the date they have nothing to talk about. I believe texting alot leaves very little to the imagination and takes away the excitement from the real date and the dates to come.

    Greetings from beautiful Sweden
    With respect

  51. Beth says:

    I am old school I would rather have face to face conversation or phone conversation over texting. I think people have become so obsessed with texting they have lost the ability to socialize in person.

    • Lisa Young says:

      Nailed It Beth. I Agree That A Lot Of People Are Lacking BASIC Social Face To Face Etiquette, And In Texting Too To Be Honest. It Pisses Me Off Too

  52. leslie says:

    I get your point ,and i think it makes sense,but, what happens if im dating a long distance guy and we cant meet very often? then isn´t a good idea to talk to him by texting anyway? hope you answer! :)

    • Stef says:

      Have dates over Skype, FaceTime, google talk , viber, any one of a gazillion apps. Schedule them just like you would a real date, and leave the texting for making plans and flirting

  53. Lindsey says:

    Kind of agree … Bored to death if I text too much unless it’s all just joking around / being silly or talking about news – (England leaving United Kingdom?!? What?!?) I text a tiny bit during the day with my man then call or FaceTime at night – he always initiates the talking, simply because I’m more like you. But if we will see each other that day then we don’t talk at all. Talking isn’t mandatory… Just a few msgs to connect a bit. I love snap chat tho. Snap chat is super fun & it all disappears which I love. Doesn’t matter who texted who last really as long as there’s a general back and forth. I mostly snap chat with friends.

    Leaving on a high note reminds me of George Costanza. I do think silence is okay tho. Sometimes you have to push past the awkwardness to get more comfortable with someone.

    Xx hope you are well! Love it when you have an article come out. Always makes my day.

  54. Julie MacKenzie says:

    I’m “Old School”….I would rather have a conversation…than text…any day….Just my opinion…I like to be with people & carry on a conversation. ;)
    I have told my daughters…they have “lost the art of conversation”. I still think that it is a very important aspect when you are socializing… Texts can be mis-interpreted so easily…They cause a lot of drama…unnecessary drama! Great article Stephen! ;)

  55. Susan Davis says:

    Totally agree.

  56. Darci says:

    I prefer texting because I hate talking on the phone. I also have a 4 year old son and I do not like being on the phone when he is awake. Phone convos always seem to last too long and I can get back to my text anytime I want and text anytime I want. I like it cause you can still convey you are thinking about them without having to call. However, I am a big fan of the Matthew Hussey 3 minute phone call..

    • Lisa Young says:

      Good Point Darci!! I Love Texting For That Reason Too (It’s Considerate To Everyone Who Is Sleeping Or Resting Around You) And If You’re GOOD At Texting (Lively, Witty, Write With A Lot of Heart, Sincerity, And Enthusiasm) It Can Be Just As Enjoyable As Meeting In Person Or Talking On The Phone.

  57. Vasiliki says:

    Aha interesting topic Stephen,

    I was never a big fun of text conversations. I prefer and actually choose eye to eye communication. However I LOVE sending txt messages, as a way of expressing simple greetings (such as “good morning”), feelings or a certain mood (I might be in) in a different, unique and completely my own way. I also fancy creating tension and anticipation using texts. My texts are short, creative and different every time. Sometimes playful or even naughty.

    I am a very observative person. I like observing other people’s behaviors and generally anything that is going on around me, that can inspire me to express myself in such a way.

    • Lisa Young says:

      Yes Vasiliki Short, Creative, And Unpredictable Texts Are The Best Bundles Of joy To Receive!! And They Are AWESOME Ways To Create Happy Anticipation, Especially For Events.

      So Cool What You Said About Observing People To Steal Their Ways Of Effective Expression From Them, That Is So Cool And Humble About You!

  58. Melanie wdmondson says:

    Totally agree with you, much prefer a guy to ring me and talk then you get to hear the expression in his voice and not just a flat response text that has no emotion

    • Lisa Young says:

      Yes Melanie Those Are The WORST I Know EXACTLY What You’re Talking About. It’s Important For Me To Get Enthusiastic Affectionate Responses Too, I HATE Those Flat Robo Communicators – In Person, Over The Phone, Through Texts And Mail, Etc.

      Good For You For Knowing What Makes You Happy, Don’t Ever Settle For Less Than You Deserve!

  59. Arianna says:

    Hi Steve!

    I used to love texting and having deep conversations with guys when I was in my high school/college years. I think this was helpful at that time because it was difficult to catch people, and have enough time to have a solid conversation with them. I was also somewhat shy around those had crushes on.

    My ex of 2 years and I had some very fun text conversations, and I liked that they were short and sweet. They would intensify attraction through suspense, and longing. Wanting to know what that other person is up to… knowing that they are thinking of you… telling them that they look sexy in green. Just little snippets of flirtation. I like to save deep conversations for situations where I can read body language and hear the tone of voice. There is something about that face to face contact that makes a deep conversation feel even more special than one over text. But, I can see how having a buffer (technology) can lower inhibitions, and might be an easier way for people to share the cards that they hold closer.

    All in all, I am a fan of most communication, as long as it is good communication. ;)


    • Lisa Young says:

      I LOVE What You Said At The End Arianna, “I’m A Fan Of Any Communication, As Long As It’s Good Communication.”


      I Don’t Knock Texting Either As Long As They’re Fun And Nourishing And Creative, Same With Photos And Phone Conversations And All That Fun Stuff

  60. Natalie says:

    Love this! I agree 100%. That doesn’t mean I’m great at doing it though… something to work on. If I plan on seeing someone in the evening, I purposely do not text them during the day. I like to leave that conversion for in person. But why not leave a bit of mystery all the time.

  61. samantha says:

    Would this apply to someone who’s been dating someone for almost 2 years? We only see eachother on the weekends now because he moved to l.a recently so texting is the only form of communication we have til the weekend.

  62. Elsa says:

    But I still understand there should be a balance when texting. It should not be over done.

  63. Elsa says:

    I only prefer texting with the guy I’m dating because I have children at home around me. I want to respect them. I rather talk on the phone after everyone meets each other, than it will be easier on the kids to accept.

  64. Indre says:

    I just wish it would be more people like that. Texting is boring, give me 5 min call, wanna hear you laugh.
    Equally just started doing 1 month without a smartphone. And now, I have even bigger reason to call. :) I am currently in UK and it seems like no one anymore looking for dating, more for pen friends. (Boy, I am not into that. Aske me out.) And people are scared to pick up the phone when it rings. Moving soon, so I hope in text destination will be better. (Just went on the date with one man who was supporting my idea of “stupid”phone and non-artificial communication. Lets hope I will hear soon back from him) When can I call him? Or should I just wait for him to call? :)

  65. L says:

    Good day, I agree. I had a text message clense the past few months and monitored if what I’m trying to say is call or text worthy. My theory and oppinion is there’s the opportunity to hide behind messages rather than through a live conversation. It’s a less confrontational approach and easy excape route if you can send the traditional, ‘jk’ or ‘lol’,but you’re correct. In doing so we sacrifice so much more of a connection with a person we are interested in or currently dating.

    But I have to say, it’s exciting to get a cheeky text during the day that just makes me feel like I’m on someone’s mind. It’s a compromise.

  66. Laurence says:

    I love this! I thought I was a bit of an oddity for not wanting to send or read messages all the time, but rather wait to catch up in person. As a rule, in relationships, I always think that a bit of mystery and distance keep the passion and interest alive… But maybe I feel this way because I’m French!

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