5 Irresistible Ways to Flirt With Men (⚠️use #4 carefully! )

Heart racing? Check. Lipstick applied? Check.

Now you’re just waiting for the moment: Is he going to just freaking kiss me already??

If you’re tired of dates that end with little more than a friendly hug outside the taxi home, it’s time to step things up a notch…

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9 Texts No Man Can Resist

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  1. Sara Aguilera says:

    I love the relationship you and monkey have. Seriously, I have watched this video like six times over the course of the last few months. I watch it; a) because I am always in the moment so I can’t flirt to save my life so I need to watch it and indoctrinate it into my life as a part of who I am, and b) because I know it’s always a good laugh.

  2. joan matthys says:

    how do get him to love me just like the way l love him

  3. Sanika Tripathi says:

    Holy avacado this is just so doable and Matt just made it so much more fun. Who else is gonna put this into action?

  4. Heather says:

    Thia is so awkwardly awesome. Thanks for making my day, Matt!

  5. Agnes says:

    Very well played Matthew!!

  6. Lynelle Paulick says:

    This is freaking hilarious. Unbelievable. And to think I only began watching your videos to work on my British accent… ;)

  7. Helga says:

    I want to become a Master in Communication to Seduce a Man in particular. How could I achieve him , to fall in love with me? I d very grateful, indeed.

  8. Pat says:

    Jane!!! Did he propose a no touching rule before marriage while you weren’t paying attention?! Otherwise, WTH, girl. That is not normal boyfriend behavior. Your needs aren’t being met. Talk to him, but honestly this doesnt sound like a healthy relationship at all. Break up with him and build yourself up, Sister. Hugs.

  9. Dianne Gremillion says:

    That’s hilarious but I must know WHERE you bought the monkey?! My 3 year old nephew has one exactly like it affectionately named Buddy. Buddy has seen better days and if we ever lose him, oh boy…we need to find a Buddy stunt double. Thanks =)

  10. Jane says:

    My boyfriend has not kissed me for almost 2 years. I wanted to try #4 on New Years Eve, but how can I say “don’t look at me like that” when he never makes any eye contact with me? It is so strange. I never really noticed it before. Anyways, we went out to dinner, and I left before 8 p.m.

  11. Joan says:

    Hello, great video man!
    I have a question, i know this is off topic, and I’m sorry about that, but i would really love to hear your oppion on this,
    What do you make of Daniel Sloss and his second Netflix special ‘Jigsaw’? Its supposed to be a love letter to perpetually single people and as a perpetually single person it dose make sense. But it has also broken up a lot of unhappy relationships. Like, a lot of them. I’d check his twitter account for a more accurate estimate but last I saw it was nearing 10,000 brake ups plus a substantial amount of ended engagementsand and marriages.
    As someone who is trying to empower women to enter into encounters with others, how do you feel about what Sloss has to say, about being in love with yourself first?
    Again sorry this is off topic I just had to ask.
    All the best

  12. Betty says:

    Happy New Year’s Matthew and to All!


    Hmmmm… How hilarious! Love the MONKEY and your adorable way to make me and I’m sure others “LAUGH”. You are so GOOD at it. You just have that way about you… that makes you irresistible and so FUNNY! Really cute with the monkey as your “prospective 1st date kiss”

    Of course, your fun & flirty and seductive ways work very well to draw in your “audiance and/or date” and to catch our attention. It works like a charm. You’re awesome with how you express yourself… wonderful job!

    If I ever try this… I’ll be thinking about YOU (Matthew) and probably laughing at the same time. All too FUNNY.

    Thanks for making us SMILE.

    P.S. Beautiful swaying trees that I see through the window. I like it!


  13. ka says:

    Matt, been following your advise, got a guy n now married to him! xoxo thank you!!

  14. Lulu says:

    great video as usual.
    Please can you make video about interracial relationship and dating someone with different race/religion from you?
    Thanks in advance

  15. Heidi Tavares says:

    Oh, Monkey.
    Your going to have to be careful with Monkey. I might start following you just to see Monkey.

  16. Jen says:

    My favorite video so far. Laughed so hard and got some perfect verbiage for the exact situation I’m in. Hopefully it’ll work tonight. Thanks again for more great tips. I’ll rewatch this one again it was so entertaining!

  17. Sabina says:

    Ooooh Matthew, this monkey is soooo cute, just want to grap him and kiss him :)…well you too actually;) many thanks for all your wonderful advices , wish you a happy New year 2019 and lots of inspired moments and ideas. Big hug

  18. Celeste (May 2018 Retreat) says:


    Loving all your new content – so good. So freakin good.

  19. Pia says:

    Loved it, and the cute monkey ❤️

  20. Marta says:

    Matt being so adorably frisky! So good to see him happy and playful like that… even if it’s only for the demonstration purposes…

  21. pari hassid says:

    very nice progrm

  22. Melly says:

    Awwww Matthew flirting is too cute

  23. Clara says:

    Your best one yet! Made me cry with laughter but good advice as always x

  24. Demara says:

    Can I have the cute monkey ? Aweeeee …. No but seriously May I really have it, it’s too cute!!!! He’ll make a good pair with my little Coleen. ☺️

  25. Niyoca says:

    I love your advice but i still cannot get a man to be faithful to me

  26. R says:

    This is a cute video good info you didn’t kiss the monkey? (so did it work?) ;)

  27. Lisa says:

    Oh Matt! Laughing my socks off at this video!
    Great advice as always.

  28. Temi says:

    Oh damn. The chemistry lmao. Oh monkey you make me blush.

  29. Idania Salgado says:

    Fantástic , congratulacion

  30. KP says:

    That is hysterical. I love seeing Matt fooling around with that monkey. Here is this totally HUNKY guy ( Matt, not the monkey LOL) lovingly staring at the silly little guy (monkey). Good idea. Changed it up!

  31. Cleopatra says:

    Kiss the monkey!! Where’s that shot?

  32. Linda says:

    Hahaha! I LOVE this!! Monkey should be in all your vids from now on!
    Also: Thank you for some awesome tips, as always!

  33. Sana says:

    Number 3is something I really do naturally:p wowww

  34. Charlie Sansom says:

    Morning Matthew
    I love all your advice and wish I’d had it during my 20’s.
    So at 42 I’m single again but I’m not trying to get over an Ex.. I’m a widow. I’m ready to move forward but finding it hard.
    Men seem to feel threatened by a dead man.
    I have 2 children and so his memory is very much alive ..
    Any advice on this xx

  35. Selma says:

    hahahhaha the Monkey and you, so funny!

  36. Mell C says:

    The parts with money cracked me up I couldn’t stop smiling and giggling thank you!

  37. Noamesi Adwoa says:

    My guy has not touched me or kiss me for the past one year

  38. Heidi Greenfield says:

    Just kiss the monkey! ❤️

  39. Jane says:

    My boyfriend has not kissed me for almost 2 years……

  40. Souki says:

    My fiancée he doesn’t close to me or kiss me enough , I don’t get enough close time together for over a 5 days sometimes with the excuse I’m tired of work out and I have work tomorrow! Is anything to worry about ?

  41. Autumn says:

    I think Monkey is THE ONE! How adorable are you two!


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