4 Dangerous Reasons You Fall In Love Too Fast

She thought about him every day when she got home, remembering that perfect moment on the boat trip when he took her hand and pulled her tight to him.

But then… he never called…(I know, it’s horrible, right?)

The truth is, this often happens because of some very simple mistakes we make when it comes to falling in love. In this week’s video, I’ll show you how to avoid them…

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Setting Boundaries In A Relationship

stop sign on pavement

Ever seen one of those relationships where both people just 100% totally understand what the other person needs all the time, and both partners just effortlessly read minds and live in perfect harmony?

Me neither.

It’s hard to know what the healthy boundaries in relationships are.

Which is why here I’m going to discuss: (a) why boundaries matter, (b) how to practice setting boundaries in relationships, and (c) the best way to communicate them.

Why Boundaries?

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#1 Tip For Finding Love: Go On FEWER Dates

You do not need to go on more dates this year to find a great guy.

Yes, you heard that right.

What’s an easier way to meet great men? I’ll show you.

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The Secret to Standing Out from Everyone (It’s So Much Simpler Than You Think)

What do you really want from 2018? To finally get back in the dating game and find someone amazing? To execute on that business you’ve been thinking about? To produce excellent work and create  something people love?

If the answer is “yes”, I’m about to give you the most important lesson you need to learn before you do anything else.

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5 Tips For A Drama Free Relationship

woman annoyed with man

You’re losing sleep again.

Why does he always do this?!

You use TV to distract yourself. But dammit you’re mad. You can’t resist any longer. You call him and another argument ensues.

It just keeps happening: relationship drama.

All the usual questions flood your mind: Is this normal? Do all my friends fight like this? Why do we always fall into these stupid conflicts?

So allow me to share my essential, top 5 tips to avoiding drama with a guy you’re dating. These won’t all be easy to hear, but they’ll change your relationships forever.

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Our Stupidest Moments of 2017

The funny, the bad, and the ridiculous – my trusted director Jameson has cut together some of our very best bloopers from 2017.

Enjoy, and thank you so much for all your support over the last 365 days.


Want Men to Approach You? Use These 4 Harmless Words

This is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at my seminar in Chicago, where I got all the info from 3 women who revealed exactly how to date in the big city…

Oh, and I also reveal a really simple reason why guys aren’t approaching you, and the simple 4 words that get him to meet you.


He Hurt You? 5 Simple Steps to Open Your Heart to Love Again…

When love punches us in the gut, it’s easy to become terrified about going for a second round.

But there is a way to fall in love again.

Just use these 5 simple strategies and you’ll be amazed by what happens next…

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7 Unusual Things To Do BEFORE A Date

In this week’s video, I sat down with my brother Stephen Hussey to reveal the 7 best (and unconventional) ways to get ready for a date.

If you’re ready to make a truly powerful first impression on a guy, follow these simple next steps…

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We Hit 1,000,000…(Here’s What Happened)

This has been a loooong time coming, and it we captured it all live at the Matthew Hussey retreat.

You’ve made this all possible, so this one is for you…

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