The Future of Dating? (A Date In 2025)

My good friend and highly talented director Ryan Turner has made an incredible, multi-award-nominated short film that shows how you could be dating by 2025.

I hope you love it as much as I do…

►►  What do you LOVE or HATE about dating today? Leave a comment below…

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  1. Kristina says:

    OMG! This film was predicting the future. The future just came sooner than expected, in 2020. We’re basically in the protagonist’s situation now because of COVID-19. I hugged someone for the first time in 82 days yesterday and felt just like he did at the end of the film. It’s super relevant right now.

  2. Ashley says:

    My Hero in this clip is AI (Artificial Intelligence).

    The Computers performed as they are designed to, passing the “Turing Test” by lovingly being indistinguishable to their “pets” from a non-artificial lifeform. AI saved the main character from self demise. (He would have been dead within 2 weeks). Good job personal AI. Effective Hangman Noose emoji.

    Matt, I’m glad this clip resurfaced in your selection choices. I missed its’ comforting nature. That AI pyramid reassures me more than any male relationship I’ve had. … ever…. I’m not sad about it – Just the opposite.
    Your other videos are an epilogue of my life, A passing picture show of life flashing before my eyes -with All-new Alternative Endings. Refreshing, so it was obvious all along what I should have done. I could write a book on my failures. I’m glad your outcomes are a better popcorn version.

    It’s home entertainment to me now. I’m not looking for anyone to share my life. Just a laugh. and Pizza

    A future with the choice of instant Pizza for breakfast is something worth agreeing on. The main character wasn’t thinking rationally when he quit junk food- I didn’t see any Carbs – I saw it as another layer of cheese -.. That’s how my pizza looks when I stack the toppings for the next day. After eliminating the dough base if I won’t be near a microwave. I can be so busy falling out the door the only container handy is a drink cup- Pizza secured without evil Carbs. Great video about dating in the future.

    I’m sorry for those who fear it.

  3. Josephine Ngomani says:

    it scary to even imagine that might be our lives in the near future..
    texting is good but a date or two after a week or two is needed. Being indoors is kinder freaking me out now

  4. Kimberly says:

    Great Movie!!
    I’m over 40 and there is a laundry list…LOL
    The texting small talk, never actually going on a date or even meeting for coffee…what happened to actually planning an evening or afternoon and doing something?
    And the unsolicited D Pics are off the charts…I will specifically ask for one if I want to see the Goods. HAHA

  5. Cindy Goudie says:

    I loved this movie. If you are dating it is a must see, with so many nuances to what dating is like, it was very funny yet sadly realistic.
    I will write about what I love about dating first, I love that you can be see people’s interests and choose similar interests.

    What I don’t like, mainly people that beat around the bush and don’t meet up. I think this has a lot to do with too much choice. Matches seem to just sit there and I find myself being the suggestor of date and time to meet and I feel the role of who does that is confusing as women expect men, but equality forces men to expect women, so no one knows who will and nothing happens.
    Also when you do meet, people lie and post old photos and don’t look anything like pictures!

    But you just need to get yourself out there and I’ve been watching Hussey’s videos and I’m focusing on the double look and getting my flirt on, I think has really helped me!
    I met someone other day in a shop and asked what he was doing and managed to find out where he works, I also gave a guy my number on a napkin, whilst out with my ex-husband, so I’m getting balls slowly (he was married haha).

    I think it’s a numbers game, going straight to coffee date and chatting there, not online. But I understand some people want to get to know you online a bit, so I’m just like: I love your messages, but honestly I am more of a meet in person chick.
    Honestly is the best policy always!

    Also, you meet douchebags, but it’s all good, your learning. One guy swore at me via text, because I was late. I have a 5 year old I’m a single mum and was meeting at the mall, was one hour late! I like to look nice so I straightened my hair, took ages…

    I got my kid ready to go to IKEA with her dad, and he left 1 minute after I said I was there and posted a picture of his steering wheel driving off!!!
    I think I dodged a bullet there.

