Member’s Portal

Member's Portal

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  1. Anna says:

    can i get access to my members portal here? i signed up for impactand haven’t finished watching the programs/webinars. assistance pls. thanks.

  2. Aimee Garner says:

    I cant find the url to to my members area, website is like trying to find Narnia…

  3. Claudia Leal says:

    Seriously dude you have a whole team working on this ?! If you are flaky and can’t deliver what you’ve promised, what good common sense girl will trust ya? you really need help with this tech stuff darling email me or call me to help ya

  4. Jennifer Hays says:

    I paid $97 I believe for the videos and now I can’t find them or where to login. Please advise.

  5. Donna Weingarten says:

    I paid for gettheguy and fast track trial but I can’t pull them up to read. I have wasted three days trying but no luck. Please advise