3 Rules To Get A Man To Commit And Fall in Love

If you want to get a man to commit, you need to follow a few rules so that you actually get results. Getting a man to commit is one of the all time big questions that every woman at some point in her life has wrestled with.

It is one of the most common asked questions that I have women ask me when I coach them and the golden rule is:

‘Think pleasure and pain!’

Let me explain what I mean by this.

Suppose you’ve been dating a guy for 4 weeks or so and he tells you he doesn’t want to be exclusive. Perhaps he just tells you he’s not ready to commit.

Let’s go through the specific rules of how to make him want to be in a relationship with you.

RULE No. 1 – Never ever give your man an ultimatum!

A response women often make is to give an ultimatum, in other words they’ll say to the guy that if he does not commit to her exclusively from now on, she is sorry but their relationship is over.

Now this looks like a decent approach, right? – WRONG

If you give a man an ultimatum, he will run a mile every time. By bearing down on him to make an ‘all or nothing’ decision, you will only make him associate pain and stress with commitment.

He will see it as having to resign himself to a relationship, and he’ll romanticize the freedom that he would get being single.

Rule No. 2  – Don’t give him all the benefits of a relationship before he’s committed to one

A guy has to earn is place in your life. What a lot of women make the mistake of doing is giving themselves completely to a guy before he has expressed any intention of committing.

Not only does this apply sexually, but also to how much time they give him. They let him call her up and come over whenever he’s around, they break plans for him, come and look after him when he’s ill, the list goes on….

If you give a guy all these things before you’re even dating he’ll think:

“Why do I need to commit when I can get all this attention and still be single?”

Rule No. 3 – Get him to associate massive pleasure to commitment!

Another mistake women make when men won’t commit is trying to be colder towards him. This is also the wrong response.

Although it’s right that you might want to back off a bit (or even date other men), you want to make sure that whatever time you do spend together is the most fun he could possibly have!

That way when you leave he’ll think: “I want to spend more time with this girl, we have such an amazing time together!”

You always need the guy to realize that every time he commits to you a little bit more, things get more fun, more exciting, more romantic, and more sexy. If you give him everything all at once right away, there’s nothing left for him to achieve by being in a relationship with you.

What you ideally want is for him to feel like the single life can never be as much fun than experiencing new things with you can be.

A guy needs to feel like he’s missing out by not committing to you.

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  1. Sue V says:

    Why is it always the woman who tries hard to get a man to commit?! Why can’t he just do it out of love for the woman?! Why make it that much harder?! Men, if you love your woman deeply enough, you SHOULD be committed to her as well as exclusive! Typically, that goes in the form of a marriage contract, if not just letting her know that you love her through your actions and words! That’s it! Why make it harder on both of you! Life’s hard enough!

  2. Ingrid says:

    was in a committed relationship with my male friend. We reunited but he says he likes me a lot but don’t want to be in a relationship. After our break up he got engaged to another woman but now he says he is not engaged. I got to house unexpectedly and no one is there. But I can’t spend the night no more

  3. rochushop says:

    good article

  4. April Wheeler says:

    After being in the far country for some time. He told my family he was happy being separated and didn’t know why he got married. It hurt so bad, so i reached out to Dr. Alfred on email alfredhealinghome AT gmail DOT com. At first, I wanted to give up but then a contact with Dr. Alfred encouraged me to stand for my marriage. And to cut the whole story short, My husband and I are back together and we are one happy family again.

  5. Anthi says:

    Hey.I have truly and mistaken spend one year making my other half a priority.he loves me but I am always there for him so he doesn’t seem to appreciate it .we have ,difficult situations in our lives ,thinks we have to take care and people to support.I don’t want to throw myself to him,and I don’t .the question is how do I get a man how has feelings,to show and to commit.i cannot afford financial the guidance.thanks

