3 Playful Flirting Secrets Men Can’t Resist (+FREE Gift)

I’ve noticed that when it comes to flirting, everyone has a different idea of what it is in their head. And too many people make it so complicated.

So I want to give you the 3 crucial, foolproof flirting tips that any women can use to get a guy’s attention.

If you’re out of practice, this is where to start…

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This 200-Year Old Secret Gets Him To Chase You

“I want to talk to that hot guy, but I don’t want to look desperate…What can I do?”

This puzzle was already solved 200 years ago. Now, this secret technique is about to be yours, too.

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The Most Dangerous Myths About Relationships

As a culture we are pretty obsessed with relationships. Especially romantic ones.

Which makes sense, given that humans are social creatures.

But we have a specific, exaggerated way of fetishizing what it means to be in a “committed relationship”.

Women are taught to find a partner as soon as possible. Single people are assumed to be deficient in some way. And being coupled up, no matter who it’s with, is seen as some kind of symbol that you’re #winning at life.

Plus, it’s even more confusing when we go into relationships with unrealistic expectations. So in this post, it’s time to get really honest, and blow apart some of the biggest relationship myths that hold people back:

Myth #1 – Relationships will solve your deeper problems

woman hiding under pillow

You got in a relationship.

You did it. Congrats!

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How to Break Out of Your Dating Rut

So many women treat being single like it’s a sad, tragic place to be. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Even if you’ve been through heartbreak and loneliness, I’m going to give you my top 3 strategies to get back in the game and find love again…

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How To Stop Playing The “Waiting Game” With Men

We’ve all had this agony of “anxious waiting” with someone we like. It’s distracting, it’s unattractive, and it drains you of your peace of mind every minute you sit in limbo.

If you’re sick of waiting for his text and want to finally take back your power, watch this…

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Have The Best Sex Ever, With These Words… (What Men Really Want To Hear)

Men always welcome hearing how to give you more pleasure where it really matters.

The key is to choose your words carefully, which is why I’m about to show you a clear, easy-to-follow script to get your man to please you in exactly the way you want.

Trust me, these are the words he’s dying to hear…

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Become Instantly Likable Using My TV Charisma Secrets

When I was at school, public speaking was death to me. 

Luckily, once I exposed myself to enough difficult situations and mastered the essential secrets of influence and powerful communication, I realized that these techniques could be learned by anyone. (Yes, that includes you.)

So, if you’re ready, I’m about open up the treasure chest and give you everything you need to transform into an irresistible magnet of charisma.

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Do You Worry He’s “Not Sure” About You? Do This…

It’s time to say no to being undervalued forever.

One of my favorite quotes says: “If you put a small value on yourself, rest assured the world will not raise your price.”

So if you’re still hanging on that “one guy,” I need, need, need you to watch this. It may just be the biggest wake-up call you’ll ever get…

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How To Get Over A Guy Who Doesn’t Like You

woman holding paper heart

There’s no shame in waking up and realising one day that you’re into a guy who doesn’t return your feelings. 

Maybe he’s already your friend. Maybe you go to parties together. Maybe you’ve already flirted a lot but now he’s told you he doesn’t see you in a romantic way.

Unrequited love has inspired many a sonnet, a daring gesture, and occasionally an inappropriate text message.

But while it’s totally normal to feel longing for someone you can’t have, there’s no need for you to indulge in this pain. It can be cured, if you take the right medicine. 

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How To Flirt With A Shy Guy

Smart women realize that any guy who likes them can be led to make the move, so long as she gives him some simple, subtle clues.

So in the name of helping men and women out everywhere, here is my favorite technique for getting any guy to ask you out (even if he’s a little shy at first)…

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