The Secret to Standing Out from Everyone (It’s So Much Simpler Than You Think)

What do you really want from 2018? To finally get back in the dating game and find someone amazing? To execute on that business you’ve been thinking about? To produce excellent work and create  something people love?

If the answer is “yes”, I’m about to give you the most important lesson you need to learn before you do anything else.

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9 Texts No Man Can Resist

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  1. Monica says:

    Everything you said is right. Your program is very good and a lot of women will learn and benefit! And I hope every single woman will have a bright future and find the right one.

    Thank you very much.


  2. Tara says:

    Hey Matthew and wonderful Team,

    thanks for all specific advices I got from you.

    Being a coach and TV actress myself, I am a free, single and happy she-wolf. Yet when it comes to dating (I think it might just be more fun to share my great life with someone), I am a bit picky:

    I am into people that aim for something higher -not for getting rich- but who are working on manifesting projects for a greater purpose.

    So here is the thing: These guys on big missions quite often are not into having a relationship.They are happy lonely wolves as well. And I am a great muse to them – a concubine, company, lover, sparring partner – and I like that role as well; I get good times and inspiration out of it too.

    But do you know if there are guys out there who actually love and live the big picture and who don´t feel a relationship with a woman would hold them back from their mission?

    Ah Matthew – honestly I am not being drawn towards the kind “microcosmic” guys that look for a wife in their lives (little wife, little paycheque, little vacation, little car, beer, soccer etc). Believe me, I´ve tried it – and believe me, I am aware I sound arrogant ;-)

    I feel good with the decision of being a strong woman on a strong mans side – so I guess I am ready.

    Any idea? Can´t you just create an event for amazing men and amazing women to actually meet?

    Thank you a lot and good luck with all you do!!


  3. Alex says:

    Hello Matthew. :)
    Im 20 years old and in college.About 1 1/2 years ago I started crushing on this guy that goes to my college but doesnt study my degree, and I totally went crazy over him. Ive only talked to him like 3 times and it was a “hello” type of conversation. In my mind he is this amazing person and he actually seems so interesting and misterious, but i have never talked to him. During this time all my friends that are friends with him tried to introduce me and set me up but i was just too scared to attempt a conversation with him. Around 10 months after i started crushing on him i decided i was going to let my friends introduce me to him. The thing is, i was so scared and freaking out i stalked him a bit and i saw what topics were interesting for him so i made research about them so i would come as interesting to him aswell (it took me 10 months to make that choice because i was debating hard in wether i should do it or not, because i felt that it was way too much to get a guys attention and i wanted to do those things for myself, not because of him; the latter ended up being why i did it). I spent days studying subjects and practicing on the mirror and when the day finally came and my friend called him so he would come to our classroom, he told her he was on a date with this girl and totally knocked me down. I never got to introduce myself to him. Now, he is dating someone else and I’m more scared than ever to talk to him. I dont think i can move on from him unil I can talk to him and find out if the idea i made of him in my mind is true or not. But the thing is, Ive been crushing on him for almost 2 years and i think he knows i like him, so it makes it even more difficult for me to talk to him. (He is kind of cocky). Also i feel kind of bad talking to him because he is dating someone else and i dont want to come up as the slutty type of girl. I’ve thought plenty of times to make a risky move and try and steal him from his girl (not caring a pickle about my reputation) but thats not me (and i mean if i cant even look at him without panicking how could i steal him). What should i do? Help me please :(
    Btw. My college is really small and he is the only one that has caught my attention

  4. Maria S. says:

    Hey Matthew!
    Love your videos on yt and used many of your advices. But I’m in a very special situation and now I don’t know what to do.

    I live with 2 guys and have fallen in love with one of them without noticing it. We have always been flirting a little but lately it feels like quite a lot. He does hug me in front of our friends and I’ve even been sleeping in his room every night the last 2 weeks were we lay around and cuddle for hours. He will also kiss my hand or forehead, or take my hand in his if I sleep a little further away from him. I do know he finds me attractive because he has suggested having sex, but about a month ago he asked me if I liked him and because I didn’t want to ruin anything I lied and said I didn’t like him. After I said that he said it was good because he was worried. So now I just walk around confused all the time…

    Can you give me some insight as to what he is thinking and what I should do? I really don’t want to make it feel strange when we’re together or with our friends..

  5. Sandi Springer says:

    Hello Matthew,

    I recently started watching your videos and I’m hooked! I even sent some to a friend :)

    I’m hoping for some direction on a particular issue. I want to talk to the guy I’ve been dating (only a month) about what he wants. I’m developing feelings but don’t want to over invest. I’m getting lost sorting through the videos and blogs. Can you help point me in a direction to help me talk to him so I come across confident but NOT anal or controlling?

    Thanks so much for all you do!

  6. Katia V. says:

    P.S. The knowledge you share is wise and full of sincere wish to help or sincere fraternal love, leading us to evolution, so that it is spiritual too, just that without explicit religiosity, what makes it more universal. By the way, you not only work with intelligence, wisdom, kowledge, fraternal love, … but intuition so that some call you “guru”, I adore when you go into the persons’ problem with so clear vision about it and its solution. You are great. God bless you always. :) <3

  7. Katia V. says:

    Matthew Hussey, thank you sooo much. :) <3

    Your knowledge not only resonates with my knowledge, but complements it "just as" or "really better than" I would complement. Add to this, in just few minutes you share many complements by videos, texts, … Complements that would demand me days, weeks, months, years of observations, readings, talkings, … to achieve. The only difference to me is that all previous and new knowledge I have I also complement with spiritualistic knowledge, considering that I'm mystical :)

    You contribute to my evolution just as my best friends and I like you just as I like my best friends. :) <3

  8. Susan Schaffer says:

    Hi Matthew
    I would like to thank you for all the insights into relationships especially the psychological stuff and interactions between the sexes. I was hoping to find a way to solve ongoing issues with the opposite sex since I was a teenager. You will be surprised that I am now 72. After being married nearly 30 years with 3 children and then divorced (my decision). I became obsessed with a man who I realized now is a Narcissist and wnomaniizer (pathological person) on and off for 20 years. Thankfully all that is behind me now and would like to thank you for giving me the information that helped me through a difficult time. I’m still amazed that at my age the same problems persist. Age has no barrier when love is involved and can be quiite demoralising if it doesn’t work out. I often think ” what if” but I realized I am too sesitive and don’t like to disappoint anyone. It usually happens that I am the one who is disappointed. Things are looking good and feeling positive now so thank you Matthew. Sorry I just unsubscribed but wanted you to know how much I appreciated your emails. Susie

  9. Sara jannat says:

    Your videos are amazing,it helps me a lot to make right decisions in many circumstances

  10. Mary says:

    Thank you, Matthew Hussey. Your advice was exactly what I needed to hear to start this new year and tackle all the challenges ahead.

  11. Katarina says:

    The says it’s not longer accepting submissions…anyway to get the techniques now that it’s closed?

  12. Iskander says:

    Matthew has gone a really long way from who he was several years ago to the public person he is now. I guess whenever he feels like moving from advice on love life, he could become the most successful coach on intrapersonal transformation and building a self-brand. In fact, he could be successful in any area, because he is a hardworking man, who literally sculpted both his mind and body. He is a living masterpiece and role model for smart people who wish to improve their lives by reinventing themselves. Bravo!

  13. Marysia says:

    Thank you Matthew and Stephen….I really need this material you attached:)

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