I Can Finally Tell You (BIG news)

It’s finally time. I’ve been dying to share this news with you for months now.

I can’t even begin to tell you what an amazing milestone this is for me after 10 years of working on my dream.

It’s the missing piece you’ve been waiting for, and I’m so happy to finally be able to reveal it to the world…

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124 Replies to “I Can Finally Tell You (BIG news)”

  • My first retreat was May 2015. I’d struggled with relationships and self confidence. On the outside, I was ‘successful’ and ‘had everything going for me’ but on the inside I was drowning. I’d read books and tried to analyze what was holding me back, ‘How do I get what people see on the outside to match what I feel on the inside? How do I feel like I really know myself versus wearing a mask? How do I start appreciating and LOVING who I am? How do I break free from my negative internal dialogue and begin to truly live up to my own capability and experience joy again?’ I was stuck.

    It was after another night of feeling broken, confused and trapped when I had finally had enough and decided, frankly, ‘I don’t give a crap what it takes, but I’m not going to live like this anymore. I will try anything.’ Call it a leap of faith. Call it disgust. Call it desperation. But I knew in my bones I would do whatever it took.

    I applied for the retreat and soon had a phone interview, and signed up. The retreat was the catalyst experience that broke through the bullshit barriers, realigned my beliefs with my actions, and equipped me with the first shred of true inner self worth that I’d been struggling to find for years.

    As the months have gone on I’ve continued to grow and gain momentum. It’s been amazing! I’ve experienced tremdous life change and overall, my life has improved exponentially. I experience joy and delight not just in life, but in who I am and who I’ve become. And generally, life has just become more fun and joyful! Because of that, I’m more fun to be around, too! Ha!

    I will forever be grateful for Matt and his team. The program doesn’t ‘fix’ you. It empowers you with a starting place and equips you with knowledge and teqniques that allow you to make intentional choices and subsequently abandon old behaviors and patterns that hold you back from who you want to become.

    Not only is the content priceless but the experience and environment creates genuine and lasting relationships. One of the incredible women I met on the retreat now works for my company… she’s an incredible teammate and we’re going to accomplish amazing things together. I still keep in contact with a handful of the women I connected with and we have ‘google hangouts’ every couple of months.

    Also, I was quite impressed with the attention to detail that Matt and his entire team delivers in order to create an experience that is nothing short of magical. I have been to all types of seminars and events. Never had I experienced an event like this where I was made to feel special and sincerely loved. The parties and surprises throughout the week were always top notch and I quickly realized, ‘Wow. This is something different. They truly are doing everything within their power to ensure we get the most from this.’ It’s not enough to read a book and take notes. They know that. So they go above-and-beyond to create content and experiences that attack the underlying issues from every angle. You can tell that their goal is to guarantee success. They want every single person to leave the retreat stronger than when they arrived and they do everything they can to make that happen.

    As with anything, repetition and consistency is key. I am fortunate to be attending my third retreat this May. Mostly, because I know I can’t afford not to. I never want to give my old self any opportunity to steal my joy again and convince me I’m unworthy of accomplishing my dreams. My old self is negative and I simply don’t have time for her nonsense anymore!

    I am SO excited for Matt and his team. I’m MOST excited for, hopefully, the millions of women who will now be able to attend and experience the retreat.

    We are all beautiful and we all have a purpose. We are all worthy of all the beauty and magic that life has to offer, when you are free from our own imprisionment. I’m so EXCITED to see more women learn to connect with their true selves and I believe it’s the most important action we can take to create a ripple-effect of positive change in this world.

  • Hi Matt
    My parents used to fight lots of time because of not being able to convey their thoughts to each other although they are very similar human beings n really gud ppl… By with the help of one ur free pdf on how to communicate with men.. I cud communicate to him what I wanted to nd he totally Understood me.

    Due to ur help, my parents understanding of each other went to a whole new level. Thank u so much for making that so simple.

    I believe I can get myself a retreat if I get to be part of ur ‘at home retreat’. I sooooo hope I get to b one of those 477 lucky ppl. fingers crossed.. can’t wait..!!