    But the fact he came, is better than most, but goes to show, if it’s not meant to be – it won’t happen.
    If I was going to be the love of his life, he would of sat waiting 2 or more hours, gone shopping etc!

    I think hardest part I find is liking someone that doesn’t like you back. I choose attractive pretty boy type guys, I think I get matches who are looking for just hooking up as I’m pretty good looking (been told stunning wouldn’t go that far lol). But I’m looking for a serious thing, but just get genital pics or sexting mainly. I’ve had to give ultimatums to guys that stay online and chat forever, it’s so lame, I want to smell them etc, online is so boring, but necessary to get a husband as everyone is buried in their phones, except for people who have really big balls.

    I met my first husband at a shop, and we just got along well, but he turned out to become narcissistic and couldn’t handle his kid getting more attention than him, just a man baby!
    But the fact I met him in person 2004, shows it’s possible and best thing online is to just say, let’s meet for coffee and see if there’s any connection I believe.
    I find it hard to believe, you could have your future husband sitting in your inbox and just not meet you, if it’s meant to be, you will both swipe and meet up quickly. All the others are just simply not meant to be.
    I’ve been single 3 years, raising my kid alone since 2. I had 13 year marriage since 22 and now looking 45-60yo as guys my age are hopeless in bed or just childish.

  6. Gina says:

    The future of dating? I hope not all dating process would be online

  7. Jenifer says:

    I hate how guys are so scared like the one in the video. A woman doesn’t really want that kind of man. She needs and wants a masculine type man that has the guts to take her out and provide for her and not be so dam scared. Some men just need to grow a pair and maybe they wouldn’t be alone.

  8. Ashley says:

    Just one thing?! I think having so many options is a major issue. My latest experience is that I can’t even get a guy to ask me out on an actual date, much like in the film. If I even get lucky to match someone, either a conversation doesn’t even get started, or if it does, it goes back and forth for a week or two and then never goes anywhere. The guy just stops communicating, and don’t even get me started on ghosting. Dating these days is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I’m at the point of wanting more than just dating, I want a relationship and to find someone I can see a future with. I feel so far behind in life being single at my age. This makes me fear that I’ll end up settling. Dating these days is so miserable that I have to take breaks from online dating. I’ll seriously online date for about two months and then I will hit a breaking point where I’ll have to take a few weeks off from it.

  9. Jillian says:

    I hate the expectations people put on each other (men & women). In today’s dating world, we expect people to have their sh*t together; financially & emotionally. Not everyone is going to be financially or emotionally stable/secure. That may in fact be why they are hoping to find someone to date & help them with simple things that could lead them in the right direction to financial or emotional success. Dating is much more than getting along with your date/partner. It can be a very valuable learning experience as well. In fact, I hope that everyone learns something from their relationships (past & present).

  10. Eva says:

    Interesting concept, but we don’t have to go as far as 2025 because It seams that we are already there in 2018. Fear of loneliness, fear of not being loved, fear and fear s more there than ever. Technology totally disconnected us from reality already. Look at dating sites, we are shopping and evaluating people based on pictures, some don’t have a chance even though they might be nice people. Thank you for this video it is an eye opener. After seeing a lots of your videos you are not just good, you are the BEST in this field.

  11. Marisol Mercado says:

    So many options and choices. It has become a commodity. It is a challenge to have the consistency from virtual to reality or in person.The one factor is the truth that lies and the deceit that goes with it. How could someone just cut off the connection with on line dating or searching when it turns into a habit or addiction to some.Daters just need to be smarter and need to know their real agenda on dating. On the other hand a handful can still find the real one but you have to work around it unless you find the right one and the one who is faithfully yours.

  12. Colleen Hamson says:

    Wonderful. Well acted. Who’s the beautiful girl. I think I’ve seen her before.

  13. Jacqueline Friedman says:

    I hate the agendas behind it. I’m looking for a guy that wants more than just sex.

  14. Crystal says:

    It is nice concept. It made mw realize the needy of gettibg out of your comfort zone… Try to explore by going out. But i did those things, not scared to face the reality… After breaking up my marriage to my husband I tried to be out of my sadness, but I think its worsening me that even I am out of my box of sadness it turns that its following me wherever I go… Its chasing me. All I want is a total recovery of myself after of what happen to a 5 year marriage of mine. I want to become a new person to somebody I want to date with.

