5 Flirty Treats That Will Melt Him

Since Halloween is nearly here, I thought I’d share some of my favorite flirting techniques you can use to have him holding you close this October.

Put your fears to bed, and watch…

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Why You STAY In Love With The Wrong People (+ How To Finally Get Your Confidence Back…)

Stephen Hussey

Should I accept it when he belittles me and makes me doubt myself?

Am I going to make him angry if I call him out for canceling on our date last minute?

Will I be able to find anyone else if I lose this guy? 

Is it too late for me to even have a romantic life? Will a guy truly want me as I am?

So many women have the same emotional response to these questions: FEAR.

They let fear be in charge of their relationships. They let fear be in charge of the career they choose. They let fear be in charge of their emotions every single day.

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Which Of These 3 Women Are You? (You’ll Be Surprised…)

This is probably one of my most important videos of the entire year.

And as a special treat, I’m going to give you a huge bonus at the end revealing the #1 inner secret that will change your relationships forever. 

Let’s not wait a second longer…

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Lust vs. Love: What’s the Difference?

couple kissing in bedroom

You want to grab and kiss him every second you’re walking down the street. He can’t help but sneak a touch whenever you’re walking up a flight of stairs front of him.

Even though you’re out with friends, all you can think about is ripping each other’s clothes off when you get home.

But how do you know if it’s lust vs. love?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the definitions of both, so that you can tell whether it’s purely a physical connection or something deeper…

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6 Behaviors That Kill Relationships

If we don’t work on eliminating toxic relationship habits, it doesn’t matter how attractive we are: we’ll always find a way to self-sabotage and drive our partner away.

So here are 6 relationship-killing behaviors to avoid at all costs if you want to keep an amazing guy…


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7 Signs You’re In A One Sided Relationship

couple bored at lunch

You ask your friends, “Is this normal?”

It’s not that he’s necessarily a bad guy. But you feel deep in your gut that something is wrong. Like he’s just a passenger along for the ride, and you’re always the one driving the car.

You keep wondering if you’re being over-dramatic, but you can’t help but feel something isn’t right.

Is he being unreasonable? Or are you expecting too much?

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The Myth Of The “Intimidating Woman”

“Men just want a submissive girlfriend. They feel threatened by a woman who is too independent and successful…”

Yes, that might make some insecure guys run a mile, but not nearly as often as people think.  

Here are the 3 real reasons he’s pulling away

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Cheating, Dating, and Getting Rid Of The Wrong Guys…

During my latest media appearances and interviews in New York City, I decided to get my cameraman and all-round creative genius Jameson to shoot some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the juiciest dating tips I talked about.

Hope you enjoy this peek behind the curtain…

4 Things You Can ACTUALLY Learn To Be Better At Dating and Relationships…

Stephen Hussey

One of the harsh truths about getting older is realizing that so many things in life can’t be learned.

No amount of grinding will summon up a sublime talent for poetry or a gift for music. You can’t study enough physics and be capable of the insights of Albert Einstein, or swim enough lengths and evolve into whatever land-sea hybrid creature Michael Phelps is.

But that’s ok. Life is better when you bet on your natural strengths anyway.

What about love though?

People often ask me: “Do you really think that attraction and being good at relationships can be taught to everyone?”

(This is their polite way of asking: “Does the stuff you teach actually help anyone?”)

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Do You Have Any Of These Annoying Girlfriend Habits?

Even if a guy is crazy about a woman (in a good way), it doesn’t mean there aren’t things she does that also drive him insane (in a bad way).

Ok, it’s one thing to have a few bad habits.

But some behaviors are deadly kryptonite that KILL men’s attraction for you and make him want to hit the “ignore” button whenever he sees your name on his caller ID.

So let’s look at the top 7 annoying girlfriend habits that make him pull away so that you don’t fall into these traps…

1. Judging him constantly

woman annoyed with her boyfriend

He dresses wrong. He watches too many movies. He has the wrong opinions on politics, art, and life in general (i.e. not yours).

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