  6. Christie says:

    Hi guys. Hoping i can maybe help someone avoid the same heartache. I have been with a man I adore for 3 1/2 years. We live together but he works on the other side of the country on a roster of 4 weeks and home for 1 week. So over that time i have expressed that marriage was very important for me and he kept saying it wasn’t his thing but he would come around one day. When marriage was mentioned he was get angry and literally bristle up. 6 months ago I said I wanted to be married and that I didn’t feel comfortable being in a relationship that was heading that way. He asked me to stay 6 months and he would ask me. 6 months was up this week and i gently reminded him of the timing. He wrote a text saying “well will you marry me then”. I thought he was taking the piss and being cruel so I said that he wasn’t very nice to ask me like that. He flew off the handle. Once he calmed down he explained that he loved me but had never wanted to marry me. He had never wanted to marry anyone. The thought made him sick and he had tried for me but just never felt that way. He had never smiled at the thought of marrying me. It was just a chore he thought he would have to do. He has now agreed to break up because he hasn’t been happy for months because he knew he would have to eventually let me down. He had tried to tell me in subtle ways for a year or more but i just ignored it and tried harder for him to fall in love me with. I gave him everything i had because I had been in relationships before but had never loved this deeply. I thought he was my forever. Please stay smart girls…. not that I regret knowing what loving someone felt like… i just regret not opening my eyes to him not feeling the same and not being able to change his mind.

  7. utsa says:

    I met tis guy through an online dating app.
    We stay in different state and different culture .. But still there was something which clicked between us and it started .. There is regular wassp messages and call and he said many times that he likes me a lot and that he misses me . Even i feel the same for him . I have told him that we should meet to which he said he wants but is not giving any specific date when he would come to meet . He hasn’t yet commit anything to me but while messaging he is all luvly dubly sending kisses and often wants me to send me the same . Till now I haven’t yet sent any intimate or kisses over phone or text . I have made him clear that i don’t believe in virtual things .
    He is a nice guy and want him to commit to me . How do I get him feel more strongly for me .
    Kindly advice.

  8. Sunshine says:

    I was in the similar situation. We talked daily, went on around 10 dates within a month and then he dropped the “I don’t want a relationship” bomb. I behaved exactly like in the article-I seemed okay with it and I made myself a little unavailable but I haven’t been dating other people. But, in this case,he didn’t even want us to date anymore-just a convenient booty call- so I eventually cut things off. We still see each other at the gym and I am having a really hard time not to fall back.Do I still have a chance to make him see me differently or should I move on?

  9. Vanessatan says:

    Well, when finding out your article, I felt like I find a soulmate as it is similar to my thoughts. These 3 rules might be most important, but I still have some small rules, hope that you like it:

  10. doremy jhonson says:

    I need some help to understand a guy.
    For me it was sort of love at first sight. I asked him for his number and he gave it to me. We became friends and started chatting for quite long hours. Then we started meeting each other. One same day, he kissed me and I kissed him back. Next day happened the same.! But when I ask him about what he feels for me, he does not has any answers for the same. And says that love is a waste of time. He wants me to be his friend but cannot resist to kiss me..

    • Ning says:

      To be honestly with u I think he is asshole ! I think usually when girl asked the guy number it will would be a good idea ! He will think you are too easy to get it’s not a challenge for him’ cos all like challenges ! That’s what I read from the books ! I think he just wants some fun

      • bigNavySeal says:

        You girls always think we’re arseholes when we’re just being honest. Ofcourse he liked the fact you approached him and you led each other on. He’s also been honest about his feelings however; deal with that and move on if necessary.

  11. sheryl says:

    I have come to desire a more permanent relationship with a man that I met online but he has decided to end our relationship because he states that his physical attraction to me and our physical relationship hinders his Christian walk. I’ve grown to love this man dearly and would like any suggestion on how to help him love me back and want to be with me. please help me he’s like no other man I’ve ever known

  12. anne says:

    an acquaintance gave her man a
    n ultimatum and he did propose. They are happily married with four children.

  13. mercedes says:

    let me ask you this, does dating codes changes after 40? does your teachings re arelevant to the mature singles? looks like it becomes more difficult as is much harder to complement someone who is set on his or her ways, allowing very litte for improvement and seems as if trust is a major issues not to want to get married unless is prenuptials prsented, and to me is like i am only validated and wanted partially and not fully trusted with my partner affairs and future, and so i get in the mode of not wanted to have a men in my life, and yet im a femenine and i have internal fustruation that i cant acept all the way and seek still to find values to believe in.

