Join me for the first ever LIVE Virtual Retreat over 3 magical days.


The first ever LIVE Matthew Hussey Virtual Retreat is my thoroughly immersive coaching program based on the very same life-changing process that I personally take women through on my 6-day live Retreat.

While my team and I are heartbroken we won’t get to hug any of you in person on the beach this year, that’s where the sad news ends...

We have been hard at work, putting our hearts and souls into creating a magical solution that will still enable us to deliver the most incredible LIVE experience for you in October, at home!

The best part is, I’ll hand you a set of tools that you can integrate seamlessly into your daily routine to make consistent – and radical – progress toward achieving the life of your dreams.

What Does This 3-Day Event Include?

  • LIVE, real-time coaching with me, and my Dad, Steve (he would normally take you through the whole of Day 3 of the Retreat).
    • We will take you through the transformational Retreat process with daily, morning & afternoon seminars.
  • Life-changing visualizations
  • In-depth discussions and feedback with me and my top trainers
  • Workouts and yoga with world-class fitness coaches
  • Daily gratitude sessions
  • Nightly LIVE parties and events (no spoilers - but we’re ‘Zooming’ the magic and fun of the Retreat to you :))
  • All streamed live to your computer, in the comfort of your home

Can I Really Get the Same Results at Home?

Just like the in-person experience, the Virtual Retreat Program will give you essential tools to achieve the things that are important to you:

  • 1. Your Step-by-Step Blueprint for the life of your dreams
  • 2. The Core Confidence, that deepest inner confidence, to take action and create it

Most importantly, you now don’t have to wait to claim the joy, fulfilment, and core confidence you deserve. You can partner with me this October and transform your life NOW.

I won’t give too much away now, but on the Retreat I like to refer to Mike Tyson’s famous quote, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” None of us expected a global pandemic when we rang in 2020. But here we are. But you can be part of my Retreat family and we can all be fighters.

We’re going to show 2020 what we’re made of. And we’re going to make the most of it, together.

During our 3 days together, I am going to give you this most incredible set of tools that will allow you to create something beautiful from this messy year we’ve been handed… not even in spite of it, but because of it. I cannot wait to spend this precious time together. I promise we will make it magic.

We have planned full days (accommodating multiple time zones), including meal breaks and some EPIC parties in the evening. So, save the dates now - 16th-18th October - and please keep this time sacred just for you!

You may have been really hoping to attend the Live Retreat, but now there’s a Global Crisis and Travel Restrictions, or maybe for you family or finances have been the obstacle. We now have the solution for you.

I Wish I Didn’t Have to Choose!

Amazing news... I’ve already thought of this, and now you don’t have to choose!

I’m making a never-before-available and very limited-time offer that will allow you to purchase the Virtual Retreat and apply the cost of the event (in full!) towards the price of a future Live Retreat, should you decide to come. In those circumstances this event will have cost you nothing!

The choice to make NOW is to choose to do what few others ever do: Consciously design the life of your dreams, then actually follow through and achieve it.

I’ll hand you your step-by-step plan and, together, we’ll make it happen.

Special Opportunity

I have a hand-picked team of incredible Retreat Specialists who are dedicated to speaking on the phone with my Live Retreat applicants. They review their applications with them and walk them through the complete process. Right now, my Retreat Specialists are making their time available to speak to you to talk you through the Virtual Retreat and answer any questions you may have.

Even if you end up deciding that now is not the time to attend the Virtual Retreat, I can promise that the call itself will be worthwhile to help you clarify your goals. You will also learn more about my limited-time offer to apply your cost toward my Live Retreat.

Decide NOW to find out if the Virtual Retreat is right for you, and reserve your free, private phone call with your Specialist ...


P.S. Your once-in-a-lifetime Virtual Retreat is not to be confused with the (previously-filmed) At-Home Retreat. My team and I are creating this experience LIVE, just for you, with content customized to help you apply the timeless principles of the Retreat to this unprecedented year. Don’t miss out.