  • Hi matthew! Im very impress by your email. We are in the same boat but we do it in the different way.it is such a huge thing you do for the woman.you bearing all the good and kind inside you.I noticed that when i saw your video.you just want to help all the people in any way,that is called unconditional love.. you give anything no limits for your give.I know some people just they cant faces their problem they need good hand to encourage ,help, listen to them! Thats why you are here in this planet to help them.you have plan or mission just you want every one feel happy and get what they want in this life.I think we should stop complaint about what happened in the past leave it and focus about now and made plan for our future,if we still thinking about what happened in the past we never could go on.there is always missing a piece in our life in any subject..until we discoverd by our instinct.and to be honest with you ! YOU attract me and all these woman by our thoughts you have amessage and plan it become areal as you said their is something in your mind it become reality! keep going we listen .take care!

  • Hi Matthew,
    You are the most emphatic speaker I know of and I want to learn that from you .. I could not but feel connected to you and almost feel your emotion. I want to learn that from you. You are brilliant.

  • I know Matt that your “At Home Retreat” program will be fantastic and that I want it. One question: how is it different from “Impact”- your other program which I purchased and went through? “Impact” is also not just about love life but whole live.

    1. Great question Marta – IMPACT is my course that covers mastery of communication and techniques for influence in your everyday life.

      The Retreat is MUCH more comprehensive – it covers your core confidence, your inner self-worth, your relationships with others, your career and health, overcoming procrastination and self-doubt, mastering your emotions, and MUCH MORE – it’s the most comprehensive program I’ve ever created and is the pinnacle of the last 10 years of work I’ve put into self-development.

      When we release the program on Thursday make sure you click the link I’ll post into your inbox, and I’ll take you through everything you’ll learn on the At-Home Retreat so that you know exactly what to expect.

      Can’t wait for you to experience it Marta – it’s like nothing I’ve ever created before.

  • Fortunately, I was able to attend Mathew’s live Retreat event this past December in St. Petersburg, Florida. You can’t even imaging how wonderfully impactful and life changing his retreats are…and not just for some but for everyone. So packed with good stuff! If you can’t go, having the opportunity to “do” this retreat at home will be so worth it for you. Don’t hesitate, just do it!

  • Hi Matthew!

    I am so so happy you are doing this program, because my new years resolution this year was that I will finally get the highest level I can get self-estimation and self-respect. I collect a couple a books to buy and to read about this topic. I already started to reading them. And see on the 6th of March here you come with these amazaing news. Thank you very much for you and xour team who were working on this program in the last couple of years. Love, Petra, from Hungary

  • For those of you who are still hesitant about making a decision, allow me to share the following with you;

    I applied for the retreat because I thought I had “fever” and was going to get “aspirins”; the retreat made me realize I had “cancer”, and every day provided me with an intense and comprehensive treatment.

    It was like looking at myself in a magic mirror that allowed me to see right through the surface and discover the real emotions, mindsets, and believes that were driving my life; and of which I was not aware of.

    During and since the retreat, my life has been a constant discovery of who I am; the retreat was just the beginning of an amazing journey and a new life.

    My advise is, what do you have to lose? Knowing Matthews’ ethics, I’m pretty sure he’s backing up this product, and I’m telling you, it will be the best investment you will do for yourself; beauty from the inside out.

    Best of lucks!!!!

  • Ok I am booked to go on the retreat. Which I definitely deserve.
    Even though I will be doing the stuff there that is on the at home version. Would it beneficial to try get the at home version so I can go back later to it, and go over bits after I have been in the retreat.

  • Thank you so much for all of your videos, they helped, help and will help me to have a better love life.

  • If you are watching this video then you have taken the first step. I was at the May 2016 retreat in Florida. I was in Alexandra’s shoes, up on stage, singing Pokemon and telling my story. Alexandria told my story too. I use art as a way to relieve stress and fight depression.

    My time on that stage resulted in a fundamental shift in my life. The retreat was the best money I have ever spent and I did it for myself. I now have an amazing network of women around the world who are supportive and help me through the struggles life throws at all of us.

    GO!! You will be so glad you did!!

    I miss you Matthew and the amazing retreat team!!


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