  14. Jenna says:

    Hi there… I just started about 2 months ago talking to an ex boyfriend of mine from when I was just a child. It’s been over 10 years since we’ve seen each other. When we saw each other we both had a spark in our eye but it’s been 2 months were taking things slow and having fun but the problem is sometimes when he’s having a hard time he stays a distance from me. Is that bad? He does check in on me to see if I’m doing ok all the time. Did I make a mistake by telling him I love him so soon. He told me that he’s always loved me and always thought of me for years but were not moving in the direction I want which is the boyfriend girlfriend zone any advice on how to get back to that zone again. He does do everything in his power to prove to me that he cares. Do I just need to give it more time. Have fun with it and see where it goes. Help please thank you.

  15. Sweet Sue says:

    You just contradicted yourself right there. I don’t know about you but I associate sex and being loving and affectionate/romantic as a fun thing to do and is also showing him that you value him that much, but so what game do we have to play and what tricks do we have to do in order for the guy to realize that we are a gem and a prize to be won?! Tell me. It’s always the woman who has to do her homework I see and let the man decide. If you’re going to say don’t have sex till there is a commitment (i.e. marriage) then don’t contradict yourself and tell us oh but if you just show him a good time, then he’ll commit. I guess you mean have fun right and do everything but have sex or foreplay. Thanks for the tip. Hope that women can learn from this.

  16. jeanpapp says:

    how do I get my video I paid for?

  17. Confused says:

    Hi Matthew,
    I have an issue that I find a great guy and he likes me too in the beginning. But after the first date I can get really into a guy, and I don’t believe in playing games or rather I can’t control myself so I message the guy back the day after saying what a wonderful day I had and so on. When I really feel like messaging a guy I like I don’t hesitate. How should I control myself?
    It seems to scare of guys when I give them this sudden approach. I don’t get why that is so. How should I approach it next when I guy don’t respond to my message? Should I wait until I get an answer back or should I send something more?
    And how should I actually act after a date to get him to approach me?

    • Bravewoman says:

      Confused…I used to be just like you. I have found that not keeping a new guy’s number in your phone is very helpful. I write it down put it in my desk at work. So at night if he doesn’t call, we don’t talk. If he is interested he will call. My guy friends say the day after text from a girl about what a great time she had is the kiss of death.
      They know we want a call, some guys just want to make us squirm or are not interested. Either way let him wonder where you are…instead of you wondering where he is.

  18. twinkle says:

    I’m glad I found this website thru a youtube video. I really like the advice, it makes lots of sense. Thanks!

    I’d say one main thing is just live in the moment. When I was younger and didn’t want a rship, men would not leave me alone and were always trying to get me to commit to them, but i didn’t want to. I have to admit that’s possibly since I was very young and conventionally-beautiful, but also it was because I DIDN’T WANT A RSHIP, so I was always easygoing and not worrying. Whereas so many women (even when young) tend to obsess about rships and that turns men off because they’re so worrisome and neurotic.

    So now I’m finally interested in having rships and am dating a guy who there’s strong mutual attraction, and try to remind myself to be the cool worry-free gal I used to be. Hopefully Matthew’s advice will be helpful too–I’ve seen great reviews of his book and wanna get it soon!

  19. hope says:

    This is so true hey i think i know what to do

  20. Julie says:

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  21. tracey walker Keepallthecash1 says:

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  22. Jason Ellis says:

    Usually, the best way to make a man commit to you is to not try too hard. Badgering him to be exclusive so soon might send him running in the opposite direction. Instead, lots of relationship experts opine that it is better to wait for things to be totally exclusive until both of you are ready for commitment. However, making a man feel like you are pushing him into marriage too soon can really terrify him.

    • Sweet Sue says:

      Yeah exactly, that was also the message that I somewhat got from the article. You can never force anyone to do anything really. It had a good start but as I kept reading on, it just had contradicions.

  23. lynn says:

    I have been dating my guy for nearly 5 years. I am so ready to Advance our relationship to something more. I want to be an open couple facing life challenges together and start our family as one. We both have 3 children. He states he has never been more ready in all of his life but he doesn’t know what it is but he is afraid. I’ve been ready many relationship books to help understand. From my understanding, it’s something in his subconscious. I am certain it’s because the past 6 months when we talk about it, it becomes an argument and we both start bashing or yelling. Unhealthy I know bit it’s so frustrating!!! I am not sure how to place positive ideas in his subconscious to help remove our past 6 months but I’m sure there is something I can do. Can anyone e help?? I love him but need him to get over this fear of uncertainty.
    Help! Thanks! Lynn

    • Sweet Sue says:

      Wow you must be an amazing woman for him not to commit to you. It’s weird, I mean he’s still with you so that’s definately something to think about. Looks as if your relationships is strong. Good luck!

