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In each episode of the LOVE Life podcast, you’ll get practical tips you can use right away to improve all of your relationships – romantic, family, friends, career and, most importantly, the relationship you have with yourself. See why this 5-star, top podcast gets over 500,000 downloads a month.

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They Told You They Wanted a Break? The Perfect Response…

What do you do if the person you are with comes to you telling you he wants a break? You’re devastated, you’re scared, and every instinct in you tells you to fight for this person you care about so much. What would you say to him? In these moments we often do exactly the opposite of what we need to. If you’re in this situation, or you ever want to know what to do if someone says this to you again, I',m going to give you the only response you’ll ever need...  ►► Handle Heartbreak in a Strong, High-Value Way.

How to Keep Desire Alive – His and Yours

Do you ever worry that the chemistry will fizzle in your relationship? Or does it seem as though the butterflies have already flown away? Don’t worry. This episode contains a game plan to save you... --- ►► FREE download: “9 Texts to Get Any Man” → ►► FREE download: “5 Compliments to Get Him Addicted to You” → --- Follow Matthew @thematthewhussey

3 Simple Steps to Handle Being “Gaslighted”

Have you been gaslighted before? Is it happening to you right now? If you’re not sure what “Gaslighting” means… It’s when someone manipulates you by psychological means into doubting your own sanity. Over time, this can have a dramatic effect on our self-esteem as we slowly begin to doubt ourselves until we no longer trust our own instincts. It’s nasty. f you’ve ever expressed your needs to someone or tried to tell them about something they did that hurt you and you were made to feel crazy, this message is for you. It’s a horrible feeling when we are upset

The ONLY Flirting Formula You Need…

Question: What’s the #1 secret to powerful, seductive flirting? For some people, that’s a silly question. “Flirting is simple,” they’ll say. “It’s just something you do when you like someone.” And yet, in my 10 years of learning about attraction, I’ve seen so many make the same mistakes. They try to talk to that cute guy at the party, the conversation fizzles out, and they’re left scratching their heads wondering, “Am I being too keen? Too aggressive? Am I just boring?” But I understand. Knowing what men/women want when it comes to flirting can feel massively confusing. In fact, I’ve

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By Prismatic Butterfly

Matt and Stephen: how can I capture your awesomeness in words?! Impossible. The Brothers Hussey are a potent combination of heartfelt advice, creative communication strategies, and raw, personal humanity. I have found that a diet of this podcast and Matt’s videos has truly sustained my mental and emotional health. I find you guys super smart, but moreover, your compassion for all people is such an obvious motivation for what you do. Your ideas and perspectives have literally changed my life. Merci Beaucoup and keep up the sensational work!


By TaraTamarisk

These podcasts are really accessible, but packed with Matt’s life-altering advice which really WORKS. I’ve spent my life reading self-help books with little or no success. Matt’s advice is brilliantly practical and not at all overwhelming. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or just want to improve yourself and your life, do yourself a favor and subscribe to Love Life. If you follow his tips, you will wake up one day amazed at how much your life has changed without you even realising it.


By Amy WF Texas

I’m feeling so thankful for every single podcast. I’m divorced after 15 years and it is so difficult to date and understand men. I have realized that I myself need work. I am striving to accomplish just that! One way is being devoted to your podcasts. Morning, lunch, evenings, before sleep. I have become confident and have been able to let go of the “situationships” that come passing by. The icing on the cake is both of your accents. Thank you for the brilliant advice!