The Future of Dating? (A Date In 2025)

My good friend and highly talented director Ryan Turner has made an incredible, multi-award-nominated short film that shows how you could be dating by 2025.

I hope you love it as much as I do…

►►  What do you LOVE or HATE about dating today? Leave a comment below…

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272 Replies to “The Future of Dating? (A Date In 2025)”

  • Loved this film! Its completely true to dating now. I hate that we have numbed ourselves in society and the human element to dating or even communicating is being lost. People are scared to reach out and be themselves in the process. Being genuine is all anyone really wants, not the supped up version of someone.

  • Interesting if that really happens in the next 7 yrs. I wonder what kind of dynamics there would be for the older generation and the business professionals

  • That was me last night….except I piked out and didn’t go :D

    I’m a single mother of a 14 year old. I’m 47 years old. I never have any time to have a social life so when I get a night off once in a while, I don’t even know how to ‘go out on a date’.

    I had organised to ‘go have a beer’ with a guy I half know. I was ready to go at around 7.30 pm waiting for a message to say where and when to meet. He wrote to meet at 10 pm!
    I told him it was too late blah blah, maybe another time and I bailed. I put my pyjamas on and watched a film in bed.

    I feel a bit of a loser but I’m also convinced that dating is just not my thing. If only I had seen this video yesterday :D

  • I love this! Whilst it’s very funny (eat a carrot. Real women don’t vibrate) it’s also scary in so far as we are actually heading this way. Swipe and feel good about yourself or feel a failure. Thanks for sharing Xx

  • Shows how much a digital voice controls us which in fact is very
    scary. The only thing to be true in this is that we all need human
    contact otherwise our own thoughts can truly be controlled by a
    digital voice. It shows of what’s to come however the sad thing is
    we have already started down that path.

  • That magic is not there online. Long time U could see people reaction, like some even if was not so good looking, U liked a reactions joke something that come out of that person personality, that is hard to come out from online dating. To much all done from home and through technology and to little by meeting real people, get feelings out from playing a game, interaction at work, locals, activities, real activities

  • The scary reality of this video is that it’s kinda like this now, only exaggerated a little.
    Most of us hide behind our ‘screens’ it’s an easy accessible mask. As is life, there’s advantages and disadvantages of mod tech.
    It makes you wonder tho’ how on Earth we survived without it?! …
    Which leads to the multi-million dollar question …
    could we now?

    Much love :-)

  • Very scarey as could indead become a future reality. Everything has become dependent on social media and people seem to be losing the basic skills of communication. I feel dating today has become so impersonal as there is always another person available at the click of a button. Social media is good used in moderation but let’s try and keep it real with the love thing. Don’t forget what is really important. A cell? We are also sentient beings who need human contact nurture and love x

  • Scary stuff. My daughter will be 25 in 2025 hope that sort of “life” never happens to her. It’s hard enough for me online dating or seeing sites which cater for Casual sex hook ups – too many young men and women using those who should be out having real relationships. I hope our young people get out in the real world and meet people rather than form relationships online with God knows who.

  • Yes the current dating and even the future suffer the assumptions and expectations and can kill an opportunity b4 it even gets a chance. Have or are we make these assumptions too real and thus they become the obstacle to even give a new date a chance, recently i removed expectations of the date and accepeted that its just two poeple meeting for real time chat and along the way I made new friends, and true no boyfriend but also along the way i am relearning..from now to the future of 2025 we need to be flexible i our expectations of others we are yet to meet thanks

  • Men don’t come up and chat with you when they are interested in you, if they do they are married. And what’s with a married men chasing you when they know they are not available.

    What I love about men when they are honest!!

    Lastly I hope I find someone soon now!!!

  • What I hate about dating today is just that. Do be able to epict know the difference. The difference between everyone being scared to get out the, put themselves out there because they’re simply just scared too or if it’s genuine disinterest. However, at the same time everyone seem to busy to have time over to meet with the people who matter, but are so keen on meeting you up with you straight away after barely saying hello to each other on Tinder? Without even had established any sort of connection or not even picking up the phone and call you first. They want to straight up meet up. After watching your videos I’ve tried asking them the whole “call me first to see if we get on over the phone” thing and I can tell you 1 out of 10 does it. What do you do about that? What’s a good way to deal with that?

  • It sure looks like things are heading that way. I feel isolated enough right now though in 2018 without thinking about the future. So many dates I’ve backed out of because of the thoughts and feelings that consume my mind. We’ve just become a race of keyboard warriors. All talk, no action.
    Shame Alexia hasn’t got the capacity yet to motivate me to step out of the boat

  • It’s ALREADY like that just animated in the video!We communicate such in our heads as opposed to the lady’s voice.
    What I hate about dating today is men can’t even commit to the first date. They either cancel or don’t show! They prefer texting which they wanna switch to sexting….but meeting them is out of the question.I often get told im intimidating, to sexy, to well rounded, to knowledgable, high maintenance to name a few. Back at the ranch i do all my maintenance myself and I look and feel good becauce I train eat realatively clean often educate myself about simple matters to hold conversation. I’m preparing for single year no 9 ….first date has already not pitched excuse was he feels sub-standard!Really makes me sad.

  • OMG and I thought dating was tough second time around in 2018. Anyway for what it’s worth and to keep me on the straight and narrow I always live by the following which I originally found on Pinterest:
    SMILE often
    think POSITIVELY
    GIVE thanks
    laugh LOUDLY
    LOVE generously

    …. and always remember that we are all actually so much more than just a conglomeration of cells… we are all made of stardust… SHINE people :)

  • Woaaaaa
    Very scary, it makes me feel that I need to hurry up and be in a serious relationship asap, because now it’s easier that in the future

  • Congrats to the whole team who made it really nicely done!

    to answer the question:
    what I love about dating is the amazing movie moments that happens when you meet someone by chance. The uncertainty is exciting and scary and wonderful.

    What I hate in dating is online dating… I feel like people are getting more scared to approach someone in real life and are using dating apps to minimize the risk of being hurt when rejected. for me it’s a bit like ordering pizza you know you want peperoni and cheese so you order it and that is what you get. The only exciting part is will he look better then the menu photo or worse. I feel it’s like skipping the beginning of a movie to get to the action.

  • The ideas in this video are very clear. Relevant to all of us. We are all sociable people at heart. Thinking about each person as an isolated cell is a disease. Technology ruling over the spirit is wrong, but as an accessory or tool is much more perfect. As for dating, just having the determination to “get out there” is everything. I like the strong messages in this video. And yes 2025 could turn out to be pretty disturbing if we veer too far away from proper interactions and interconnectedness.As a theme,dating is an excellent subject to choose to put into a film. Very gutsy film with a rare “Happy” ending! I felt much better after watching it!

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