5 Texting Signs He’s Not Actually Interested

I’ve seen too many women fall into the trap of thinking that a guy is chasing simply because he sends a few Whatsapp messages.

The truth is, if you know the signs to look for, it’s pretty clear if he’s just messing around, or if he’s serious about pursuing you.

Use these red flags as your guide and you’ll instantly know what he really wants…

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47 Replies to “5 Texting Signs He’s Not Actually Interested”

  • I don’t trust male. I am afyer male. Males are after me. I do respect them but I don’t expect anything from them. I believe if they really fall in true love they will automatically peep through my life and holdxme tight.


  • OMG, Laughing my ass off!……..That was brilliant!

    Practice the art of silence and moving on to the amazing men who actually do exist.

  • Oh goodness. After watching this video I checked to see if I was “in the blue”. Ratio was 72 (me) him 57. Funny video

  • Right now I am just friends with this man how can I get him to ask me to be in his girlfriend? I really do like this man very much and we have so many things in common

  • If he takes hours to respond, but still ask me questions at the end, should I not respond at all? Should I stop texting him and block him on social media?

  • Wait hold on a second… Matthew, you gave us ladies advice in one of your books to message a guy and invite him out when we are out already having a good time with friends as a way to show a guy that we are having a good time without him. Double standard?? It’s ok for us to do it because our intentions are to lure a guy in by showing him we can be social without him, but it’s not ok when a guy does it? Hmmmm…

  • You should make a video with @SonyaInFur! Both of your accents and advice save me from making bad decisions with men! LOVE YOU both! Thank you.

  • Hmm funny, because watching this video made me realize that Matt is talking about me. I behave like that “guy” in that video (not that girl). I do all of these things to boys accept the “blue thing” – I do text longer messages. But if they are chasing me a lot, I would make my messages shorter.. I am thinking why I behave like this and I realize I want things to go slow, I want to feel safe, I wanna feel there is no rush. Actually I dont like that feeling when a guy is chasing me a lot, is hanging on me etc when we have never met in reality yet – it makes me feel stressed.

  • Yes! More videos like this please!! Love low investment examples, red flag examples, and what an uninterested guy looks like. Sometimes I am unsure if he is stringing me along or if he is low investment because I don’t have anything black and white to compare him to. This helped!

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