“Guru is not an understatement, this guy knows his stuff”
– Fiona Evans on the Secrets of Attraction

Daily Mail

“Those who would previously never dream of going up to a man are hunting them down in double figures. Phone numbers are collected like the spoils of victory. One woman even gets a kiss.”
– Emma Messenger writing about the Women’s Weekend, October 2011


“I was seriously cynical about what any so-called expert could teach the modern woman about men. But then I attended the seminar, and, five minutes in, I realise I have to write a different article entirely… Matthew is a revelation: no crazy gimmicks, no pretending to be something you’re not. Just intelligent, empowering advice.”
– Nikki Bayley, Glamour Magazine, January 2012

“You’re advice is so powerful. You really distinguish yourself from other experts in the quality of the things you say. It’s so great to finally have an expert who doesn’t just fluff talk, but gives real, down to earth advice that works.”
– Vanessa Feltz, The Vanessa Show

“I tell you what, from the results I’ve seen you get, I believe everything you say! This is really great advice.”
– Eamonn Holmes, This Morning on ITV

“What an amazing person… Charismatic, supremely tuned into all and everything around him, great leadership qualities to engage and enable. The team went away motivated and with strategy to continue their journey of success, thank you.”
– Deborah Lynch, Proctor & Gamble

Here are just some of what women are saying about our newsletter and products. Please do send all your testimonials to info@gettheguy.co.uk.

“Within 5 minutes I knew this was the best purchase I’ve ever made. Within 10 minutes I knew this was the best course I’d ever attended. Within 15 minutes I knew this was going to change my life forever!”

– Elena

“That was the best money I’ve ever spent. Food and drink leave you within a day but this stays with you forever and it helps you achieve so much more with your life. Thank you so much Matthew.”

– Valilisa

“Matthew thank you so much for coming into my life at this point in time, you are a lifesaver. I’m so pleased I found you as you have given me so much hope and confidence about my future.”

– Daniela

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Women’s Weekend. All of it was very useful! I thought all the guys were fantastic, and particularly on the night out they were very encouraging and really made us go for it :-) I even met a nice guy, so I will let you know if anything comes of it. But in the meantime rest assured I won’t be resting on my laurels ;). We were lucky to have met such a nice group, so it’s great to have more single girls to go out with too. Thanks again.”

– Ruth

Hey Matthew,

I just wanted to give you a big thank you for everything and give you an update since the retreat and the mentoring program as my life has never quite been the same since I went on it.

I actually can’t believe all the things I have achieved since the retreat and I got mentored. The way I live life now is so different from before.

I have been doing many things which I never thought ever was possible in the short time since the retreat, like stand up in a crowded room of 30 to 40 people and give an impromptu speech. The chances of getting me to do that before the retreat was zero.

Just by stretching myself a little bit further, I have virtually made whole new social circles of friends and I am not just talking about one or two people I am talking about whole new groups of people.

It is quite amazing how different my life has become, in such a short space of time and I am only giving you the significantly shortened down version. There are too many things to list here.

I have to say these days I live so far out of my comfort zone, I have no idea how I ever got stuck in one and why I would ever want to go back in one.

The most amazing thing is, this is only the beginning and I can’t wait to see what the next chapter is like.

At the end of the retreat you told me I was ‘now dangerous’ and I think you are right.

I will keep you updated.:)

– Jo

“Dear Matt, I just wanted to say you are truly an amazing person and the weekend was incredible! I thought you were already inspirational and mesmerizing on the internet, but when I met you in person… well honestly you are mind blowing. I keep talking to my mum about this past weekend and by accident keep saying “What Matt was telling me, I mean us…” My point is, it really felt you were talking to me but I know you were talking to all of us, but that is how much you captured me with your presence!! Thank you for an awe-inspiring weekend. I look forward to seeing you and hearing your inspirational words again soon. With best wishes.”

– Amanda

“I would give away some of the secrets, but thanks to Matthew, I’m far too busy making rock stars fall in love with me now, and quite frankly, I could do without the competition.”