  24. Jill says:

    Very good advice, too many times women overthink what needs to be done.

  25. Randy says:

    I’m a guy who randomly found it and seriously, this shit is completely true…

  26. Paula says:

    I broke rule number one! What can i do now? Is it posible to turn this around?

    • Janet says:


      Are you still in touch with him? or has there been no contact? Can you give more info to help you? I would like to offer advice but need more specifics.

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  28. Nannie says:

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  29. uigs says:

    So what do you do if you break rule #2? I broke the part where I gave in sexually w/o a commitment and told the guy that I havn’t been accepting other dates once we had sex. Please don’t say how wrong this is, I realize I didn’t handle it well and who is perfect. All the dates were scheduled in advance, none were booty calls, he contacts me everyday but he isn’t acting really like a boyfriend and hasn’t asked for commitment. Now I feel like I should be still dating b/c I have seen him online at the site I met him on so I realized I really need to still be dating but I don’t know how to handle this without seeming like a flake myself.

  30. sarah says:

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  31. gettheguy says:

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  32. Shannin Lucas says:

    26yrs ago my first love & I BROKE up he was looking for me ever since and has found me we’ve reconnected since Christmas Day..He had expressed his undying love for me anf do far has kept his word about things he saif he would do..I am not the type to call or text I let him do that cuz I think hr should earn his way back into my life (am I wrong for doing it that way)?..he works two jobs so we do not text as much is that ok? And where he stays he mentioned not being able to get much sleep so I told him if he wants to rest or sleep he can come to my house (is that ok? He tells mr he loves me quite often (I say it back is that I mean it) we r intimate sexually when theres time, but more intimate spritually I like that (is this good) he has not hurt mr in anyway yet, he says hes not here for that so far so good..how r ee doing? In ur opinion?

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  35. Rita says:

    I am inlove with my friend and i told him how i feel abt him and he said that his not ready what do i do 2 show him that i really love him

    • Niya says:

      When a man says he’s not ready, take him for gis word. Woman make the mistake thinking we can change a man’s mind

    • anne says:

      a lady is not suppose to approach a guy but since you’ve done it there’s no big deal but please live him alone since he said he’s not ready

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  39. Natalia says:

    Hello Matt,
    The 3 rules really make sense, I can see why they should work. Actually, when I was in a relationship with my ex (who I dated for almost 2 years), I didn’t even know these rules existed, but I applied them because somehow that was the approach that made sense to me. However, it didn’t work and the romance faded away quickly… He wasn’t seeing another woman at all. Maybe the problem was his, not mine? I mean: maybe he was too immature to commit? Is that possible?
    I don’t want help getting my ex back, not at all. I’m just telling my story here because I want to understand it, so I don’t make the same mistake twice. Anyway, maybe this story can be useful for you somehow.

  40. Mahdis says:

    I am a 25 years old persian girl who moved to USA.I really want to date an American guy but I don’t know how to use these rules and steps.when I read your blogs and watch your videos I totally undrestand what you mean but I don’t know how to them when I’m seeing a guy.I have always had this problem that at the beggining I can attract guys so fast but after a short time I feel like they are not atteacted to me anymore.I have a hard time attracting guys(especially white guys) permanently.

  41. Paulina says:

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  42. lina says:

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  43. Lucy says:

    My boyfriend never tells me after seeing him when he intends to see me again. Does that mean he is not committed to the relationship?

  44. lucy says:

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  45. asim says:

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  47. anna says:

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    Country USA

  50. Linda says:

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    I contacted Dr. Dele from a testimony I saw on a blog and within a few minutes of mailing him, I realized that everything that have been testified about him are through, he was the one person whom I could completely trust. Within 48 hours, my boyfriend is back in my life. I can’t thank him enough so I decided to add my own testimony online for people who need help in restoring back their relationship. You can contact him on dr.delespiritualtemple@gmail.com

    Linda Maxwell from USA.

