5 Things Everyone Should Learn To Be A Better Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Stephen Hussey

We’ve all been told the important stuff that helps a relationship work in the long-run:

  • Kindness 
  • Respect
  • Clear and compassionate communication

But there are also other little skills that make a big difference.

Things that our partner may not even be able to vocalize, but that deep down in their subconscious they are eternally grateful for and that keep the relationship working and make us No.1 in their books. 

Cultivate these skills and your name will be on its way to becoming an ill-judged impulsive tattoo on someone’s bicep in no time: 

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Lost Hope? The Message You NEED Right Now

If you are in a place today where feel you’ve lost hope…

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When to Have Sex with Him

When is the right time to sleep with a guy?

This topic often creates a lot of confusion, so I wanted to clarify some of my thoughts on it…

Does sex build connection,
or does a connection make sex even better?

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Don’t Get Into A Relationship Before You Read This…(Or: How To Be Single)

Stephen Hussey

Single. Dating. “Friends-with-benefits”. Coupled.

People like to tell us that one state is desirable over another. And yet, 10 years of working with people in their relationships has taught me that it’s possible to feel wildly fulfilled or totally miserable in just about ANY state between flying solo and a committed relationship.

But that’s not what we’re told.

The cultural story tells us: “Your life will finally make total sense when you meet the right person.”

Actually, it’s even worse than that. It says:

“Get a relationship, or else your life won’t have meaning.” 


This is why being single can be extra tricky, especially for women, who face far greater pressure to prove their worth by “locking down” a steady relationship by age 30ish. 

The cultural narrative tells us that all roads must eventually lead to a relationship, rendering singledom as a kind of purgatory abound with lonely humanoid atoms, hovering past one another until they finally get paired up and can live the rest of their lives in blissful duality.

Well, fuck that. 

I don’t have a dog in this fight. Being in a relationship can be incredible. But being single is also AMAZING and gets taken for granted way more often.

But to do single right, you need to avoid the traps that lead to dating burnout, bitterness, or a feeling like you’re waiting for connection to come and finally give your life purpose.

Here’s how:

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He Disappeared? You May Accidentally Be Making These 2 Mistakes

There are two common mistakes you can make in the early dating stage that stop a guy from being as into to you as he could be.

And the best way to avoid them is to develop a crucial attractive quality. Do this, and watch how much easier attraction gets…

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What His Confusing Text REALLY Means…

Have you ever been so frustrated by a guy’s mixed signals that you just decided to finally confront him and ask where you stand?

If you’ve ever had a confusing answer from a guy in this situation, in today’s video I’ll tell you exactly what this “guy language” means so that you know how to confidently respond to this message…

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Attractive Conversation Habits The Person Sitting Next To You Will Thank You For

Stephen Hussey

It’s getting harder to be good company in 2019.

Your friend has great stories and witty one-liners, but you also have a smartphone. 

It’s a constant battle to resist pulling up social media accounts and checking halfway through your coffee to absorb all of their colourful temptation, dropping your head and parsing through profiles like a catatonic scrolling zombie. 

Maybe you’ve noticed yourself doing this but, hey, you’re getting away with it! No-one has complained yet, right?

Except, there are complaints. We just don’t hear them. 

Most people find it too awkward to pull us up on our annoying habits. They choose to avoid the ugly confrontation which requires them to say, “hey, can you put that away and talk to me while we eat?”. Or they feel worried we’ll snap at them if they do bring up our zoning out in the middle of meals to swipe through a dating app. 

Instead, we’ll just stop getting asked out for lunch, and soon enough, drop off their diary entirely as they decide to ditch us for better company. 

But, aside from checking our phone less, what are other ways to be better in conversation?

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5 Simple Ways to Get More Love in Your Life, NOW

More than ever, people are finding it hard to make time for friends, spend quality time with loved ones, or go out to meet a new romantic prospect.

Follow these steps to get back on track so that you’re in a place where you can indirectly find love 5x faster…

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Feel Like Sh*t? Go for a Tiny Victory

Are you struggling today? Does it feel like the universe has dealt you a s**tty hand?

If the answer is yes, then let’s talk….

Let’s Celebrate the Small Stuff Together. What’s Your Tiny Victory?
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Why Everything You Know About Confidence Is Wrong

Have you ever noticed how when one part of your life falls apart, it can suddenly bring your entire self-worth crashing to the ground?

In fact, these moments are exactly what confidence is for in the first place. It’s time to finally take the steps to get deep core confidence…

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