– Alison Tay, NOW Magazine sex and style editor speaking about the Secrets Of Attraction Event

“I tell you what mate I believe everything you say! This is really great advice”

– Eamonn Holmes, This Morning on ITV

“Not sure if you’re dating (and I know some of you are but maybe your friends need some assistance) or not but can I really really recommend that you all attend Matthew Hussey’s one day Secrets of Attraction workshop on GET THE GUY www.gettheguy.co.uk. I went with my friend last Saturday it was truly amazing and really beneficial – I learnt so many tips and possibly where I’ve been going wrong all this time! Don’t wait – create! YOU’VE GOT TO DO IT!!!!”

– Kate to her friends

“I was dubious at first – I’m not a fan of contrived dating situations. But Matthew’s tips really do work. Within an hour of being there, Donna had a date with one of the bouncers and Lucinda had given her number to a guy she’d been chatting to at the bar. By the end of the night, all four of us had secured ourselves a date – some of us even had an extra couple of numbers in case date number one didn’t work out. We’d also managed between us to chat to practically every man drinking in that bar. Getting the guy has, it seems, never been easier.”

– Ellie White
The Sun Newspaper.

“I have to tell you my morning story…so after doing the Women’s Weekend I walked into Costa as usual this morning except this time I paused, surveyed the room (empty, never mind), boobs up and out (not literally) and CERTAIN. Struck up conversation with a guy, got chatting… he gave me his number and asked me to join him this evening!!! Not bad for 7:15am! O..M…G this stuff actually works. Matthew Hussey is my new hero!!!”


I just wanted to send a quick email to say a massive thank you to Matthew, you and the rest of the team for such an awesome weekend. It was such an amazing experience and feel I got so much out of it. I’m just disappointed I’m in work today so I can’t get out and about to practice…roll on my lunch break! I even dreamt about me public speaking last night which would ordinarily be a nightmare!!

– Becky

I had a brilliant time on the weekend, everyone at work commented on how I was glowing and looking happy today. So I wanted to say a big thank you as I feel really happy, like I want to make something happen.

– Fariah

Wonderful, beautiful Ladies your messages have been making me grin like a cheshire cat! In fact that’s pretty much what I have been doing all day! What an incredible weekend, I’m so happy to have met and been inspired by you all. I said ‘hi’ to two guys on my train this morning and ended up roaring with laughter with them on my journey to work – who said commuting was dull!

– Anna

“Hi Matthew, I just want to thank you for the fantastic talk you gave on the ‘Get the Guy’ event last Saturday. Your presentation and the information was excellent !!. Also, your team made me feel very comfortable. All this information has given me so much more confidence.

I am really looking forward to attending one of your weekend events very soon. Much Appreciated. Keep up the good work !!!”

– Barbara

“Hi Matthew and the team, Just a short note to say thank you very much for putting on a great event yesterday. It was fun and insightful and I came away inspired and optimistic by your assurances that there are decent guys out there, I’ve just got to keep looking! I can’t afford to come on one of your weekends at the moment, unfortunately, but I will pluck up the courage to put your tips to good use, starting this week…

Thanks again for all your advice.”
Best wishes,

– Katy

“Dear Matthew, I felt that this newsletter was really helpful. It gave me some real insight into the behaviour of some guys and I realised that I recognised most of these character traits in my ex-boyfriend of a few years back. Although I have not seen him for a few years I had sometimes wondered whether things could have worked out and if we would still be together if I had known Get The Guy techniques then. Reading this newsletter I see now that would not have been the case and I am better off without someone like him. And I shall know to spot this in guys who are players in the future!

Thanks for the great advice!”

Best wishes,
– Emma

“Just wanted to say how great the weekend was and also the night out on Saturday. Myself and my friend Adel can’t stop talking about it. All my single friends are now really interested. Btw, I saw the article in Metro today and felt that I have done the best thing in years by attending your seminar.”

– Georgina

“I thought I should let you know that my date last night with the Saturday night guy from the course was AMAZING! Okay, I’m not really telling the truth… it was the most unbelievably, out-of-this-world, fantastic date I have ever, ever had! Thankyou!”

– Jessica

“After the event I went home and told a friend who couldn’t get her guy to commit Matthew’s advice. By the time the next seminar came around a month later he’d asked her to marry him!”

– Melissa. P