The 5 Reasons People Never Reach Their Potential

Since everyone keeps telling me how much they love that GetTheGuy is not JUST about love and men, but applicable to other parts of life too, I wanted to take the time today to help you take EVERYTHING in your life up a notch.

(Pitch alert: In the second half of this article I talk about my Retreat at the end of this year. It’s amazing, it’s one of a kind, and it’s 100% GOING to sell out. If you don’t want to hear about it, don’t read on, I’ll catch you in the next post.)

There’s something that has always amazed me about people.

Whether I’m working with a celebrity like Eva Longoria, a company like Virgin, or an institution like Oxford University, no matter what level of success a person or organisation has reached, there are there are 5 major roadblocks that hold them back from getting to the next level.

As I go through these with you, think about which of them you are currently experiencing (you’ll almost certainly find you’d like help in all five, even if one roadblock is bigger for you right now).

1. Lack Of Vision

You know when people talk about being at a ‘crossroads’ in their life? A place where they can’t seem to make a decision about what it is they really want? It could be in their relationships, their career, where they want to live, or what their true passion in life is.

Well for most people being at a ‘crossroads’ isn’t a phase; it’s where they live. It’s the norm. They never figure out and decide what it is they really want.

Without a clear and exciting vision for where we’re going, we quickly begin to find a comfortable place to coast.

2. No Clear Strategy

Ok, let’s say for a moment you have a vision… It’s now vital to know exactly HOW to achieve it.

When most women say they want a relationship, they have no idea how to achieve that vision, so they end up listening to the advice of people who don’t know any better… And failing…

They stay where they are because nobody gives them a daily plan of what to do.

It’s one thing to say “I want to be the next Richard Branson” in business, but if we don’t have a set of routines and steps to follow that we KNOW will work, our vision will be nothing more than a fantasy.

Without a clear strategy, we end up being one of life’s ‘talkers’.

3. Inconsistent Drive

Everybody has had a moment, a day, or even a year in their lives where they felt motivated.

The problem isn’t finding motivation, it’s sustaining it.

For most people, motivation comes and goes and they feel like they have no real control over it.

Imagine getting in a car that stalled every couple of miles. It would wind up taking you ten times longer to reach your destination than it should.

One of the greatest keys to success is ‘reliable motivation’ – in other words, knowing that every morning you have a way of igniting your drive so that you can get through the things you have to do.

4. Lack Of Resources

Even if all three of the first obstacles are taken care of, people still have their excuses…

-I don’t have the time…
-I don’t have the money…
-I don’t have the right skill-sets or experience…
-I’m not smart enough, good looking enough, or charming enough…
-I don’t know the right people…
-I don’t live in the right place…

Here are the three things you MUST know when it comes to this roadblock:

1. How to acquire the resources that are essential.
2. The resources you don’t actually need that are often just used as excuses.
3. How to make the most of the resources you already have.

5. Low Core Confidence

It’s possible to overcome all of the first four barriers and still fail because your confidence isn’t where it needs to be.

Without core confidence, everything we have is just wasted potential.

Think of it this way: You’re standing in a coffee shop and you see someone you’re attracted to. You know you want him (your vision). You know a line you could use (your strategy). You have the desire to do it (your drive). You have time, and you know you have the ability to have a conversation because you’ve held conversations with people in the past (your resources).

Despite having all of these 4 things, you still can’t get yourself to move your feet to walk over. Why? Because you don’t feel you’re enough. You feel unworthy of the situation, the thought of the rejection paralyses you with fear, and you do nothing.

This is what makes this fifth barrier to success so scary. It’s the one thing that can hold you back even when everything else is working for you.

It’s the number one reason people don’t reach their potential – not because they don’t have the potential in the first place, but because THEY HOLD THEMSELVES BACK.

With this in mind, I have something I want to invite you to be a part of that will give you back control in your life…

Something that will not only help you overcome these 5 barriers to success, but supercharge you in every one of these areas.

If you’ve ever looked into my “High Value Women’s Retreats”, you’ll know that this is the place where I train women in my ultimate strategies for becoming a High Value Woman in every aspect of their lives.