  15. Couple Seeking Women says:

    And how about the future of dating in 2050, this could be an ever lasting subject.

  16. dani says:

    Such great story bit sad that it might be like that but statistics have enforced this vision.
    I’m living this right now, funny enough! I find that leaving my flat and connecting to people is the hardest thing ever!
    40, single, crazy cat lady…

  17. Thea says:

    Very grateful to Mat and his team for getting this short film to
    us. And most certainly Ryan Turner is a director I will watch again. AI has been having some input into today’s dating world, even in my case, though I am adamantly a face to face person who refused to have FB interactions. Well until recently anyway.
    AI indeed does something to alleviate the fear and the pain of rejection that paralyses even the best of us. The slight impersonality of it makes it easier to, let’s say, casually slip a friends request to someone you lost touch with long ago. And maybe a couple of months later, send a like or make a comment and then get a comment back that tell you without a doubt you have not been forgotten. Either.
    In any case, the Lady Luck always favors the bold, so at the end of the day, it’s still up to the individual to risk it all. All not.
    Thanks again for all your efforts. They make a difference.

  18. Nancy Sigmon says:


  19. Sara says:

    So thought provoking – and sadly, I can imagine so real!

  20. Rhonda says:

    I have tried online dating in the past. The last time I did it all I got were men who wanted to talk dirty. Very disappointing;to the point I haven’t tried since. I wish it was easier in finding the nice men out there.

  21. Mimi says:

    What I love about dating is the exploration of learning each other.

  22. Mimi says:

    Awesome, I can so relate. I’m going on a real date Friday.

  23. Monde says:

    Dating in 2015 is so surreal, i love this.

    what I hate about dating currently is that people are so confused between old school dating and dating with the aide of technology, i think this mixture of two different times in life is spoiling everything.

    lets just keep it simple and straightforward, without showing off that you live in the technoligical era.

  24. Budsrp says:

    Shouldn’t talk about killing yourself but video was ok other than that Dating site dating don’t like the ackwardbess

  25. Gery says:

    Wow, thank you for sharing this film! I almost teared up near the end. Showing such an exacerbated version of isolation, really accentuates on today’s milder version.
    I love that there are still people who connect in the real world. And those that let their real world be consumed by the virtual one, well, at least I won’t have to waist my time with them.
    I hate when someone expects an instant answer to every single message, when they change/make plans last minute and are shocked when turned down, when they are glued to their phone and wouldn’t try to get to know the person in front of them. I find this hugely disrespectful, when it is a habit. Sometimes it happens, so I try to delay my judgement; yet in the long run this is 100% a deal breaker.
    As for isolation, aren’t we isolated already if we have to wage a war against someone’s phone for their attention?

  26. jane says:

    What I love about dating?
    I love meeting new people, and I especially love that my conversational skills and the range of interests I have – and my social anxiety under control in 1:1 situations – are such that I can always have a good time getting to know someone and giving them permission to be themselves, , even if there isn’t a spark. Now, finally with maturity and social skills, I also know to get out of it without fuss or lost time when I don’t feel comfortable or that I like them all that much. It’s rare that I feel like I wasted my time, though some encroach a bit by demanding it be longer than I want – but wasting time basically only happens when you end up going on too many dates with one person and it proves they’re just looking for something totally casual, or the chemistry doesn’t build. I’ve had a long history of giving people too much of a chance, now I make it a gracious but time-bound social exchange and I determine it’s worthy of pursuit, not circumstance and whim.

  27. Kayla says:

    That was so adorable! And depressing to think people would really isolate themselves to that point. It’s the fear and the unknown that keeps us alive. Things will not always work out the way you want, but the push through and survival in the end is power to build from.

  28. Diana says:

    Loved the video..The first meet is always the scariest. Fear of the unknown. Dating in today’s world is very different than when I was just out of high school. It was a lot easier meeting real live people oppose to meeting on online dating.

