7 Game Changing First Date Ideas

“Wanna meet up tomorrow night? x”

“Sure…what are you thinking?”

He pauses.

He searches through the mental list in his head, but every idea his feels so cliché: bars, coffee, cinema…

What is the best first date??

It’s often assumed that coming up with first date ideas is a man’s job. Although many men are often happy to take the reins, you can hugely impress a guy and show your personality by being the one to suggest something fun to do when you meet up for the first time.

So here are 7 killer first date ideas for when you want to take the lead and show your adventurous side:

1. Ice cream!

woman eating ice cream

Because let’s face it, what monster would say no to ice cream?

Ice cream is more interesting than a coffee date (and allows for a fun sharing opportunity), plus you can choose to walk along and eat if it’s a nice day and combine it with sitting outside in the park, which is ideal.

You can also do frozen yoghurt and can each have fun trying to guess what toppings the other will choose. Plus, guys love to see women who can be indulgent and relaxed about enjoying food on a first date.

2. Take the scenic route

couple walking on beach

Walking along a local beauty spot, or somewhere busy and exciting, is a great first date.

It inspires a lot of conversation, you can explore new parts of town together, and you get to make it last as long as you like.

Top Tip: have somewhere planned to have a sit down and chat for a while after. This date works best when you have a destination rather than aimlessly wandering around until you both get bored.

3. Do something competitive

pool table

Men relish the chance to do something a bit fun and competitive.

It doesn’t have to be bowling – it could be anything – darts, arcades, shooting pool – sure, there are plenty of romantic date ideas out there, but men also feel relieved when you suggest something that lets him relax and bring out the side of him that just like to play games and mess around.

4. Make something together

couple cutting vegetables

Cooking, building a snowman, making sandcastles. Anything where you both get to be creative and work on something together is a golden first date idea.


Because it can be a great way to either show off a skill you have, or allow you to bond over something constructive. Men always appreciate being able to get lost in a task and it makes you feel closer after working together.

5. Be a tourist in your own city 

couple on brooklyn bridge width=

Never been to that popular historic site everyone talks about? What about a gallery? Or a local poetry reading?

One of the most fun ways to date is to just explore your interests and and bring someone along with you. If he’s an intellectual or curious type, he’ll be happy for the chance to get to discover these places with you.

My advice? Keep it short and sweet. Nothing that requires over an hour of commitment. Just find something you’d love to see and tell him, “I’ve always wanted to go to that spot. Fancy joining?”

6. Go watch some live music 

jazz bar

One great date night idea better than going to a club is to see live music.

I’m not talking about buying tickets to a big concert – just something low-key where you can see musicians performing gigs is a good way to do something lively that you can drop into as part of the date.

The best part? You can duck out as soon as you’re bored, plus watching music gives you a chance to just pay attention to the band when the conversation lulls. Extra points if you can find a way to incorporate karaoke.

7. Cocktail bars

cocktail bar

Yes, going to bar is the most cliché date in the book, but so what?

Let’s face it, there’s a reason “grabbing a drink” is such a staple for first dates. It’s easy, it’s simple, and it gives you a short window to see if the conversation is good and find out if you want to meet this guy again.

The best way to add some originality to this old classic up is to go to a cocktail bar, or somewhere a little offbeat and intriguing. Text him saying, “I know where they do the best mojitos…” and if he’s not an idiot he’ll say, “Perfect! Let’s go there”.

The more casual you suggest any of these dates the better. Remember, fun, casual, and doing something you’d actually enjoy are always the best first date ideas, so be creative and he’ll love you for making it easy for him.

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  1. Shelley says:

    Do you have any advice on double dating?

  2. Selene says:

    Sounds great even for the date number 7454567!
    But… what if he says, “Um… I dont like that….?” I had many troubles with that with a boyfriend I had in the past… That was frustrating…

  3. Lauren says:

    Genius ideas Matthew! Number 4 is the one I especially want to try :)

  4. Patti says:

    Ice cream would be my 1st choice, then something holiday (I love holiday window displays) and if more time is wanted maybe cocktails.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Really liked this, I never know what to say. Coming out of a very long relationship and kinda feel a bit old school about guys making the decisions. This helps a lot. Thanks a bunch.

  6. Johnny Boy says:

    This was great! I’ve done the ice cream one before, and it’s a fantastic idea, especially on a hot summer’s day!

    Another good list of great date ideas I found was here:

    It’s nice to see both you guys are providing dating ideas that are “outside the norm” because, quite frankly, going for coffee is boring.


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