We design a complete blueprint for your life… Where you want to go, how you’re going to get there – day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute – and tap into your drive and the resources to make it happen. Then I personally program your mind to make you the most confident person YOU can be.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know me by now…

I don’t like “fluffy” solutions. I like systematic, practical steps. Strategies that you can take and *immediately* apply in your life.

In coming on this program…

Fears of the past will melt away. Insecurities you’ve carried for a lifetime will FINALLY be left behind, and the fear of rejection will never hold you back again.

Imagine that you’re not even close to being what you really COULD be in your love life, your career, and the level of enjoyment you experience on a daily basis.

Imagine that after 5 days of intensive training with me in an inspiring environment, you finally had everything you needed to become the ultimate, passionate, driven version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be.

–AND there you have the High Value Women’s Retreat in a nutshell.

From morning to night, for 5 whole days, I’ll be giving you every success ritual, every life-changing confidence technique, every strategy for accessing your deepest drive and motivation…

We’ll start the day together as the sun rises in a beautiful location, work on your life and your dreams together, and celebrate your achievements in what will be the most transformative experience you’ve had in your life.

On the Retreat here’s just some of what you’re going to learn:

  • My comprehensive process for transforming your core confidence (I’ve never revealed this anywhere but the Retreat. It WILL transform your entire self worth for life in just one day).
  • The 15 success rituals that ALL successful people have to have that you can apply to your life over the next 6 months.
  • A 5-year plan for your life, 1-year strategy, and a 6-month ‘routines and rituals’ breakdown (these three things guarantee you’ll know exactly what you need to do to reach your goals every single day after you leave the Retreat).
  • The ‘Character-Switch’ technique which shows you how to go from nervous and worried to a powerful, confident leader in a matter of seconds.
  • My unique ‘Identity Web’ process for building a social and professional peer-group that will single-handedly upgrade everything in your life.
  • My ‘Emotional-Mapping’ technique for taking back control of your emotions so that you never again live in fear, frustration or depression, and instead wake up happy and supercharged everyday.
  • You’ll even walk through a process with me where you’ll make two key decisions for your life and take action on something you’ve been procrastinating for a long time. (This section alone will be worth your investment in the program for the life change it will bring you.)

And much, much more.

So why am I telling you this?

Because I want to invite you to join me.

I want you to be my next big success story. 

5 years from now, I want you to be the one telling me that your life is now where you always dreamt it would be because you joined me on this program.

I had two of these programs set for the end of this year, and they have both SOLD OUT completely.

In the weeks since, I’ve had so many people emailing me about booking another date that my team and I sat down and planned ONE MORE for the end of the year.

It’s going to take place from November 4th-8th on Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Places are available by application only, and to begin yours, all you have to do is FILL IN THE APPLICATION FORM BELOW THIS ARTICLE.

We’ll then book an appointment with you to go through a phone interview that will determine whether you’re a good fit for the program.

On this call we will make sure that it’s truly going to be the transformative process you’re looking for before we let you make the investment.

This is our LAST date for this year, so don’t delay in applying. 

(If the last two programs are anything to go by, we’re going to be overwhelmed with applicants and completely sold out as soon as we’ve found the right people who are ready for the program.)

Your life is something you can’t afford to miss out on.

Do something today that a future version of yourself will thank you for.

And if you make it through the application process, it will be my honor to go on this journey with you.

Matthew xx

P.S. The opportunity to come on this program is a very special one. When I come to these events, I put my business, my events, and my calendar on hold so that I can be 100% dedicated to your success. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have me as your coach in-person for every part of your life, this is it.

On this program I do not hold back. Everything I’ve learnt about success over the years is contained in this program. I’ve used these techniques to transform my own skills with people, radically shift my confidence levels, write a New York Times Bestseller, secure a regular slot on The Today Show, and build a company I’m proud of. I want to show you how to achieve your dreams now, in 2013.

Being yourself is not an excuse for not growing. Habits can change, insecurities can fade away, and personalities can blossom. Become great.

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