2 Tricks For Approaching Any Guy

Why do many women find it so difficult to talk to men they don’t know? Especially the intimidating HOT guys. I couldn’t tell you how many times women approach me BEGGING for the secret to getting men to come over and say “Hi”.

If we’re honest with ourselves, this is what we all are secretly hoping will happen. We hope we’ll find some magic spell that automatically turn heads and will get people talking to us as soon as we walk in the room.

Except there are no magic spells. There’s just you, standing in a room, vulnerable and hopeful, waiting…just like everyone else. Waiting for the cute guy to accidently brush shoulders with you and turn to engage you in witty conversation.  Waiting for Prince Charming to run up to you on the street, get down on one knee, and ask you out there and then.

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