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110 Replies to “The 4 Keys To Success In Your Love Life…”

      1. I watched the video now on themanmyth and want to buy the programme. I love in Austria and can only pay with my debit card – how do I do this?

        1. Hey Helena, for now you need to quickly set up a paypal account because we are taking all orders through the paypal system. It’s very easy to do. I don’t want you to miss out! x

          1. Done. I can transfer the money to my paypal account tomorrow since its too late now… Hope it’ll work!

  1. Hi, I would like to know how to get a shy guy to take the initiative first and how to tell him that I’m interested without doing it directly as it may scare him off somehow. Thanks.

      1. Checking it out now for anyone who’s having difficulties. We’re trying to see if it’s an issue on our end or yours. Stay tuned! x

        1. Thanks for helping with my code but now I need to go out…and wanted make the 200 :-( Humm, a place for effort made ?! :-)

    1. Thats my problem too Lorna, but I think I already did scare him. I found him looking at my butt a couple of months ago and so I tried to tell him when I got the nerve up it was okay, but I think it just scared him.

      1. Thnx for the reply Matthew! Unfortunately the three arrows on the final screen of the video point down to an empty white space without a link, button to click, etc. I’m at a loss. Sorry. I definitely want to sign up though!

  2. Matt …I wanna bet the first 200 …..I really pray I would be. Omg … how I really really want to be heard. Its 1.23 am here now in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and I am going to be awake to wait and see what happens NEXT.


  3. Hey Matt,

    I clicked on “Click on this to change your love life forever” and it doesn’t let me click on it to transfer me to a different place, it’s just like clicking on image or words that was typed. How do i get it work?

    Thanks :)

  4. I’m at work right now, as I’m in South America I could take my lunch time now to watch the video… but it got stucked in the middle, it’s a pity!

  5. Hi Matthew clicked on link. Said the wait is over. What do I do now am I on the list. Eileen

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