Fifty Shades Darker in REAL LIFE…

50 Shades of Grey is a weird story. 

Christian is a hot, emotionally-damaged billionaire with some crazy ex girlfriends and a craving for sadomasochism.

Ana is the young, bookish wallflower with whom he becomes totally obsessed. Before they date, he even makes her sign a contract to state which kinky activities he’s allowed to perform on her in the bedroom.

Umm… can anyone say major red flags??

I really don’t want to spoil this week’s video, but all I’ll say is, this is how the trailer should have gone…

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Why Writing “No Hookups” Won’t Stop Bad Guys

Stephen Hussey

I’ve noticed a curious behavior on dating apps like Tinder that always dumbfounds me.

It’s the common habit of women writing something like the following on their dating profiles:

  • “Not here for hookups!”
  • “If you’re only interested in sex, swipe left…”
  • “Don’t bother messaging if you only want something casual…”

Whenever I come across such profiles, I always shake my head and think to myself: Why would you write that?

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8 Reasons Why He’s Not Texting Back

Don’t you hate the “texting game”?

You fire off every message, each one your little arrow hoping to strike his heart, and then your watch begins…you become the silent guardian of your smartphone, just waiting for the moment went it chimes to let you know he’s text you back.

Only sometimes that moment never comes.

woman texting confused

But here’s the thing: it’s not always your fault.

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5 First Date Tips That Make Him Want More

What’s the #1 sexiest thing a woman can do on a first date?

What really makes a guy want you depends on how you make him feel in your company.

He needs to feel intrigued. He needs to feel attractive. He needs to feel a sense of fun…

This week, I’m going to teach you 5 killer lines you can say to any guy to fill him with great emotions and get him dying to see you again…

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Get Him To DESIRE You – Use This Flirting Formula…

Stephen Hussey

How do you become better at flirting?

For some people, that’s a silly question. “Flirting is simple,” they’ll say, “it’s just something you do when you like a guy”.

Flirting is a skill that people seem to blindly assume they’re good at without ever wondering if they could do it better.

And yet, so many people get it wrong. They think they’re flirting, but never realise they’re coming off aggressive, or too bland, or too overbearing and needy, or all kinds of other little mistakes that they’ve picked up along the way.

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How To Have ‘That’ Conversation

Wow, this guy connects with me on so many levels. We like the same movies and books. We have passionate, romantic sex. We can talk for hours and both care about family.

It’s never felt this good before with anyone. I feel I can really be myself and relax around him. 

But is he looking for this to go somewhere? I don’t want to blow it. How do I ask him if this is for real, or if it’s just casual fun for him…

*     *     *     *     *     *

It’s difficult in the early dating stage to know when it’s time for the relationship talk.

You may have a guy who seems to make a ton of effort, who says you’re like no woman he’s ever met, but you still haven’t had the BIG conversation to define yourself as an exclusive couple.

couple smiling in bed

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How to Never Run Out of Things to Say in Conversation

Uh-oh… that cute guy just smiled and asked what you’re drinking. He has broad shoulders and adorable dimples.

You make 2 minutes of small talk. But then you draw a blank…

Crap. You’ve run out of things to say. What now?? How do you get out of this awkward silence??

If this has ever happened to you, you need to watch this video.

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Don’t Try To “Find A Relationship” In 2017 – Do THIS Instead…

Stephen Hussey

So it’s over.

December. Parties. Christmas. Those occasions when single people have to grin and try impeccably hard to ignore all the happy couples around them.

Then, when January comes, you think about your 6-month goals:

  • Lose weight
  • Get career sorted
  • Find a relationship (!!)

In fact, so strong is the desire to get coupled up after the holidays, that Tinder expects it’s biggest traffic ever to occur THIS Sunday. I don’t know if that’s a cause for excitement or indicative of some kind of mass desperation.[click here to continue…]

5 Fun Ways To Ask Him Out

Can a woman really ask a guy out??

It’s a common worry. Most women see the idea as ‘anti-feminine’, or just too risky and fraught with potential embarrassment if it goes wrong.

couple on a date

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“Do I Have to Change to Get the Guy?”

On January 1, everyone tells themselves, “I’m going to diet, get in shape, feel more confident, meet a great guy, and learn how to have an amazing relationship.”

But then we have to actually do it… (gulp). And that’s harder than it sounds.

Don’t panic: In my first blog video of 2017, I’ll reveal the crucial, exact steps to restarting your love life this year, so that you can finally get the incredible partner you deserve…

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