3 Criteria That Make A Great Date (Today Show Feature)

Right now I’m in New York and have just been back on The Today Show! Today’s segment is called ‘The New Rules Of Dating’, in which we cover Chasing, Dating and Texting.

From the video…

Can women chase?

I’m all for women being ‘proactive’, but the word ‘chase’ doesn’t work for me, and isn’t inline with the mindset of a high-value woman.

Even for guys, the mindset of being a ‘chaser’ conjures images of the creepy stalker type who are only after one thing.

Rather than being ‘gone after’, what a guy really wants is a woman who will put her value out there and make it clear to determine compatibility.

3 criteria that make a great date

A great first date…

1) Is time flexible

You want the activity you’re doing to have the flexibility of being a 20 minute date (if things are terrible and you want to escape), through to a 3 hour date if you’re having a great time and want to be able to carry on.

2) Allows for proximity

Choose something that will allow the two of you to build in touches and physical tension. A dinner wouldn’t be my first choice, but if you find yourself at one, be sure to sit side-by-side, not sat across from each other.

3) Is externally focused

If you went for a walk along a river, the surroundings would take the pressure off in allowing you to look around and see what’s going on. This not only gives you more to talk about, it makes silence in conversation more relaxed.

Texting is the perfect way to flirt

Texting allows you to say things you’d never be able to get away with on the phone. For instance, telling someone “You looked gorgeous today”. Texting allows you to be cheeky, playful, and make statements that don’t necessitate a reaction.


Question of the day:

What did you do on your most memorable date? Back in London, my favourite thing was to go for a long walk along the Thames. Let me know yours in the comments!

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