  29. Wanda says:

    Internet dating is a whole new arena for me, I really like your practical advice. I am mid fifties, I am meticulously honest in my profile, because I hate the idea of the disappointment in a man’s eyes when he sees me for the first time face to face. Why do men lie about their height, their weight, what is that?!!
    My big thankyou, most of all, your pep talks gave me the language to express why I will never sent explicit photos. “The internet is a soulless arena, and I will never put anything this valuable onto a soulless arena.” Now there are tears in my eyes as I recognize the quiet power in that statement. And it is working so far. My work keeps me in an isolated location, yes, this means I get to choose the timing of the meeting.
    I have engaged in a novel concept, its called a virtual date, it bridges the gap between where I am geographically and where the man is. And yes there are rules, and as much as possible the timing must mimic real life. We agree to virtually date on a set evening, I describe what I wear, he describes where he will virtually take me. (now its amazing how many men are foolish enough to think this gives them licence to virtually tear clothing off my body the moment I am virtually in front of them. You can imagine this sends them home virtually empty handed, they didn’t read the fine print.
    Each time something goes amiss I learn more about setting the guidelines. The second virtual date, is where we swap, he describes my outfit, and I describe the location. So, I loved the 2025 dating film.
    Dating men in their fifties is quite different to in their 20s and 30s, there is an understated desire to connect more to the person they meet, this is something I looked for 30 years ago, this is really lovely to find now.

  30. Rachel says:

    Dick pics and general misogyny.

  31. Melanie says:

    What i hate about online dating is being stood up and lied to, its so hard to keep opening yourself up over and over desperatly thinking the next one will be different.

  32. yvonne reid says:

    I hope never!!!!!

  33. valerie says:

    what i dont like about dating is they say will texted you a lot but wont talk on the phone. when they say they want to meet you it is weeks . you say things like where you are and that they should come and they still dont ask you out. i say next . i then give up.

  34. Victoria says:

    It’s a cute short film!
    So what I hate about dating is mainly finding men that want to date but aren’t emotionally available, or not even really single, or just looking to have random casual sex.

    • valerie says:

      i agree. i meet a guy good looking and he ssaid he was single and only wanted sex. but then he said we had to be discreet about it. i then knew he was with someone.

  35. Dora says:

    I just watched this video with my 10 year old son who is a bit virtual-world addicted. It was a nice example to show to him how their future might look if we don’t try to keep ourselves in the off-line modus as well….
    A time-tracker is not a stupid idea anyway. :D
    thank you for that Matt!

  36. Vanessa says:

    First of all, thanks for sharing! It’s a lovely film.
    In my opinion, dating nowadays has the big disadvantage that people choose the comfort zone of online dating a lot. That means that they don’t push themselves into the learning zone of speaking to strangers, sending subtle flirting signs or learning how to make a guy come over. That is, I think an alarming situation – because frankly, it is a loss of basic social skills, which are also needed to maintain a relationship. I feel like the movie comes down to that.

  37. bettina says:

    interesting movie,congrats to ryan.
    love the playfulness of the dramatic “reality”.
    and that our inner conversation was made by an computer…..
    well,sometimes it would be nice ,to have somebody to kick ouer asses..:)
    but,lets hope,that we stay all close to ourselves and stay connected to other human beings.

  38. Maria Vongkorad says:

    Omg i love it. That is how i feel,alone and looking for my other hslf to connect.

