Biggest Dating Mistakes Women Make

Most women have experienced the following scenario: they start seeing a guy, they honestly like him, and then they start obsessing over every little thing and ruin a potentially wonderful love story.

It’s really hard to balance things out when it comes to participating in the dating world. What’s even harder is handling disappointment and trying to analyze what you did wrong in the process. It’s simply exhausting.

Sometimes, it’s really not your fault. Sometimes things simply don’t work out because two people aren’t a good match. Other times, you may be the reason for a missed chance for happiness.

If you’ve had enough of being puzzled over what you’ve done wrong, it’s good to take a few steps back and try to see the whole picture as objectively as possible. Very often, it’s tempting to give up on love because you feel like you’re going to lose your mind overthinking every detail.

It’s a game of back and forth, but honesty stays the number one quality everyone respects. The way you communicate, the little things you do for your man, the ideas about the relationship you have (that might need a reality check) – all of this plays an important role in your love life.


Check out our infographic and try to understand where you might be making mistakes in the dating world.

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  1. Love says:

    It’s hard to be confident when I’m acutely aware of my flaws. I guess I’ll stay single for three years to work on myself like I promised

  2. Love says:

    I love that you’ve cited the research here! I have to say that I’m curious what an infographic speaking to men would look like (their top mistakes).

  3. Lauren says:

    So much information, Matt! Even though i’m single at the moment I find your videos and articles just another bow to my arrow when I do get into a relationship. Thank you for being so giving with your insight and humor. By the way you and Mark Gungor would make an amazing team with helping both single and married women. Look him up!

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