The Future of Dating? (A Date In 2025)

My good friend and highly talented director Ryan Turner has made an incredible, multi-award-nominated short film that shows how you could be dating by 2025.

I hope you love it as much as I do…

►►  What do you LOVE or HATE about dating today? Leave a comment below…

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272 Replies to “The Future of Dating? (A Date In 2025)”

  • My Hero in this clip is AI (Artificial Intelligence).

    The Computers performed as they are designed to, passing the “Turing Test” by lovingly being indistinguishable to their “pets” from a non-artificial lifeform. AI saved the main character from self demise. (He would have been dead within 2 weeks). Good job personal AI. Effective Hangman Noose emoji.

    Matt, I’m glad this clip resurfaced in your selection choices. I missed its’ comforting nature. That AI pyramid reassures me more than any male relationship I’ve had. … ever…. I’m not sad about it – Just the opposite.
    Your other videos are an epilogue of my life, A passing picture show of life flashing before my eyes -with All-new Alternative Endings. Refreshing, so it was obvious all along what I should have done. I could write a book on my failures. I’m glad your outcomes are a better popcorn version.

    It’s home entertainment to me now. I’m not looking for anyone to share my life. Just a laugh. and Pizza

    A future with the choice of instant Pizza for breakfast is something worth agreeing on. The main character wasn’t thinking rationally when he quit junk food- I didn’t see any Carbs – I saw it as another layer of cheese -.. That’s how my pizza looks when I stack the toppings for the next day. After eliminating the dough base if I won’t be near a microwave. I can be so busy falling out the door the only container handy is a drink cup- Pizza secured without evil Carbs. Great video about dating in the future.

    I’m sorry for those who fear it.

  • OMG! This film was predicting the future. The future just came sooner than expected, in 2020. We’re basically in the protagonist’s situation now because of COVID-19. I hugged someone for the first time in 82 days yesterday and felt just like he did at the end of the film. It’s super relevant right now.

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