  39. Sibel Ercan says:

    Well, let’s make a short analyze, guys! Firstly, this short movie is basicly very similar to Spike Jonze’s movie named Her (2013) that a writer dates with a digital, ghost woman whom is his advisor also. While you seem to affirm, it criticizes this kind of digitalization. Your movie has a happy end like a fairy tale and Hollywood style. So, I cannot say that this movie is very creative. BUT! I can definitely say that your style is very creative. When I think about the all parts of the video from the beginning, including Matthew’s speech, I claim that it is a postmodern video and has almost metafiction. And I haven’t seen this kind of fiction in the other coaches’ videos. If you go on walking on this way with more creativity, it is possible to rock all the dating videos! Push the borders! But also, remember, we are still in an another age. I assume this artificial intelligence won’t work like that, 7 years later. I hope it will never!..
    And as you asked, for me it is very difficult to find good sides of dating today. What I love about dating nowadays I might say, woman are more free to express their feeling than the past. But also, I hate uncertain situations, words, behaviours in my society. People started to forget giving a promise like dating on a clear day, being sure about loving someone, etc. Keeping someone in the pocket and playing is a big problem. We don’t need digital advisors. We need to be real. Nothing can be switched with a human being. So, you are more valuable than all programs and apps, Matthew!
    P.s. I hope Matthew will read this with the help of his team. Plus, Stephen’s own narratives are more original.
    Cheers! ⭐️

  40. Marcy says:

    I thought the video made relevant points about how things could be. I was very disturbed by the ending though when he vomited. That was completely disgusting and unnecessary. I’m sure they could have come up with a less disturbing way of showing his fear.

  41. Corinne says:

    Such a good film. Heartwarming and funny. But what’s scary is how close we really are to this being a reality … reminds me of the book Children of the New World.
    If dating and interpersonal relationships are this hard now, how much harder is it going to get in the future?
    I wish meeting people organically was easier, but especially in a place like NYC, it feels next to impossible!

  42. Tinder Openers says:

    Dating is part of life because as a human all people like that. That has many people feel open relationship because of my opinion dating is an improvement of life.

  43. Kimberly Kay says:

    I hate the fact that conversation is almost obsolete today. Everyone prefers sending messages instead of talking on the phone or in person. I miss connecting with someone by all the ways of communication both verbal, and none verbal.
    The next thing that makes me uncomfortable is: how to act on a date when I don’t drink, party, or do most of the things that others do everyday let alone on a date.

  44. Karina says:

    Hi Matthew, great little short,enjoyed it a lot.

    I hate how you can chat to people for a week or two on whatsapp after meeting on Tinder and kind of build them up in your head or have this unrealistic understanding of what they actually are like and then meeting them in person you can be totally devastated. I get emotionally invested into relationships and its hard for me to block it and stay neutral with a man. However I accept certain amount of heartache as norm for me, I guess I’m becoming more desensitised.

    I love the possibility of falling in love with a guy before meeting them and then once you met them feeling the same buzz and sparks as via messages. I had two love confessions over the whatsapp messaged, which I found very bizarre and meeting one guy I just did not feel the fireworks. Im seeing another one tonight, he flew in from LA to visit family in UK and we have been talking for a month now. Im so excited I can not tell you.

  45. Elppa says:

    This will likely happen in the future. Because of technology we forgot how to interact with people in the real world. I, myself have a hard to approach a person and start a conversation.

    I guess this is what we call a “reality check”

  46. Dalia Hernandez says:

    Things I LOVE about dating:
    -the in-person connection
    -the company!
    -the exciting and not so exciting things we go out and do on dates from going to the fair/ice skating, to watching movies while eating!

    Things I HATE about dating:
    -things go amazing in person but communication when we are apart is scarce maybe I would like to be connected to him more while I’m away from him? But I don’t know if that’s my flaw or not?
    -seems like a good portion of people in today’s society tend to lean towards temporary pleasures while I try to seek something more meaningful.
    -I haven’t found no one who is worthy of my love because I have high standards.
    -I want to find a guy who sees beyond temporary pleasures.

  47. Nikki says:


  48. Fran L says:

    The anxiety is real when you first go to meet someone, that’s for sure.
    Most online introductions I’ve made don’t get to the date in person stage. We all judge by pictures and chats. How sad we forget we are all human.
    I laughed my ass off watching this.

  49. nagrom says:

    This was freaking awesome.

  50. Lana says:

    This saddens me deeply. If this is what we have to look forward to I don’t want to be there. I know its human nature to take the path of least resistance but if we don’t push ourselves and our fears they become all consuming.
    Perhaps there is a way we can overcome this fear of human connection…. like playing a game for instance. A way we can practice before actually getting out there. So that is isn’t so scary.

