When a Guy Traps You in “Relationship Limbo”…

Maybe you’ve been trapped here before. In this strange and emotionally confusing place. A place we call “Relationship Limbo.”

If you’ve ever been here before (or know a friend who has), stop whatever you’re doing right this second and watch this…

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The Real Truth: Why Men Stop Chasing You

There is a “deadly trap” women fall into when they first fall for a guy – and slowly but surely, it can drain his attraction.

So in this video, I’ll give you the brutally honest truth: Learn it now, take on the high-value behavior that keeps him hooked, and become much more than just his short-term fling…

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5 Qualities Guys Look For

Whenever people talk about what men want in a woman, they like to resort to the obvious:

Men only care about looks. 

Men want sex, food, and a woman who will bends to their will. 

Blah blah blah.

Most of these people are either talking from bitterness, denial, or who have no clue about what drives human behaviour at a deep level.

Yes, short-term qualities can get attention. But deep connection and lasting attraction? For a man with any kind of soul at all, it demands a lot more.[click here to continue…]

How to STOP Letting Fear Steal Your Dreams

We are all victims of fear. Fear that costs us precious hours, days, months, years – time we can never recover – and leads us to miss out on love, joy, fun, and emotional fulfillment.

In this week’s video, we’re going to dive deeper and look at the 3 biggest causes of fear, and learn a powerful secret to help you finally take back control…

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One Second That Changes Your Love Life Forever…

One moment. One second. One tiny little word that leads to someone  finding the love of their life.

And so many women miss that chance every single day.

If you do nothing else this Sunday, make sure you watch this powerful message…

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5 First-Date Moves That Make Him Want More

Do you really want to be just the “not bad” woman in his head?

Wouldn’t you rather him go home in a romantic haze, unable to take his mind off this new, unendingly fascinating woman whom he just prays will answer his texts the next day? Thought so.

If you really want him to miss you after only 24 hours, don’t leave the first encounter without throwing in a few of these man-bait techniques…

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Questions You Should Always Ask Yourself After 3 Months Of Dating

man kissing girlfriend on forehead

It’s the last thing you want to think about after 3 months of dating.

Chances are, you’re 100% in the love-struck honeymoon phase.

You call each other every day, you spend your weekends together, and you can’t wipe the smile from your face when your friends ask you about the new guy you’re seeing.

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Want More from the Men You Date? Here’s How to Get it

Smart, successful women are able to act in a way that brings the best out of the guys they date. How? I’ll show you.

I traveled with my mom to Dallas to hear from women about their difficulties with finding Mr. Right. In this video, you’ll get to enjoy some exclusive behind-the-scenes conversation and on-stage footage with real women + some super fun bonus footage of my mom trying to get women for me ;)

How To Not Get Attached To Someone In An Almost Relationship

man and woman holding each other

You both lie in bed after sex, feeling like you’re in a French film. You’re almost tempted to smoke a cigarette, if it wasn’t so gross and probably against the building’s fire code.

He isn’t your boyfriend. That’s clear. He’s not after anything serious, and maybe neither are you. Screw it, you’re having fun.

But what if you fall for him? What if it all goes further than just a casual “almost relationship”?

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Why Being In Love Really Matters (But Not In The Way You Think)

Nothing annoys me more than someone who tells you not to feel the pain you’re in. Life can be tough – it lets you down, it feels like being punched in the gut on the bad days. But the question now is: How do you get out of it?

In this week’s video, I’ll tell you about the most important relationship you’ll ever have, and it may not be the one you think…

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