  51. A guy says:

    From a guy’s perspective, if he’s not interested in being exclusive after 4 weeks, he’s not likely to be at all. And for those girls whose man came running, it’s the exception, not the rule.

  52. Amber says:

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  53. Priya says:

    After the “talk” don’t they normally dart the other way and never look towards you ever? Going through a completely opposite scenario at the moment – even after the “talk” we are still in contact, as a month progressed I begin seeing things that happened when we first met but randomly. I try not to look desperate by being the only one texting and calling but I don’t want to come off as being cold and rude? Like how much is too much? I don’t know.

  54. cebuanas dating and marriage filipina women says:

    It was William Smith, a canal surveyor in England around 1800, who first realized that
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    They just open their computer and search for sugardaddies.
    You should avoid being thought of as clingy or distressed.

  55. vice says:

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  56. helen says:

    hi i have resd the above and it makes sense. but i think my case a little different i have a kid to a man 15years ago. and since then i had a few relationships and he had settled down and had more kids..even tho this was all happening he always came to see me and everytime i was in a relationship he called and i always ended it so i could be with him when he called. he always foned wen he was out a night at the pub. now he has split up with his gf and we have been togeather but he says he doesnt want to commit altho he is the first person i speak to in the morning and the last at night and when the fone is engaged he asks whos on the fone. he knows i love him i told him but he has never told me. i know he wants me i just dont know if he loves me or is committed to me in anyway. all messages would be grateful.

  57. gshock says:

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  58. Antoinette says:

    Hey how can I make a guy run after me? Here’s the thing a guy is now courting me but its like he is switching our places its like im the one courting him, but im not, he switches his place and my place..

    Please help me im having a hard time dealing with this..

    • twinkle says:

      Antoinette, that post was a year ago and I hope you’re already over that guy. Anyway pls don’t ever chase a man. If a guy’s not interested, fine, u can meet a better man who will treasure u. Good luck

  59. caroline says:

    my guy broke up with me over a silly misunderstood text that had no real meaning in it. care alot for him and it’s his birthday in few days,should i still drop him off the present i have bought for him.

  60. Stef says:

    I wonder if there is anyway to “start over” with the same guy? There is a man who has been in my life for almost a year. When we first met, I didn’t think much of it and “gave him the goods” before we were even dating. He stuck around and we started going on date-type outings even though he had mentioned he wasn’t looking for a girlfriend. Four months after we met I was moving out of state. He made my last weekend amazing. Then all of a sudden I had to stay in the state last minute. After that we slept together once but then we stopped doing that. Now we communicate every day and see each other 2-3 times a month. He hasn’t gotten the goods in over six months yet he shows me in many ways he is into me (proximity, physical touch, shares information, helped me move and helps in other ways). Yet….here I am still single and find myself wondering how much longer I should stick around? Did I unknowingly put myself in the friend zone?

  61. Kandi says:

    I once tried giving my guy an ultimatum, it DID NOT work!

  62. Selina says:

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  63. Sandra says:

    1. Oh..okay. Well, thank you. I really appreciate you telling me. I really like that you’re so honest.

    2. No sorry, I can’t tonight. I have a date. I have some free time next week though. How about Thursday?

    3. Talk with passion about all the amazing things going on in your life that he’s missing. Laugh about shared interests. Talk about that fun thing you did together the first or second date you went on. Then go home early – alone. If he’s not commiting to it – he ain’t hitting it.

    I don’t think it’s manipulation. It’s getting on with your life and your goal of a relationship and he can either catch up or he can fade away as you find someone more on your wavelength. It’s valuing yourself enough to make him work for it.

  64. Kamilla says:

    I generally appreciate your advices Matt. But Im sorry. Didnt like this one much. It seams too much like the old female concocting, working behind the scenes to ensnare a man tactics. “Trick him into behaving like a mature adult”. I dont think every man is alergic to the word “commitment”. And I dont want to convince and manipulate someone to be with me. If you are the kind of guy that wants to play around, then fine. But you are not for me. Im not into converting someone. I want someone that wants to show me that they want me. What happened with openness and honesty? “Im a woman that is looking for a relationship. If you see yourself having a relationship in the not so far away future (with any woman), we can try this and see what happens. If you dont feel it for me, thats fine but atleast we gave it a shot. Btw you seam like a great man and I find you intruiging.” Could it be so wrong?

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