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What’s the secret to making a great relationship work? Communication, of course! I’m committed to you always, so let’s figure out the best way to get in touch based on what you need from me…

1. “Matt, I need specific love life advice…”

I’ve been releasing videos on YouTube answering questions about men and dating every week since 2010. Whatever your question, I’m sure I’ve given advice on it (and probably more than once)!

Just try me.

Click here to search for your question on my YouTube Channel. (Don’t forget to subscribe!)

2. “I need help with one of your programs.”

If you are already a member of our awesome community (high five!), here’s a list of questions and answers for billing and technical support.

Still have questions about a program? My support team is here to help…

Click here to email member support.

Expect a reply within 48 hours between 8am – 6pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

3. “Matt, I think I’d be a great addition to your team. Can I submit a resume?”

The answer is no. I don’t accept resumes. (But not for the reason you think!)

I’m actually always on the lookout for talented individuals to bring onto my amazing team. But I just don’t believe it’s possible to fit your unique personality and skills on one sheet of paper, so we do things a little differently around here.

If you’d like to pitch the team and I on why you would be a great addition, write to, tell us what you can do, why you want to work at Get the Guy and why you’d do a great job!

We’re not looking for coaches right now, but one area we need help with is customer support. If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you.

4. “I have a media/press related inquiry.”

Please contact and we’ll get back to you shortly.

5. Mailing Address

GTGUK Services Ltd Acorn House, Church Road, East Brent, Somerset, TA9 4ZH