  51. Dawn says:

    Loved the film! It’s true that we are becoming more and more disconnected due to technology.

  52. Narges says:

    I HATE how it seems like men and women are blind and don’t even look at each other in public, its like others do not exist. When I am on public transport and outside, I observe people who are mostly trapped in their own little world with mobiles and Apps. Then they get home and feel lonely and start trying to find people again using APPS. Technology is meant to improve our lives, not taking over. We are meant to see each other, smile at each other, compliment each other and make friends/ girlfriend/boy friend which eventually leads to finding one’s partner.
    I LOVE when people have got the courage to approach each other and can make real connection.

  53. Erica says:

    What I hate about dating today is people feel like they have to follow a script. you can’t do this before so many days you can’t call when you want you can’t just live your life with somebody that’s right the way you choose.

  54. Sean says:

    Very entertaining, I really enjoy watching it. We are already seeing this in parts of Asia. Google Virtual Boyfriend for articles.

    As you are always reminding people, if both men and women do not maintain the strength to risk rejection, expect the same to happen here.

    FYI, do not expect your AI to be so virtuous. Instead of scolding him it will most likely recommend a selection of oils. Remember Amazon Alexa and all such devices are not about you, it is what they can sell you.

  55. Susan LaDuke says:

    This is a spot on accurate description of dating now. As a “mature” member of today’s dating scene, I find it depressing, chatting either via email or by phone, putting myself out there and yet rarely getting a commitment to a simple real date. Both men and women claim to want to meet someone special yet when the time comes, they don’t act. Another common scenario is ghosting. I have had this happen twice in the past year or so. After dating exclusively for several months,everything seemingly going well,suddenly contact dwindles and stops entirely without explanation.
    Honesty seems to be nonexistent from the beginning in many cases,disconnect on a human level,is huge. I have male friends who lie about their age, height and other “minor details,” as they call it. My feeling is if someone lies about those, then trust for other more important things is already at stake. It seems obvious they have no intention of meeting someone,and risk being exposed.
    It’s sad both genders can’t let their guard down and be genuinely real. Technology complicates everything- rather than commit to dating one person, the fear they might be missing out on someone better comes into play.
    Appreciate the share…and for the record;the pizza shake; more than a bit gross!

  56. Erica says:

    This made me cry. Because it is so easy to see it coming to this. I fear we are almost already there now. Connections are algorithms first. And to go out in a group, is to be met with eyes down on phones across a bar…not gazing to make eye contact. Very sad.

  57. Anya says:

    “Could This Be You in 7 Years?” I surely hope not! Looks awful. I definitely want to improve on speaking to random people in reality and not behind a screen.

  58. Diva says:

    This is a reflection of our future of dating to some form. We are hard to give and take in a relationship making it difficult to love someone with their faults and habits. This movie screams give life a chance.

  59. Sonia DiGennaro says:

    Very far fetched for 7 years from now, I believe anyway.

  60. Marcela Escovar says:

    It´s scary but almost true. For me is difficult to imagine the future, whereas dating right now is that hard. After following a lot of Mathew´s videos I have realized that women problem can be the way we think about ourselves, how we try to fit always, instead of being the best of us.

    A challenge for the director could be, show in a second line what is going on with her too – to show how similar are we, in this matter, instead of still showing that the guys are the ones who do the first step… what happens if she was the one who contacts him? Just ideas for the other side of the equation.

  61. Nicole says:

    Love the film, thanks for sharing!

    This is definitely beginning to happen now with all of the online dating sites where in my experience you talk to people and then never see them even if you make a first move and suggest doing something. I am newly single as I recently left a long term relationship and have not been on the ‘dating scene’ in over 14 years! It has been a complete culture shock – to answer your question, I do not like being single, I am in a much happier place on a personal level but I do miss having a companion. I find that more and more people are living with the mentality that it is more about hooking up and not having a true connection. I can only hope that there are more old school romantics out there and one day I will meet someone organically.

  62. Judy says:

    We seem to be becoming more and more isolated because of our technology. It’s hard to know who and what is real anymore,

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