The Matthew Hussey Retreat – Live Event

Life is short. Far too short to work without purpose; to coast in our relationships; to settle without the kind of relationship we truly desire; to get stuck in routine without ever asking ourselves the question of what we really want. Too many people are busy, but too few are fulfilled and experiencing real deep joy in their life. How often do you step away from your packed and stressful routine to look at the things you are doing and the direction you are taking?

Perhaps it’s not direction you need but confidence, the confidence to create the life, the career or maybe the relationship you want. That ‘core’ confidence that allows you to genuinely live ‘your best life’.

At the Matthew Hussey Retreat you’ll spend 5 days in AN AMAZING location, transforming your confidence and your life with one of the most highly sought after peak-performance coaches in the world.

Acclaimed for his ability to motivate and inspire and instil ‘core’ confidence, Matthew creates dramatic, truly life-changing results and for the last 9 years he has been delivering these results for the women who have attended this retreat.

Of course, he is also known as the world’s leading dating expert for women having coached millions of women around the world to help them get the love lives of their dreams.

He is the New York Times bestselling author of “Get the Guy,” had his own national radio show (now the hugely popular ‘Lovelife’ podcast), featured in ‘Ready for Love’ on NBC, was the resident love expert on The Today Show and has made many appearances with Rachael Ray, Katie Couric, Ryan Seacrest, Meredith Vieira, Elvis Duran, Harry Connick and more.

Matthew is also a monthly relationship advice columnist for Cosmopolitan Magazine and many others, including frequently invite him to share his advice with their clients.

He’s had the privilege of working with royalty and celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Eva Longoria. He has coached over 100,000 women in his live seminars and his training videos have reached over 51,000,000 women around the world.

The Matthew Hussey Live Retreat is your chance to truly rejuvenate, get perspective, and design a blueprint for your life and go away with that ‘core’ confidence that will enable you to deliver on the blueprint you create.

Matthew has always reserved this programme for truly exceptional people. Exceptional simply because they have a real desire to live an extraordinary life, to experience true joy and fulfilment, to extract all of the value that life has to offer, to take some aspect of their life to a whole new level. Exceptional because they don’t want to coast through life accepting things just as they are.

Do you want to be exceptional like this?

“Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around”



The three stages of the life transforming 6 days are:

1. Awareness and mindset – Understanding at the deepest level what it is you want to do, to create, and who it is you truly want to be in your life.
2. Realisations, Breakthrough, and Blueprint – Eliminate those beliefs, fears and other emotions that have been holding you back, limiting your progress and design the blueprint for the life you always wanted. Rewriting the script of your life, creating your story
3. Integrating and ingraining – Formulate, and tailor your personal plan, learn how to ingrain the keys to keeping on track, connecting with the version of you that will make all of this happen, eliminating procrastination and the delays to progress.

Pre-Retreat Preparation

You will be looking at your life as it is – how you live day to day, and tracking these things for use at the actual retreat itself using our preparation tools.

These will enable you to review whether you are focusing on the right things. Busy does not equal productive! This information enables us to get smart about ‘what’ you spend your time doing and how you will do it in the future.

You can record the emotions you experience frequently, when and what triggers them, what their impact is, do they propel you forward or are they holding you back? We will begin to understand the forces behind your emotions and what you want to change.

You can use our journal to note your thoughts and anything and everything relevant that you notice about your life. i.e. What you’d like to change, the direction you want to go, the vision you have for the different areas of your life, the impact of the people around you, the way your life is structured, dreams, goals, desires, frustrations – anything and everything you think is relevant. Your unfiltered private thoughts that may be helpful for consideration as you progress through the retreat process over the 6 days.

All this happens before you even arrive to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the time you spend with Matthew.

About The Matthew Hussey Retreat – Live Event

Here is a sneak peek of what is going to be covered each day over the 6 days:

Day 01: Direction

  • Values – Internal Compass
  • Who were you, who are you, who are you becoming, who do you really want to be?
  • Re-thinking everything you know about your life and the script you have been working from
  • Is this script one you still want to follow or does it need to be re-written?
  • What do you want? (Not what you’ve been told you want, what do you really want for YOU?)
  • Where do you want to be in every aspect of your life? Your love life, work life, finances, health and play?
  • Big visions, smaller goals, turning everything you desire into your blueprint
  • Creating the Plan (Strategy & Rituals) & turning that into an Immediate Commitment (Action)

Day 02: Your Motivation and Drive

  • Understanding what drives you
  • Emotional buttons – uncovering the triggers for our emotions
  • Learning how to control and direct our Emotional fuel and create the intensity for action
  • Solving the problem of Procrastination
  • Dealing with challenges, obstacles and our limiting beliefs
  • Understanding how to create new reference points and beliefs that serve us better
  • Connecting with the true value and importance of time, our time – the biggest motivator
  • Alignment of internal signals

Day 03: Emotions

  • Understanding human behaviour, understanding what drives our actions
  • Learning how to build our dream team, how to connect and create our ‘super support network’
  • Dealing with confrontation, the when and the how, and creating the confidence to act effectively
  • Changing our relationship with Fear
  • Managing and dealing with Stress

Day 04: People

  • Understanding the motives of others and our own
  • Knowing the core drivers (acceptance, importance etc)
  • Identities – understanding the web of identities around us
  • Impact – Selling yourself
  • Communication – Conversation & Non-Verbal Communication
  • Keys to Relationships

Day 05: Self-worth & Confidence

  • Forgiveness and letting go
  • Dealing with Past Pain, Present Panic, Future Worry
  • Risk/Comfort Model
  • Final Roadmap Consolidation – Short term strategy versus long-term vision
  • Understanding confidence, internal vs external and ‘core’ confidence
  • The path to real self-worth, connecting with YOU again
  • Knowing how to love yourself

Final Night: Celebration!

We celebrate the end of the key 5 days – the 5 days where we are focused on you, creating the vision for your life, designing the strategies to make it happen, and then connecting with the version of you that is going to be able to implement that vision. That version of YOU that has the internal, ‘core’ confidence to go and create the future you truly want, to go and create the relationships you desire!

Over these five days you are going to developing huge momentum, break through barriers and be on your way to creating and implementing the strategies that will elevate your new life. Strategies that will connect you with life in a new and more profound way which will enable you to experience a deeper sense of fulfilment and joy than you have ever known.

Watch this video about the Matthew Hussey Retreat…

Hey Matthew,

I just wanted to give you a big thank you for everything and give you an update since the retreat and the mentoring program as my life has never quite been the same since I went on it.

I actually can’t believe all the things I have achieved since the retreat and I got mentored. The way I live life now is so different from before.

I have been doing many things which I never thought were possible in the short time since the retreat, like stand up in a crowded room of 30 to 40 people and give an impromptu speech. The chances of getting me to do that before the retreat was zero.

Just by stretching myself a little bit further, I have made whole new social circles of friends and I am not just talking about one or two people I am talking about whole new groups of people.

It is quite amazing how different my life has become, in such a short space of time and I am only giving you the significantly shortened down version. There are too many things to list here.

I have to say these days I live so far out of my comfort zone, I have no idea how I ever got stuck in one and why I would ever want to go back in one.

The most amazing thing is, this is only the beginning and I can’t wait to see what the next chapter is like.

At the end of the retreat you told me I was ‘now dangerous’ and I think you are right.

I will keep you updated.:)

– Jo

Attendance on this programme is by invitation only.

If you would like to be part of this event please enquire below and we will schedule a consultation for you with one of our retreat consultants. By providing your email, you’ll also get ongoing access to my insider dating secrets so you can find love faster…

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