See You Tomorrow!

Update: here’s the planned schedule for tomorrow…

Book signing for the first 50 people
2.30pm-3.00pm: Presentation from Matt
3.00pm-3.45pm: Q&A
3.45pm–4.30pm: Second round of signings


Matthew here. I feel as if I’ve been doing a lot of videos in front of bookshelves recently – very topical because of the Get The Guy book… which is the reason I’m seeing you tomorrow!

Yesterday I landed back in London. As you’ll see in the video, I’m a little jet-lagged, unshaven, and need to spend my evening getting ready for seeing you tomorrow.

I can’t wait to you see you at the event. It’s going to be a blast. I have a whole raft of friends and family coming, and I’m really excited to have everyone I love together in one place.

It’s going to be a great chance to learn a few things, for you to ask me some questions, and to get your book signed and have a photo.

If you have friends that you’d like to bring along, here’s the page that will allow you to grab a copy of the book for them and sign up for a place. Make sure you get them to sign up before the event as we’re getting close to capacity and don’t want to have to turn people away at the last minute.

My team are excited to see you. Can’t wait!

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