Best Breakup Ever

Breakups are hard, painful, and sometimes ugly. This couple managed to let the world know they were through in the cutest way possible.

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11 Replies to “Best Breakup Ever”

  1. Matthew this is Urgent!
    I really want to purchase the 29.95 Man myth video, but in my country, people of my age, the twenties, do not own a credit card, or is able to created a paypal account. I am desperate to watch your video! Is it possible to send payment through bank transfer? I could top up for the inconvenience. I hope to hear your reply really soon


  2. I kinda liked it… it’s positive and very mature, etc. but it also got me thinking…
    I never understood (and still don’t) how people can stay together for such a long time if they don’t want the same things in life such as marriage, having kids etc.
    Maybe along the way u’re trying to convince ur partner to change his/her mind and maybe u’re trying to convince urself that u could live without those needs and wants… but i really do think people cannot change, especially on strong topics (like in this video, having kids).
    And that’s why i think people shd discuss such stuff early on in the relationship – not on the first date, obviously, but i’d say in the 0-6 months of dating maybe…?
    Anywayz, ur thoughts Matt?

    1. I agree. Good to talk about marriage, kids, long term goals, and especially core values early on. If people share the same values/character and line of thinking, they can usually fare pretty well in a relationship for the long term.

      1. Exactly my point of view Sara! U better know who u’re dealing with, and preferably sooner than later… Time is precious!

  3. Seems like a very healthy approach to the break-up. I love that they ask their friends to not choose. Very mature :)

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